GOOG Tweaks Its Favicon

The top row of pics below represent some of the new favicons from Google. They’ve recently been going through the exploratory process of producing a lightweight and small symbol or letter to represent ‘GOOGLE’ in the browser’s address bar.

It’s kinda-sorta in a way like the ‘g’ favicon for Geeknews…g-favicon_g_good …only mine is better. :p

The bottom collection of pics are favicons that were considered and discarded, who knows you may still see these used in a future GOOG product.


google favicon

Steampunk News 6-9-08

Dad gives son a steampunk clock wedding gift. What a beautiful gift to your son and daughter in law. Word has it that dear old dad got so caught up in the steampunk work leading up to the wedding that he wanted to wear a steampunk suit to the wedding (the mother overruled him naturally)!

Steampunk wedding gift from Dad to Son

Doctor Who Parties Like It’s 1859 With Steampunk Dalek. If you’re not familiar with these buggers known as Daleks, they are the relentless enemy of the Dr. Who universe.

Steampunk Dalek
Steampunk jewelry for sale! Cufflinks, goggles, rings, watches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Oh my! Steampunk Jewelry
Steampunk tea pots, lots of them. Want some rust with that Earl Grey? Steampunk Teapot
MiniDigi AF5. OK, it’s not really steampunk but it’s a modern Twin Lens Relfex camera based on the 1920’s version of the camera, with a film advance crank lever on its side. It’s got a touch of ‘steampunk cool’ to it. Steampunk Rollei Camera

Evolta Robot Beats Out Energizer Bunny And Climbs Grand Canyon on AA batteries

Robot climbing grand canyon

In a promotional stunt, Panasonic attached a little robot to a rope and had it climb the rope…up the Grand Canyon wall.

Robot Evolta kept climbing and climbing — up a rope dangling from the cliff for nearly seven hours on a pair of AA batteries that Panasonic is billing as the world’s longest lasting. The vertical climb was 1,740 ft (about 500-metera) and took exactly 6 hours 40 minutes.

Guinness World Records certified Evolta earlier in the year as “the longest-lasting AA alkaline battery cell,” based on testing under guidelines set by the industry’s International Electrotechnical Commission this year.

Yeah, I think climbing the Grand Canyon or some very tall structure makes for a great measure of power available from a battery and that it can keep going and going and going…I’d love to see some competition like this between Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic; how cool would that be?

218 HD Resolution Desktop Wallpapers for Nerds

Nerd Business has cherry picked among all the great wallpapers to bring us the 218 best high quality and high res wallpapers around. All the pics are available in resolutions of at lest 1900×1200.

These are pretty darn good, i’ll be referring back to that page when i’m ready to change up the wallpaper again. In the meantime i’ll be enjoying this beauty ‘Neverwinter Nights’ 1920×1200 from

Neverwinter Nights 1920x1200

Beautiful Board Game Designs

Creative Closeup takes a close look at the artwork of some very beautiful board games. The art includes the board, game pieces and cards. When you see some of these you may wonder why more people aren’t playing them and are focusing so heavily on PC and console games.

Well, it’s because artwork isn’t everything, it’s all about the game play. Take for instance Risk and Axis & Allies. Big on strategy without being too complicated but with well honed rules of play that help ensure fun competition and doing it without the beauty you’ll see in these works of art.

But don’t let that take away from some of these visually stunning pieces, do check it out.

 Kurt Miller

Fibonacci Sequence to Appear on Nanoscience Building

Fibonacci Bristol

The Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information is a monumental facility in Bristol which will attract interest from across the globe. This four-story building will be very distinctive. First, it will provide state-of-the-art specialized laboratories whose vibration and noise levels will be amongst the lowest achieved anywhere world-wide.

But even cooler is the fact that it will sport the Fibonacci mathematical pattern on the curved sail façade of the new £11 million building.

Placeholder Names

Kadigan is a term used to describe placeholder words. The ‘kadigan‘ Wikipedia page is all about placeholders.

I LOVE this page.

For instance, a few placeholders for ‘People‘:

  • Joe Blow
  • Tom, Dick and Harry
  • Joe Public
  • The Joneses
  • Buddy
  • So and So
  • John Doe
  • Frick and Frack
  • Or placeholders for ‘Numbers‘:

  • squillion buhmillion, frillion, gazillion, jillion, kajillion, hojillion, schmillion, zillion
  • eleventy-; e.g., eleventy-four
  • mumblety, used specifically to conceal one’s advanced age, as in “I shall be mumblety this year” or “mumblety-three”
  • umpteen
  • oodles
  • tons
  • scads
  • buckets
  • some-odd
  • a couple
  • a couple-few or coupla few
  • bunch
  • [expletive]-load e.g. shitload or shitloads
  • metric fuck-ton
  • Karakuri Tea Serving Robot Kit

    Karakuri Tea Servicing Robot Kit

    Here’s an interesting DIY robot kit that you might give to your significant other, it’s only US $64. You can view the entire assembly manual (PDF) in English for this kit and see all the parts required before purchasing as well.

    The history of Karakuri (“Karakuri” means the mechanism that drives a machine.) automatic dolls in Japan began in the early Edo period 1603~1867. The tea-serving doll is the most typical one and it appears in the book
    written by Ihara Saikaku, a very popular novelist in the Edo period. This Karakuri doll kit is produced according to the “Karakuri Zui”, the only existing manual of Karakuri mechanical dolls written in 1796 by Hosokawa Hanzo, popularly
    known as Karakuri Hanzo who was an engineer of Tosa domain. Karakuri dolls can be said to be one of the original foams of modern robots. Please enjoy the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship of those days by assembling this kit.

    This robotic doll has more than a few different movement types including:

    • Shuffle walk
    • Start/Stop
    • Go straight
    • Turn
    • Adjustable speed
    • Bow politely to his mistress or master

    Freshen Up Your Workspace With AromaUSB, For Mini-Funk and Industrial-Funk


    This little gadget has been around for over a year now I believe and it’s still being talked about when I thought it would have faded into the background along with it’s scent.

    Here we have the AromaUSB, it’s a simple diffuser USB device with small replaceable scented cartridge that can be inserted within the device. The product page claims one week of usage, I’m guessing this is one full week while receiving power, unlike the pic above where it’s plugged into a laptop that surely has a more aggressive power management policy than a desktop that might host the aroma gadget 24×7 with power.

    If you need something with a little more industrial strength capability to deliver continuous aroma to rid your space of that awful funk (or if you just don’t believe in bathing), look no further than their DESKTOP version of the device – AromaUSB ARD-10 Desktop:

    ARD-10 AromaUSB

    Bacteria Revived From 120,000-Year-Old Ice


    A team of Penn State scientists has discovered a new ultra-small species of bacteria that has survived for more than 120,000 years within the ice of a Greenland glacier at a depth of nearly two miles. The microorganism’s ability to persist in this low-temperature, high-pressure, reduced-oxygen, and nutrient-poor habitat makes it particularly useful for studying how life, in general, can survive in a variety of extreme environments on Earth and possibly elsewhere in the solar system.

    The researches then filtered the cells from melted ice and incubated them in the cold in low-nutrient, oxygen-free solutions.

    Let’s just hope we’re not playing with fire by reviving something that for all intents and purposes should have been dead, dead, dead long ago.

    Phoenix Scoops Up Martian Soil

     Phoenix scoop

    Why is there a footprint in this photo?

    One week after landing on the Mars northern polar region, NASA Phoenix spacecraft lifted its first scoop of Martian soil as a test of the lander’s Robotic Arm.

    The practice scoop was emptied onto a designated dump area on the ground after the Robotic Arm Camera photographed the soil inside the scoop. The Phoenix team plans to have the arm deliver its next scoopful, later this week, to an instrument that heats and sniffs the sample to identify ingredients.


    Minnesota Town to Google: ‘Go To Hell’


    From Information Week: Minnesota town vanishes from Google Street images.

    OK, perhaps my title for this post is a little harsh. It appears that the city council for North Oaks, Minnesota saw the Google Maps Street View pics on the net as a violation of the their trespassing ordinance. The city asked Google to take down the photos, Google complied.

    I’m impressed.

    Google last week filed a motion to dismiss an invasion-of-privacy and trespassing lawsuit brought by a couple in Pennsylvania over Google Maps Street View images of the couple’s house. While Google has removed the images in question, it rejects the couple’s demand for damages, claiming that the couple’s expectation of privacy is too high.

    Goofy News Bits: 6-2-2008

    News and Coffee in the morning

    Cylon Baseships Run Windows XP?

    Wiener water soup – I can’t believe someone green lighted this recipe on

    A blog dedicated to pipe-dream ideas, broadcast for anyone to pursue.

    Mötley Crüe Sells More Through ‘Rock Band’ Than iTunes

    A fact of the male brain “Bikin-clad women make men impatient” – A recent study shows that men who watched sexy videos or handled lingerie sought immediate gratification–even when they were making decisions about money, soda, and candy. Duh.

    Fractal furniture! 

    How Rock Band saved my marriage

    The sad demise of whimsical teasing in Comic Chat

    Analyst: Netflix Will Come to Xbox 360

    I found this analysis on GameDaily.

    It’s been rumored before, but Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter is more and more confident that Microsoft will team with Netflix. GameDaily chats with Pachter about this potential partnership.

    …there’s 5-6 million Xbox Live subscribers that Netflix would love to have join Netflix service and there’s probably 5-6 million Netflix subscribers that Microsoft would love to sell an Xbox 360 to.

    For me personally, I use Netflix yet I don’t have an XBOX 360. I do have the original Xbox and a Wii but this service wouldn’t be enough to get me to purchase the 360 unless it was significantly discounted (< US $100).

    Pantech Breeze, A Mobile Phone Targeting The Older Generation?

    Pantech Breeze

    AT&T and Pantech have announced the Pantech Breeze. Why ‘Breeze’? It’s EASY to use: breEZe.

    This phone appears to be targeting an older consumer according to some of the reviews out there, while Pantech says it’s designed to be used by children as well as adults.

    But they also hype is as having oversized buttons, large text, easy access advanced function buttons (speakerphone & camera) as 3 special keys for one-click calling. I won’t bore you with specs, you can get them at Pantech’s Breeze product page.

    Here’s a close-up of the top half of this flip phone:

    Pantech Quick Call keys

    Dueling Chess Shops

    Chess Pieces

    Someone should write a screenplay on this one, the New York Observer has the story on these chess geeks.

    The Scene: Greenwich Village, New York City

    The Players: Owners of The Chess Forum (est 1995) and The Chess Shop (est 1972)

    The Plot: Two chess stores across the street from each other, the owners feuding for 13+ years after a falling out. The story involves Russell Crowe as a customer, the intellectual elite, betrayal, a knife drawn on a longtime chess opponent and more.

    [via Purple Pawn]