Sep 122008

stewardess porn

Some airlines are now offering in-flight internet access like American Airlines, Jet blue, Southwest and Delta.

And some flight attendants are tired of seeing pornography on passenger’s laptops and demanding in-flight internet porn filters be applied as well.

Does an airline have the right to censor content and if they do, how do they ensure they’re not inadvertently filtering legitimate content?

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Sep 112008

So there I was, minding my own business, swinging by Musings of the Chatty DM this evening to see what’s happening in the RPG world and hear about his new Twitter feed.

Sidebar: This is not your run of the mill, vanilla flavored Twitter channel, folks. It’s a mini-RPG via tweets. As Chatty says ‘the mind explodes at the possibilities’. This is a great idea!

Back to the story – So I’m at and low and behold, my eyes about popped when I saw what his GOOG advert banner was displaying under his blog’s title banner. Talk about inappropriate!

This would appear to be the new and improved, touchy feely Chatty, the one that is frilly and delicious like cotton candy? I guess if you peer closely enough it looks like the advert has two women in a hot tub, that’s somewhat redeeming I guess.

Chatty1-2   (clicky)

But my faith in the old man was soon restored as I scrolled down and saw this scaly, disgusting dragon-like creature from the underworld that we probably would all love to have as a pet. Now this is what I’m looking for in an RPG site’s adverts! More like that Chatty! ;-)

 Chatty2-2 (clicky)

So I could make a claim that GOOG’s excellent analysis of his fine site has determined that the most appropriate adverts would be those that are pretty, fluffy and come from the Rainbow Brite world for little girls. Or is it dynamically updating the advert on a per user basis and is truly a reflection on me and what GOOG thinks of my personality and web searching & purchasing traits?

Hmmm. I’d like to think it’s Chatty, not me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

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Sep 102008

I was shopping the other day with my mother, who was determined to buy me a new computer chair for my upcoming birthday, and I came across this interesting gadget.


This is a Sony DPF-D70 Digital Photo Frame.  Something great to display your recent pictures on the fly for friends and family!  Here’s the specs:

  • Beautiful 7.0-inch photo quality LCD screen
  • Intelligent orientation sensor automatically rotates picture for correct viewing with frame in landscape or portrait positions
  • Multi-card slot accepts Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, SD, MMC, CompactFlash, MicroDrive or xD media
  • Easy transfer of images from connected PC to photo frame’s internal memory with no software required
  • 256MB internal memory stores up to 500 pictures: Auto size adjustment re-scales large files for increased album capacity
  • Choice of Slideshow modes or clock display
  • Comes supplied with wireless remote commander and AC power adaptor
  • Actual viewing area: 152 x 91mm

    The Sony DPF- D70 series has a 7-inch frame measured diagonally, 15: 9 aspect ratio LCD, supports memory card, and also has auto image rotation. It is designed to showcase pictures in vibrant colour in crisp detail in WVGA (800 x 400) resolution. The dimension of the Sony DPF –D70 is approximately 207 x 137 x 38.5mm without stand, and 207 x 137 x 125mm with stand. It weighs approximately 550g without the AC adaptor.

    I’d seen these advertised in several different places on the net in the past, but I found that the people over at Test Freaks have one of the best detailed descriptions for this gadget.  Go check it out!

  • Sep 102008

     UAL - GOOG

    United Airlines lost more than 75% of its value yesterday, erasing $1.2 Billion. This was due to an error in Google’s automated news gathering process that mines the newspapers of the world for breaking news or interesting stories.

    It turns out it picked up on a 6 year old story from the Florida Sun-Sentinel about UAL filing for bankruptcy, and in turn GOOG made the story available to Bloomberg financial news and from there the shit hit the fan on Wall Street. All the while no one actually read through the story to validate that it was new and relevant.

    Sounds like a bug in the news aggregator and bunch of idiots pushing the ‘I Believe Button’ when they kept picking up on the news and circulating it as new news, trusting in GOOG’s ability. A lot of folks are at fault here and incidents like this are not excusable, especially by a service that is expected to have higher quality standards than this (referring to both Google and Bloomberg). I smell a lawsuit acoming in 3, 2, ….

    Read the full story: "United’s share slide: A comedy of errors"

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