The Problem With Biodegradable Coffins

eCoffins tells us about the new hotness in ‘green funerals’ – biodegradable coffins.

The problem with biodegradable caskets is that if CSI ever needs to exhume the body, any potential evidence to be discovered would likely be destroyed due to the accelerated exposure of the body to the elements.

Interested in seeing the eCoffin product line? Jump to the Ecoffin parent company in the UK, and check out the hand woven urns.

Computer Maker Psystar Is Producing A Real Mac Clone w/ OS X Leopard Installed


Also dubbed the ‘Hackintosh’, this ‘Open Computer‘ from Psystar is $400 per unit and capable of running an unmodified version of OS X Leopard kernel.

They will even pre-install Leopard on the factory floor for free so you can have the Mac experience out of the box. This is perfect if you’re new to the Mac and you want a Mac but don’t want to spend $2000 to join Steve’s club.

Hot Damn, I’m ordering one, this is definitely the Apple Alternative.

The Base Config is:

  • 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 Processor
  • 2GB of DDR2 667 memory
  • Integrated Intel GMA 950 Graphics
  • 20x DVD+/-R SATA drive that is Lightscribe-capable
  • 4 rear USB Ports

knock, knock, knock…oh rats, here comes the APPL attorneys.

Mobile Phone Version of Guitar Hero Now Available

Guitarhero 3 Mobile

The #1 global phenomenon is now rockin’ a whole new venue as Guitar Hero comes to mobiles. Rock out anytime, anywhere with this rhythm-based, three button game that stays true to the original.

Visit to get either the standalone version for $14.95 or the subscription version which gets you 3 new tracks each month for $4.49. Both versions start you off with 15 tracks.

[youtube U5Q7jRJVi0E]

In The Digital Age, Your Kids Can Embarrass You In More Ways Than One’s Caroline Waxler has posted “C.E.O. Survival Guide: Your Kid’s Internet Postings Are Landing You in Hot Water“.

First of all, if you’re a CEO of a moderately sized company, you’re not reading Geeknews. But if you’re reading Geeknews then you’ll probably enjoy the little story in the first paragraph about the CEO’s punk kid that almost blew a multi-billion dollar merger between telcos by blogging about how abusive mergers can be.


News Links: 4/10/08


MIT Researcher Turns Cyber Threats into Art
Associated Press
A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher who is also an artist has found subtle beauty deep within the dangerous computer code that can attack computer networks.

ISP Dilemma: Is Faster Web Access Needed?
Wall Street Journal
In deciding whether to spend billions to upgrade networks to offer super high-speed connections, U.S. Internet service providers (ISPs) are asking: how fast does the Web need to be?

Maryland Repeals Tax on Computer Services
Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has signed into law a bill that repeals a controversial 6 percent tax on computer services.

U.S. Pushes Energy Star Efficiency for Data Centers
The U.S. government wants IT managers to pay attention to the new Energy Star efficiency ratings when they are shopping for data center equipment.

Ten Thousand Cents Project

Ten Thousand Cents

The Ten Thousand Cents Project:

Two fellows take ten thousand macro views of a $100 bill, each piece reconstructed makes up the full pic of the bill. They post each individual piece to Amazon’s mechanical turk and pay 10,000 people 1 cent to draw their version of the macro piece they are shown, but they don’t know what they’re drawing.

Below on the left are examples of real pieces of the bill, on the right is the representation, using a paint like program, where the person tries to replicate what they see.

As you can tell, not everyone made a good attempt, like the bottom two.

Ten Thousand Cents macro view

Recent AAPL News

While reviewing financial news today at the GOOG Finance page (my favorite money site for tracking investments) I plucked these AAPL (Apple) news tidbits from the last month.

Apple Inc. opposes Big Apple’s green logo
Mercury News
Apple Inc. says The Big Apple is worming into its territory with a logo the city is using for its green living campaign. Apple on Friday renewed its challenge to a trademark registration application that New York City filed last May, saying the apple logo was too similar to its own.

T-Mobile slashes iPhone price to 99 euros from 399
In an offer posted on Friday on its Website (, T-Mobile said it would sell the 8 gigabyte version for as little as 99 euros together with a two-year contract costing 89 euros a month from April 7 through June 30.

Apple Displaces Wal-Mart As Top U.S. Music Seller 
CNN Money News
Apple said data from NPD Group showed iTunes as the top music retailer in the U.S. for the months of January and February. The data, from NPD Group’s MusicWatch survey, identifies and counts a CD purchase as 12 songs, excluding songs bought through wireless transactions. The figures show Apple surpassing Wal-Mart less than two months after a similar report in which Apple moved past Target Corp. for second place in terms of U.S. music sales.