Apr 182007

Pieces of a tree were discovered in New York about a hundred years ago after a flash flood. The bits of tree were dated to around 385 millions years old but there were only pieces of stumps, so scientists were unable to get a good idea of what the entire tree looked like. Until now.

A few years ago in an area near the other location of the tree, archeologists found fossilized remains of the top of a tree dated from the same period.

The journal ‘Nature’ recently revealed the details of the reconstruction, you can read the article on LiveScience and check out the artist’s rendition below.

The oldest tree

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Apr 182007

Steampunk…a genre in a category all its own. Riding the coattails of both old fashioned and sci-fi, this slick keyboard is sure to capture the essence of this growing revolution.  Jake von Slatt spends his spare time making steampunk creations out of all sorts of everyday items, the best (in my opinion) being this keyboard.  He documents his construction process on his webpage, including a video showing it’s use.

 Steampunk Keyboard

I never was one to jump on this bandwagon, but after seeing this, I might be convinced it’s worth looking into!

Regardless, I would love to see the looks I’d get if I toted this into my next LAN party ;)

Apr 182007

A plethora of links, some geeky, most for fun but again I’m short on time as I head into the office so I’m just relaying the good stuff below:

– From one of my all time favorite developers Raymond Chen, ‘The Notepad file encoding problem, redux

– Apple announces the iPhone is still on schedule for a June release.

– 12 Ways to be a Security Idiot [via GAS]

– The Ultimate Geek Boxer Shorts

– This should have the ‘Obvious’ tag: “Nanoparticles can damage DNA, increase cancer risk”

– A teenager was inadvertently jailed for 12 days due to mixup over recent DST changes

– New Red Hawk 4.2 release of real-time Linux scales up to 32 cpu cores!

– I recently stumbled on LyteByte, check them out if you’re interested in tips and tricks. Here’s a recent post on how to ‘Remove the shortcut overlay in Windows Vista

– Last, but not least (via OSNews), one of my favorite topics recently regarding obsolete computers and the fun and profit you can have with them.

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