Don’t Use Copyrighted Images as Avatars

Careful With Those Avatars, You May Get A Shakedown Letter.

Even better, just make your own avatar.

Like mine:


The Manga Guide to Statistics

In other Manga news, I bring you….The Manga Guide to Statistics

Think you can’t have fun learning statistics? Think again.

The Manga Guide to Statistics will teach you everything you need to know about this essential discipline, while entertaining you at the same time. With its unique combination of Japanese-style comics called manga and serious educational content, the EduManga format is already a hit in Japan.

Manga Guide to Statistics

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’24′ to Return to Four-Hour Premiere


Holy mother of all season openers! Fox will premier 24 this season with a whopping 4 hour two day event to get started. That’s a sixth of the entire season gone in a two night orgy of explosions and suspense.


Flickr – 3 Billion!

Check the 3 billionth pic to be uploaded to Flickr yesterday. What an amazing service Flickr provides, truly a star among web services today.

  3 Billionth photo

Wouldn’t it have been cool if it was this photo instead?

  Golf Babe

Or even this?

  Dog - Kitten

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Japanese Man Petitions to Marry Manga Character

 Manga Girl

A Japanese man has enlisted hundreds of people in a campaign to allow marriages between humans and cartoon characters, saying he feels more at ease in the “two-dimensional world.”

Sigh. What the heck, let him have his fun, what’s it going to hurt? But society should get to determine who he marries. Let’s see, it won’t be a hot chick in a bathing suit or short skirt or one that that wields a sword. How about a manga cat or snake?

Yahoo News has the details.


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