Dec 082008


Qigi Future Technology corporation will be manufacturing twin phones for the Chinese Wireless provider TechFaith. These phones will be known as the ‘i6′, one will be based on Windows Mobile known as i6-Win and its twin will be based on Android and known as the i6-Goal.

Both specs are identical except for the OS and I would imagine the applications may be a little different though I’m going out on a limb and assume that the user scenarios will be virtually identical.

The i6 will ship with a Marvel pxa310 proc @ 624MHz, 128/256MB flash, 2.8″ touch display w/ 320×240 res. Will have Quad band, wifi, BT, GPS. The camera will be 2 megapixel.

On the i6-Goal, TechFaith Wireless had this to say in a press release:

TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited, an original developed product provider focused on the research and development of cell phone solutions, and QIGI, a Smartphone brand in China, today announced the launch of i6-Goal, the first Android-powered phone in China. The fast, 624-MHz CPU slim bar-type phone has a touch-screen, business card scanning and GPS functionality. The i6-Goal also provides mobile Web access that includes Gmail, YouTube and Gtalk.

Read the full story with details at

If you want to just oggle at the pics, go to ePrice (in Chinese).

Here’s the press release describing just the Android version of the Qigi phone.

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Dec 072008


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Dec 052008

Or is that you can stick it to Mario?  That’s exactly what some college kids in University of the Fraser Valley did, with 17,000 push pins!  After about two semesters of work, a final revision of this awesome art came to being.  My hat’s off to these guys for their creativity and dedication 😉

mariopins01 mariopins02

I don’t think I’d have the patience to do something like this….