Jul 192007

Dice.com has an interactive game for you IT folks to let your frustrations out on a few Project Managers and Sales Execs.

You’re presented with a few video scenarios where you’re confonted by an irate manager, choose from various interesting weapons at your disposal to get even. You get nice artillerly like the Pizza Gun, Masochistic Mosquito, Giant Boxing Glove.

You’re undervalued around the office and overworked, expected to deliver miracles at 3PM on Friday. This is your chance to get even!

Tip – When you’re in the office map view, try mousing over all the worker bees in the cubes. Don’t forget the guy in the bathroom!


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Jul 182007

Classroom icon

You know what? Sometimes I’m so lazy.

How lazy? Indulge me while I explain. 

We’ve probably all seen this deal before in that you can download the MIT courseware for free from what appears to be all departments. From Aeronautics and Astronautics to Linguistics and Philosophy to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to Writing and Humanistic Studies and many more between!

This subject of the availability of the courses came up on Digg today, ah those loveable yet hate-filled bastards, what would we do with you? :)

But as sometimes happens when you have a bunch of latecomers jumping on the bandwagon of geekdom, they missed out on this topic that the geeks first learned of 5 years ago when it was discussed on Slashdot.

OK, back on topic now. I’m lazy, the last time I learned of the courseware I didn’t bookmark it, now I won’t have to worry about that ‘interesting training’ that I lost the link to again because I can just search the Geeknews archives. :razz:

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Jul 182007

With a domain name like that you’d think ‘why bother telling us about it, of course it’s just another anti-iPhone site you dork’.

And then you’d be wrong.

In fact developer on the site *loves* the iPhone, but wants to bring the cool UI pieces to Windows Mobile.

Here’s a snippet from the About page:

I personally have been using the Sprint PPC6700 for almost a year now and have grown to love and hate it… lets just put it this way… you can certainly tell that there is some version of Windows on this thing… lets just leave it at that.

I recently upgraded to Adobe’s Flash CS3, and to my surprise I stumbled upon Flash development for mobile devices…When I opened up a new project for a Windows Moblie device in [Adobe’s Flash] CS3 and started digging around it became clear to me… THIS WOULD BE A FANTASTIC DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT TO BUILD A NEW COOL INTERFACE FOR A WINDOWS MOBILE PHONE!

The goals are to develop the interface piece by piece:

  • A new launcher (see screenshot below)
  • A new locking screen
  • A weather application / widget
  • Possible future piece: contact manager

Here’s the homepage, the gallery of screens, About page with lots of info and lastly the Forums.



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Jul 172007

No, this isn’t yet another story about a Starbucks machine on every floor of every building on MS’ campus.

This is about Microsoft focusing more efforts towards getting consumer friendly devices into every room of every home. Remember the Microsoft motto in the 90’s used to be ‘A PC on every desk’?

For the most part, with the exception of developing regions, you can consider that mission accomplished.

BBC has the story and goes behind the scenes of the research into MS’ next wave of features and projects you can expect to see in the coming decade.

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Jul 172007

Here’s a slick Zombie Infection Sim with an overhead view of a sim city (of sorts) populated with humans, a single zombie and rules on the expected behavior of both beings when they come in contact with each other. Do they fight or flight, if humans shoot at the zombie do they get a kill shot, what direction to run, etc…?

In my sim below, the green dots are zombies, pink are human. Watching the infection spread is good for about 3-4 minutes of fun.


Zombie Infection Sim

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