Jun 262007

I love popping the little bubbles in bubble wrap, or even better is putting it on the floor and rolling the wheels of my office chair over the wrap, it sorta makes a machine gun sound. :grin:

The downside is the once you’ve popped the bubbles the fun is over.

But no more! Now the fun can last until the tears flow.

Follow this link on over to zedomax.com to learn about the new handheld gadget that has the look and feel and sound of bubble wrap for hours of bubble wrap delight!


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Jun 252007

As promised a few weeks ago, that deal with HP and Petra Nemcova’s photo shoot with that new Tablet PC was not the first time she’s been caught playing with our toys.

Here’s a snapshot from a compilation video on ryoni.com of your new favorite geek girl. Alright maybe she’s not your favorite, perhaps we can make her an ‘Honorary Geek Girl’?

If you missed the first pics of Petra and her photo shoot, head on over now.



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Jun 252007


It appears that Google Reader went offline for about 8 hours when it was daytime in Europe, Asia & Middle East, it was back online early morning today in the US Pacific about 6AM.

Google Reader’s news group was all abuzz with activity and reports of the outage and geeks complaining mightily about the need for their feed fix.

Mihai Parparita (from Google Reader team), here and elsewhere, apologized for the outages, saying feeds should be refreshing again. And they are.

But strangely enough the google reader blog is silent on the subject as is the main google blog.

Seems that when these things happen to Microsoft, the MSDN blogs are very active on the problem, even for Beta products, what’s the deal google? Please be more open with your users. :grin:

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Jun 252007

Full Color 1.8 Inch Screen and made completely from steel for the ultimate in style and coolness. Its high pixels and frames per second are practically guaranteed to make viewing a joy. Plus it has a built in voice recorder, multiple languages, the ability to speed up or slow down the music playing, and so much more.

The device supports these languages: Japanese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French.

Go to GeekStuff4u for the details, the cost is just US$164 and available memory options include upgrading from the default 2GB module to 4GB.


watch metal

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Jun 252007

There’s some really neat CD art out there you can print and affix to your CDs to jazz them up a bit. And then there are some that make practical use out of the CD’s physical attritubtes such as the hole in the middle. What can you do with that empty space?

Check out IAmBored.com for some cool examples of what you can do with that hole like this one example below.

CD Hole Art

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