Feb 242007

The latest issue of Nature announces the details of a membrane developed by the University of Rochester that opens new design possibilities for better dialysis, fuel cells and neuro-stem cell cultivation.

At more than 4,000 times thinner than a human hair, this 15 nanometer membrane is very similar to the slices of silicone seen in every-day microprocessor manufacturing plants.

Read the details here.

Nanofilter array

[Found on physlink.com]

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Feb 232007

OK, it’s not really Taskman, but sort of related. Task Manager is one of the admin’s or power user’s favorite tools. In Vista’s Taskman you can see from this pic below there are two easily discernible differences.

One difference is the ‘Services’ tab. In Windows XP you had all the other tabs, and the ‘Processes’ tab was probably your favorite, now your time will likely be split between Processes which contains most of the info you were looking for before, and the Services tab shows all services on the box, the parent group it’s a part of, the current state (Running, Stopped) and the process ID number. In Services, if you bring up the context menu for a service you can try to stop it, or you can ‘Go to Process’ which will take you to the owning process for this service in the Processes tab. Cool.

OK, that was one difference, here’s the second. See the button below ‘Resource Monitor’? Click it (ok, if you’re running Vista, go click it :smile:), this launches the Resource Monitor tool you can see farther below…

Task Manager

The Resource Monitor tool is new in Vista. It’s also known by the more cumbersome ‘Reliability and Performance Monitor”. This is the tool you wished you had in the box for XP or Win2k3, it’s like a poor man’s Perfmon with realtime data but no logging capability that I can find in it.

Besides launching it from Taskman you can also get to it:

  • From the ‘computer’ context menu under ‘Manage’
  • You can go to “Start – system tools – Reliability and Performance”
  • Or from a CMD window you can type ‘perfmon /res

This tool can track and allow you to monitor all activities for CPU, Disk, Network & Memory.

Under CPU, not only do you get the typical ‘PID’, process, # threads, but also see ‘Average CPU’ usage.

For Disk, you can view read and write in B/Min, IO Priority and Response Time.

For Network you can view the net address a process is connected to or using and the Send/Rec/Total B/min.

Lastly, Memory shows process/PID, Hard Faults/min, Commit/Working Set/Shareable/Private memory usage.

Resource Mon1

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Feb 232007


Feeling like your SUV blends into the crowd? In need of something to transport your groceries by day and a mobile party or arsenal by night? Meet the Badonkadonk, a one-of-a-kind “armored land cruiser/recreational tank”.

To look at it, one might think it’s a hovercraft, but in fact it runs on four off-road wheels, concealed by a unique industrial-strength rubberized flexible skirt that shields and protects the wheels to within an inch of the ground, while still allowing for enough flex to give clearance over bumpy and uneven terrain.

It looks like something out of Mad Max.


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