The Beautiful New Sony Walkman

Sony WalkmanHere we have the new Sony Walkman, a thing of beauty. It’s the new NW-E016 series, the specs are 4GB USB MP3 player with up to 30 hours of playback. Below is just one color of several nice versions.



[Found on TokyoMango]

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Domain Tools As Crystal Balls

DomainTools Blog has an interesting article. It shows that by monitoring the registered domains of a Web heavy corporation such as GOOG, you may get insight into their strategy.

Oct 2000 – Sergey Defensive Registration of a co-founder but they forgot to get Larry
Oct 2001 – Perhaps an alternative name to Google Scholar.
March 2002 – Why would Google register this?
May 2002 – Fire Looks like Google quietly bought this company.
June 2002 – Blazing Related to Fire Hunt
July 2002 – Cobra Related to Fire Hunt
Jan 2003 – Charity & Charity Debit – Perhaps Google wants to get into the Credit Card business.
Feb 2003 – Got Marketing department wanted to make bumper stickers or shirts.
Feb 2004 – Google Google wrestled this away from the copycat
May 2004 – Google Time – Just in case they bought Time Warner back in 2004.
Feb 2005 – Every – Google’s alternative name to Google Base.
June 2005 – – But they don’t own the non-hyphen version or the .COM, bad tip off they want better names.
April 2006 – Participating – Two months before Google Checkout launches.
June 2006 – Bay Area – Maybe a Google local search sample site that never launched.
Aug 2006 – Image & Google Image – One day before launching they bought the domain.
Aug 2006 – – Secret Benchmark Utility?
Aug 2006 – Beach Wood Car – Maybe another future Google local search sample site.
Sept 2006 – Search – Registered twenty days before they silently launched this new search engine.
Feb 2007 – Guxiang – A miss-spelling of a chinese portal

Most of those domains are dormant but notice how the tool revealed GOOG’s plans early wrt Scholar, Wi-Fi and Google Checkout?

So now the question is, based on the recent purchases, what are their plans? Well, clearly they have intent to get into Mexican dining.


Four Reasons To Use Multithreading

Marc Jacob’s has a developer centric blog and has recently posted a fairly high level article on the four reasons that you should be multithreading your applications. The focus of the article is an observation that many developers he’s worked with over the years are adding threading to their projects without full consideration or the concept of *why* threading would be helpful.

The four subsections of the article are:

  1. Keep a Process Responsive
  2. Keep a Processor Busy
  3. Keep Multiple Processors Busy
  4. Simplify Coding of Cooperating Tasks

From An ‘A’ to ‘DD’ With The Winerack

OK, maybe this isn’t exactly ‘geeknews’ but sometimes it’s just, erm, interesting or immature fun? In any case…

Old News: You’ve probably heard of ‘The Beerbelly‘ which is a large bladder that you wear around your gut under a shirt; this bladder is filled with beer that you can easily smuggle into the sporting arenas that would charge you an arm and a leg for a cup of mead.

New News: Now the laddies can get into the act with the ‘Winerack‘. Whether your an A or a DD, now the girls can sneak in that bottle of wine or flask of her favorite beverage!


Note, this is likely a spoof but we’ll keep our eyes peeled! :roll:

[Via my new favorite girl geek Techie Diva]

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20 Must-Have Firefox Extensions

Computerworld has the obligatory ‘must have’ article of the week, this one on the must have Firefox extensions and add-ins.

The problem is I’m only using two of them and I use Firefox almost exclusively at home nowadays. Does this mean I’m not a “hardcore surfer, developer or IT Pro” that the article says these extensions are must have’s? :grin: