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When geeks need to know what events are upcoming, they can go to Upcoming.org. Don’t worry if you see it redirect, it appears that Y! is hosting their service right now.

Enter a city and let it return the events happening in the future to include conventions covering everything from Music to Festivals to Education to Commercial and more. Or you can also search by date.

Hey, before you know it, you can be hanging with geeks like these at a Trek Con or wind up like this lucky SOB at TicketSummit 06.

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PCs vs. Consoles, Are You A PC Snob?

Gamespy has a handy guide to discover the PC elitist in you. Then again, if you’re reading this blog you’re likely a PC snob.

Some of my favorites from the list are:

- You believe that only chumps play first-person shooters with a gamepad. In your eyes nothing matches the precision of the good old keyboard and mouse combo..

– You constantly remind people how weak consoles are. Your PC has at least 2GB of RAM, far more than any piddling console and you’d pick an Alienware system over a PlayStation 3 any day…

– GamerTags are Overrated, who needs Xbox Live when you’ve got the Internet?


Ubuntu Releases "Feisty Fawn"

Get it while it’s hot, the d/l locations and mirrors can be found here for the latest release of Ubuntu 7.04.

Here are the upgrade instructions as well as the relnotes.

You can check out the early feedback from the Slashdot thread. If you plan on downloading it now, check out the thread for reports on mirrors that appear to be holding up better than others across the world.


How-To: Make An Xbox 360 Laptop

Title says it all, check out Engadget for this great hack with tons of pics. Get your soldering iron preheated, it’s a doozy.
Xbox - Laptop

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World’s Oldest Known Tree Reconstructed

Pieces of a tree were discovered in New York about a hundred years ago after a flash flood. The bits of tree were dated to around 385 millions years old but there were only pieces of stumps, so scientists were unable to get a good idea of what the entire tree looked like. Until now.

A few years ago in an area near the other location of the tree, archeologists found fossilized remains of the top of a tree dated from the same period.

The journal ‘Nature’ recently revealed the details of the reconstruction, you can read the article on LiveScience and check out the artist’s rendition below.

The oldest tree

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