Vista’s CMD In Full Screen Mode

If you use the Windows Command Shell a lot (cmd.exe) then you may already know that in previous versions of Windows if you put the focus on CMD and hit ALT+ENTER, that the command window goes to full screen mode, really nice. Especially for devices running Windows that want to replace the Explorer Shell with Command Shell.

In any case, I tried this the other day on Vista and this was the unpleasant response below, sigh. Looks like it’s not supported.



As long as we’re on the subject of CMD.exe, here’s a couple of CMD tips:

  • To make reading the console easier I usually set green font on black background or yellow on black.
  • Set screen buffer size to 9000 so you don’t lose important info off the screen
  • Use the UP and DOWN arrows to walk up and down the command buffer

Back To the Nike Future!

Looking for a snazzy pair of shoes to blow all your friends away in style?  Well, look no further than those spiff sneaks Nike created for Michael J Fox in the movie “Back to the Future II”. 

Okay, so they’re not actually available to buy, but the guys at really want to make it happen.  Scoot over to their page and sign up on their petition to have Nike actually mass market them…

What are you….chicken??  (bawk-bawk!)

Plethora Of Links: May 22 ’07

China To Launch Luna Probe This Year
The PRC’s recently announced lunar exploratory program consists of 3 phases. Phase 1 aims to have a lunar orbiter deployed to Luna this year. In 2012 they expect to have phase 2 implemented which is to land on the moon, no targeted date was given for phase 3 which is to collect samples and return them to Earth.

Running D&D For Kids
Jonathan Drain’s D20 Source
Thoughts and tips to successfully running a D&D game for children. Tips include simplifying the combat, pre-generating characters for them, simplifying the magic items, reducing the gore, etc…

NY Cops On Segways
NY Daily News
Can cops looks menacing enough when charging across the Bronx on a Segway? 25 members of the NYPD are about to find out.

Blizzard Officially Announces StarCraft 2
StarCraft 2 development is well underway according to a Blizzard press release last week at the Blizzard event in Korea. Though they gave no release date there was a live demo for the attendees and there are several gameplay trailers you can view from the link above.

Pac-Man’s Skeleton
Ever wonder what Pac-Man’s skeleton would look like? Well apparently so did the artist that created this. What do you think, did he capture the spirit of the true Pac-Man or is it just a circle with teeth?

Companies Try eBay To Sell Themselves
USA Today Tech
What do Beanie Babies, Pez Dispensers and troubled Internet companies have in common? They’re all for sale on eBay. Does this mean eBay needs a Web 2.0 category for sales?

You Know That Spam And Phishing E-Mail You Get At Work? It May Be Coming From Your Boss!
Washington Post
Some corporate IT departments have been tasked with phishing the employees on their corp net in order to identify the folks at risk to infecting the network. Employees are outraged, I’m snickering.

LOST: Wanna Get Spoiled?

Are you a Lost fan?

Are you anxiously awaiting the season finale this week?

Are you the type that can’t wait to rip open your birthday and Christmas gifts and sneaking a peek through the wrapper ’cause you just can’t wait.

Then you may be interested in the ‘Lost Spoilers‘ blog run by DarkUFO. I don’t know where Dark’s intel is coming from, but from *extensive* accurate spoilers listed for last week’s episode, I believe the information for this season finale is probably going to be very accurate. And no, I’m not going to peek at the spoilers for this last episode, I want to be surprised in case Charlie finally kick’s the bucket. 😈

So head on over to ‘Lost Spoilers‘ now and get your fill!

You may also be interested in Dark’s 18 other Lost blogs covering everything from Lost Mysteries to Lost Easter Eggs and more.

Hey, check it out, looks like Amazon already has a page set aside for ‘Lost – The Complete Third Season

DARPA Goal: Aircraft That Remains Airborne 5 Years w/o Landing.


DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the US Military, it was their initiative in 1973 that led to what we call the Internet today.

They announced the VULTURE program last week which is an initiative to develop an airborne platform that is heavier-than-air and can remain aloft for 5 continuous years, this announcement is to potential offerors (or companies interested in contracting for some of the R&D).

This would be an exploratory development program with the overall goal to develop and demonstrate the ability to deliver and maintain an airborne payload on station for an uninterrupted period exceeding 5 years.

Note to you wannabe contractor geeks – the government is not interested in approaches that use either radioactive energy sources or employs any form of buoyant flight for this application.

The VULTURE Air Vehicle Program will research and develop technologies and systems which will enable the Military to deliver and maintain a 1000 lb, 5 kW airborne payload for an uninterrupted period exceeding 5 years with a 99+% on station probability.     The architectures selected and the specific approaches taken by the Offerors will determine the range of technical areas that are developed, including, but not limited to, environmental energy collection, high specific energy storage, extremely efficient propulsion systems, precision robotic refueling, autonomous materiel transfer, extremely efficient vehicle structural design, and mitigation of environmentally-induced loads.

The real purpose of the project isn’t necessarily to develop a working prototype for the military, but rather, while working towards that goal they must research and develop individual technologies that, while they may lead to a prototype, will definitely lead to more robust aircraft technologies that can be integrated into current or future systems. It’s envisioned that this program will, at a minimum, develop and demonstrate advanced reliability technologies for air vehicles.

Interview With A 3D PuzzleMaker

This is an interview at the Maker faire of Lee Krasnow, a full time puzzlemaker in San Francisco. He makes complicated 3D puzzles, yet when he exposes the inner workings you can’t help but think ‘wow, that was easy but my gawd that looks hard’.

Watch him expose the secrets to some of these puzzles in the video, my favorite is probably the Barcode Burr. I admire the quality craftsmanship, ingenuity and passion that obviously goes into his work, enjoy.

[youtube OH9JhRalzoY Puzzle Maker Interview]

Lee’s site – Link

Buh Bye 32bit

Microsoft’s Windows Server division announced recently that Windows Server 2008 will be the last 32 bit version of Windows Client/Server. Starting in 2009 when they release Windows Server 2008 R2, it will be 64 bit only and every other flavor of new Windows versions after that will be 64 bit.

Link to the details.

DIY: Nerf Sniper Rifle

Instructables is a collaborative site where folks can share what they do, how they do it and can learn from it. Here’s one step by step instructable with lots of pics and full parts list to build your own Nerf sniper rifle.

From the author:

A Nerf gun made from schedule 40 pvc pipe. Extremely accurate and consistent if constructed properly. I was able to hit a 2×2 foot target from about 60 yards away precisely. Any further and the shot became too much of a gamble, and due to the long reload process it is not advised. The is gun somewhat cumbersome so make sure you have a side arm for closer range.


Wow, pretty different than Hasbro’s ‘N-Strike Longshot’ Nerf rifle with a measly range of 35 ft, eh?


Link to the Instructables article .

Found via MAKE

For Sale: Ancient Chinese Demon Gloves


Rumored to have been cut off the hands of a fierce Warlord who was the son of an evil ‘Witch’, these gloves have passed from warrior to warrior until they were discovered hidden in a small house outside of Mongolia. Legend says that when these gloves are worn, the owner will have +2 to armor rating? 😀

Link to the eBay auction that just ended, but good news the seller has more cool stuff!

Found via Weird Asia News

10 Nightmare Web Design Clients

Check out this fellow’s top 10 worst clients for his web design business. He dishes on the dirt from some of the dumbest and weirdest requests for a web site. For instance, how about this client:

#8 – Black on white is boring. How about hot pink on lime green? And can we make the logo spin? And Ariel is boring, let’s use Comic Sans.

The comments in the post have more great instances of clients gone bad.


First Ever Solar & Wind Powered Cell Network By Motorola

moto-namibiaMotorola has deployed a wind and solar powered system to operate MTC Namibia’s GSM cell site at Dordabis village in the Khomas region of Namibia.

The trial with MTC Namibia supports the African operator’s strategy for increased voice and data service coverage in rural areas of Namibia and is the first of its kind globally.

Communication is a major challenge in Namibia given that nearly 90% of the country?s population lives in rural areas with limited or no access to traditional power. While electricity is rare in some places, wind and sun are plentiful so this solution is ideal for both emerging and developed markets. 

Found via

Read more at Motorola’s case study

The Mystery Of Microsoft’s Bldg 7

Pranks and jokes revolving around the mysterious Building 7 at Microsoft’s Redmond campus may live on thanks to building planners.

The Seattle area has 116 Microsoft buildings and the buildings on the Redmond campus are numbered sequentially except for the number seven.

Read more at InfoWorld on this years old mystery and why it’s in the news today…


Details Emerge On IRS Plans To Tax eBay Auctions

Ars Technica gets a sneak peek at the proposal from the Treasury Department to target eBay auctioneers and gives us their analysis.


The IRS has made no secret of the fact that it wants Internet auction companies like eBay to provide more information about high-volume sellers to the government in order to help close the “tax gap” between what Americans owe and what they pay. But now the official proposals are finally on the table, and Ars has had a look at the documents. Here’s what you can expect if the changes go through.

But this isn’t a change that will apply to all eBay sellers; in fact, most will be exempt from the new reporting requirements.


Developing Game Coders At USC

For EA and its industry brethren, USC is looking more and more like it will be an invaluable source of talent and ideas.

That’s because the university is in the process of forming what it calls the USC Games Institute, an “umbrella of activity” surrounding the research, development and design of video games that is set to encompass the various programs of study currently being held at the university’s engineering school, its School of Cinematic Arts, its Annenberg School for Communication, its Institute for Creative Technologies and its Roski School of Fine Arts.

Link to C|Net article

What Is That??

Well I’ve been gunning for some new material for these WIT photos, and I think I’ve found a few that will give you guys a run for your money! I’ve decided to branch out and grab some material that isn’t necessarily tech related, so keep that in mind when you peruse the next several offerings.

What Is That?

It was a blast to find this stuff for you guys, so I hope you have as much fun guessing what they are, as I did in finding them 😉 Comments, if you please!

A Plethora Of Links: May 16 ‘07

Woz Sports Two Of The Geekiest Watches Ever
Why would Woz wear a watch on each wrist? And what kinds of watches would a man with his finger on the pulse of the tech industry sport? Not your standard Timex, that’s for damned sure.’s New Interactive Weather Map
MSDN Blog – Jonbox
Weather.Com has added anew map, the Interactive Weather Map. It’s very much like using a map – zoom, panning, satellite view and a street view – but with weather features layered on top.

The Mother Of All Heatpipes To Cool Your Proc
This monstrosity is known as the Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme and it’s topping the charts for cooling performance.

AMD Unveils Phenom
Hardware Geeks
AMD has unveiled their new processor family called Phenom. The AMD Phenom processors are the world’s first true dual-core and quad-core processor.

NASA Unveils Hubble’s Successor
The telescope Hubble’s successor is scheduled to launch in June 2013. The $4.5 billion space telescope is bigger than the Hubble and will sit further from Earth. NASA officials unveiled a model of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) yesterday.

Spec Ops: Capture The Black Box
Relive an actual SEAL operation in Vietnam in this game of wits! Are you Special Forces material? Can you make the right decisions under pressure? Find out in just a few clicks.