May 012007

From Greek anti- “opposed” and pous “foot”. This translates to something along the lines of “those whose feet are on the other side’.

The antipodes of any place on the Earth is the place which is diametrically opposite of it. As in when you were a child, if you lived in the United States, you were probably raised to think that if you dug a hole through the earth you’d come out in China.

As you’ll see from the Antipodal Maps and references below, this concept that was used in ‘China Syndrome’ is incorrect (remember the movie of that name regarding a nuclear power plant suffering from thermal runaway was thought to potentially melt a hole through the earth to China?).

In fact, since 70% of the Earth is water, the odds are very likely that if you look 180% (Lat and Lon) from your point on the planet right now, your antipode will not have feet at all but would have fins.

Here’s a really cool use of Google Maps that shows a split view of your antipodes:

So what is at the opposite of China? A good portion of South America, the Andes to be more precise.


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Apr 302007

I don’t know what motovates the current craze over all these futuristic LED watches that have been popping up all over the place lately! Andy reported last week on the ODM pixel watches, Now I’m here to continue the trend with an offering from TokyoFlash, the Shinshoku.

Shinshoku Watch

This slick timepiece features a single adjustable metal band with drilled holes on the face, and 29 powerful LEDs arranged in a series of dots that represent hours and minutes. It takes only a minute or two to learn the LED arrangement to read the time correctly, and you’re set!

I personally like this designer LED watch over all the others I’ve seen lately. It just has that overall metallic futuristic feel to it ;)

Apr 302007

This nifty clock uses a unique graphical interface to show you everything you need to know about current time and calendar stuff!

Check it out!  The Polar Clock.

Apr 302007

Dry Erase Website – it’s very creative, just click the pic to check it out. It’s by Miranda July, author of “No One Belongs Here More Than You: Stories”
Dry Erase Website

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Apr 302007

Here’s a cool do-it-yourself hack. It’s a set of eyes made of pizza boxes you place in your window, the eyes can rotate via servos on the backside, the servos are controlled by a simple motion detector that is also in the window. It all comes together using Linux’ Xeyes applet.

When someone walks or drives by the window, the eyes are ‘aware’ of their presence and will track movement.

More pics and basic info on zedomax’ blog.

The story originated from, it has more details.
Xeyes Linux hack

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