Firefox Has a New Icon

Mozilla showcases a new icon for Firefox. I have to admit, this thing rocks and is so different! </sarcasm>


ASUS Laptops


Has anyone else noticed ASUS smartly capitalizing on it’s win in the EEE PC netbook market by providing more than simply minimalistic netbooks? Look at the ASUS N10E for example, this device appears to be bridging the gap between netbooks and notebooks.

It has a 10.2 inch screen, SD Card reader, 1.6GHz Atom proc, out of the box it has 1GB ram w/ 256MB video. And definitely unlike the netbooks it has a fuller size keyboard and touchpad. Those tiny keyboards are the number one thing that irks me about the smallish netbooks and makes it hard for me to use in meetings for extended periods or throughout the day.

Another cool feature called ‘Splash Top’ is the ability to boot directly into a VM with a suite of applications like Games or E-mail or Skype without having to boot into Windows if you just need quick access to one of the supplied apps. This should be very handy for when you’re on the road and don’t need the full OS. Popular Science recently awarded Splashtop with the ‘Best of What’s new’ award.

Last but not least, one of the best aspects of this laptop is the outstanding 1 year warranty for accidental damage!

Check out Laptop Reviews Central for full specs and details on the ASUS N10E.

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Gay (Geek) Pride Parade in WoW

Proudmoore Gay Pride March

The Rough Trade Gaming Community (RTGC) is a social, ‘umbrella’ organization for gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered (GLBT)/friendly gamers. They have a strong presence in several popular multiplayer games, including World of Warcraft and City of Heroes/Villains.

RTGC, along with The Spreading Taint and Stonewall Family are hosting their 5th annual Proudmoore Pride Parade Saturday June 20, 2009 in World of Warcraft.

The parade route:

Horde will be meeting just north of Camp Taurajo in the Barrens. Alliance will be leaving from Theramore to join up with the Horde directly south of Crossroads. Then they all head to Ratchet to board the boat, which they traditionally crash due to so many people in one locale. After they’ve shipped everyone to Booty Bay from Ratchet, they’ll have and aquatic dancefloor for dancing, frivolity, contest, a craft fair, and photo ops!

Sound like fun?:

Think this sounds like fun? Watch this video and revel in the good times had in last year’s parade.

I wonder if my server will have a parade, you don’t have to be gay to participate in the parade…do you?


[via gaywired]

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Women of Star Trek and their Uniforms


Juliette Fretté is a self described artist, writer, feminist and Playboy Playmate. After watching the new Star Trek movie, she wrote about a topic that geeks worldwide have wondered since they first watched ST:TOS in reruns. She asks: The women of Star Trek: Why are they wearing those uniforms?. This is a thoughtful article and not a diatribe by any stretch.

In this snippet she contemplates what she’s seen in the recent ST movie from JJ Abrams:

Though I did not condemn the garments as particularly offensive (especially in light of the film’s other valiant attempts at egalitarianism), I still found the notion particularly hilarious: that several hundred years into the future, where humans and extraterrestrials are portrayed as united in their intergalactic relationships, women workers are still wearing short skirts while men are wearing pants.

Here’s a random sampling of women from Star Trek, decide for yourself whether she has a point of not. I couldn’t find a pic of Zoe Saldana, the new Lt. Uhura in her old school mini skirt. I believe the answer to Juliette’s question is because the new movie incorporated some of the look and feel from the The Original Series, this includes the skirts.

Women of Star Trek

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Back to the Future For New ‘Futurama’ Episodes


Six years after cancelling the Futurama series, Comedy Central will resume production now that it has ordered 26 new episodes.

Looks like the DVD sales have revitalized interest in this great show. Woot!

Speaking of Futurama, here’s a classic motivational poster…(clicky)

Futurama Motivational