iRiver’s NV Player Unveiled, iPods & Zunes Geared For Fight?


iRiver has just added a new product to its lineup by announcing the NV Player. Click the pic above to view this sexy thing. According to iRiver this audio/video device will be launching in Korea first before releasing worldwide.

This player sports a very generous 7″ LED at 840×480, several SD card slots, T-DMB television, 1.3 megapixel camera and more (including a remote!).

And oh BTW, it has GPS integrated!

If you’re not familiar with these devices they’re compatible for MP3, OGG, WMA, WMV, MPG, XviD and H.264. To top it off it also includes an FM tuner.

So what’s the price? Unknown, the manufacturer is mum on that for now.

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Companies And The Customers Who Hate Them

Before you skip this article thinking it’s not geek related, it is, sort of. Interesting to mobile phone geeks and financial geeks perhaps?

Check out the Harvard Business Review’s terrific article ?Companies and the Customers Who Hate Them? that has some details on the business practices at most cellular service providers. 

Here’s a choice snippet:

Sometimes all it takes to trigger a mass defection from a company-centric firm is the appearance of a customer-friendly competitor?one that puts customer satisfaction and transparency first.

Example: Virgin Mobile USA offers a pay-as-you-go pricing plan with no hidden fees, no time-of-day restrictions, no contracts, and straightforward, reasonable rates. It has nearly five million subscribers and a customer churn rate well below the industry average. Customer satisfaction hovers in the 90th percentile. And more than two-thirds of customers reported recommending Virgin to friends and family.

You’d think that was a no-brainer right? Apparently not, it’s all about the immediate gratification of revenue coming into the coffers right now, not in the long run. This is what I don’t like about working in the tech industry.


Pink Lipstick Subs As 1GB Pen Drive

Far be it for me to provide fashion advice, especially for the girls, but If the wife was just a little geekier I’d definitely get this for her. Perhaps make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays.

It’s perfect for the fashion conscious ladies that also need a 1GB USB 2.0 drive in their handbag ‘just in case’.

Pink lipstick pen drive

Link to the product page on Monkey Nose.

And if your girl is not a geek and has no need for a pen drive, then maybe something like these cute little pink designer dog speakers for her PC or iPod?

bow wow pink

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Review : Ades Design "Color Picker"

Okay, so your surfing the web, and you come across the perfect shade of a color you haven’t been able to recreate yourself to save your life.  Maybe you’ve found a special metallic turquoise blend only found in the starry eyes of David Hasselhoff, or that perfect hue of dirty orange for your virtual model of the “General Lee” (Dukes of Hazzard).

Color Picker

In steps “Color Picker“, a new offering from Ades Design.  Using Color Picker, you can click anywhere on your screen, and capture any color you desire for future use on web design, templates, charts, or presentations.  This powerful, yet small utility can store a database of colors you’ve captured, where you can change, convert, or even export colors in several different formats in just mere moments.  This is a must have utility for the serious and casual web developer alike!

Check out some of their other cool offerings over at


GOOG Unleashes Public Policy Dog, er Blog


GOOG has launched a public policy blog in its efforts to join the big boys of Apple, Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Intel,

The goal is to focus more attention on US gov’t legislation and regulation, an effort that began in 2005 . Recently it has called on Congress to pass net neutrality rules and have also joined the debate in how the FCC should auction 60MHz of spectrum in the 700MHz band being abandoned by TV stations.

They’re also focusing on issues like privacy and copyright protection.


Privacy” in the sense that they want to be able to retain your IP logs longer than is typical or reasonable and not be criticized for it and “copyright protection” in the sense that GOOG wants to parse copyrighted books and make the entire contents searchable for free without the author’s consent or performing due diligence in tracking down that consent.

Of course, GOOG’s director of public policy and gov’t affairs, while trying to sound fluffy and lovable, says in the new blog:

“We’re seeking to do public policy advocacy in a Googley way”

I love how the word ‘googley’ tends to come out in GOOG’s speeches when trying to deflect criticism or soften the blow of the hammer to your head or to your freedoms and especially when trying to show the ‘non-evilness’ of what they’re doing, never mind that they’re following in the footsteps of MSFT, IBM, ATT and every other behemoth before them. They’re not different. They’re a corporation, they have needs, they have wants, why don’t they ‘man up’ and tell us the truth and that is ‘in order to generate more revenue, gain greater market share, this is not being done on behalf of our customers, rather it’s on behalf of the shareholders’.

The truth is that GOOG is really no different than MSFT, no different than Lockheed, no different than IBM. That when you break it down, they’re just another corporation, a corporation causing a braindrain in Silicon Valley and inducing fear, uncertainty and doubt into the software market around them and that they’re no longer the loveable googley little startup they once were.

Admit it Google, you’ve grown up, you’ve flexed your muscle, realized you’re no longer the little pipsqueak that gets sand kicked in it’s face. You’re one of the big men on campus and get to dictate how things should be.

So again, man up and drop the cuddly googley old image and show us what a terror you really can be. Bring it on, effect some real change in public policy like donating algorithms to AIDs research for instance, not this piddly stuff on your policy agenda.




PS – I do appreciate GOOG creating the blog in the first place, it’s a start.