May 212007

This is an interview at the Maker faire of Lee Krasnow, a full time puzzlemaker in San Francisco. He makes complicated 3D puzzles, yet when he exposes the inner workings you can’t help but think ‘wow, that was easy but my gawd that looks hard’.

Watch him expose the secrets to some of these puzzles in the video, my favorite is probably the Barcode Burr. I admire the quality craftsmanship, ingenuity and passion that obviously goes into his work, enjoy.

[youtube OH9JhRalzoY Puzzle Maker Interview]

Lee’s site – Link

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May 212007

Microsoft’s Windows Server division announced recently that Windows Server 2008 will be the last 32 bit version of Windows Client/Server. Starting in 2009 when they release Windows Server 2008 R2, it will be 64 bit only and every other flavor of new Windows versions after that will be 64 bit.

Link to the details.

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May 202007

Instructables is a collaborative site where folks can share what they do, how they do it and can learn from it. Here’s one step by step instructable with lots of pics and full parts list to build your own Nerf sniper rifle.

From the author:

A Nerf gun made from schedule 40 pvc pipe. Extremely accurate and consistent if constructed properly. I was able to hit a 2×2 foot target from about 60 yards away precisely. Any further and the shot became too much of a gamble, and due to the long reload process it is not advised. The is gun somewhat cumbersome so make sure you have a side arm for closer range.


Wow, pretty different than Hasbro’s ‘N-Strike Longshot’ Nerf rifle with a measly range of 35 ft, eh?


Link to the Instructables article .

Found via MAKE

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May 192007


Rumored to have been cut off the hands of a fierce Warlord who was the son of an evil ‘Witch’, these gloves have passed from warrior to warrior until they were discovered hidden in a small house outside of Mongolia. Legend says that when these gloves are worn, the owner will have +2 to armor rating? :grin:

Link to the eBay auction that just ended, but good news the seller has more cool stuff!

Found via Weird Asia News

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May 192007

Check out this fellow’s top 10 worst clients for his web design business. He dishes on the dirt from some of the dumbest and weirdest requests for a web site. For instance, how about this client:

#8 – Black on white is boring. How about hot pink on lime green? And can we make the logo spin? And Ariel is boring, let’s use Comic Sans.

The comments in the post have more great instances of clients gone bad.


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