Why is U.S. always last in line for new phones?

MSNBC columnist Michael Rogers explains why Americans are the last in line to be served with coolest of cool new mobiles like the example he talks about playing with at the GSM tradeshow in Barcelona last week. The phone is the:

Samsung Ultra Smart F700, a sleek elegant black phone with a high-resolution color touchscreen, slide-out keyboard, a five megabyte auto-focus camera, all operating on an ultra-high-speed wireless network that will download a 4 megabyte MP3 song in four seconds.  The Ultra Smart F700 looks as cool as Apple’s upcoming iPhone — and actually does more. But we’re not going to see it in the U.S. for a long time to come: for starters, we don’t even have a network it will run on. 

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Chinese to Send 14B Holiday SMSes this week

The Chinese New Year started over the weekend and the Chinese people generally take a week off to celebrate (I know because the folks I work with in Beijing basically go dark for a week this time each year before surfacing again).

Reuters is reporting (via eWeek.com) that China’s mobile operators estimate that their customers will send billions of text messages during the week long holiday. Here’s the numbers:

They are hosting services for approx 400 million susbribers and last year each user sent approx 30 SMS’ a piece during the last New Year festival for a total of 12.6 billion during the week. They’re trending towards an additional 1.4 billion for this year’s festival for a whopping 14 billion SMS’ exected during an 8 day period this year!

My gawd, imagine if you could insert an advert into each one of those messages, you’d make a killing. :twisted:


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Virtual PC 2007 RTMs….and is still Free

Download VPC 2007 from here. Yes it’s still free like VPC 2004 and VPC now supports Vista.

You can create and run one or more virtual machines, each with its own operating system, on a single computer. This provides you with the flexibility to use different operating systems on one physical computer. Imagine being able to host Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Win98, NT4 and OS/2 on the same box.

If you’re an IT Pro this is a godsend for the appcompat scenarios. I consider myself a VM newbie, having used VPC 2004 off and on over the past 6 months.


What Is Web 2.0? It’s Us.

An Assistant Professor from Kansas State has posted a video on YouTube, no wait…it’s not a video, it’s an amazing video and apparently quite popular! It’s his explanation of Web 2.0, something I kinda sorta understood before.

He posted it less than 3 weeks ago and has been viewed over 1.2 million times, yeah it’s pretty popular.

Watch the video, learn and at its end perhaps you should start being afraid of ‘the machine’. Deus Ex Machina?


Surprise! Mall Shooter Didn’t Own Video Games

Everytime someone goes on a rampage nowadays, video games are blamed. The hysteria pretty much started to peak around the time of the Columbine tragedy.

Last Friday 18 year old Sulejman Talovic started shooting people for no apparent reason in a Utah mall. 2 police officers in the mall, at least one of them off duty having dinner in that mall, eventually shot and killed him.

Since the kid is dead, everyone with an opinion or even remotely associated or interested in the story is seeking a motive, one of the most popular of course is the dreaded video game gambit.

Gaming site Kotaku.com has quotes, links and more comments regarding the Salt Lake Police Chief Chris Burbank’s latest comments during the investigation, the key one of which is this:

Although nothing will be completely ruled out in the search for a motive, some of the possibilities that have been rumored on Internet blog sites so far seem to have no merit, Burbank said.

For instance, detectives as of Friday had found no evidence that violent video games may have influenced Talovic. In fact, Talovic did not even own a computer or a video-game system, Burbank said.

Well, I wouldn’t say Rockstar Games is out of the woods just yet, but hopefully the hysteria will settle down in the coming years.

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