May 062007

I absolutely love a good conspiracy and can take either side of a conspiracy debate just to stir things up a bit. Here’s a little one you’ve probably seen before, maybe not. It’s UFOs being depicted in various works of art through history like this beauty of a disk shaped object below from the 15th century painting.

The Madonna with Saint Giovannino

Link to UFO Artwork

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May 062007

Once in a great while I’ll stop at a Peet’s Coffee (as opposed to the usual: Starbucks) and try their coffee of the day. Drip coffee is just about the only thing i’ll get from the coffee shops, unfortunately some of the shacks in the parking lots around the country don’t do drip, in that case i’ll get an Americano which is kinda sorta close.

So anyway, I swing by Peet’s today and pick up a Large (as opposed to ‘Venti’, ahem) and the coffee of the day was from Guatemala. Wow, this stuff is good. Sometimes it’s a crapshoot just getting a random ‘coffee of the day’ and may wind up with something that’s just too bitter or sweet or acidic for my taste. Believe me, most of my taste buds were dulled by the military food / coffee / ‘bug juice’ for many years so you know it’s gotta be too far to the spectrum if i can’t stand it.

This Guatemala coffee blend is excellent, the beans grow in high altitude (5-6k feet) with rich soil from the region’s volcanic activity long ago (kind of reminds me of the Kona region and their coffee but I’m not comparing Guatemala to Kona, Kona is in a league of it’s own). This coffee is what the connoisseurs call ‘medium bodied’ and bittersweet with a clean finish.

If you enjoy coffee and you haven’t tried this, a bag of Guatemala is worth a try.

Peet's Coffee - Guatemala

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May 052007

A good portion of the day is being devoted to attending a wedding, and the afternoon will be spent interviewing a developer over the phone for open positions on my team. So let’s get the daily post out of the way with something light and funny before I lose my Saturday.

Thanks to geeksugar for pointing out this hilarious clip of Jessica Simpson playing a fictional character ‘Jessica Sampson’ that is a news person trying to explain the internet to viewers.

[youtube Du6Eu4yZvp4 Jessica Simpson explains the interweb]

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May 042007

Anyone else out there experiencing freakish weather?  It’s gone from sunny to cloudy and sprinkles, to torrential rain mixed with hail today!  I’m almost scared to go outside….  Well, enough of that.  Congratz to Xavier whom correctly guessd that the last WIT image was a sundial!  W00t!

Okay, so this week we’re going to explore a new image for your perusal.  Time is of the essence here, because I’m considering doing this twice a week, instead of just once.  I’ve got alot of pictures for you, so keep those guesses coming!

What Is That?

See you in the comments!