What Is This?

Okay, I skipped last week, I’m sorry! Due to dire family events, I was called away to attend to other duties for the last several days.  But, now I am back in full storm, even though I’m feeling a bit under the weather.  So two weeks ago, pjwhite identified the image I posted as the main circuit board of an older IDE harddrive.  Good Job!

This photo was given to me in a request that it be included in this puzzle post.  It’s old school tech, but I challenge the sailors of the data ocean out there to figure this one out :)

What Is This?  

And a closeup of this object below.

What Is This 2?

As usual, hit the comments section for your best guess!  Have fun :)



Anime Supercon

The Anime Supercon has a new web site as they invite you to the big event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Apr 13-15.

A plethora of stars and special guests have already signed on and a lot of events are scheduled (including a LAN party?). A weekend pass is only $20 if you register now.

BTW, this is not to be confused with the Florida Supercon also in Ft. Lauderdale but in June. It’s for a greater variety of geeks including sci-fi, comic book, animation & anime. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if you found a ‘Furry’ or three there.

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Light Bulb Burnout

Rich Legg is a photographer and has posted some really neat shots of a light bulb in the process of burning out with a bright flash and ‘POP!’

He’s posted several versions of the ‘event’, it’s worth checking out.


The History of Electronic Arts

Gamasutra provides a lengthy 7 page history of the life and times of EA.

Follow the history as they grow from a tiny shop with humble beginnings with games like Hard Hat Mack, to the mega-powerhouse that they are today.

While you’re at Gamasutra you might as well read the details they spill on Bungie Studios regarding their Halo3 Beta that is stirring quite the controversy. Looks like you gotta pay your dues with ‘Crackdown’ if you want a crack at the Halo Beta.

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Geek Hierarchy

The Geek Hierarchy is a graphical representation of the natural order of geeks in the world and where they see themselves as being ‘less geeky’ than others.

For instance, Video Gamers are less geeky than roleplaying gamers, who consider themselves less geeky than Live-Action roleplaying gamers, who look down on 13-year old gamers of any sort who in turn look down on Furry fans who look down on even Erotic Furries which is apparently the bane of all legs of the hierarchical tree.

Other classes of geeks in their own hierarchy include:

  • People who majored in Folklore and Mythology
  • Comic Book fans
  • Anime Fans who insist on Subtitles
  • Heinlein fans
  • Amateur SF/Fantasy Wrtiters
  • Science Fiction TV Fans
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