Men In Black 3 To Feature Retro Aliens

Due out for release in May 2012, MIB 3 will include a time travel story. When asked about the types of aliens to be seen this time around the makeup and FX designer’s reply: “Space suits with fishbowl helmets and ray guns”. I can hardly wait :-)

Head on over to SuperHeroHype for the details.

Looking for even more info on Men in Black 3? Here you go.


Video Shows First Tool Use By A Fish

As seen on ScienceBlog, this video shows an orange-dotted tuskfish that digs a clam out of the sand, carries it over to a rock, and repeatedly throws the clam against the rock to crush it.

This is amazing to see a fish carry out a series of complex things like this and to plan out the steps.


New Geeky T-shirts

Sebastian from alerted me to some new tees now available.

The first one is called Beam This!, Batman vs. Star Trek? Please don’t make me choose one over the other in that battle.  :-) The description at the page describes it as “This poor red shirted bastard had no idea what he was beaming into. Apparently into a massive uppercut. ”


The next shirt is called Intoxicate and is described as “This robotic destruction machine decided that getting sloshed would be preferable to his usual battle cry of extermination.”. Could it be a cross between a Dalek and the drunkeness of Bender?


Just geeky

Zombie Head Bowlingballs







Like a lot of you I find adverts on TV to be interesting to examine both for the technological marvel and for the entertainment, but especially look forward to those for the pure geek factor. I ran across this cool advert on regarding a promotion being run on the top horror channel on German TV – Street 13.

In the ad, bowling balls are replaced in the ball return tray with a grotesque, decapitated head that you have to lift by its bloody, vacant eye socket and deformed nostril.

How cool is that?

You can see more photos of the art work here at, view the video below.

13th STREET – Bowlingheads (Case Video) from RUOK on Vimeo.


Here’s some link love for Justin D.:

Just geeky

Galaxiki: A Sci-Fi Galaxy You’re Invited to Help Shape & Edit


At, each star, each planet and each moon in this online fictional galaxy is represented by a wiki page that can be edited by its site members. Users can make changes to solar systems, add creatures and write stories. One of the main goals is to invent and write collaborative stories, which requires users to make sure their solar system histories remain compatible.

You can also edit most of the solar system physics, add or edit planetary rings as well. There are also social networking features including solar system ratings and comments, bookmarks, user awards and user status updates.

Galaxiki membership and editing community stars is free. Though some users want to own a personal solar system that cannot be edited by other members, you can get your own personal system by making a donation.

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