Pepsi Refreshing Their Image w/ New Logo

Meh. This new look for Pepsi no worky for me. Seems like a lot of money and time spent that shouldn’t have been, in my opinion. What do you think?


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A 3-minute Fairy Tale of Mixed Emoticons

This is a modern day typographical fairy tale for the ages. If the video below doesn’t load for you, just click the previous link, it’s worth it.


Just geeky, Stumble of the Day

Phoenix Mars Lander Is Either Dying or Just Really Sleepy


Phoenix communicated with NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter Thursday. The communication reinforced a diagnosis that the spacecraft is in a precautionary mode triggered by low energy. Mission engineers are assessing the lander’s condition and steps necessary for returning to science operations.

NASA’S Phoenix Mars Lander, with its solar-electric power shrinking due to shorter daylight hours and a dust storm, did not respond to an orbiter’s attempt to communicate with it Wednesday night and Thursday morning


And in Halloween Bat News Today…

Halloween Witch

Halloween is all about scary things like evil jack o’ lanterns, witches, goblins and little furry, squeaking, flapping bats.

So it’s appropriate that today we learn that something is killing the little brown bats of the Northeast, and researchers may have fingered the culprit: a fungus.

For Halloween, I think I prefer this kind of bat (Sexy Batgirl Superhero Costume):

Bat girl costume


Happy Halloween – Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Happy Halloween, carve your own pumpkin online. Here’s mine: