Play-By-Post DnD: Pros/Cons


Martin Ralya of Treasure Tables posted a two part article on his blog last week about how he ‘lost his virginity’ at Play-by-Post (PbP) as the DM. These are in-depth with some of the technical details, tips and tricks and other sage advice to keep it real, keep the flow of the adventure from stalling and lots more.

In part 1 of the post he gives the tips/tricks and some examples of how to implement the process, a basic intro to PbP and the guidelines for his game.

In part 2 of the post he talks about what went well in the campaign, what went badly and the modifications he’d make in the future.

All in all it’s gotten me thinking about looking into finding a PbP campaign for myself as opposed to trying to find a local group to join! 😀

BTW, Martin’s site looks like a goldmine of information from an experienced GM (since ’89), i’ve subscribed to his feed! Want to get a taste of his blog? Here’s his ‘Top 25‘ most popular posts.

What is that??

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve tossed one of these in the mix.  I found a great resource for some new photo material on this subject, so be prepared to set your minds to boggle-mode as I drop them on you once a week (or more).  Originally, I was trying to stay within the boundries of technology for these photos, but I think I might throw a few other interesting finds I came across as well, just to keep you on your toes.  So, that being said, here’s your “What is that??” photo of the week:

What Is That??

So there you go!  Now I have to boogey off and call my editor before he thinks I don’t write here anymore 😉  Enjoy…and don’t forget to leave your guesses in the comments!

Office Fish Tank

If you’re a hiring manager and the talent pool is pretty weak maybe you could fall back on this guy? 😀

Seriously, here’s a cubicle in a fish tank which makes the perfect office mate for you until it’s time to clean the tank. The US$24 cost gets you the chair, lamp, potted plant, table and monitor in the tank, basically everything but the fish.
Office Fish Tank

[Found on Neatorama]

All Bodies In The Solar System Larger Than 200 Miles In Diameter

Kokogiak put together a graphic of all the bodies in the solar system greater than 200 miles in diameter. On one end of the spectrum you have the sun, on the other is an asteroid ‘Davida’ about 203 mi (326 km).

Here’s the article explaining the details of how and why the graphic was created, click the pic for the bigger view, it’s comprised of 170 layers in Photoshop. And here’s the metric version of the pic.

Bodies in the Solar System

**You’ve Been DENIED**

Oh noes!  A single broken link can bring down even the most hardy of websites.  Yep, we’ve all seen it more times than you would care to recall – the dreaded 404.

404 Error

I encounter a number of these knuckle-banging frustrations on a daily basis while fishing for the latest news.  I’ve popped more than a few aspirins jockeying my way around these obstacles!  So, here’s your chance to peruse the mystery and myths that surround this unwanted phenomena…a website full of info on 404, where it began, how to circumvent it, and even a humorous updated gallery of custom 404 pages.

The 404 Research Lab is a fun way to kill some time if anything else.  Check it out!

Identity Theft Would Be An Understatement In This Case!

The United States has used the Social Security Number (SSN) to uniquely identify its citizens since 1936.

The most misused Social Security Number of all time began to occur in 1938 when wallet manufacturer EH Ferree started promoting its products by inserting a fake SSN card into the wallet. The braniacs in the company thought it would be cute to use the SSN of one of their secretaries on this fake card!

Her name was Hilda Whitcher, and to protect her, the wallet maker at least tried to ensure it was obviously a fake card by altering the card’s color, shrinking it in size by half and embossing the word ‘Specimen’ across its face. Yeah, great job at protection, right?

So the wallet goes on the shelves in Woolworth department stores across the country where many happy customers thought these cards were intended for use by the purchaser and adopted the SSN as their own. In 1943 its usage reached its peak when 5,755 people were using Hilda’s SSN.

To help stave off its use the government issued her a new SSN, voided her old number and started publicizing that it was incorrect to use it. However, as the years wound on, upwards of 40,000 people were still claiming her number as their own and in fact as late as 1972 (34 years later!) 12 people were found to still be using this number ‘issued by Woolworth’!

Although Hilda Whitcher found it to mostly be a nuisance, the FBI once showed up at her door inquiring about the widespread use of her SSN.

Refer to the Social Security History site for more interesting tidbits on this program.