Yahoo Mail Innovates, Gmail Stagnates


Lifehacker has a great comparison of Yahoo mail vs. Gmail, showing where they have parity in their features and where Yahoo is basically stomping the holy living hell out of GOOG’s mail site that is perpetually in Beta. 😛

I rarely use Yahoo, but it looks like I may have to go give them a second try after their onslaught of innovative feature improvements.

Beauty and the Geek Season 4- The Girls Are Prettier and Dumber Than Ever


The new season of Beauty and the Geek started tonight with a 2 hour opener so I’m up past my bedtime. 🙂 Oh boy, there’s a twist in season 4!

And good grief I can’t get over where they dig up some of these beauties. In the first hour they interview the women and ask easy questions, here’s some of the Q/A:

Q: Who wrote Beethoven’s fifth?
Girl1: I don’t read books.
A: Girl2: Mozart?

Q: What’s closer to the Earth, the Moon or the Sun?
A: Girl1: They are the same distance.
A: Girl2: Aren’t the Moon and the Sun the same thing?

Before I go hit the rack, here are some of the promo pics used to advertise the site on the web in the past, I’m not sure what it is that tickles my fancy, but here it is anyway’s:

Beauty and the Geek Beauty and the Geek 2

Beauty and the Geek 4              Beauty and the Geek 3

And here’s your new wallpaper at 1920×1200. Please, there’s no need to thank me, it’s a service I enjoy providing:


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Listphile – Everything In A List, A List For Everything


Q: What do Stripper Songs and Yoda Quotes have in common?
A: They’re both list subjects on

Listphile is a free website that enables anyone to create collaborative lists, atlases, databases and more.

Lists can be broad and ambitious (like a List of All Baseball Players Who Played in the Majors) or niche (Punk Bands from the Lower East Side, 1975-1980), or quirky or ridiculous. You can collaborate with other people to share, create, and make something that will benefit humanity.

You can create as many lists and databases as you want, there are no limits, and as many people can participate as you’d like. Another list type is a Voting list – they allow any member of Listphile to vote on individual items in that list. An example could be a list of the Best Taco Stands in Los Angeles.

Here’s just a few examples:

Then there’s some, ahem, interesting lists like these:

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Iran Blocks Then Unblocks GOOG


Iran on Monday unblocked access to the Google search engine and its Gmail email service after briefly filtering them owing to an “error”, the Fars news agency reported.

“Due to an error, the Google site was filtered on Sunday evening but the error was corrected and now Google and its different sites like Gmail can be used,” said an official from the state-run communications company.

Hah, ‘error’, riiiiiight, read this original article from the Times of Oman published when the clampdown began.

Paul Allen’s Yacht To Include Navy Seals and 10 Man Submarine?

The super-yacht: Octopus

In 2003, Paul Allen launched his new 127m (415ft) super-yacht “Octopus”. At the time it held the top position as the world’s largest yacht.

Let me give you and idea of how large this thing is – Octopus cost over US$200 million and has a permanent crew of 60, including several former Navy Seals. It has:

  • 2-3 helicopters
  • seven boats
  • a 10 man submarine
  • and a remote controlled vehicle for crawling on the Ocean floor.

BTW, the submarine has the capacity to sleep eight for up to two weeks underwater. I’m finding conflicting information on the net as to whether the sub was actually delivered per plans or not. Let’s assume it is in order to make the extravagance just that much cooler.

On average, owners must spend a minimum of 10 percent of the purchase price every year to keep these yachts in good working condition and cover crew salaries. Therefore ‘Octopus’ which cost Allen US$200 million requires a US$20 million annual budget.

Now here’s a question for you dear geeks. What activities can we envision Mr. Allen partaking in with this yacht that requires Navy Seals and a mini-sub that can remain submerged for such a long period of time? Oh, I can name a few off the top of my head but I’d like to hear your theories.

More information on this yacht can be found at these references:

Crusaders & Villains Pt5: The Action Hero’s Handbook

Action Hero's Handbook

The Action Hero’s Handbook

Though this 192 page book is no longer in print, you can find quite a few for sale as low as $2 from the online ‘Mom and Pop shops’ this book is a bargain for prospective crusaders.

Learn how to Catch a Great White Shark, Perform the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, Track a Fugitive, and Dozens of Other TV and Movie Skills.

Everyone wants to be an action hero?as smooth as James Bond, as clever as Captain Kirk, as tough as Charlie?s Angels. And now you can: The Action Hero?s Handbook is the ultimate guide to an action-packed lifestyle, with genuine step-by-step instructions on interrogating a suspect, catching a great white shark, performing the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, stopping a wedding, navigating a ventilation shaft, and much more.

All information is reality-based and comes from a host of experts (including FBI agents, marine biologists, karate champions, wedding planners, and air duct cleaners). With more than 35 illustrations throughout, this dynamic little handbook will teach us all how to keep up with the Indiana Joneses.


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Flizza Flirts!


I see from the MyBlogLog avatars to the right of this page that FlirtyPants has a new site called Flizza. It appears to be anonymous one-to-one chat, you can see their short description below or read this blog article for more details: Anonymous one-to-one chat .

If you want someone to talk to online, check out Flizza!

No more trying to break into a fast moving chatroom. This is one-to-one chat with a stranger somewhere in the world. It’s fun and interesting to learn about someone in another part of the country or the world!


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Japan Launches Mission To The Moon


Japan is carrying the country’s hopes of restoring pride in its troubled space program after the successful launch of a rocket today that is sending a satellite to Luna. Their first lunar orbiter will be the most extensive mission to investigate the moon since the US Apollo program about 4 years ago.

The US$279 million satellite, called the Selenological and Engineering Explorer (SELENE), will survey the Moon’s mineralogy, topology and gravity gradients.

Sensors onboard this gadget include: X-Ray spectrometer, Terrain Camera, Radar Sounder, Laser Altimeter, Magnetometer, Charged Particle Spectrometer and High Def TV cameras.

Follow the status of the project and learn more on the Selene english site which is part of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Searching For Experienced Journalists

This is for you savvy tech bloggers. I receive the weekly rollup newsletter from WindowsForDevices and this was top of the newsletter:

We are looking for an experienced journalist to provide timely
coverage of the latest relevant technologies in the form of news,
analysis, and product/technology resource guides. Working in a dynamic,
“first on the Web” environment, you’ll need to be able to grasp new
technologies, products, and trends quickly, and communicate what you
know and learn to our readers. For further details contact us here:

WFD is a great site along with their sister site

Step Aside Roomba, Meet The Mother Of All Vacuum Robots

The other week I extolled on my envy for the latest Roomba vacuum cleaner, but check out this pig from Fuji Heavy Industries.

This one is helping to replace an aging workforce in Japan, is already deployed to 10 buildings around the country including a 54 floor skyscraper in Tokyo. It operates at night when the cube farm is empty and it takes the elevators to move from one floor to another.

This my filthy little fiends is the RFS1, it operates unsupervised, has an optical communication system, proximity sensors, bumper switches, video cameras and a hard disk to store the video feed. It also has voice announcements to provide warning it’s approaching.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s a stylized version for a themed building I found on

Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

Microsoft Hardware Announces 2 New LifeCams

The MS Hardware Press Release information is mostly copied below.  Today they announced two new LifeCam models that will hit store shelves later this month.  The VX-7000 and the NX-3000 each boast a sleek design alongside impressive features for capturing and sharing photos with friends and family.


The VX-7000 is designed for the desktop PC, with a 2.0-megapixel sensor for HD video (2.0 MP) and still photography (7.6 MP interpolated).  Its new design allows it to fit seamlessly onto a PC monitor; in addition, it offers:

  • Built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation
  • 71-degree wide-angle lens
  • Automatic adjustments for low-light conditions
  • Illuminated LED to indicate when it’s in use


image (clicky)

For laptop PCs, the NX-3000 offers video at 640×480 resolution, HD still photography (1.3 MP) and a built-in unidirectional microphone with acoustic noise cancellation.  Other features are:

  • Automatic audio control to enhance sound clarity
  • Swivel lens to adjust camera angle for use on notebooks
  • Illuminated LED indicates when it’s in use
  • Video Effects to personalize video calls
  • Protective carrying case

LifeCam users with Windows Live Messenger (Beta) should note that they can take advantage of a new virtual photo album called Photo Swap, which allows sharing of photos in real time.

Both the VX-7000 and NX-3000 will be available later this month, at estimated retail prices of US$99.95 and US$59.95, respectively.

Windows Live Moms? This Is Getting Out Of Hand

Windows Live has created a site at, think of it as Live Spaces for mothers.

It’s a place to:

 “Learn, Share, Laugh” and create an online space for your baby. You can record your excitement in the ‘first times’ and satisfaction in the ‘last times’, document them with words and photos your loved ones can share online. Create a web site just for them! Capture that first smile, first step, first tooth!

The two main spaces here are “Mommy’s Place” and “Baby’s Corner


Windows Live Translator Beta

Move over Babelfish, here comes Windows Live Translator.

It’ll do text translation as well as web page translation. One cool feature is called ‘Bilingual Viewer‘ where the returned web page can be shown side by side with the original. Once in this view you can switch target language, enter new URLs and basically navigate in one side which will render in the other as well.

Click the thumbnail, it’ll take you to the side by side view with EN & DE.

Live Translator

Booth Babes, Some That Could Skin A Buck

I was browsing Field & Stream online and ran across their tradeshow analysis of the SHOT show in Orlando, Fl this year. SHOT is the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show, if you’re *really* interested and I think you’re not, you can read about the show in this press release or at the About page from

Anyway, the F & S page had a SHOT show gallery of Booth Babes! To see more booth babes on Geeknews, it has it’s own category, we’re big fans of the Booth Babe profession.

Below is a sampling of the babes including a couple of odd ones like the two-headed deer and the Annie Oakley sisters. To see the full gallery of 14 pics, follow my lead to Field & Stream.


Field and Stream Booth Babes 1

Field and Stream Booth Babes 2

Field and Stream Booth Babes 3

Field and Stream Booth Babes 4


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GOOG Tricked Users With Sponsored Links


I’ve seen this one brewing on the back burner for a little while but it looks like it’s finally making progress through the courts, though today’s hearing was adjourned for another month. You may have heard of this case before regarding a couple of car dealerships and a trade magazine in Australia.

Internet Behemoth Google was accused Monday of misleading web users and misidentifying sponsored links in a court case brought by Australia’s consumer watchdog.

In what it says is a world-first action, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleges Google failed to distinguish between paid advertisements and “organic” results generated by the search engine.

Read more at E-Commerce Times.

RoboFish Demo’d In Water


I’ve talked about the robofish efforts before, below is a video that any true geek would watch and pretty much have to agree that it could be summed in one word: Amazing.

The behavior is of the fish is still a little simplistic such as when it runs into the wall it may continue for a few more seconds to push against it before changing direction, but overall I’m very impressed with the rest of the fish’s behavior and natural mechanics.

[youtube eO9oseiCTdk]


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