Supermarket 2.0

Here is a video spoofing the Web 2.0 craze, it’s a timewaster of about 5 minutes and well worth it. Check out this Web Grocery 2.0.


Office Fish Tank

If you’re a hiring manager and the talent pool is pretty weak maybe you could fall back on this guy? :grin:

Seriously, here’s a cubicle in a fish tank which makes the perfect office mate for you until it’s time to clean the tank. The US$24 cost gets you the chair, lamp, potted plant, table and monitor in the tank, basically everything but the fish.
Office Fish Tank

[Found on Neatorama]

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Review of the Foxconn GeForce 8800 GTX

Starting to think about a new video card for your system? Check out this detailed review of the Foxconn GeForce 8800 by HotHardware.

It’s 11 pages of specs, tests and benchmarks against a suite of games.

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Thirteen23′s Killer Vista Apps

Robert Scoble has a cool podcast with Thirteen23′s Ryan Dawson showing off some killer apps on Vista leveraging WPF to bridge the OS and a variety of web services. You can check out some of these apps on their Lab page now.

Very cool stuff.


Nanobubbles And The New Frontier In Gas State Physics talked to Professor William Ducker at the University of Melbourne about his experiments that surprised him in two ways. One surprise is that Nanobubbles really do exist and are not simply a theoretical phenomenon. The second surprise is that they’re actually quite stable and appear to open up an entirely new state of matter to investigate.

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Nanoscale Gas State

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