BitTorrent To The Rescue


I’ve been downloading torrents for many years, and have come to know many handy tips and tricks.  One that I learned a while back, but had never had an opportunity to utilize, is correcting and repairing hefty sized files using your client’s hash of that file.  Yeah, it may sound complicated, but its actually pretty simple.  If you have a slow connection and downloaded something like the newest ISO of Ubuntu, then when you went to burn the image to a disc it’s corrupted for some reason…Don’t pull your hair out!  No need to download the file again; with some creative copying and a hash check, you can be back in business in no time at all.

Read this detailed article HERE to get the skinny on this procedure.  Be sure to backup anything you plan on testing this with, as the method can be a bit shaky at times.  Good luck!

Trekkers Rejoice! Star Trek MMO First Look


I can’t tell you just how long I’ve been waiting for this bad boy to be released!  I’d heard rumors of it as far back as two years ago, when NCSoft was shutting down some of its earlier developed games, and announced upcoming developments.  If you remember, Andy and I were down in Vegas last summer, and had an opportunity to check out some of the literature for the game there, and there was even a presentation of the MMO by none other than Leonard Nimoy himself.  Early videos promised some beautiful, yet functional space battles, unique character customizations, and many innovative worlds to explore.  One of the online consultants from has had an opportunity to play the game, and give a semi-detailed analysis of its play HERE.


I’m chomping at the bit to play this game – and I’m hoping that it’s released soon.  With the new Star Trek movie just around the corner, it would be a smart move to ride the popularity coattails to help promote the game.  Especially since this early look suggests that there are tie-ins between the MMO and movie 🙂

Jailbreak Stores Plot to Plunder iPhone App Revenue

apple logo varied 

Several groups are interested in hosting iPhone apps, but they wouldn’t be officially blessed by Apple, meaning they’re not signed by our favorite fruity gadget maker. Which means to install one of these apps from outside the iTunes environment you must jailbreak your iPhone.

Why not just host these apps on iTunes with all the rest? Well, it appears Apple takes its sweet time to get a developer’s app into the cloud turning it into a minor crisis. And then there’s the whole porn thing that turns your iPhone into a smut emporium.

So if you’re interested in non-Apple certified apps, apps that that Apple hasn’t censored, then you’re only solution is to jailbreak the phone. The cause and effect part i’ve outlined is not news, what’s news is that it appears the desire for alternative non-blessed applications may be building to the point that it’s worth trying to act as an alternative to big brother.

In other Apple news:

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  • U2 Hangs up on Apple, Dials BlackBerry [Wired]

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    • The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park revitalises iconic air traffic control technology

      radar stations

      The technology that for decades kept airspace over Southern England safe can now be seen in action in public for the first time ever at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park.

      For 25 years the British-designed IRIS investigative radar recording system operated behind closed doors at West Drayton handling millions of aircraft movements without a single incident ever being attributed to an Air Traffic Control failing. With the transfer of Air Traffic Control to Swanwick, the last of the PDP11-based radar stations were decommissioned earlier this year. Two were transferred to The National Museum of Computing where expert volunteers have brought them back to life after six months of diligent reconstruction.

      The two large radar displays, affectionately known as the Big Green-Eyed Monster because of their size and remarkable retro appearance, can be viewed for the first time by the public replaying historical recordings of flights in and out of London’s Heathrow Airport.

      Titan Backup With A Bang!

       titan-logo   20080908211122_Lacie_logo

      Hey folks!  Our good friend, Flavius Saracut over at Neobyte Solutions (creators of Titan Backup)got a hold of me the other day to tell me about a fantastic weekly giveaway they’re sponsoring right now.  Every week, one lucky person will walk away with a 500gb LaCie external hard disk.  How awesome is that?  I think everyone could use an extra 500gb of storage, myself included :)  All you have to do is head on over to their website, and click on the banner across the top of the page.  Good luck!


      Click HERE to go check out the review on Titan Backup!

      `Watchmen’ Sequel Unlikely


      No sequel? Yeah right. Whether it makes big $$$ is the determining factor.

      Here’s a snippet from the Associated Press story:

      LOS ANGELES (AP) — Fans should plan to savor every visual morsel when "Watchmen" swoops into movie theaters Friday because the subversive superheroes of the landmark comic book series may never return to the big screen.

      "There’s no way I would be involved in a sequel or prequel," said director Zack Snyder, who turned the graphic novel "300" into a 2007 blockbuster.

      "Will they make one? I have no idea how you would. The work is the work. This movie is about ideas. Anything else you would do, if you did a sequel to it, misses the point entirely of what ‘Watchmen’ is," he said.

      Greening the World of Warcraft?

      Green Eco Friendly WoW - World of Warcraft

      From we learn of a media expert at Stanford that details the ways in which online multiplayer games can reflect and reward real-world eco-friendly behavior. The idea is to tie in your home power usage and metrics to an online game, like World of Warcraft is an example the expert touts as one vehicle to encourage people to reduce power consumption.

      A scenario might be this: Within the game the user receives feedback on their home’s power consumption, let’s say that you left a bunch of lights on. If you then turn the lights off, the game detects the decrease in power and your character in the game is rewarded somehow to reinforce the eco-friendly behavior.

      The concept of rewarding people for reducing power consumption is good, and I think being able to provide live feedback to consumers is also great. But the implementation details this expert gives are screwed. A WoW player, most any MMORPG or online FPS gamer for that matter, is not going to be motivated to alter their real world lifestyle to impact their online experience.

      Now maybe if there was a way to tie the reduced power usage to a reduced WoW subscription fee or for free online game time, that is something I’d consider useful.

      CBS Releases iPhone App


      From NetworkWorld:

      Pining for instant access to episodes of "MacGyver" on your iPhone (and really, who isn’t)? CBS Mobile has you covered with its new app (iTunes link) released on Thursday. The app offers free streaming video content from CBS (including CBS News, Sports, and Radio), the CW, and Showtime, as well as CBS-owned Cnet and some other places (CBS aquired the Web site along with its purchase of Cnet in 2008).

      I’m not going to apologize for apparently not being among the masses pining to watch TV on a handheld device. Is there really a desire for this and will it generate enough revenue to pay for the bandwidth?

      Doodling Can Help Your Memory


      You might look like you’re not paying attention when you doodle, but science says otherwise. It actually keeps us on track with boring tasks.

      Researchers in the UK found that test subjects who doodled while listening to a recorded message had a 29 percent better recall of the message’s details than those who didn’t doodle. The findings were published in Applied Cognitive Psychology.

      Read more at ABC News.


      [Flickr ‘doodle’ photo courtesy of karindalziel]

      Interview of Lord British

      Old School geeks will recognize the name Lord British immediately as the game author/designer for the Ultima series of RPG video games. I have fond memories of playing hour upon endless hour of Ultima on an Apple //e back in the 80’s so getting to see this interview set is a real treat for me!

      This interview is in 3 parts, part 1 is below. Head over to to watch the entire series (Part 2, Part 3) of interviews and take a tour of his home which is a geek’s dream come true with gadgets, secret doors, magical gear, a full sized rotating telescope in the roof and more. chose a great topic to launch their new technology series of videos they call Motherboard…tip of the hat guys.

      Laptop Information Heaven


      Time for a little Link Love for a site I bookmarked this week-

      I recently learned of a laptop reviews and news site called as being almost a one-stop shop for reviews, news and more for laptops and their accessories. They have a blog and forums as well so they have a whole community around their review website. They also link to Pricegrabber if you want to purchase reviewed HW directly. The best part is the quality writing so they appear to use some pretty good editors and/or writers.

      One of my favorite articles recently is Top 10 Laptops for Geeky Girls because they showcase some stylish laptops that will fit with many feminine wardrobes like the Pink Prada Leather Laptop and the HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition seen below.

      Check them out.

      Girly Laptops