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Everyone Is John – A Schizophrenic & Competitive Roleplaying Game

Following my local gamers chat group I learned of a short one-shot RPG that is more than a little different called “Everyone is John”, so I tracked down [..]

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GameMastery Spell Templates: Spell Radius Package

Found this little beauty below from Musings of the chatty DM (now subscribed!) via Chatty’s My tools of the trade post. That thing you’re looking at above is a [..]

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d20 Soap – Just What The Stinky Gamer Needs

Paizo.com is offering scented soap with an actual d20 embedded in it, click the pic for a better view. These are handcrafted soaps so each one is slightly [..]

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Pocket Heroes – A Mobile RPG

iO UPG announced recently the release of Pocket Heroes, a step-by-step strategy game with RPG elements inspired by the King?s Bounty and Heroes of Might and Magic. Visit [..]

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Gleemax Is MySpace For Tabletop Gamers

Wizards of the Coast is in the process of creating its own social networking site dedicated to gamers of all kings. It’s called Gleemax and while it isn’t [..]

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