Girls Gone Wild And Gettin’ Nerdy

CES 2007 and Girls Gone Wild

This is a video from at CES 2007 talking to some booth babes (Molly & Jana) working for “Girls Gone Wild” (<–GGW site NSFW) that are in a cross promotional deal for a new handheld video camera.

The fellow from I4U asks the girls a few non-technical questions about the gadgets in the purses and about the video camera they’re promoting, it all makes for terrific viewing to tell the truth when you see clueless newbs trying to act like they understand the tech. πŸ™‚

A few interesting things we learn from Molly and Jana:

  • They’re also there for Girls Gone Wild “Sexin’ up in Vegas vol 2”
  • The video player has a “UBS adapter” to plug into your computer
  • Sony makes the iPod and the Nintendo Gameboy has a touchscreen
  • One of them hates on the T-Mobile Sidekick

It’s actually lighthearted fun, enjoy.

[youtube lbBJ2RR22aA]

Ex-Supergirl Visiting Smallville

supergirl 1984

Former Supergirl star Helen Slater (above) will appear in an episode of The CW’s Smallville next season, Variety reported. Slater is set to guest-star in the sixth episode of the season as the aunt of the show’s Supergirl, played by Laura Vandervoort.

Smallville has a history of bringing in actors associated with other adaptations of the Superman comic. Dean Cain, who starred in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, will also appear as a villain in the fourth episode of the season.

Geek News Roundup: 8-7-7


How To Beat Google To Tech Talent
If you talk to people who have worked inside Google’s recruiting operation–or people who have competed against it–they’ll tell you that the Silicon Valley’s ultimate hiring machine can be beat. The trick: use Google’s consensus-driven decision-making process–and exacting standards–against it.

Sensory organ holds key to hot mouse sex
Female mice became sexually voracious and tried to mate like males after scientists disabled a small sensory organ, casting fresh light on how gender-specific behavior develops in animals.

Bluetooth to gain “audiophile-quality” sound
Audio transmitted across Bluetooth could provide “perfect, audiophile-quality sound” as soon as next year, according to Open Interface North America Inc. (OINA). The company claims its proprietary, patent-pending “SOUNDabout Lossless” Bluetooth codec to be capable of delivering remote digital audio that is “bit for bit” faithful to the original.

Zimbabwe: Researchers Urged to Simplify Scientific Terms
A cabinet minister has urged researchers in the country to desist from writing research findings in scientific terms that cannot be understood by the ordinary people.

Sunspot Abundance Linked To Heavy Rains In East Africa
Terra Daily
A new study reveals correlations between plentiful sunspots and periods of heavy rain in East Africa. Intense rainfall in the region often leads to flooding and disease outbreaks. The analysis by a team of U.S. and British researchers shows that unusually heavy rainfalls in East Africa over the past century preceded peak sunspot activity by about one year.

Chinese Navy To Build Two Carriers With Russian Help
Kanwa, a Hong Kong defense news agency, said Friday purchases by China of Russian aircraft carrier components suggested that Beijing was planning to build one or two aircraft carriers, possibly by 2015.

PayPal Is Old And Busted / Amazon Flexible Payments Service Is The New Hotness


[I like this old-school logo I found for Amazon. Yes, i’m easily amused by little things like this. And by shiny objects]

Look out PayPal, Amazon is in the payments business now and it’s looking like it’s more extensible and developer friendly.

They’re calling it Amazon FPS (Flexible Payments Service) and it’s not tied to purchases of product advertised or sold through their online stores or partner’s stores. This is a set of APIs designed from the ground up specifically for developers.

The set of web services APIs allows the movement of money between two entities, humans or computers. It’s built on top of their reliable and scalable payment infrastructure so you know it’s already robust and trust worthy.

Check the FPS – Beta page for details such as transaction fees, rules developers can apply to transactions and a good high level overview of the FPS functionality.

From that page you can also sign up for their Beta program and you can enter the FPS Sandbox. The FPS Sandbox is a test environment where you can use the Amazon Flexible Payments API without sending real money or providing real financial information.


Drag ‘n Draw Light From Phillips

Phillips continues to innovate and dazzle us with new light technologies. Take for instance this demonstration via Youtube that enables you to draw on a vertical surface using a ‘magic wand’ of sorts.

Not only will the lighted drawing persist, but the device rendering it on the surface captures the shape and can use it in another setting, including applying motion to it.

[youtube b146_atvG4g]

[via Clips4Geeks]

Transmogrify Man To His Alien Descendant?

Some alien enthusiasts speculate that aliens called ‘The Grays’ may not be aliens at all. Rather the claim is that they’re descendants of man, hundreds of thousands of years from now traveling back through time as opposed to a race of beings traveling through space to visit this backwater planet.

This video doesn’t necessarily try to show how the similarities are more than the differences between the two, but it would appear to help bolster that claim the two species may actually be one in the same…not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

See for yourself.

[metacafe 732947/alienating_a_human]

[via Destination Creation]

Wired Presents: The Greatest Gadget Of All Time. You Decide! with are presenting a wide array of gadgets going head to head and you decide between the two which is the greatest, most influential, gadget between the two.

It’s a bracket system similar to the NCAA Final Four, you work through many head to head comparisons in 4 divisional brackets until you have the best of the best in each division going against each other in the Final Four.

You start in Division 1 with the Apple iPod (2001) vs. Apple iPhone (2007). Of course the iPod wins there.

In any case, for me the winners broke down like this:

 Div 1: Sony Walkman (1979)

 Div 2: Apple // (1977)

 Div 3: Western Electric 500 Phone (1949)

 Div 4: John Bird Sextant (1757)

Final two head to head for me were (clicky):

Greatest Gadget of all time

And my choice for greatest gadget was….The Sextant!

Here’s the game, pick deadline is Aug 8th and the results will be tallied. You can submit your choices for a chance to win an iPhone.

Exposed Undercover Reporter Flees DefCon

Snippet from the Physorg article:

DefCon spokesman ‘Priest’ and DefCon founder Jeff Moss, whose hacker name is ‘Dark Tangent’, lured [the undercover Dateline reporter Michelle] Madigan to a packed conference room by putting out word they were going to have hackers finger federal agents in a game called “spot the fed.”
After she was in the audience, it was announced the game was actually “spot the undercover reporter.”

Without naming Madigan, Moss condemned her stealth tactics from a stage. Boos and jeers erupted from hundreds of hackers, one calling for her to be tarred and feathered.

Madigan shoved aside a DefCon “goon,” one of the volunteers working at the event, and dashed from the room as the mob called for her to be booted from the premises.

Madigan’s flight was followed by hackers and reporting peers openly disapproving her methods.

Geek News Roundup: 8-2-07


The Mobile TV Wars
Qualcomm’s MediaFlo and MobiTV are set to duke it out in the battle for this emerging business. The mobile TV shakeout has begun: Modeo, a subsidiary of cellular tower operator Crown Castle International, has shut down its one broadcast network in the New York City area, leaving the emerging business of delivering live TV programs to just a handful of players.

SGI and NASA Ready Most Powerful Linux Computer Ever
NASA has selected an SGI Altix supercomputer to help it meet future high-performance computing requirements. The new system will be the first supercomputer to operate 2,048 processor cores and 4 terabytes of memory under control of one Linux kernel, creating the world’s largest single-kernel Linux system.

Super-Ego Gets Inflated
Haven’t heard of Super-Ego Games? They hope to revitalize the industry with comedy adventures that feature rich real-time speech.

Microsoft Develops Biometric Recognition System for Ads
Microsoft has applied for a patent for a system designed to determine the identity of someone looking at a display and deliver personalized ads to that user.

AMD Claims Intel Made $60 Billion in ‘Monopoly’ Profits
San Jose Mercury News
Offering a glimpse into the antitrust case it will present in federal court in Delaware, Advanced Micro Devices indicated Wednesday that it will claim Intel pocketed $60 billion in ill-gotten, or “monopoly,” profits from a decade of anti-competitive behavior

Disney Buys Popular Kids’ Networking Site
Walt Disney Co. has paid $350 million to acquire Club Penguin, a popular online hangout that offers a mix of games and chatting tools for kids ages 6-14.