Netflix Drones Exposed


Actually, the title sounds more nefarious than this post really is :)  Here we have a behind the scenes look at one of the Netflix sorting warehouses in the east coast.  Thirteen photos of the internal workings and machinations of the receiving, and then immediate shipping out of DVD’s from one customer to another.  I had a Netflix membership once, and never had a problem with the time it took movies to get to me…aside from the occasional broken DVD.

Regardless, this is an interesting peek into their processing.  Check it out HERE.


Wix Website Builder


Here’s an interesting website I came across a few days ago, called Wix.  It’s one of the many flavors of free website builders you can find out there in the interweb.  I found this one to be simpler and more intuitive to use in many ways, than the other builders I have attempted to use in the past.  After signing up for a free account, you can have a functioning website setup in less than ten minutes.  After spending some time on it, I managed to create a website using one of Wix’s premade templates that looked nearly professional enough to use mainstream!

Check it out and have fun.  If you make a website, tell us about it here, and maybe we’ll give you some exposure :)  Cheers!

Stumble of the Day

Happy Cow Brush

Apparently someone thought that this mechanical brush would make for happy cows, and then happy milk ;)  Regardless, this makes for an entertaining couple of minutes!

Now if they only had something like this in WoW, I might do better in the battlegrounds!  Moo!

Just geeky

Scientists Film HIV Spreading for First Time

Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding how HIV spreads through the human body after filming the process for the first time ever.

Read the story at the Telegraph. Link to Video.


New Star Trek Poster Released

Thanks to for pointing out the new Star Trek poster released to build some buzz for the May 8 release of Star Trek.

ST Poster