DIY Linux Hack – Xeyes

Here’s a cool do-it-yourself hack. It’s a set of eyes made of pizza boxes you place in your window, the eyes can rotate via servos on the backside, the servos are controlled by a simple motion detector that is also in the window. It all comes together using Linux’ Xeyes applet.

When someone walks or drives by the window, the eyes are ‘aware’ of their presence and will track movement.

More pics and basic info on zedomax’ blog.

The story originated from, it has more details.
Xeyes Linux hack

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The Truth Behind

Link to xkcd’s webcomic on what you hope isn’t true about our favorite myth debunking site.


What Is That??

Well here we are, one week closer to Summer, and all the fun times that come with it!  Excited?  I know I am :)  Last weeks WIT post was correctly identified by “Tony” as a XBOX 360 Controller.  Excellent work!

So this weeks WIT photo was inspired through my inifinite search of interesting things to report on.  Time was of the essence, as my editor wants me to post more :)  Well here you go!

What Is That??

So there you have it, folks.  Comments section for your guesses as usual! 


What Is That?

What Is The Opposite Of Absolute Zero?

Absolute zero is 0 degrees Kelvin or -460 degrees Fahrenheit and where molecular motion stops. It’s one end of the spectrum for measuring heat. So what’s on the high end? What is the ‘hottest’ measurable temperature on the opposite end of the spectrum from Absolute Zero?

The answer is the ‘Planck Temperature‘ or 10^32 degrees Kelvin, or at least in theory that’s the answer.

Scientists believe that the universe experienced the Planck temperature approximately 10^-43 of a second after the Big Bang, and the universe has been cooling off ever since.

As molecules speed up they increase in temperature. As that temp reaches 10^10 Kelvin, the electrons in that matter are now approaching the speed of light and they are increasing in size so that their temperature can continue to increase.

At 10^32 K, each particle is becoming its own black hole and at this point our understanding of space and time collapse and the temperature likely isn’t observable so this is why scientists call Planck’s Temperature the theoretical highest temperature possible.


Mmmmm. Cake Goodness.

Nothing soothes the soul like a nice sugary cake!  I can always save some room for some baked goods :)

So some people let the geekiness in their life create the need for a special centerpiece in their weddings.

iphone cake 

I’m fond of sci-fi myself, but im not so sure i’d want to plan my wedding culinary goods around it!

Check this out, and drool…

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