Inner Life Of A Cell

I actually caught this a few weeks ago, and lost track of it until last night.  This is a fantastic and educational view to the internal workings of a single cell.  Running at about eight minutes, the animation will be sure to spur your imagination and keep you mesmerized, as it did me when I first watched it.  Even my 12yr old son sat fixed on this (and he’s a perpetual busybody).  If only there were more interesting movies like this available back when I was in school, I just might have gotten better grades in biology ;)

Cell Stuff

Created by XVIVO, a scientific animation company near Hartford, CT, the animation illustrates unseen molecular mechanisms and the ones they trigger, specifically how white blood cells sense and respond to their surroundings and external stimuli.   Now there’s a mouthful!

EDIT:  Haha!  Even writers have brainfarts.  I forgot to add the link to the animation after writing about it :)  It just goes to show that we’re human here at Geeknews!  Stab here for the animation.

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The Dot Clock


It’s a silly question, of course it’s useful! :smile:

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How Bad Is It, Doc?

Zephyr Tech is a NZ based company that specializes in ‘Smart Fabric Technology’. They combine patented Smart Fabric sensor technology with novel algorithms and system design. Flexible and formable sensors detect and measure displacement, distance, force and pressure, strain, impact events and bio data.
Their latest product ‘Impact SF‘ holds promise for soldiers in the battlefield, or rather it will greatly assist the battlefield medics. Impact SF is a new solution for measuring impact – from slow collisions to ballistic impact. Using sensors and wireless connectivity, Impact SF is robust enough to withstand extreme environments.

Graphical diagnostic tools quantify an impact’s severity, direction and type, providing instant status updates and allowing evidence-based trauma diagnosis. Information is available in real time or can be stored for later use.

Impact SF Capabilities:

  • Measures position of impact and energy
  • Allows quantitative analysis of an impact’s severity, type and direction
  • Enables blunt force human trauma diagnosis
  • No restrictions to wearer of Impact SF garment
  • Technology can be integrated into existing composite structures
  • Real time and trend analysis via graphical display
  • Wireless connectivity to other user interfaces

You can read their brochure (pdf) for a few more details and pretty pictures.

[Found via DefenseTech]


Google Heard Me, Now What?

Remember Aaron Stanton from Idaho, the guy that cold-called GOOG with his idea for ‘the next big thing’ ?

Destiny from 10 Zen Monkeys has a detailed follow-up to the story along with some speculation on the what Aaron’s idea might be.

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Neal Stephenson On 300 And Geek Culture

Neal Stephenson has an op-ed piece on NYT ‘It’s all geek to me‘ after seeing ’300′ at the cinema.

He notes its similarities to geek culture and politics today as well as commenting on the worldwide negative reaction from reviewers.