Feb 282007

Once in a while non-geeks take a pity on us geeks and will actually marry us. For those rare opportunities, if you’re willing to push your luck even further, you can ask your significant other for one of these Binary wedding bands.

Each ring contains 5 tracks of binary notation and will handle up to 20 chars for a personal message, can be cast in either gold or platinum.
Wedding Band

See greenCarat for details.

[Found through Diamondvues]

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Feb 272007

We see graffiti everywhere….on the streets, fences, in busses and subways.  Normally, you’d ignore it as an everyday eyesore and just continue on your day.  But, what would you say to graffiti on a slightly grander scale?  Such as…an entire building side?  That’s just something you can’t ignore!  And so the creators of the Graffiti Research Lab have demonstrated their skill with their GRL L.A.S.E.R. Tagging System mounted in a Hymermobil (a small mobile home).  This system includes two large solid state lasers coded to use building sides as a canvas, and a custom build laser pointer as a stylus.

GRL L.A.S.E.R. Tagging System 

Watch the video in the above link for a demonstration!

Feb 272007

Well now, this was timely. I was just lamenting the fact that I am a Linux newbie the other day when I posted the KDE/GNOME comparo. Now along comes this article right up my alley from LXPages.com. It’s the top commands that every newbie Linux user should know to start being effective or to start doing some damage.

Check it out.

Unless of course you’re not a newbie, in which case maybe you can tell me which distribution to check out. I installed VMWare Player the other day on the new Vista box and I’m thinking I may try to mount Ubuntu since it appears to be getting most of the press lately and may be the ‘next big thing’.

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Feb 262007

A new Amateur Radio Service regime now is in place. The requirement to demonstrate Morse code proficiency to gain HF privileges were removed from the FCC’s Part 97 rules 3 days ago at 12:01 AM Eastern Time. At the same time, about 200,000 Technician licensees without Morse code exam credit acquired HF privileges equivalent to those available to Novice licensees.

Removal of the Morse requirement is a landmark in Amateur Radio history. Until 1991, when a code examination was dropped from the requirements to obtain a Technician ticket, all prospective radio amateurs had to pass a Morse test. Once the new rules are in place, Amateur Radio license applicants no longer will have to demonstrate Morse code proficiency at any level to gain access to the HF bands.

You can read more at the American Radio Relay League’s news page.

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Feb 262007

New Radiation Symbol




Radiation Trefoil

People are being injured or killed each year because they don’t recognize or understand the existing trefoil symbol.

So in 2001 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) decided to investigate possible new signs and symbols as a supplement to the existing symbol. They took the best of the possible new symbols to children internationally as some of their test subjects and interviewed them on which symbols or colors they recognized and what it meant to them.

For instance, people recognized the color red as meaning ‘warning’ or ‘danger’. Quite a few kids thought the existing trefoil symbol represented an airplane’s propeller.

The intended message of the symbol is “You are in danger, Stop! And run away”. This new sign will likely be placed in an area to warn you if you’ve gained low level access to the lead shielding of a radioactive device and are just one step away from being irradiated should you dismantle the device. The existing trefoil symbol will probably remain as a high level indicator of radiation.

More details:

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