Military Bans YouTube, Launches TroopTube


Last year the military banned service personnel from posting videos to Youtube. Apparently some not so nice things or classified things were on full display for the public. And as we all know by now, the public is not to be trusted. Hey, I don’t trust you, why would the military?

In any case, today the troops have their own video hosting web service, TroopTube:

Not too many videos are up yet, I’m looking forward to some Submarine vids, in the meantime here’s one from a pair of wives with a shoutout to their men in 3rd Brigade 133 Cavalry.

(MSNBC) The U.S. military, with help from Seattle startup Delve Networks, has launched a video-sharing Web site for troops, their families and supporters, a year and a half after restricting access to YouTube and other video sites.


Collecting Whale Snot. Not The Dirty Job You Think It Is

Helo collecting snot

Until recently, most of what scientists know about whales comes from dissecting the ones that have washed ashore or through examining captive specimens.

Now scientists are using small, remotely controlled helos to maneuver above a whale’s blowhole and sample the mist it blows into the air. Their blowhole could be thought of as somewhat similar to our nostrils in the sense that during exhale there’s an accumulation of mucus and other interesting matter. These samples can reveal bacteria lurking in these beasts.


Christmas Gift Idea #1 – Kota The Triceratops Dinosaur

Make friends with your new pet: a baby dinosaur! Never mind that it’s for kids, it’s animatronic!

KOTA The Triceratops Dinosaur from Playskool is a 35 lb, 3 foot long animatronic that’s going to be all the rage this year for Christmas….well, was going to be the rage before the recession finally settled in for a long winter’s nap recently.

This monstrosity costs US$300 (on sale at Amazon for US$239.99, get yours today!), it roars a dino greeting, waggles its tale, rears its head and chomps on whatever you stick in it’s mouth.

And since Playskool is encouraging kids to hop on his back, you better have your insurance details handy for the medic or your attorney’s mobile number on file because I’m assuming little junior will be falling off (this dire warning is based on the numerous reminders to parents in the toy description that kids should be supervised while ‘riding’ Kota due to possible injuries).

Wall-E Bot Save yourself a few hundred bucks and get yourself a U Command Wall-E bot instead (w/ 1000 action combos!), it’s only US$71. Oh, wait a minute, that makes Christmas Gift Idea #2!

Gadgets / Devices

Keeping The Android Dev Team Honest

Here’s an interesting post by Mathew Garrett. He analyzes portions of the Android code since at least the kernel mode portion is open source, and it appears GOOG is not above implementing hacky solutions.

There’s some good comments to the post as well.


Pixar’s UP Trailer

Curmudgeons like me love movies about other curmudgeons. Take for instance WC Fields, or Felix from The Odd Couple, and then there’s Grumpy Old Men, and who could forget about Al Bundy from Married with Children or Ebenezer Scrooge? Or even better, how about Gregory House from the Fox show….House?

Who are some of your favorite curmudgeons?

Now I have this to look forward to: