Oct 102009

Google Book

“Big Money” analyzes Sergey Brin’s NYTimes op-ed piece proclaiming Google has your best interest at heart in the Google Book Search project:

At least it’s an exotic experience. How many times have you had a man worth billions work so hard to whip out his Google, leak on your leg, and swear to God it’s raining? Today, Sergey Brin does his best to sell you the snake-oil that his Google Book Search project is an undiluted good for the world, all those annoying monopoly worries aside.

Or, if you’re a believer, you can read the op-ed piece by Brin and just for yourself.

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Oct 072009

Solar panels

From a Discover Magazine blog:

Forget those bulky rooftop solar panels–the hot new thing in solar energy could be rooftop shingles that convert sunlight into electricity, and that blend in seamlessly with the standard asphalt shingles that top most houses. Dow Chemical has announced that it will begin selling its Powerhouse Solar Shingles in limited quantities in 2010, with a full roll-out the following year.

Yes! I’ve been waiting for this, now all I have to do is convince my friendly neighborhood HOA to modify our CCRs to allow Solar Shingles! :-)

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Oct 062009


Windows Mobile 6.5 comes with a new UI, an App Store and a new browser but Gizmodo says “There’s No Excuse For This”. Ouch, not the ringing endorsement we were looking for.

In other WM6.5 news, Sprint joins the Windows Phone party with their new phone called Intrepid which launches Oct 16 with this snazzy new OS. Microsoft has said to expect more than 30 phones running the OS by year’s end

BTW, last weekend I traded up from my Pantech DUO windows mobile phone to the iPhone. This gadget rocks!

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Oct 042009


If you’ve ever suffered through iTunes to search for iPhone Apps then I have good news.

There’s a new search engine focused on the emerging market of iPhone and iPod Touch applications and I love it. It’s called uquery and this is clearly head and shoulders better than what Apple provided in iTunes to support their ubiquitous gadgets.

The uquery index enables lightning fast searches not just by keywords but enables filtering by category, price range and rating.

I highly recommend bookmarking this site if you use an iPhone or iPod Touch.

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