Jun 292007

Is your laptop battery showing its age? If you’ve looked at a replacement like I had to last year then you’re already aware of how costly it can be, well over a hundred dollars U.S.

If you’re handy with a soldering iron and not afraid to take a crack at replacing the guts of the battery then you can save upwards of 75% of the cost of a new battery by simply replacing the Li-Ion batteries that comprise your laptop battery.

This video is a quick step by step tutorial to the process from Kipkay.

[metacafe 479447/laptop_battery_hack_dont_buy_a_new_one]

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Jun 292007


The other day I told you about the CIA docs released to the public and searchable from their site.

While browsing this treasure trove I stumbled across this one on ‘Counterintelligence Interrogation‘ techniques from 1965. It used to be a SECRET publication with the subtitle of ‘A collection of articles on the historical, operational, doctrinal and theoretical aspects of intelligence’.

Wow, this is the kind of stuff Sgt. Joe Friday would have written, I could hardly contain myself as I dug into it. 😉

I could summarize it as:

It’s a good quick read, I recommend it as bathroom material and something to consider in your RPG if you find yourself on the receiving or giving end of an interrogation.

Here’s a little more info:

It’s 18 short pages of Do’s and Don’ts for the prospective counterintelligence interrogator. Includes legal paperwork you should consider to dot your i’s and cross your t’s beforehand so information gleaned is admissible evidence, special considerations for interrogating females, how to harass and isolate your target, employ divide and conquer techniques, building your story, how to deal with the ‘smash and grab’ type of interrogators from competing gov’t orgs (i think hinting at the FBI), leveraging two-man teams and employing indigenous interrogators when operating overseas, etc…

It ends with this:

Never forget that some day the subject may have an opportunity to tell his side of the story to the press or other public medium, friendly or hostile. He will certainly talk to individuals. What he should honestly be able to say about us is that we are tough but fair. If he decides to paint us in other colors falsely, he probably won’t be convincing.

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Jun 282007

Give some applause for Viral, who figured out the last WIT image as a SIM card slot for a cell phone!  Wow, I’m not able to pull the wool over you guys, am I?  Well, I’ll keep trying :)

Back in my teens, I used to have a good time trying to figure out the images that the GAMES Magazine had on their monthly issue.  I try to draw inspiration from my memories of those times, not having any old mags around,or a local place to buy it, I have to rely on my old noggin.  But one thing remains constant, I try to bring only images that relate to technology in some degree.  If you have any suggestions in that area, feel free to drop us a line, and we’ll give you props in the next WIT post for your idea.

Without further adieu, behold:


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Jun 282007

In Windows, when a user deletes a file it goes to their respective Recycle Bin. The file will remain in this bin until it’s emptied or the file is restored.

The Recycler folder is used on NTFS partitions and it contains a Recycle Bin for each user on the system, this folder has Hidden and System attributes.

As an Administrator you can view and delete other user Recycle Bins from this folder as well.


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Jun 282007

Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and they’ve just announced that the latest and largest version, named Europa, has gone Gold.

This release consists of over 17 million lines of code and received contributions from over 310 open source developers in 19 countries.

Some key improvements to this release are:

  • Ease of development and deployment of server apps
  • Java Development Toolkit
  • Web Tools Project

Although it’s a pipsqueak of an IDE when compared to Visual Studio, Europa is a significant effort and has the support of some big players in software development and of course in open source. This includes Adobe, Red Hat, Wind River, QNX, IBM to name a few.

If you’re interested in the project or in getting the bits for yourself, here you go:

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