Jul 202007


You may recall the “$100 laptop for children” or ‘One Laptop Per Child’ initiatives being pushed in emerging markets that would educate the masses and help bootstrap a nation’s efforts to modernize.

Welp, looks like the kids figured out an alternative use for the internet besides learning. :)

Link to the Reuters article.


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Jul 202007


The Chinese government has launched a campaign to limit the number of hours teenagers spend online playing games.


Under new rules that took effect Monday, Chinese Internet gaming companies must install a program that requires users to enter their ID card numbers. After three hours, players under 18 are prompted to stop and “do suitable physical exercise.

If they continue, the software slashes by half any points earned in the game. All points are wiped out if players stay on more than five hours.

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Jul 192007

IT Crowd Site

I received all of this from Nicole P., but good golly, if you do nothing else on this page, go watch the clips from the British show ‘IT Crowd” she forwarded at the bottom, they’re farking hilarious :)

I will definitely be watching out for this when it’s available in the US.

She basically passed along a bit of info on the British sitcom the “IT Crowd” that is being released here on DVD in September (NBC is airing the American version this Fall).  The series (created by Ricky Gervais….the brain behind “The Office”) follows the hilarious day to day lives of two IT guys (Roy and Moss) and their flighty boss Jenn.

Below are some clips to give you more of an idea about the show.  They are also running a contest via the IT Crowd Blog to ‘Immortalize Your IT Guy.’ They are receiving picture submissions of IT Guys from all over and featuring the best ones every week until early September. At the end of the contest the winner will get their pictures featured in the Photo gallery of the next IT Crowd DVD release!

Clip – The IT Crowd: All Women Just Want Bastards

[youtube bw-oCHZKS4g]

And here’s another good one, I won’t bore you with embedding a second video, just clicky.

Clip – The IT Crowd: Jen’s Dead

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