Bank of Beijing Drops Firefox Support For Their Online Bank

Alfred Peng is a blogger from Sun, he discovered to his astonishment that the Bank of Beijing (they refer to themselves as BOB) is officially dropping support for Firefox.

I went onto the English version of the BOB site and was unable to dig deep enough to expose this non-support, but copied below is Alfred’s translation of the reasons why. Head over to his blog for the full article.

The English version:

Hi there,

Thanks for your adoption and support to the Bank of Beijing personal online bank system all along. Please be informed that the newer version of the online bank won’t support Firefox browser any more. The reasons are as below:

1. Firefox is an open source browser. The programming language needs to have the universal property. Although Firefox could add many security extensions(plugins?), some extensions are provided by the third parties which makes the language otherness even worse(?). This will bring some browsing problems.

2. To provide the cross-platform functionality for Firefox(Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac OS), it’s necessary to develop a unified browser engine. However, different OSes have different browsing techniques, also different call method with the script languages such as CSS/Javascript/vbscript. So the online bank system will have style error or usage error with non-IE browsers.

3. The old version of the online bank are mostly static jsp pages, only a small set of style(CSS). And there are no big impacts if you use non-IE browsers. The situation is different with the newer version. It uses a lot CSS and higher version js syntax. So comes the compatibility issues for Firefox.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, we suggest that you could use IE bundled with the OS(Windows). Please understand the inconvenience. Hope that you can support us as always. Thanks.

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Squawkers McCaw The Parrot Is Talkin’ And Squawkin’


This little fellow will be available for purchase on Sept 15 but can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now for $69.96. This is an animatronic talking parrot that comes with at least 45 words/phrases/sound effects.

Also comes with a toy cracker, remote control and perch. I’m probably going to get this for someone’s Christmas present, but I’m not sure yet if I want to give it to someone that will be living in the same house as me! 🙂

According to the product feature description, he can be trained, too. Hmmm, this could be fun.

Squawkers Box

[via Ubergizmo]

MSN Music –> MTV URGE –> Real Rhapsody. WTF?


First Microsoft kills off the MSN Music service and drives customers to MTV URGE. So much so that the Windows Media Player’s default online music store is now URGE.

Now we’re going to learn Tuesday that MTV will announce a joint venture tieing their online music offerings to RealNetwork’s Rhapsody service?

Who do we have to thank for this randomization of casual users of these online services like myself? According to BetaNews, we can thank the Zune.

Firk ding blast! Sigh.

The Bike Vending Machine

Bike Dispenser 

In an attempt to be more eco friendly, a small Dutch company has installed bicycle vending machines in Amsterdam and also walked away with a 2007 Spark Design Award.

It’s a great idea to get people out of the cars in the big city, this urban bike-rental stand cold be installed at many locations throughout a city center. One rents a bike, pedals to the destination, then returns it to another ?dispenser? for a price roughly the same as a bus ticket. 

Other great locales to install a dispenser are at train stations, parking structures, shopping centers or other transit centers. The Bikedispenser is a fully automated, space-saving storage and dispensary system and was developed to increase ease-of-accessibility to those business areas lying within three kilometers of commonly used public transportation junctions.

The Bikedispenser capitalizes on the idea of the bicycle as the missing, final link in the commuter?s mobility chain. The Bikedispenser is the most compact storage system for bicycles in the world, with specially designed bicycles positioned a mere 16cm apart from each other. Each user?s identity is connected to an electronic ID tag (RFID) located within the bicycle, enhancing security and enabling various billing systems to operate.

Happy ‘Harmonic Convergence’!

Peace & Love

August 16/17 is a time to celebrate a date of prophetic importance that is a stimulus for many people to gather at sacred sites around the world, it’s called Harmonic Convergence.

Never heard of it? You’re in good company then.

This ‘event’ began on Aug 16 1987 as a result of the research of Dr. Jose Arguellas from his analysis of the Mayan calendars. From his analysis, the Mayan calendar prophecy pointed to a time of renaissance and planetary quickening linked to the completion of the sun’s 26,000 year orbital cycle around the Pleiades star system and the alignment of our winter solstice with the Galactic Center. The alignment with the Galactic Center is said to be complete by Dec 12, 2012 AD.

Whew! Get all that?

To break it down for you, it’s like this:

The Harmonic Convergence was developed as a time of year for hippies to gather at ‘sacred’ sites to facilitate the Mother Earth’s global awakening to love and unity through divine transformation.

In case you’re wondering, Hallmark Cards don’t have a ‘Happy Harmonic Convergence’ card…I checked.

If you’re a wannabe hippy, here’s additional info on the Harmonic Convergence:

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Game & Game World Championship Is On

Joshua Shim from AVING, is reporting from Seoul on the first global e-sports league for massively multiplayer online games kicked off with the European match start.

GNGWC (Game&Game World Championship) is an international game competition which began in 2006 by Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA) in order to promote Korean online games throughout the World.

Last year, 1,070,000 gamers from 5 regions including Korea, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and America participated in this competition of three official games. This year it’s expected to be even bigger!


Who’s The Real King of ‘Kong?’

Donkey Kong

A new documentary tells the tale of two video-game champions and rivals.

Steve Wiebe’s efforts to topple Mitchell’s high score and his struggle to be recognized by his video-gaming peers is chronicled in the new film ‘The King of Kong’. which is set to release on August 17.

The film has more twists than a bag of pretzels, but the salient plot points are thus:

Wiebe started playing Donkey Kong like a madman, the audience is treated to a funny/sad scene of him ignoring his kid’s anguished cries to “Stop playing Donkey Kooooooong!!” But if you’ve seen any sports films, you know the drill: Sometimes our hero has to put his family second to achieve video-game glory.

Read the article on MSNBC.

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OMG! Study Finds iPhone Texting 2x Slower Than QWERTY

mail sms

A study has determined that iPhone?s touchscreen is two times slower than QWERTY phones when it comes to texting. The complete summary of this study is available at:


This study was conducted by User Centric, a Chicago-based usability consultant. User Centric concludes:

It took QWERTY users almost twice as long to create the same message on the iPhone as it did on their QWERTY phone. While there was improvement over time, the difference persisted even after using the iPhone for 30 minutes.

Read the rest of this on ZDNET’s Between The Lines.


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Dragon’s Lair On HD-DVD For Xbox

Dragons Lair
Dragon’s Lair is available today, August 15th, for HD DVD players and the XBox 360 HD DVD Add-On.

Remastered from the original film, this all new 1080p High Definition transfer is the first HD game for your HD DVD player and is is packed full of extras in full HD. Also available in Blu-ray for your PS3.

To see this video is full 1080p High Definition visit

[youtube qLgF_kQT6wA]

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Is Trolltech Thinking Outside The Box?

Do you ever click on the ‘Recent Geek’ avatars to the right of this blog to see who is visiting? I do, every one. I like to see the variety of folks that visit here. Doing so I stumbled upon JLP’s blog.

At his blog I learned that today he was informed by Trolltech that he was one of the lucky dog developers that would receive an SDK and sample Greenphone as part of a grant under the Qtopia Greenphone Innovation Grant program.

If you’re not familiar with Greenphone, it’s a mobile phone based on an open platform.

He’s a lucky dog because he submitted an idea for an interesting application, in his case the application he pitched is a turn-based space empire building strategy game based on Thousand Parsec.

How cool is that, to pick a turn based strategy game to deliver for a new mobile platform? I’m sure they were inundated with thousands of requests and ideas, but it’s great that Trolltech thinks enough of the little guy and their great ideas to give them a shot.

I’m looking forward to JLP’s progress reports on how his project is going. He’s already soliciting input for ideas such as how best to interact with the game via the phone, etc…



Geek News Roundup 8-13-7

Newspaper news
The new bond girl?
Daniel Craig’s next on screen love conquest could be non-other than Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty. ‘She has a huge following in Bollywood, as well as a number of fans in the Western world ? especially in Britain ? so she will be great for box office sales,’ sources added.

Hotmail users get a storage bump
Microsoft on Monday made a series of updates to its Windows Live Hotmail service, chief among those being an increase in the size of its inboxes. Standard users now get 5GB of storage, while paid MSN Premium and Hotmail Plus accounts now get 10GB of storage.

Stephen King reviews Harry Potter
Now that the dust has settled on ”Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” Stephen King reflects on why no review did it justice, and whether kids (and their grown-ups) will ever read the same way again

Protein ‘chatter’ linked to cancer activation
Scientists have found the existence of cross-talk between human chromosome ends and the protein complexes central to the stability of the entire human genome, a ?chat? that contributes to cancer development.

Store Your Files In “The Cloud” With SkyDrive


Windows Live SkyDrive is a brand new Windows Live service that gives users 500MB of web space for storing and sharing of files. You can think of it as a personal “hard drive” on the internet – or “in the cloud”.

When you create the SkyDrive space, you get several protected directories which you can store your files in. These are protected directories that are only you can leverage.

However, Windows Live SkyDrive allows you create new folders or choose specific folders to share with everyone (Public folders) or specific people on your Windows Live Contact list. You can set specific permissions for those viewing your folders as well, they can be a contributor (add / remove files) or someone who is simply a reader of the folder. Your Public folder allows only reader permissions for the public.

Imagine it, store some of your music, photos, avatars, documents such as your resume, etc…so they’re always handy no matter where you are across the globe.

The feature is still in Beta right now and only available to a few regions while the Live team is rolling out support for other countries, but if you change your region in your Live/Hotmail profile I think you can get around it.


Skydrive Screenshot

Additional Info:

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