What’s the Deal With Adobe Reader on Vista?

I built out a new PC last weekend and promptly installed Vista Ultimate. The next night I needed Adobe Reader so i started making my way to adobe.com to get the latest version. As i was loading their site I thought back to the RC build and the trouble i had installing Reader then, you had to hack it in because of several problems with its installer.

Lo and behold, Reader has the same problem with this Vista RTM build. What the heck? It’s not like Longhorn/Vista hasn’t been available for ISVs to actually *test* on at some point in the last couple of years and be prepared! What gives? :mad:

So I had to hack the sucker in again.
What I wound up doing was run the installer up to the point where the MSI failed. Before acknowledging the error and allowing it to rollback the setup, i quickly drilled down to the user folder: ‘C:\Users\Andy\AppData\LocalLow\Netopsystems\temp‘ , copied out the Adobe temp folder to the desktop, then acknowledged the error so it could clean up and remove the temp files in original temp folder path above.

Then i ran the MSI within the copied version of the Adobe folder now on my desktop and this time the installation worked fine. :smile:

Ah well, at least it had a happy ending and we have Reader goodness on the box now. It turned out that the installer couldn’t handle UAC being turned off on the box afterall.

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Drawball. World’s Greatest Shared Art Project?

If you haven’t seen Drawball yet, pardon me for being pushy but you should leave here immediately and partake.

It’s a huge social drawing site that allows anyone to draw whatever they want on a massive virtual canvas. Every user is only alloted a certain amount of ‘ink’ per day to prevent any one user from simply taking over, the amount limits you to about 1/10,000th of the surface per day.

However, some sites are getting people to all join in and partake on a campaign to collaboratively generate a logo or some other object of interest. This site also has an animated feature that shows you the site in 40 hour snapshots since it was started, it’s just amazing to watch things appear and get overwritten.

I’m addicted.


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Web Economy BS Generator

Looking to beef up your software spec or your resume and want to add a flavor of the Web Economy to it?

Look no further than this Web Economy Bullshit Generator. It takes from a static pool of Verbs+Adjectives+Nouns.

For instance it generated these for me that i think i might actually be able to use: “grow global interfaces” , “incubate one-to-one mindshare” & “exploit value-added initiatives

These phrases are truly something our marketing folks might actually come up with.

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Linguistic Geography of the Mainland US

This site has a high level breakdown of the 8 dialectic groups in the United States, identified by region and their linguistic markers.

For instance, the ‘Upper Midwest Dialects’ tend to borrow some Canadianisms while the westward migration has carried typically Northern features into the Pacific Northwest.

There’s no real surprises here, but interesting to see the general borders for the dialects.

Linguistic map1

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Spock’s Spacesuit For Auction

This spacesuit costume was featured prominently in Star Trek I: The Motion Picture when Spock (Leonard Nimoy) left the “Enterprise” to conduct a mindmeld with the ‘V’Ger Probe’.

The bidding for this item on eBay is currently at US $4,829.01 and the auction ends on Feb 23, get it while it’s still cheap! There’s lots more pics of the item with many of them closeups. From the closeup photos, time has obviously not done this jewel justice, tsk tsk.

Reference: The massive entity that called itself V’Ger was one of the most extraordinary lifeforms ever encountered by the United Federation of Planets. It generated enormous levels of power and threatened the destruction of Earth until it found a way to evolve.

Spock Spacesuit

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