BeWine Connected

BeWineThis nicely detailed USB Flash Drive is your key to opening the gates to great wine.

The drive contains the wine cellar management software ?Open Cellar? as well as a guide to the Grand Cru from the Bordeaux area and their classification, a screensaver and wallpaper dedicated to wine, ringtones on wine for your mobile phone, and privileged access to the BeWineConnected Club with links to our partners and wine professionals.

Find more details on the multimedia and application that ship on this little beauty at BeWine Connected.

A New Spin On Chairs

It continues to amaze me how ingenious some people can be – or perhaps just finding inventive ways to occupy their times with bizarre, yet interesting projects like these.  What do you do when you have too many blank CDs lying around and nowhere to sit?  The answer is the ‘Panda Chair’ designed by Belen Hermosa constructed from a simple base covered in CDs lined up in rows. The chair was recently shown at the Nude Pavillion for the International Furniture Fair of Valencia.


If you find that one interesting, this chair was made entirely of AOL CDs – which is, in my opinion, the best use of those CDs I’ve seen in years!  The AOL Throne was built in the summer of 2003. It contains 4000 CDs, weighs at least 150 pounds, barely fits through doors, and plugs into an electrical outlet.


I want to make one of these!  Someone wanna donate a few thousand CDs to GeekNews?? 😉

Slashdot Comment: Our Observed Universe Is Self-contained Within The Event Horizon Of A Giant Black Hole

The statistician

Wow, this is an interesting comment over at Slashdot from Solomon Chang, it’s regarding the paradox over the rate of the universe’s expansion actually accelerating:

Time in our frame of reference is slowing down.

The only way that seemed possible was if we were traveling at speeds close to c, but that didn’t sound feasible since we were observing objects that were moving away from us, in all directions. Then another weird thought occurred to me…

Our observed universe is self-contained within the event horizon of a giant black hole.

We’re closer to the singularity, and accelerating towards it faster than objects closer to the edge of the event horizon. Time will move slower for us, and far away objects will appear to speed up. An outside observer (if such a thing could possibly exist) would perceive our universe as shrinking, but in our current frame of reference, we still think of it as expanding.

One other observation that lends to this possibility is the fact that we have not seen evidence of other “Big Bangs” or other “Universes”. If the Big Bang happened once, shouldn’t it be a repeatable occurrence in the limitless void of space?

This Will Blow Your Desktop Away

Okay so screensavers are a thing of the past, and not necessary for conventional displays.  Occasionally though, you come across a screensaver that demands a little bit of screen time; for the novelty of it, if nothing else.


This KAZE screensaver is one of those gems that after seeing a streaming demo, I just had to try it.  “Kaze to desktop” takes the name of your city and reads the current wind information, and translates it into blowing your desktop windows and taskbar around according to current wind direction and speed.

Pretty cool if you ask me!

Clock Radio Speaker System For Your Mobile

Stereo Clock for mobiles

Look no further for a complete sound system for your cell phone.

This device uses Bluetooth to allow you to dial and receive calls through its speakerphone and also contains an LCD display with caller ID.

Dual alarm Clock Radio allows you to you wake to your Bluetooth enabled music, radio or buzzer. Stream your music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled phone through the speaker chambers to enjoy “enhanced audio sound”. Also includes a full function remote control.

Apple Ready To Open The iPhone?

apple logo NEW Style

Perhaps the APPL vs. Developers war is thawing?

From CNN’s Apple Blog:

Apple has been furiously working with their partners on games and applications for the iPhone/iPod and the standardized Human-Interface Controls that will go along with them. For instance, EA [ERTS, purveyor of Madden NFL, NBA Live, etc.] is currently porting their iPod lineup to the OSX iPod/iPhone platform to be sold along side the classic iPod OS versions. Other big developers with strict confidentiality agreements are also on board.

Apple is seeking to replicate the development model T-Mobile pioneered with its Sidekick, where developers who have applications the company thinks its customers might want and can demonstrate that they are compatible and don?t interfere with other apps are given the keys to the kingdom.

 Speaking of APPL, have you seen the new iPhone ads. Again, their simple, elegant and emotional.


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Defraggler: Defrag On A File By File Basis


Defraggler is a defrag app currently in beta that allows you to pick individual files to defrag after having analyzed your volumes.

This Windows app is a single lightweight executable and a no-brainer to install and its portable which means you can copy it to your thumbdrive and take it on the go with you. It supports 32 bit right now, from Win2k to XP to Vista, both client and server skus.

Visit their homepage and download, enjoy.

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Building A Better Volcano Model


A 26-year-old Western Washington University graduate has come up with a cheaper, faster way to make three-dimensional models that monitor volcanic activity.

Angie Diefenbach calls her creation the “poor volcanologist’s tool kit.”

Her tools: a digital camera, her laptop and software that’s used for computer animation and forensic analysis.

Her test subject: a dome of lava that’s been steadily growing inside the blasted-out crater of Mount St. Helens since October 2004.

Follow along with the Seattle Times article

Press Release: Illusion On-Demand

This is a press release received from a new media company focused on delivering on-demand sci-fi, anime, horror to geeks, they’re called Illusion On-Demand.


For Immediate Release

ILLUSION ON-DEMAND, the first and only VOD channel dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, has officially launched in North America.

With an initial programming lineup of 21 shows and content blocks including series like “Strange”, “Venus Rises”, “Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere”, “Day of the Triffids” and “Shadow Star Narutaru”, Illusion hopes to attract sci-fi hungry fans to their video on demand lineup.

For Halloween Illusion is offering a special lineup which includes the anime features “Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek”, “Black Jack: Infection” and “Ichi: Zero”; along with a special edition of Illusion’s “Top 20” featuring Debbie Rochon (Fangoria Radio) and Arthur Suydam (Marvel Zombies). The chills continue with Troma’s “Def by Temptation” (starring Samuel L. Jackson) “Night of the Living Dead” and a Halloween episode of the original comedy series “The Action Room”.

Coming to Illusion in November are premieres of the updated classic “The Quatermass Experiment” (starring Jason Flemyng, Mark Gatiss and Doctor Who’s David Tennant ) and a VOD airing of Mamoru Oshii’s “Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer”.

More information is available on Illusion’s new website which is home to a broadband video player, information about the entire Illusion programming lineup, event announcements, a weekly news blog and online content like Manga from Central Park Media and previews of Thomas Jane (The Punisher) and Steve Niles’ (30 Days of Night) Bad Planet Comic book series.

Illusion is currently available in twenty states and is free to all digital subscribers. National expansion will continue through 2008 as more affiliates add Illusion to their VOD services. A complete list of affiliates is available online at

About Illusion On-Demand

Illusion On-Demand is a brand of Illusion Television LLC, a limited liability company based in New York City. Illusion On-Demand is the first dedicated VOD (video on demand) science fiction & fantasy network. Illusion Television was founded in late 2006 by partners Dekker Dreyer, Caitlyn Darr and Jamison Ousley

Vredefort Crater

Vredefort 1

I guess you could say that as far as craters are concerned, Vredefort is the “Big Man on Campus”.

Vredefort crater is the oldest and largest verified impact remnant on the planet, located in South Africa about 100km from Johannesburg. To the untrained eye it may not appear at first blush to be a crater, more of an interesting collection of hills.

It’s believed that about 2 Billion years ago a 10km wide asteroid impacted this site that left us with a crater that has a diameter of roughly 300km (186 mi). The impact struck with so much force that first the ground heaved, then melted granite, the granite flowed and solidified.

Another somewhat unique feature about this particular site is that it’s one of the few multi-ringed craters on planet, this feature is normally seen elsewhere in the solar system like the Moon for instance.

You can view this for yourself on GOOG’s map.

Vredefort 2

Vredefort 4

Vredefort 3

This May Come As A Shock To You

As if taser wielding cops weren’t bad enough already, TASER International has developed a new technology that will allow law enforcement to light you up from a 100ft distance.  This new “XREP” projectile is a wireless taser package that is delivered via any existing smooth bore 12 gauge shotgun.  Supposedly, this little brother to the “X26” taser pistol is just as effective, and will make you look like a limp noodle in a light socket 😉

Check out this promotional video from the TASER International folks:


Audio Bling For Your Cell


I am so tired of having to navigate through all those stupid menus and apps on my cell to find and download ringtones. And to add insult to clumsiness, they expect me to pay 2-3 greenbacks for the privilege 😛 Well, I say no thanks!

I’m the type that likes to have a individual ringtone for all my contacts so I can ident each person before answering the phone. Yeah, I know I can look at the caller ID, but this way I can save myself a trip to where my cell is if I don’t want to talk to someone, lol! 🙂

So, in my search for free ringtone (with no strings attached) websites, I have located three that have stood out in their ability to serve free ringtones to my cell without any major hitches. So try these out –

Mobile17 – Use your music, photos, pictures, and animations to create free ringtones and graphics: online, without needing software.

PhoneZoo – PhoneZoo is a new service that allows you to upload any audio file, clip out a part of that file for a cell phone ring tone and share that with other users…

Entertonement – Entertonement is a service that lets you playback, download and share cool tunes for your mobile. These tunes can be: famous quotes, excerpts from political speeches, standup comedy shows, and tunes from popular movies, commercials, games and TV shows. *NOTE* This website is currently being renovated, but keep checking back, as their service is very good!

I’ll keep you posted if I find more!

HTC S730 Officially launched

HTC S730

Here we have the S730 from HTC running Windows Mobile 6 with 3G, quad-band capability and wi-fi. Has a 2.4″ QVGA screen, camera on the front and video phone capability, stereo BT, microSD,

With the complete suite of Microsoft Office Mobile applications you can open and edit documents while on the move, and the compact phone slides to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, enabling fast typing and dialing.

The best part for me is the candy bar style with qwerty.

The Boy Genius Report has the Unboxing, with a gallery of pics, or jump to the product page.

Question: When will the US have this?

Crows Are Damn Smart – Pt2


Crows are damn smart Pt1 introduced you to Betty, that freakishly smart crow.

National Geographic is taking crow behavioral watching to a new level by attaching ‘Crow Cams’ to the little monsters and making some insightful discoveries of their use of tools.

If you’re new to the concept of crows being smarter than chimps, sit back and take a read and watch some vids:

Sketching For The Masses!

Okay so this is a creative new idea on how to get your idea across to the masses via sketch art w/sound.  Sounds a lot like whiteboard, but with a few spiffy twists.  There are a number of different applications for SketchCast, but the ones I find intuitive are the ability to share your art with thousands almost instantly, that you can use this to ferry ideas in presentations, and not to mention setting up a mean game of Pictionary (Thanks Taunya!) with your friends!

Here’s a demo:


Link: HERE

Apple Store Says You "Must" Have Dropped Your Laptop – No I Didn’t – Yes You Did – No I Didn’t – Please Leave The Store

apple logo Old Style

The Consumerist has a letter from a very upset MacBook user that received some shoddy customer service at the Apple Store.

The Consumerist’s response? Well, to paraphrase, it’s to ‘Kick the store in the nuts‘.

In the course of the explanation in how to go about implementing the kick to the proverbial crotch, they call out a book Unscrewed, known as ‘”The consumer’s guide to getting what you paid for: a pull-no-punches guide to getting your way, and your money back, when dealing with businesses or the government.”

I like they way they think.


[via reddit]