Oct 122008

Obama UFO 

As if the upcoming new president of the US doesn’t have enough to deal with, the Paradigm Research Group is trying to pressure Washington DC into releasing evidence of UFOs. They’re doing this through an initiative called the Million Fax on Washington, it’s a campaign to pressure politicians in capitulation.

Good luck with that. Wired has the details on the story.

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Oct 082008

I came across this beauty today in my meanderings on the net.  Sumo Paint is a Photoshop clone that works entirely from your web browser.  Now I’ve never been into the Photoshop scene, so I can’t pretend to know about all its complexities, but this web based version seems to have all the bells and whistles.  I uploaded an image and fooled around with a variety of the settings, turning a perfectly good image into something that resembles a plate of dog food.  BUT, I had fun doing it ;)


Get it while it’s hot, friends.  Who knows how long a good thing like this will remain free?

Oct 082008

iMovee - 1

iMovee is a hip product. It’s stylish glasses, aka, private entertainment video glasses, that project a virtual big screen television inches in front of your eyes. The best part is that it works with your iPhone, Zune, Xbox, Wii, lots of mobile phones and other gadgets.

This is great for dental patients, passengers on a plane or any other situation where you want to just get away, but can’t. The newest model – iMovee AIBO Mobile TV – has a sleek robotic feel to it and has an MSRP of US$349.95.

We’ll try to obtain one for testing.

iMovee - 2

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