Feb 262007

One of these days I need to discuss the history of this domain name, what i’ve been able to glean since I started carrying the torch last year. In any case, this domain name has been around a while and gets hammered by spam. This includes comment spam.

To keep a handle on it, I required a user to be registered in order to leave comments to posts, i hated having to do that but it dropped the noise to a bearable level.

Welp, i added the Spam Karma 2 plug-in recently and it appears to pick up a vast majority of the comment spam so today I’m turning off the registration requirement as a test for at least a few weeks. Sorry for the hassle earlier if you were turned off from commenting due to the reg requirement.

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Feb 262007

Vista Look on WM

JGUI has developed a new theme for your Windows Mobile phone that provides the Vista look and feel on your homescreen. But it appears to be much more than just a skin, it includes animation on the screen and comes with Settings Dialogs so you’re not having to hack the registry or XML offline to effect changes.

The UI contains a sidebar with gadgets (see the pic below) that can remain on the screen if you want or can disappear to free up screen real estate as you maneuver the D-Pad to other applets. Some of the gadgets are animated like the analog clock or the local weather forecast. To further adopt the Vista look, it’s using the full OS’ “pearl” as your start button as well. Pearl

More details:

Vista WM screenshot

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Feb 262007


I found this through OSNEWs today, it’s a comparison of the KDE and GNOME environments from the viewpoint of a ‘GNOME guy’. While I’m pretty much a Linux newbie, my preference has also been GNOME, the look ‘n feel and usability has always been just a bit more appealing to me.

Here’s a snippet:

A current mania is to exile yourself for a certain period of time into the rival desktop environment, to see how bad (or not) you would feel: a KDE fan would use GNOME, while a GNOME guy would use KDE.

I have undertaken the challenge myself, and it wasn’t bad at all. I have used KDE in the past, albeit without very much enthusiasm. Ubuntu 4.10 converted me to GNOME, once for all, so I was very upset when Slackware dropped the support for GNOME.

GNOME is not the heaven on earth, so that my almost religious love for it looked bizarre. The complete rebuttal of KDE too. I wanted to feel how is to only have KDE while having GNOME habits and idiosyncrasies.

The article is fairly balanced and in-depth at about 6 pages long, pointing out specific differences and pluses/minuses for each environment.

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Feb 252007


A really fast dictionary… fast like a ninja.

Ninjas are three things:

  1. They’re smart
  2. They’re accurate
  3. They’re really fast

Ninjawords is based on these principles. Plus everyone likes ninjas.

Simply put.  I use it regularly, and it is pretty darn quick with no added fuss.  I recommend it!

Feb 252007


Tired of reading about yesterday’s catastrophies today?  Fear not, we here at Geeknews live to serve you the latest in up-to-the-minute “incidents of interest” via Havaria Emergency and Disaster Information Services in Budapest, Hungary.  Utilizing a realtime worldwide information sharing network, the National Association of Radio-Distress Signalling and Infocommunications feeds its gathered data and is displayed via an assortment of interactive icons displayed on a satellite map of the world.  All you have to do is click on an icon of interest and detailed information on the incident is given, such as type of disaster, location, casualties, agency reports and a satellite image of the affected area.

Morbid perhaps?  Human nature draws us to disasters whether it be driving by and oogling a car wreck, or watching the news about a sinkhole in Guatemala.  Or perhaps its just comforting to some that these things are happening somewhere else than their home…