Drawing The World Map From Memory

Here’s a really cool world map hand drawn from memory as a lark, and the story behind it. This site belongs to an artist, designer and teacher Christopher Fahey. It’s worth spending some time browsing through his site graphpaper.com, he surfaces a lot of interesting ideas and thought provoking topics.

I see he also uses a lowercase ‘g’ as the favicon.ico.

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Rogue Apple Dev With An Anti-War Message?

[Update: See the Doctor's link in the comments, looks like it's not Apple's fault after all]

Macenstein has talked to Oxford University Press about the Anti-War and Anti-President definitions in Apple’s Oxford Dictionary widget. It appears that a rogue dev at Apple snuck in some not so nice easter eggs.

Here’s just one example below. You can read the investigation over at Macenstein; while you’re there, check out April’s Mac Chick.

Apple Dictionary Widget


Guitar Battle: Gaming Console Style

Xbox and PS have Guitar Hero 2 which comes with its guitar to play along and make your own music on your gaming console.

     Guitar Hero 2

Welp, that’s nothing compared to this console that became a guitar.

     NES Guitar 

Two very different applications depending on whether you prefer form or function.




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Scrabble Furniture

Here we have ‘interactive seating’ based on Scrabble that provides a break for employees at the London offices of Bloomberg financial services.



[Found via Random Good Stuff]

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Sun Acquires Java Based Mobile Phone OS

Jasper Phone

Looks like Sun is getting into competition with Symbian, Microsoft and Linux in the mobile space.

Deviceforge.com is reporting that Sun has acquired the assets of SavaJe Technologies. SavaJE developed the OS from the kernel on up and is deployed to the Jasper S20 mobile phone which won ‘Device of the Show’ aware at last year’s JavaOne conference.

The SavaJe mobile platform is an open standards based Java platform and enables operators and handset OEMs to rapidly brand and customize the mobile phone.

[Via Linuxdevices]

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