Captain America "Behind the Shield" Featurette

I stumbled on this great featurette about the upcoming superhero movie Captain America. This extended video goes into some of the details of the set and props. That shield is simply awesome!

I found this at SuperHeroHype, if you’d like to know about the movie and it’s availability in Jult 2011, check out the dedicated page over at


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‘Lost’ Bats Found Breeding, Today’s Ejaculation Advice, Energy Drinks Lead to Substance Abuse

I’m a fan of ScienceBlog, it covers everything from nanotechnology to entropy in the universe and everything in between. If you are into science in general I highly recommend this site. Here’s a sample of articles I read today from their RSS feed. I’m subscribed:

Energy Drinks Linked to Substance Use in Musicians

Frequent use of energy drinks is associated with binge drinking, alcohol-related social problems and misuse of prescription drugs among musicians, according to researchers at the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions.

Is Today’s Ejaculation Advice Right for Our Species?

For the last half-century, Western sexologists have advised men to ejaculate as frequently as the urge arises, on a par with nose-blowing. But what if this advice is not supported by the data biologists are turning up?

‘Lost’ bats found breeding on Sicily

A University of Exeter biologist has discovered a ‘lost’ species of bat breeding on the Isles of Scilly (UK). A pregnant female brown long-eared bat is the first of its species to be found on the islands for at least 40 years. It was discovered by Dr Fiona Mathews, Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter, a postgraduate student and a team from the Wiltshire Bat Group.


Booth Babe of Red Angel

AMy Vitale

Meet Amy Vitale, arguably one of the best Booth Babes that have graced these pages and also a “jack of all trades” and very talented individual.

Ms. Vitale is a pro wrestling diva, actress with quite a few credits and a fitness guru. She is also the inspiration for the heroine of Red Angel, a steampunk scifi comic by What the Flux comics. How cool is that? :-)

Just geeky

6 UFO Hot Spots Around the World

Time magazine of all places has pulled together the top 6 UFO hot spots worldwide. A couple of locations are new to me like Wycliffe Well, Australia. It’s know as the UFO Centre of Australia where you’re considered unlucky if you visit and *don’t* see a UFO at night.

On the topic of UFOs, here’s a recent upload to Youtube of video purporting to be a ufo entering and exiting a cloud.


LEGO Super Star Destroyer coming in September 2011

Star Wars Lego

The next Star Wars model to be released for LEGO will be the Super Star Destroyer coming in at a whopping 3000+ pieces and carries a price tag of US$399, 399.99 €, UK 349.99 £.

The Youtube video below from LEGOClubTV has a closer look at this monster with terrific detail.

Recall, the flagship of Vader’s fleet was the Executor. Now it can be yours to assemble, maybe something to consider for a Christmas gift?