Ad-Blocker Monetization


As part of the recent Apple conference, they announced that IOS will be blocking ads on the web. It seems advertisers are not too worried about the iOS ad-blocker deal just yet… and here’s why.
– Advertisers will be able to avert the blockers in the typical cat and mouse game that has always existed between browsers and adverts
– Publishers can pay ad-blockers to un-block their ads. Heads up if you are using Adblock Plus on your desktop, this is one of the ways they are monetizing.

New Slots to Keep Us Entertained

I take my wife to a casino a few times a year as a treat, we’re the typical couple that goes in expecting to lose a few hundred dollars but having a lot of fun while doing it. And hoping that this is the time we’ll hit it big. 🙂 Of course we’re also there for the food and entertainment, not just the gaming.

The only games we play though are slot machines. The reason i like them is they’re often like arcade games that pull you into a story and I keep feeding the machine to keep the story line going.

So it was more than a little interested when I saw some recent gaming news on slots – like the new Big Bang Theory based slot destined to the casino floors, and the CSI Slot coming to the mobile phone.

Big Bang Theory is in its ninth season on television and incredibly popular. It’s no surprise this game came about but just that it took so long! 🙂 BTW, they just rang in a new season (Spoilers)! Aristocrat Technologies’ Secret Sauce Studios spent two years obtaining the rights and then developing the game. The game is based on the characters and situations from the first three seasons of the show and the five main characters.

It’s been out on the casino floors for a couple of weeks now and I’ll definitely be looking for this one when the wife and I make a trek to the Snoqualmie casino outside Seattle. Until I can get out there though, I’ll be spending time online at checking out their new games and progressive jackpots.

See the Big Bang Theory in this video of. Around minute 16:30 the rental agreement comes out!

For slots on the phone, try out CSI Slots. CSI is…was a fantastic show, it changed the DNA of TV crime dramas, but it’s about to air it’s season finale after 15 years. CSI Slots will be available Sept 24 2015 on all the mobile platforms, and it allows players to follow along with interactive mysteries that were written by CSI writers. Join the CSI Team for a Vegas slots adventure. Find the evidence in high action bonus game, spin the real to catch the criminal and win big.


Is Wix the right website builder for you?


Looking for somewhere to call your virtual home?  I know there’s a blogger in you you somewhere…or perhaps you just want to rant about the current political escapades, or even write reviews for the current badass technology that will blow the socks off your readers.  How can you do this?  Well I’m glad you asked.  Time to build your own website!  So many to choose from these days, some complicated, some not.  However, I may just have the solution for you.  This free website builder, Wix, is your shining light from above.  In just mere minutes, you can sign up for your free website, tweak your page to look just how you like it, then publish it online in a snap!

I’ll sketch over a few of the interesting things that Wix offers, just to give you an idea of what you’ll be getting into when you head on over there.  First of all, building your website here is completely free.  That’s right, you don’t have to sink a single greenback into it.  That’s not to say there are several options in which there are images, functions and services that you can purchase while building your website, but for the purposes of this post, you can choose a multitude of free options within your building process, and still come out with a styling and functional page that you would be proud to publish.

After getting your account, you are immediately dropped into a Wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) interface, where you can choose your overall template to work with, once you choose that, you have a multitude of options to add, remove, tweak the template to your liking, such as changing images, background, text boxes and much more.  Write up a title for your first blog post/review/rant, add some text and you can publish it right away.  Once you get to the point of saving and publishing, the interface will ask you to name your website “”yournamehere””, where you can host your website on Wix servers, or you can even name your own domain if you choose.  That’s it for the quick and dirty version.  You now have a place to call your own to do with what you please.

With over 58 million current users, Wix isn’t a bad place to call home.  I’ve viewed quite a few of the sites that people have created using this service, and I am quite impressed.  As with any Wysiwyg service, the more work you put into it, the more you will get out of it.  Just to give you an idea how the whole thing works, jog on over to a web search engine of your choice, and you can find a step by step video showing the whole process.

If you like to watch the SuperBowl, you may recall the popular Wix ads with the #itsthateasy hashtag.  These ads were ingenious in my opinion, and what were drew me to want to review the website in the first place.  If you haven’t seen them, hang out here for a while and check them out.  You won’t be disappointed.

So overall, I would recommend this website builder if you’re looking for a free and easy to use interface to create a classy website of your own.  Not too shabby if you ask me.  Go have some fun!

Who Needs Another Gadget?

We all do.  There’s gadgets for all walks of life; for school, exercise, work, recreation and most of all for our entertainment.  Depending on your specifics, there are some that can fit the bill for all of those, such as smartphones, and a great deal that accomplish very specific tasks.

To me, it’s getting to the point where you carry or wear many devices on a daily basis.  For example, a fitbit to count your steps, a smartphone to keep in communication and a tablet or laptop for work or school.  Whatever your needs, there are many gadgets out there to suit you.  I find that has everything in the way of useful gadgetry that you could possibly need.  Everything from smartphones and tablets, to TVs, gaming systems, laptops and cameras.

Some newer gadgets are really setting the bar high for technology as of late.  Wearables, such as smart watches and various fitness trackers are packed with a ton of options that give you a huge variety of electronic capabilities.  3D printers have been a fad for a while now, and are able to print everything from cars and replacement body limbs, to medications and even candy!

One of my personal favorite categories is in gaming.  Many improvements have been made this last year, with the Sony PSP being able to play games from a cloud, Nintendo giving the DSi true 3D technology, and my personal favorite, Valve’s new Steam Box, that will allow you to play all of your Steam games through any TV in your home, console style!  So many advances and strides in technology today that are giving individuals and companies alike the ideas to create many quality of life components for us to use on a daily basis.  Are these gadgets helping us with life, or leashing us to our technological masters?  You decide!

A look at the Technology that can help to Protect your Home in 2015

Protect your home

In the modern age, the concept of home security is far different than it was in previous generations. Whereas the level of security of homes and buildings was measured by the quality of alarms, windows and external doors, for example, there are now additional metrics that can be used to test the strength and fortitude of your property. In fact, by integrating modern and smart gadgets into your home, you can create a safe and secure space that is blessed with added value.

Whether you are looking to protect the residents who live within your home or simply want to boost the value of your property before listing it on the sell house fast market, here are some examples of technology that can assist you.

Video Monitoring Hardware

One of the most popular commercial security methods is video monitoring, and this type of technology has also become accessible on the domestic market in recent times. This enables home-owners to see exactly what is going on in and outside of their homes during times of absence, with products such as Oco providing discreet video monitoring that can be accessed through a smartphone. This provides real-time video streaming regardless of where you are in the world, and means that you can alert the authorities if you notice anything suspicious occurring at your property.

A Home Sensing System

This is one of the most understated and yet impactful examples of technology on the market, and one that can help you to manage your home regardless of where you are in the world. Thanks to innovations such as Wally Home, for example, it is possible to track water leaks, humidity and temperature through real-time alerts that notify you if anything extends beyond normal values. This can be invaluable during periods when you are away from the home, as the ability to identify potential issues as they happen and implement reactive measures can save you thousands of pounds over time.

The Video Ring Doorbell

While this may not sound like a security feature, this is a multipurpose product that can help you to achieve multiple goals. The Ring Video Doorbell is operated by home Wi-Fi, and it uses this connection to transmit the sound of a chime to a designated smartphone. It does far more than this alone; however, as it also uses an integrated, built-in video camera to create the impression that someone is at home when in fact the house is empty. Interestingly, there is also a motion alert feature included with the device, which enables you to see who is coming to the door or loitering outside of your home regardless of whether or not they have pressed the doorbell.

Papers with shorter titles get more citations, study suggests

research papers

They say never judge a book by its cover, but a new study suggests that you may be able to predict the popularity of a scientific paper from the length of its title. Brevity, it turns out, appears to earn a paper a little more attention.

The number of times other researchers cite a scientist’s work is often an important metric in hiring and workplace evaluations. So you could say that the title you choose in your paper helps determine your job success in the future as well.

Check out ScienceMag’s article with the details…

Is there money in eSports?


What is esports?

Professional gaming, also known as esports refers to a rapidly growing industry of competitive video gaming. In tournaments and events around the world, players compete in a variety of video games, often for money, hardware/software or even just bragging rights.  A few of the games which dominate esports at the moment are Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Counterstrike (with many others, just as popular).  Some are one person vs. another while others are teamwork games.  The only requirement is that the game is competitive, someone has to win the game and progress through a competition.

How do you make money in esports?

Very simply it works like any other sport: sponsorship.  A majority of players are members of a squad or team. This includes players who compete in one vs. one games.  By being part of a team, it is easy for a player to get a sponsorship. These sponsors are normally part of the gaming genre, such as gaming hardware/software, energy snacks or drinks, etc. Their company logos are put on their jerseys, and are prominently featured while they stream and play their games.  Streaming is actually the biggest way players receive their sponsorships. Players can earn money by live-streaming their practice games, or simply having their own live-streamed show via websites like “Twitch”, and having their sponsors logos featured on screen. Donations from fans also form an important role.

Some players like to wager on the outcome of certain championships or other gaming events.  Just like regular sports betting, there are potential “sure things” and definite risks involved, as you are betting real money on these events.  My recommendation?  Check out popular esports betting tips to stay on your game, and make out with potential big bucks!

You don’t have to agree with that professional video gaming is a real sport. Just know that everyone in the esports community is working hard to allow people to continue to make a living from what they enjoy doing. In the end, that’s all that really matters.

Apocalypse Update: Robot Builds Other Robots

BBC has a post about robots learning to build other robots, uh oh!

Engineers have developed a robotic system that can evolve and improve its performance. A robot arm builds “babies” that get progressively better at moving without any human intervention.

The ultimate aim of the research project is to develop robots that adapt to their surroundings. The work by teams in Cambridge and Zurich has been published in the journal PLOS One.

Bridging Loans and Mortgages in the UK


This is an informational article to answer the question: What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a type of short-term credit, normally given for a period of a few weeks to several years pending the arrangement of larger or longer-term financing.  It is a quick financial security against land or property, sought after for a variety of reasons; emergency cash flow, purchasing at auction, debt repayment, etc.  In the UK, bridging loans are a popular way of acquiring and securing property.  Bridging is becoming ever more competitive in stark contrast to more traditional forms of finance.  Here is a great place to find out more information on a bridging loan in the UK.  Plenty of great information and guides to help make your decisions easier to understand and smooth the process of meeting your financial needs.

Mortgages are mainly used for buying homes and property but are also used to secure businesses and assets too. Their interest rates tend to be lower than bridging loans but can still work out just as pricey because of how long the loan lasts. You’re also able to decide which type of mortgage that you want, which is something that you’re unable to do with a bridging loan.  A mortgage is designed to be a long term repayment plan, which can last for several years. While it is also somewhat based on your affordability, you have more liberty due to the length of the payment schedule. They’re also non-secured, meaning that you can get needed support if you’re suddenly unable to make back the full payments. This gives you another secure net against the unknown, and ensures that you’re able to deal with your finances in a way that ensures you’re still able to survive and don’t have to worry so much about it affecting your future credit.

Photo credit: Got Credit

New Generator Mocks Clickbait Craze


If you’re anything like us, you’ve more than noticed the amount of clickbait which dominates our screens. From the properties we simply must take advantage of or be left totally in the past, to the 30 most WTF moments of 2015, riddled through the likes of Buzzfeed.

It’s becoming a web epidemic. A wepidemic if you will.  That’s what Buzzfeed would probably brand it. There’s no doubt it works, Buzzfeed has over 375 million visits every month after all, and you’ll even catch the likes of the BBC  publishing ‘Top 10s’ and ‘5 Things We Simply Must’.

But like anything, some people are tiring of this. And the people at Ladbrokes Bingo certainly seem to be some of those people. The likes of Facebook, Reddit, and The Daily Mail join Buzzfeed in the click-bait heavy, sensationalist, and pointless stories all to earn a few extra shares.

Ladbrokes’ Lingo Bingo generator has mocked this idea, and produced some headlines that wouldn’t look out of place on any of those sites. In fact, if Buzzfeed were to share it, it would probably be titled:

‘Ladbrokes Decided To Take A Swipe At Us And We Got Completely Owned.’

Because that is certainly the case. Fake headlines such as ‘Can We Guess The Day Your Last Haircut Was?’ and ’92 Times Your Nan Got Sunday Dinner Wrong’ would certainly fit right onto the Buzzfeed homepage, whilst it even gives users the chance to create their own.


The posts produced are so ridiculous and just as outlandish as their real titles, and is an excellent way to poke fun at their creators, which in some cases are fully deserved.

Not only does the Lingo Bingo generator take a stand at headlines, but also the world of Hollywood where we’re seeing more money-making sequels than ever before. At the moment we can’t move for Minions and superhero films are being rebooted seemingly every few years.

Batman vs Aquaman vs Spiderman is the next Tinsel Town blockbuster according to Lingo Bingo. After all, we’re already expecting the Batman vs Superman mash-up in March of next year.

It’s a fun little application to take a shot at the over-exaggerated titles of today, and you never know, share it on Facebook and you might just fool a few people into thinking they’re real too!


Star Trek: The Cruise

Star Trek the cruise

Book your reservations now and spend a week with the cast of Star Trek on a cruise together. The first official Star Trek cruise! Visit: for all the details

Stars attending the cruise include William Shatner, Jonathan Frakes, and my favorite: Marina Sirtis!

The ship sets sail January 2017. It departs from Miami, visits Mexico, Bahamas, returns to Miami one week later.

Star Trek the cruise cast

Wearable technology: looking to the future

CC by  David Hilowitz 

Wearable technology is nothing new – we’ve already seen Apple unveil its long-awaited Apple Watch and seen Katy Perry strut her stuff in an LED dress. But, what’s the future of wearable tech and is it here to stay?

While it’s clear that wearable technology has an appeal to the fashion and gadget-conscious among us, wearable tech has long being used within the health industry for more practical concerns. If you take hearing aids for example, it was once the case that devices were rather large and noticeable for the wearer. Nowadays, technology has advanced to a stage where hearing aids are much more inconspicuous in their design.

Audiology specialists like Hidden Hearing for example, offer hearing aids which are almost invisible and fit inside the contours of the ear. In the same way as we’ve seen mobile phones and mp3 players reduce in size over the years hearing aids have moved in a similar direction. As well as the more traditional in-ear designs, hearing aids are also available as necklaces and within the frames of glasses.

From an aesthetic point of view, clothing designers have been quick to explore new ways of incorporating technology in their designs. The LED dress Katy Perry wore in 2010 helped the trend to gain visibility and since then there have been countless celebrities who have jumped on the bandwagon. Remember the Jimmy Choo Zap flashing sandals worn by Fergie? Or how about Lady Gaga’s animatronic dress with moving wings?

There’s no doubt that such outlandish designs add to the stage presence of celebs, but is it a trend which is here to stay and how much does it appeal to the general public?

According to trend forecaster WGSN, the wearables market is here to stay but we should expect to see a change in direction in the coming years. There will be a move away from flashing lights and gimmickry and a move towards incorporating communication elements to serve a more practical purpose. For example, phones and cameras which are integrated into garments.

Surrey-based firm Intelligent Textiles has already begun to consider the more practical element of wearable tech by weaving electronic circuits into military uniforms. The idea is that soldiers will only need to carry a single power source rather than multiple batteries.

While the novelty element of wearable tech may be short-lived, once companies harness the idea of using wearable tech to solve genuine problems, it’s likely the market will continue to expand.


On Demand Everything – Get Xperts

hi def logo
First Uber made transportation an on demand service, then companies like AirBnb and Hotel Tonight made travel and housing an on demand service. Now you can get everything on demand from a dog sitter via DogVacay or your grocery shopping via Instacart.

But what about knowledge workers? Where do you go if you are stuck on a problem with Microsoft Excel or some other software program? Tech support is normally a dead end, but now a new company called Get Xperts is changing that. is offering experts on demand. They are starting with Microsoft Excel and Google Adwords and they plan to grow into all major software programs as well as Finance, Design, law and any other field that employs knowledge workers.

“Uber is a great company, but they are thinking too small” says founder and CEO Justin Baker. “The market for knowledge workers is more than 10 times bigger than the market for taxis and we are the only company going after it with the on demand solution.

You don’t need to sign up or create an account to get started. Just visit their site and call or email and they will see if they can solve your problems. If so you agree on a price and pay after receiving the service.

To cash out or not to cash out: The mechanics of online betting


by  Images_of_Money 

The mechanics of betting has changed in the modern era. Whilst punters may have previously visited their local bookmakers to place their wager, many opt to place bets online rather than attend the offline establishments. Convenience and accessibility has played a huge role in the swing to online betting, but so have the promotions and bonuses that can be found online. Most importantly, most online bets allow punters the opportunity to cash out their bet midway through, settling the bet and taking a portion of the potential winnings.

Cash out has become increasingly popular on accumulator style bets. Many punters choose to take the money on accumulators as the likelihood of each team holding on for the victory in a five, six or seven-fold can be slim. Accumulators allow players to win larger sums of money from smaller stakes but require every club included in the bet to win. For example, if a user backed four nations to win matches in international betting markets, then they would have the opportunity to cash out midway through the bet or to leave it to run its course.

Many people have trouble deciding whether to cash out or to let their bet run and potentially claim a higher portion of winnings. The cash out opportunity will present players with a mere fraction of the odds, however, customers must weigh up the potential risk of letting an accumulator run as well as the upside of winnings. For example, if you place a fourfold and three of those teams are winning 2-0 but the fourth team is 1-0 up but are playing with 10 men and they are under severe pressure, it may be wise to cash out and take a cut of the earnings. After all, some winnings is better than no winnings. Some people often take to social media pages, such as @FootyAccums, to ask advice and other fellow punters for their thoughts on what to do.

Ashley Tyler (@ash_tyler1991)

Furthermore, punters often decide to stagger kick-off times in accumulators. This is a decision that allows people more time to decide if they would like to cash out or ‘let it ride’. Some people still have their doubts about cashing out and many question whether it is worth the money. If you have risked a small stake, is it worth cashing out for a small profit or should you be more tempted to let it ride and risk earning bigger winnings? It’s certainly a difficult call.

The staggered times often help users to decide but that doesn’t necessarily mean they make the correct choice. For larger stakes, the temptation to cash out becomes greater as the cash out value is ultimately much higher. This season, plenty of punters will be celebrating profit throughout the upcoming football season and you can expect Ian Beale to appear all over social media as people boast about their success.

Google Maps Now Offers Dragon, Loch Ness Monster As Public Transportation Options

Huffington Post’s  just posted an interesting article on some quirky and fun update to Google Maps.

From the article:

Google Maps now provides people in Great Britain with real-time information about the best and quickest ways to get places — regardless of whether commuters choose to travel by train, tube, bus, boat, dragon or Loch Ness Monster.

Take the journey from Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, to the Welsh mountain range, Brecon Beacons. According to Google, it would either take you about 3 and a half hours to drive. Or 32 minutes by dragon. Just hop onto one of the mythical creatures at Snowdonia Dragon Station, and enjoy the ride