Flinging Cards At Friends

So when grabbing a postcard from a corner shop or a gas station is just too hard or painful for you, here comes Postcard.fm to your rescue!  You can’t get any simpler than this website, folks.  A generic interface asks you to submit a picture, choose a song, and enter your recipients email address, and you’re done.  Off goes your cybercard to your intended vict….er, I mean friend.  You can also choose to add a few words of your own before sending it off, just to add that special flavor ;)


I sent one to my wife…she thought it was hilarious!  Check it out!


100+ Incredible Open Courseware Resources for Science Geeks


Kelly from advantageedu.com educated me on a gem of a blog article recently with a long list of links to open courseware resources on science topics.

My favorite from the list? It’s gotta be Satellite Engineering which is about the problems, solutions and the basics of subsystem design in engineering spacecraft. It’s by MIT and has topics like “Design of an Artificial Gravity Mars Mission“. How cool is that?

Great work pulling that list together, I’m saving this to my favorites.


AC/DC Rock n Roll Train – ASCII Music in Excel

Supposedly it’s the world’s first music video in an Excel Spreadsheet. AC/DC smashes through the corporate firewall with real rock ‘n’ roll, watch the video playing back as ASCII art in Microsoft Excel!

You can download the spreadsheet at http://www.acdcrocks.com/excel (just pray it’s not infected).


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Just geeky

Bees Know How To Count


Sorry, but i need to see the bees reciting (buzzing?) Pi or performing some interesting arithmetic before I’m impressed. Counting to four just doesn’t do it for me.

Bee trivia:  Did you know that Scotland produces a whiskey liqueur made from honey? It’s called Drambuie.


Create Your Own Version of Microsoft BASIC for 6502


Pagetable.com walks you through the process of recompiling a byte exact copy of seven different versions of Microsoft BASIC, such as Applesoft, and also lets you create your own version.


[via OSNews]