This Dinosaur was the First Dork of the Jurassic Period

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This dinosaur was the first dork of the Jurassic period

It’s simple and it’s brilliant. Tip o’ the hat to the creator, I’m getting one.


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Actors Paid To Line Up For iPhone Launch

It was going to happen sooner or later, right? Or is it a fluke?

In other iPhone news:

- Apple to drown world in iPhones MSN India

- Apple makes iPhone available in 22 more countries today Ars Technica

- Apple Plans To Sell A Lot Of iPhones Next Year. But How? Silicon Alley Insider

- Apple will make 40 million iPhones next year iPhone Buzz

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Hack a Day T-Shirt Design Contest

hack a day

Hack a Day needs a new t-shirt design and they’re giving away a dash express (donated by Dash) for your creativity. Deadline for submissions is Sept 15 2008.

Some of you out there are Left Brain’ers and could surely provide some great ideas. :-)


Scientists Unravel Galactic Spaghetti Monster

NGC 1275

A collection of spidery filaments reaches outward from the giant elliptical galaxy NGC 1275 as if they were a living cell branching toward neurons. These tendrils have puzzled scientists for a while because they normally would have collapsed under the pressure of the surrounding gas.

Until now, these tendrils looked solid, but with new Hubble photos allowing the big brains taking a closer look, these supposedly thick tendrils are actually made up of many very thin ‘threads’.

This is covered in National Geographic & Register. The pic on Register is even more interesting, it truly looks more like the Spaghetti Monster.


Short Shrift News Links – 8/21/08

 News and Coffee in the morning


Internet radio booming but threatened [Mercury News] – With a growing audience of 54 million monthly listeners, Internet radio is one of the biggest trends in digital music

Toshiba’s XDE DVD Player: A Threat to Blu-ray? [PC Mag] – A new faux HD DVD player could be the latest hurdle in Sony’s dream of world-wide Blu-ray dominance. What exactly is Toshiba thinking?

Copy-and-paste comes to the iPhone…and it’s open source [CNET] -Not surprisingly, it’s not from Apple


Lost Producers looking for large prop [Lost Spoilers] – Oh my, now if this is going to be in Season 5 then I’m even more excited because it’s either going to be The Black Rock or we’ve got Pirates….or both!

Iron Man Deleted Scene Online [Superhype] – The clip features Tony Stark throwing a party.

Midway Releases New Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Teaser, below [Kotaku] : Woah! 

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