Zune Update 3.0 – New Features Enabled On Old Devices

Software update 3.0 has been released to Zune. For me and my v1 30G Brown Zune, among the more interesting new features enabled in this update are:

- More Audiobook support. For instance via Audible.com and Overdrive.com, 2 of the more popular public libraries of audiobooks. You can get a free audiobook and a 30 day trial from Audible.

Zune Games

- Games Enabled! Several games are installed by default, the wife is already addicted to Helix, XNA Studio has now been released in beta and will allow you to load more Zune games

- Download selected TV episodes for free. As part of an NBC promotion this includes the following shows: The Office, 30 Rock, Battlestar Galactica, Psych, Monk, In Plain Sight, Heroes, Eureka, and Top Design.

For much more information check out zunerama and their report from Day 1.

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Plate Armor For Programs

Here’s a quick update on some recent Geeknews activity.

Lately, we’ve been inquiring with several well known product manufacturers to receive some items for review here on the blog.  So far, we’ve gotten some pretty good responses, such as the QPAD Mousemat.  Today, I received a prime item from the great folks over at Ironkey.  They sent us a 2gb Ironkey flash drive for review!

IronKeyLogo       ironkey-reviewa

Over the next few days I’m going to put this unit through its paces, and give it a run for it’s money.  Afterwards, I’ll compose a complete write-up on it’s features and performance in everyday (and not so ordinary) use.  Look for it next week :)

Keep an eye out for new reviews, as Andy and I are pounding on the doors of many different innovative product manufacturers for goodies!

Are you an inventor, or have a gadget you’ve developed and want some prime exposure?  Shoot us an email, and we’ll be happy to chat with you.  We look forward to hearing from all of you!

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Recover Your Lost Items With SendMeHome.com


Sendmehome.com is a new free service just released to Beta today that lets you register your valuables and print labels with a unique ID to attach to your stuff. The reason why this is interesting is that this site is essentially acting as an online Lost and Found service.

If you lose the item, anybody who finds it can go to SendMeHome.com, enter the tag ID, and get it back to you. And according to the site:

You save time, money, and hassle plus you get your stuff back!

Here’s a partial FAQ:

What items can I register?

From baseball gloves to cell phones, pets to laptops, camping gear to hubcaps, anything that you don’t want to lose can be tagged

Who pays for shipping?

That is completely up to you and the finder of your item.

Will my tag ever expire?

No. Your tag will never expire. It will only be removed from Send Me Home if you delete it.


Let the iPhone Handle Your RPG Dice

This is an excellent application for the iPhone. I love this thing (app, not iPhone :-) )

[via Jonathan Drain’s d20 Source]

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UFO Sightings Connected to Large Hadron Collider Experiment?

ufo 1

Reports are pouring into a UK paper from EU citizens that are spying UFOs in the night sky lately and has them wondering –

Could it be something to do with that experiment they are doing under ground in Geneva letting out pockets of energy or something?

Sure. Why the heck not, let’s run with that theory why don’t we? Though I have my doubts that Occam’s Razor applies in this case.

The article has a photo snapped by one of its readers.