Sep 192008

Hubble - Super Nova Ribbon 

Is it a contrail from an alien spaceship? No. This ribbon in the sky was caught by the Hubble telescope a couple months ago and is simply a thin section of a supernova remnant over a thousand years ago.

Head on over to NASA‘s mission pages to read all the details of this glorious Stars and Stripes.

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Sep 182008


Thar she blows!  Alright ye scurvy dogs, listen up.  Tomorrow (Sept. 19th) be “Talk Like A Pirate Day“, and yer expected to heave to tha poop deck, and show yer colors.  This not be a request, ya scallywags!  Show yer spirit and speak to everyone with yer inner pirate 😉

Talk Like A Pirate Day is an original concept created in a moment of temporary insanity by John Baur and Mark Summers.

Let tha festivities commence!

Even Google is participating in Talk Like A Pirate Day!  Go check it out!

Sep 182008 is a video publishing platform that makes it easy for you to integrate user-generated video, video that you produce, or video that you discover into your website. They provide a platform for you to tell your story through video and according to a recent press release:

…in less than 18 months they’ve become the largest provide of site-specific video aggregation solutions for publishers, brands, and Web-based communities. The results can be seen in the dramatic increase of Magnify-powered channels (now over 42,000), Magnify-hosted page views (approaching 1 million per day) and videos posted by the Magnify platform (now more than 5 million per month).

They’re in the news this week because they’re opening up their API to free the content in their ecosystem of 50M videos and enabling the content created, discovered and published in Magnify to be taken anywhere.

You can see the API in action here:

This is essentially the same API in service today for 15 of the web’s most popular video hosting services included in Magnify’s service such as: YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Veoh, Hulu, MySpace,, Google Video, Revver, Yahoo Video, AOL Video, ClipSyndicate, MTV, CollegeHumor, Redlasso, and Howcast.

Imagine what’s possible when the community of web developers gets their hands on the API? I can hardly wait!

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