All Bodies In The Solar System Larger Than 200 Miles In Diameter

Kokogiak put together a graphic of all the bodies in the solar system greater than 200 miles in diameter. On one end of the spectrum you have the sun, on the other is an asteroid ‘Davida’ about 203 mi (326 km).

Here’s the article explaining the details of how and why the graphic was created, click the pic for the bigger view, it’s comprised of 170 layers in Photoshop. And here’s the metric version of the pic.

Bodies in the Solar System

Just geeky

**You’ve Been DENIED**

Oh noes!  A single broken link can bring down even the most hardy of websites.  Yep, we’ve all seen it more times than you would care to recall – the dreaded 404.

404 Error

I encounter a number of these knuckle-banging frustrations on a daily basis while fishing for the latest news.  I’ve popped more than a few aspirins jockeying my way around these obstacles!  So, here’s your chance to peruse the mystery and myths that surround this unwanted phenomena…a website full of info on 404, where it began, how to circumvent it, and even a humorous updated gallery of custom 404 pages.

The 404 Research Lab is a fun way to kill some time if anything else.  Check it out!


Hollywood’s geek squad

This Chicago Sun Time’s entertainment article covers some of the geekiest celebs in Hollywood, exposing their geek traits and their ‘cool potential’.

The folks on the list may surprise you. No, Drew Carey isn’t on there, he’s a given right?  :grin:


Worlds with Double Sunsets Common

Astronomers might not have to search a galaxy far, far away after all to find a world with double sunsets like Luke Skywalker’s home planet Tatooine.

Astronomers report that most stars have at least one other stellar neighbor in the planetary system. In fact, they’ve already discovered one planet with 3 suns.


If Ancient Rome Had The Internet

Here’s a nice list of what ancient Rome may have been like if they had the interweb. Below are two of my favorites from the list:

- Unfortunately, the Queen of Egypt dies an early death after misunderstanding IT’s call to embrace an ASP solution.
- Classical geeks wear t-shirts proclaiming, “there’s no place like CXXVII.0.0.I”