Dragon’s Lair On HD-DVD For Xbox

Dragons Lair
Dragon’s Lair is available today, August 15th, for HD DVD players and the XBox 360 HD DVD Add-On.

Remastered from the original film, this all new 1080p High Definition transfer is the first HD game for your HD DVD player and is is packed full of extras in full HD. Also available in Blu-ray for your PS3.

To see this video is full 1080p High Definition visit www.digitalleisure.com.

[youtube qLgF_kQT6wA]

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Is Trolltech Thinking Outside The Box?

Do you ever click on the ‘Recent Geek’ avatars to the right of this blog to see who is visiting? I do, every one. I like to see the variety of folks that visit here. Doing so I stumbled upon JLP’s blog.

At his blog I learned that today he was informed by Trolltech that he was one of the lucky dog developers that would receive an SDK and sample Greenphone as part of a grant under the Qtopia Greenphone Innovation Grant program.

If you’re not familiar with Greenphone, it’s a mobile phone based on an open platform.

He’s a lucky dog because he submitted an idea for an interesting application, in his case the application he pitched is a turn-based space empire building strategy game based on Thousand Parsec.

How cool is that, to pick a turn based strategy game to deliver for a new mobile platform? I’m sure they were inundated with thousands of requests and ideas, but it’s great that Trolltech thinks enough of the little guy and their great ideas to give them a shot.

I’m looking forward to JLP’s progress reports on how his project is going. He’s already soliciting input for ideas such as how best to interact with the game via the phone, etc…



Geek News Roundup 8-13-7

Newspaper news
The new bond girl?
Daniel Craig’s next on screen love conquest could be non-other than Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty. ‘She has a huge following in Bollywood, as well as a number of fans in the Western world ? especially in Britain ? so she will be great for box office sales,’ sources added.

Hotmail users get a storage bump
Microsoft on Monday made a series of updates to its Windows Live Hotmail service, chief among those being an increase in the size of its inboxes. Standard users now get 5GB of storage, while paid MSN Premium and Hotmail Plus accounts now get 10GB of storage.

Stephen King reviews Harry Potter
Now that the dust has settled on ”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” Stephen King reflects on why no review did it justice, and whether kids (and their grown-ups) will ever read the same way again

Protein ‘chatter’ linked to cancer activation
Scientists have found the existence of cross-talk between human chromosome ends and the protein complexes central to the stability of the entire human genome, a ?chat? that contributes to cancer development.

Store Your Files In “The Cloud” With SkyDrive


Windows Live SkyDrive is a brand new Windows Live service that gives users 500MB of web space for storing and sharing of files. You can think of it as a personal “hard drive” on the internet – or “in the cloud”.

When you create the SkyDrive space, you get several protected directories which you can store your files in. These are protected directories that are only you can leverage.

However, Windows Live SkyDrive allows you create new folders or choose specific folders to share with everyone (Public folders) or specific people on your Windows Live Contact list. You can set specific permissions for those viewing your folders as well, they can be a contributor (add / remove files) or someone who is simply a reader of the folder. Your Public folder allows only reader permissions for the public.

Imagine it, store some of your music, photos, avatars, documents such as your resume, etc…so they’re always handy no matter where you are across the globe.

The feature is still in Beta right now and only available to a few regions while the Live team is rolling out support for other countries, but if you change your region in your Live/Hotmail profile I think you can get around it.


Skydrive Screenshot

Additional Info:

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Energy Geeks Compete At Solar Decathlon

Global Warming

Right behind the solar car on every environmentalist’s wish list is a home powered entirely by the sun.

This summer, teams from 20 universities are busy building enough homes to make an entire “solar village.” The off-grid, self-powering homes will be on display for 10 days in October on the National Mall in Washington D.C., competing in the Department of Energy’s 2007 Solar Decathlon.

CNET has the details on this team competition event for solar homes innovation.

Just one problem with this event. If it’s overcast during the 10 days, they’re screwed. 🙁

If You’re Being Laid Off From Sun And You’re A Dev, I Can Assist In The Job Hunt


Sun says it’s slashing jobs *again* before the end of the year in an effort to return to profitability.

This is a damn shame.

Contact me if you work for Sun, or any other software manufacturer, and are being laid off or *fear* you will be laid off. My team at work needs C/C++/C# developers, especially if you have Test skills or are willing to learn Test theory.

editor @ geeknews.net

Is This Man Cheating On His Wife?

Wall Street Journal has an article on the dilemma facing people that have ‘real’ lives and a virtual life in ‘Second Life’, here’s the link.

One married man in Phoenix has a virtual life so strong with a woman that when he needed surgery in real life, she ponied up almost $500 real cash to cheer him up online through an extravagant purchase. Now the relationship has reached the point where the virtual characters are contemplating virtual marriage.

Now the question being asked is: Is that cheating?

Choice quote from the woman he’s legally wed to, who is not amused:

It’s really devastating. You try to talk to someone or bring them a drink, and they’ll be having sex with a cartoon.

Here’s a pic of the happy online couple:

Second Life couple


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HTC P5550, Another Slider

2 mobiles

A week or so ago I mentioned the HTC S710 that I was slobbering over with the slide out QWERTY keyboard.

Here is another new HTC with a slider coming soon but it’s also Touch capable. It’s the HTC Touch II P5500. It’ll host Windows Mobile 6, should be released ‘real soon now’ with a 400MHz CPU, 128M ROM, 64MB RAM, 240×320 Display with a 2.8″ screen. This consumer phone below will also sport an FM receiver, GPS & WiFi.

Besides Touch, the other difference with this slide out is that it exposes just a standard number dialing pad as opposed to the S710’s QWERTY.

HTC P5550 Touch

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Four-Galaxy Collision Could Form Übergalaxy

One of the biggest galaxy collisions ever observed is taking place at the center of this image below (clicky) and scientists think it could wind up being one of the biggest in the universe, up to 10x the size of the Milky Way.

The four white blobs in the middle are large galaxies that have begun to tangle and ultimately merge into a single gargantuan galaxy. The whitish cloud around the colliding galaxies contains billions of stars tossed out during the messy encounter. Other galaxies and stars appear in yellow, orange and red hues. Blue shows hot gas that permeates this distant region of tightly packed galaxies.

Our own Milky Way is fated to collide with Andromeda in ~ 5billion years.

Read MSNBC for more.

4 Galaxy Collision