Snails Save Energy by Re-Using Mucus Trails

Now come on, is there even a need to continue on with the article when it’s basically summed up in a title like this one? :smile:

OK, before i punt you to the article on LiveScience, Biologists in Britain studied marine snails and confirmed the long-held assumption that to conserve energy, snails play follow the leader by laying down a less mucous on top of older trails laid by others ahead of him (or her i suppose). They confirmed the assumption by measuring the thickness of the original trails to the reused trails.

So, what would a snail do with that extra energy? Believe it or not, for making baby snails.

Here’s the LiveScience article. You can thank me later.

Oh, and since I have you in the mood for snail stories, reread the (short) Radioactive snails story originally published on Geeknews last October.

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Star Gazers, Rejoice!


This phenomenal Star-Sky Map really needs no explanation.  If you are an astronomer,  or just like to view the night time sky, this is a place for you.  Those glittering jewels, so far away….can be brought much closer to you via this great site.  You get everything from a SSDS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey) photo-clear view of the sky, to detailed information on every object in the map.  This is a must see, folks….I could spend hours in here, and never know it passed.


Vista Wallpapers That Didn’t Quite Make The RTM Cut

Hamad Darwish is the photographer that is responsible for some of the Vista Wallpapers that display a ‘Vista View’.

Some of his photos obviously didn’t make the cut, well now they’re available to download.In my opinion, some of these in the gallery are just as good or better than the inbox walls.

You can download the 30MB package from here which is being hosted by

New Vista Wallpapers 1

New Vista Wallpapers 2

New Vista Wallpapers 3

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Guess What Caused The Biggest Drop In The Stock Market Since 9/11?

Do you follow the stock market? Tuesday was not a good day. It started in China with a meltdown and the sell off worked its way across the globe including the Dow in New York.

It was the biggest down-day in percentage terms since 9/11. Over 500 point drop :!:

Guess what exacerbated a day of routine sell off and turned into a holy terror on the trading floor?

Here’s the scoop from CNN Money, it’s good:

The publisher of the Dow industrials said that a system problem starting at 1:50 p.m. ET on Tuesday, amid unusually heavy trading volume, caused a 70-minute lag during which the value of the market measure lagged the declines in the underlying stocks.

The subsequent downward spike in the Dow occurred when the problem was corrected as the company switched to its backup system at around 3 p.m.

Just before the switch, the Dow was showing about a 160-point drop. But then the blue-chip barometer appeared to tumble some 200 points in the blink of an eye as the newly available data was correctly reflected in the average.

That drop then sparked nervousness among traders and the Dow fell another 100 points or so, eventually ending down 416, its seventh-biggest point decline ever.

What happened over a short period of time should have happened over a longer period, explained a Dow Jones spokeswoman.

To see the market drop hundreds of points out of nowhere was alarming, to hear that it was a technical glitch really pissed people off,” said Peter Boockvar, chief equity strategist at Miller Tabak & Co.


CompUSA Closing Up Shop

When I saw this in my feed for BetaNews, that nearly half of the 229 CompUSA computer stores are closing for good throughout the US, I felt a pang a sorrow.

I felt bad because I had fond memories of playing with demo laptops there, browsing the latest PC games or purchasing another tube of CD-Rs just because I didn’t want to leave empty handed nevermind i still had dozens left.

But then i thought, “Wow, it’s been so long since I shopped there I can’t remember the last time i visited”. It may have been 5 or 6 years ago, and the reason I haven’t been there is because there are so many other shops between home and CompUSA now about 10 miles away.

Take for instance New Egg. :razz: