Mar 062007

Italian embedded software specialist Kdev is shipping a linux based firmware for a RISC based single board computer with a Tux shaped case.

Read for the specs and more information as well as the ‘full frontal view‘ of Tux. :roll:

Here’s the Kdev site with more technical specs of the SBC, seems to include a full featured Apache embedded WebServer with PHP 5 (along with some of your favorite php scripts), SQLite and more. The cost is well over US$200 for the SBC and case.

Below is a pic of the Acme Fox board and the case.

Kdev Acme Fox board

Tux' Rear

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Mar 052007

Want to see a video tour of the linux kernel? Well, after you see it you’ll agree that it’s not actually a tour, it’s simply a 3D rendering of how some of the feature modules link to other modules within and outside a few features.

What you’ll probably see pretty quickly is that while it has the potential to show you the simplicity of the Linux core operating system, the video doesn’t go far enough towards showing how the various features are dependent or interdependent.

I’ve seen a similar (but 2D) rendering of IIS & Apache that is used as a reason to show how complex the dependencies are and (supposedly) results in a less stable feature – pics below.

Anyway, the reason i’m posting this and linking to the Youtube video is because it’s mildly interesting, yet I’d really like to see more more detail on the linux kernel.

Apache Apache


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Mar 052007

Since the 1970’s there has been a ‘fact’ or statement thrown around, without evidence, to highlight the overpopulation issues many urban areas and some nations face. This myth stated that the number of people alive on the planet today outnumber the combined total of all dead people aggregated throughout mankind’s history.

Since the planet is sustaining approximately 6.5 billion people today, then this would mean that in the previous 50,000 years less than 6.5 billion people have ever lived and died. That seems reasonable, right?

Not true, says demographer Carl Haub. According to his research, slightly over 106 billion people had ever been born, significantly more than the 6.5 billion alive today.

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Mar 042007

So you’re having a technical argument with a colleague and you’re getting that feeling you’re on the losing end of it, maybe you know you’re right or even if you know you’re wrong but hate to lose?

When you’re back is against the wall, here are 77 statements from an old list on ‘Pigdog Journal’ you can pull out of your pocket to save yourself, but you should be careful, these are generally desperations tactics.

Copied below are some of my favorites from the list, I’ve been known to use a few from that bigger list :smile:

  • That won’t scale.
  • Trying to build a team behind that technology would be a staffing nightmare.
  • I was reading about that on BugTraq yesterday.
  • Have you LOOKED at the number of I/O requests that will create?
  • Can you generate some USE CASES that would justify the change?
  • Well, that’s great if you have an AI running the thing.
  • Well, I guess we could start the QA cycles again from square one. That would require a press release, though.
  • This really doesn’t jibe with our core competency.
  • No, no, no. We’re really working on an N-TIER architecture, here.

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Mar 032007

Talk about a geek’s watch, this is just over the top.


Ikepod’s new Megapode watch is also a circular sliderule.

This titanium beauty provides the time, the day, chronograph function a unique circular slide rule for complicated calculations. According to the manufacturer’s site: “This is a watch that can compute fuel consumption for an aircraft or a waypoint for a pilot who needs to calculate range/distance.

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