Rethinking Global Warming?

The Australian News re-prints a remarkable interview involving the co-host of Counterpoint, Michael Duffy and Jennifer Marohasy, a biologist and senior fellow of Melbourne-based think tank the Institute of Public Affairs. I suspect we’ll be hearing more and more like this as we collect additional data.

Duffy asked Marohasy: "Is the Earth still warming?"

She replied: "No, actually, there has been cooling, if you take 1998 as your point of reference. If you take 2002 as your point of reference, then temperatures have plateaued. This is certainly not what you’d expect if carbon dioxide is driving temperature because carbon dioxide levels have been increasing but temperatures have actually been coming down over the last 10 years."

Duffy: "Is this a matter of any controversy?"

Marohasy: "Actually, no. The head of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has actually acknowledged it. He talks about the apparent plateau in temperatures so far this century. So he recognises that in this century, over the past eight years, temperatures have plateaued … This is not what you’d expect, as I said, because if carbon dioxide is driving temperature then you’d expect that, given carbon dioxide levels have been continuing to increase, temperatures should be going up … So (it’s) very unexpected, not something that’s being discussed. It should be being discussed, though, because it’s very significant."

Duffy: "It’s not only that it’s not discussed. We never hear it, do we? Whenever there’s any sort of weather event that can be linked into the global warming orthodoxy, it’s put on the front page. But a fact like that, which is that global warming stopped a decade ago, is virtually never reported, which is extraordinary."

I Gotta Get Me Some: Petri Dish Deserts

via MAKE magazine:

Petri Desert

Made by a Cub Scout and his father that teaches a microbiology class, they were participating in a fund raiser. Heck, I’d buy this!

They made these edible and delicious deserts in left over (never used) petri dishes to resemble some cultures you’d likely find in the real world. Ingredients used include lemon pie filling, tapioca, jello.

Link to original location: Bacteria culture Jello desserts!

Cosplay Gone Bad

I’m no Prince Charming myself so far be it from me to poke fun at how others dress, but pray tell, which is the worst costume below: Strong Bad or Pikachu?

Pics link to original.

Strong Bad!


Strong Bad Pikachu

Are You Being Followed? Here’s How You Tell:


More intelligent life has a quick read on how you can tell if you’re being followed.


If you must check for surveillance, don’t keep glancing over your shoulder. Appearing to suspect you’re being followed suggests you’re doing something to merit it. Anyway, if you’re being tailed by a serious outfit they won’t only be behind you, but ahead and to the side as well; there won’t just be one or two people on your case, but a whole team, with others in reserve. Maybe the whole street is following you. And your followers will keep changing their appearances in ways you won’t notice–women particularly can use a scarf, a shopping bag or a coat to alter themselves in seconds.

Link to the article.

[via kottke]

Vanguard Satellite Turns 50 years Old … In Orbit. May Be Coming Home.


The Vanguard 1 satellite has been in orbit now for 50 years as of Monday. It was powered by solar panels and continued to operate just fine from 1958 until 1964 when it’s dinky little transmitter finally pooped out.

However, the little guys has remained in a fairly stable orbit for half a century now, racking up 197,000 orbits around Earth totaling 10 billion km (or 6 billion mi).

That’s not even the cool part. The really cool part is that there’s talk of bringing this pig home and putting it into a museum!

Read the full story on MSNBC.

The Killing of a Chinese Cookie

Fortune Cookie

What do Powerball, the planet Mars and sexual innuendos have in common?

Fortune cookies of course!

Filmmaker Derek Shimoda invites us to take a closer look at a little something taken for granted at the end of nearly every Chinese restaurant meal. Who started it all? Was it a Japanese landscape designer, a Japanese confectioner or a Chinese noodle maker? Was its birthplace in San Francisco or Los Angeles? And who writes those fortunes anyway?

The Killing of a Chinese Cookie is a documentary that examines the heated debate over the true origin of the cookie. Here’s the movie’s official site, it has a trailer.

Found via the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival.

100 Best Last Lines from Novels


American Book Review has compiled a list of the top 100 best last lines from a novel (PDF). It’s very comprehensive, here’s a few choice endings-

#37 “P.S. Sorry I forgot to give you the mayonnaise” Trout Fishing in America (1967)

#72 “The old man was dreaming about the lions” The Old Man and the Sea (1952)

#77 “Tomorrow, I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, tomorrow is another day.” Gone With the Wind (1936)

Very Cool Advert – Spy Hunter Meets Pontiac G8 GT

I saw this new Pontiac advert while watching sports today and would have stood in applause if I didn’t have a laptop and a cat on me at the time. This is a very cool Spy Hunter game/car ad for the new Pontiac G8 GT. Note: The G8 GT is available for US$29,995, is a 6.0L V8 with 361hp.

Both the graphics and audio worked well here, to top it off it appeals both to gamers and non-gamers.

Tip ‘o the hat to Pontiac.

[youtube JJC0nzzm4xk]