Feb 122008


Some folks were no doubt excited at the possibility of Spiderman and X-men rocking on the screen, cracking skulls and taking names. But it appears those fantasies will have to remain just that for now since Shane Kim from Microsoft Game Studios tells MTV:

I’ll confirm. Marvel and we have agreed to end development on the MMO. It was an amicable decision…. It’s just something that we felt that, for us and for them, it would be better if we ended development. Which is disappointing, because that had a lot of promise. But sometimes you have to make these decisions.

When asked what went wrong:

It’s a tough space. It’s a very competitive space. And it’s a space that’s changing quite a bit. …When we first entered into the development and agreement of the development of ‘Marvel Universe Online,’ we thought we would create another subscription-based MMO.

Kim goes on to beat around the bush on difficulties in trying to find the right model to generate revenue and be competitive in a World of Warcraft universe.

That article linked above also has inside info on Gears of War2, Mass Effect, Halo Wars RTS and Fable 2.

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Feb 122008

Sony Ericsson

In a coup for Microsoft, Sony Ericsson for the first time will offer a smartphone that runs on the Windows Mobile operating system.

This is boding well for the Windows Mobile team whose worldwide market share has risen from 9 to 13% in just one year and 4 out of 5 of the world’s top handset makers are also on board with Windows. Though with Symbian dominating with a 48% share of every phone on the planet there’s a lot of room to grow for competitors in the mobile phone OS biz.

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Feb 112008

Ocean Glider 

A new underwater robot has been test-gliding continuously beneath the 4,000-meter-deep Virgin Islands Basin since December, powered by an unlimited supply of ocean heat.

The seagoing glider, which uses thermal energy from the ocean to propel itself, is the first “green” robot to explore underseas. It draws energy from the differences in temperature between warm surface waters and the colder, deeper layers.

In the photo above, the glider is resting on at the surface in the Caribbean before it once again dives into the Virgin Islands Basin between St. Thomas and St. Croix.

The idea for the thermal glider was first conceived in the 1980s by Doug Webb.

Read more about it at the Washington Post or TG Daily.

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Feb 112008

podcasts and podiobooks

Want to learn and not have to attend school or sit in front of the PC and study or open a book and have to dredge through hundreds of pages of text?

Then I have an answer for you! Let the universities and learned experts in your field of interest come to you for free, via podcasts. Learn while you drive to work or while you’re working out.

One example is the UC Berkeley series they’ve made available for regular Joes like you and me to learn about Foreign Policy post-911. This series has 11 podcasts from the professor of the course as well as his guest speaker.

Topics range from “What terrorists want” to “War clouds over the Persian gulf”. But the most interesting download is #10 near the end of the course called “Day of Empire” by guest speaker Amy Chua discussing one of topics of her book of the same name (link to her book on Amazon).

Day of Empire is in-depth analysis of how hyperpowers rise to global dominance and how they fall, from the Mongols to the British Empire to the United States. I’ve been interested in the military and political powers throughout history since I was in high school and thought I had a good handle on the similarities between the previous powers and the USA today, But after listening to the sample link to this particular discussion posted below I came aware with new insight, some of which scares me even more about our future than I was before.

Name: UC Berkeley Course: Foreign Policy After 9/11
RSS: Podcast subscription Link
Web: Home Website
Speaking ability: Varies, depends on the speaker of the day.
Length: Long, roughly 50-60 minutes per session
Sample desc/link: Day of Empire by guest speaker Amy Chua (mp3)
Bonus: Download in either MP3 or RM format

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Feb 102008


Power users of an OS will periodically obsess over optimizing aspects of their OS environment. Creating shortcuts to save 3 clicks, Turning off unneeded or unwanted services, tweaking the HOSTS file to reduce name resolution times, improving their graphics processing.

And then there’s the desire to reduce the time to get from an Off state to the point where you can interact with the shell. In other words, reduce the boot time. This is desirable no matter what the OS, but yesterday I came across an article that walks you through reducing the boot times for Linux.

In a nutshell, the author explains how to enable Hibernate on your Linux box, including rebuilding your kernel to add the Hibernate power management functions.

He also includes a youtube demo of his laptop’s 32 Sec boot cycle.

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Feb 102008


I gotta hand it to the spammers, they’re a smart bunch and I’ve been noticing a new and troubling trend for months now. It’s possible this is an old tactic and I’ve only just noticed it on Geeknews.

All week Geeknews has been receiving and catching dozens upon dozens of spam comments every day with ‘Valentines’ in the keywords.

No doubt they’re trying to drive up the pagerank of the sites they’re linking to as men and women worldwide are searching with that holiday keyword as we gear up to the big day, Thursday Feb 14 2008.

A couple of things I’m interested in monitoring here:

1. How quickly will the ‘valentine’ keyword fall out of favor by the spammer(s)?

2. Will it slow or stop in the few days leading to Thursday?

3. Will it continue up to that very day when it’s basically too late to capitalize on the holiday searches because the blog may not be crawled in time?

4. If this spammer is targeting blog comments in blogs located primarily in the Western civilizations, then I suspect they will transition to the next big holiday after Valentines which is Easter. So, assuming this ‘ad campaign’ i’m watching is relatively successful enough for him/her to continue the trend, when will I see the first ‘Easter’ related spam comment?

Note: I did receive one Valentine spam with what might be considered a crossover spam to Easter:

Happy bunny valentine

Here’s a small sampling of the Valentine spam comments caught just in the last 3-4 hours:

Quick free thoughtful valentine’s gifts
Recipe for valentine chocolate candy
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Geometry valentines poems
Funny valentines quotes
Sailors valentine gallery nantucket
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Simpson valentine
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Happy bunny valentine

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Feb 102008

I use Google analytics and check it out from time to time, I periodically monitor referrer logs, once in a while I check the WordPress stats to ensure everything appears to be hunky dory and for the most part this site just hangs in their on cruise control until the host provider screws up. I usually don’t react to what I see in the logs unless a particularly popular article is trending towards hitting my bandwidth limit for the month.

But a few weeks ago I noticed an innocuous referrer search query of “Pubic Lice” that sent some poor soul to Geeknews, probably in hopes of a salve or other cure for their ailment.

Then there were a few more, and a few dozen more queries for days after that. Yesterday, ‘pubic lice’ related queries accounted for the #3 and #8 most referred search queries since Jan1.

Sidebar: The #1 query’s keywords is also interesting but baffling to me since there’s no way I’m high enough on the returned search lists for people to click through to Geeknews. But I’ll discuss that later.


I already knew the page they were hitting, in fact I knew without having to dig it out of the analysis logs. I had posted something almost one year ago called ‘How Do You Get Crabs From A Gorilla?‘ , it had a wonderful pic of a bug that just grossed out the wife to no end, its topic was of course pubic lice and how it relates to our human ancestors. Go ahead and satisfy your curiosity by checking out the page, I understand, the picture is worth a quick click over.

What am I going to do about it? Nothing.

Though maybe putting in an advert like this one for eliminating the pest wouldn’t be such a bad idea, what do you think? This is assuming that they have a problem.

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Feb 092008


Scienceblogs is always good for thoughtful content and they don’t disappoint with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Read the Science of Kissing and why your gal or guy gets weak in the knees when you lay one on the kisser, it’s evolutionary and very unromantic.

The kissing video compilation is pretty good, too.

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Feb 082008

I can’t believe how fast you guys guessed that last one!  Well, I keep trying to stump you!  Hopefully this one will give you some pause….


Toss your hat in the ring and make a guess in comments!

BTW, if you want to submit any photos for future WIT posts, email them to 2007@geeknews.net (update that Andy!).  PLEASE make sure that you submit either original images (taken yourself) or have the express permission of the original owner to use a image found elsewhere.  Thanks!

Feb 082008

Angelina Jolie

She starred in several high tech productions including Tomb Raider and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But in real life she’s quite technically challenged, one might say an anti-geek. Angelina Jolie recently revealed on stage while receiving an award she quipped:

As Brad knows, I don’t really know how to turn on a computer

Funny that, coming from the actress of Hackers fer crying out loud.

Ms. Jolie, you don’t need to know how to turn it on, we’ll be happy to turn it on for you. Just tell us when and where, we’ll gladly push your buttons. In reality, these people that claim they don’t know how to do something as simple as push a button or move a mouse are trying to show off how successful they are that they don’t need to know how to do common chores like, oh, driving their own car or pushing a button labeled ‘Power’.

Some of the funniest comments on Digg over this story:

– Because Brad pwns her in CS.
– I don’t use Angelina Jolie so I guess we are even.
– That explains her “performance” in Hackers.
– Can’t blame her. Every time she go near a computer, her huge lips get caught in the cooling fan.
– Reminds me of that Simpsons episode with the Malibu Stacy doll where one of her lines was “Thinking gives you wrinkles”.
– News flash! Angelina Jolie doesn’t use computers! Yeah, thats news….

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Feb 072008

The Association for Computing Machinery, has named three gentlemen co-winners of the 2007 A.M. Turing Award, widely considered the most prestigious award in computing which recently received an infusion of cash donations from Intel and GOOG.

The winners are Edmund M. Clarke, E. Allen Emerson, and Joseph Sifakis; they won it for their original and continuing research in a quality assurance process known as Model Checking. .

Their innovations transformed this approach from a theoretical technique to a highly effective verification technology that enables computer hardware and software engineers to find errors efficiently in complex system designs.

You can read the rest of the announcement here, or jump to the ACM Turing homepage.

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Feb 072008

Mobile - Embedded Ubuntu

Ubuntu’s latest release, Gutsy Gibbon, now includes support for the embedded and mobile spaces with the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded (UME) project.

LinuxDevices.com reports that IBM is hosting a hand’s on technical tutorial to introduce you to the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded (UME) project, its architecture, and its use. How to install and test the Hildon desktop, build a dev environment for a mobile device.

Check out the IBM tutorial if you dabble in development and have an interest in embedded devices then .

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Feb 062008

Woohoo! Finally the guys at Enlightenment have added E17 to a repo for Fedora 7 and 6. It’s very simple install . Download and install dc-fc6-yum-repo-1.0-1.fc6.noarch.rpm (for Fedora 7) or dc-fc6-yum-repo-1.0-1.fc6.noarch.rpm (for Fedora 6) and the run yum install enlightenment to install the system.

It’s not perfect yet but it’s very close. And, as far as I am concerned, Enlightenment is still the best dang window manager out there!

There are also some themes available here.

Great going guys!

Feb 062008


Imagine a solar panel without the panel. Just a coating, thin as a layer of paint, that takes light and converts it to electricity.

Nanosolar may be the answer to my beef with the cost of solar panels, it’s also one of the best tech innovations of 2007. They’re developing a new manufacturing process that prints photovoltaic material onto other materials, producing 100x thinner solar cells that operate 100x faster.

Imagine spray painting this stuff onto the side of your house, yeah that very well could be possible. This process also reduces the cost of a basic photovoltaic module.

More from the NYTimes.

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Feb 062008

On Thing-a-day.com one fellow geek describes his latest project:

…is a physical flag that attaches to my computer and goes up when I have new mail. First, I found biff, which is an extension to Thunderbird that proves a socket interface to poll for new mail status. Then, I wrote a little Python application to continuously poll the status and update the flag as necessary.

[youtube rmu0NnxBdvw]

[via MAKE]

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Feb 052008

My lil’ Microfly machine is still using Fedora 6. I’m ashamed of that but it’s just been running so well since it was built. But I am horribly out of date. So I now have the daunting task of choosing a distro for updating my machine. Here are my questions:

Do I go with 64 bit?

Do I give Geubuntu (an Enlightenment-based Ubuntu) a try?

Do I stick with Fedora?

Do I go with another disto all together?

I have been trying a number of distros lately. So far here are my thoughts.

Fedora 8: I like it but I’m growing tired of some of the quirks that Fedora has with the NVidia cards. And installing Enlightenment can sometimes be a headache. And besides – I want E17!

OpenGEU (Formerly Geubuntu): Now we’re talking. Only problem is that it’s fairly unstable. That’s due to E17. Come on Raster, get E17 stable!

gOS: This is impressive. I think this is where OSs should be going. I installed this on my wife’s laptop and she loves it. This might be the winner. Only problem I have found with it is that the little  Google widget in the middle of the desktop. That would be a nice trick if it worked. Being able to just type a search onto your desktop and have a browser open instantly with your results…nice. But, as it is it always presents you with an error. And since I can’t figure out how to configure the thing! But over all this distro is nice. Really nice. On top of all the nice shiny bells and whistles of E17, it was able to pick up every piece of hardware on the laptop that no other distro could find 100% (some could handle the video but not wireless whereas some could handle wireless but not video.)

So, tell, me what distro do you prefer and why? Give me reasons why I should try your favorite.

Feb 052008

In my effort to continually perplex you, I present to you this amazing picture of….well, that’s for you to figure out :)  Drop guesses in the comments, as usual!



Feb 052008


About a month ago I was moderating/deleting spam from the Geeknews comments when I ran across the mother of all spam comments. This thing is over 460 lines long and had 450 URLs to prescription drug sites, all centered around Ultram. It definitely cleared the bar for the number of links the spam filter looks for to determine if it needs to be marked for moderation!

Sidebar: If you’re not familiar with this drug called Ultram, I’ve taken it before to battle some seriously heinous migraines about 7 years ago. I stopped taking it because of the side effects to my brain, it reduced me to a blithering idiot.

Anyway, a little bit of sleuthing shows the IP resolved back to the infamous RIPE network but below you can find the spammer originating from the Ukraine is ‘Andrew Sotov‘. Apparently Mr. Sotov thinks that simply trying to dump one or three urls to a site isn’t good enough, that his scripts need to bring forth an onslaught of URLs just to ensure you’ve covered all possible keywords.

Mr. Sotov, thanks for nothing.

inetnum: –
netname: UkrTeleGroup
descr: UkrTeleGroup Ltd.
admin-c: UA481-RIPE
organisation: ORG-UL25-RIPE
org-name: UkrTeleGroup Ltd.
address: UkrTeleGroup Ltd.
Mechnikova 58/5
Odessa, Ukraine
person: Andrew Sotov

address: Mechnikova 58/5 65029 Odessa
abuse-mailbox: abuse@ukrtelegroup.com.ua
phone: +380631508855

Check out the keywords used that were linking to his sites (links removed):

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