Symantec Looking For Beta Testers of NextGen Products


Symantec is inviting the public to join its beta programs for 5 of their newest Norton software and help them drive some quality into the products. These appear to be open betas which means you won’t be screened in order to install the product, all you have to do is download, install it and report bugs via the support forums. But for god’s sake do not install this on production machines!

The most interesting beta appears to be their AntiBot product to protect against malware and their related components.

The current betas can be viewed from the Public Beta page or by going directly to these product beta pages to download the product:

Current Norton betas:


{Found via BetaNews]

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Keyboard Prank Or New Chia Planter For Geeks?

Here’s a neat prank, or perhaps it’s a new Chia Pet planter for geeks. You decide. shows the step by step instructions (not in English) to get plants growing up through the keys in your keyboard.

First, it appears you need to pry up the top of the keyboard to get access between the keys. Then lay down some cotton or other material to lightly protect the circuits, lightly moisten the cloth as well to get the seeds started. Pour seeds into every visible crevice, replace top of keyboard and wait for the crops to grow up through the keys.

Here’s a pic (clicky) from the instructions pouring in the seeds.

keyboard planter 1

Here’s the end result, crops!

keyboard planter 2


Warning: That site may display NSFW adverts, but it has more pics and close-ups to enjoy.


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Cray Supercomputers Play Key Role in Designing Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Cray reported yesterday that 800,000 processor hours of computing time on Cray supercomputers went into the design of the highly successful Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

With help from the Crays, Boeing was able to get through the prototyping phases with only having to test 11 physical wings versus the 77 wing designs for the Boeing 767. The resulting airliner is also much lighter, with fewer emissions and more cost savings per seat per mile.

Supercomputingonline has the details and quotes, read more.


And In Autonomous Aircraft News From ‘Space War’…


From Space WarPredators Reach Quarter-Million Flight Hours
The Predator is a medium-altitude, long-endurance, remotely piloted aircraft. Its primary mission is interdiction and conducting armed reconnaissance against critical, perishable targets.

Airmen from the 11th Reconnaissance Squadron recently flew an MQ-1 Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle past the 250,000 flying hour milestone marking the historic milestone with a ceremony June 22 at Creech Air Force Base. “There are Predators airborne in support of operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because of what it can bring to the fight, the Predator is the most requested asset in theater,” said Col. Christopher Chambliss, the 432nd Wing commander.


From Space WarPuma Achieves Record Flight Time Using Fuel Cell Battery Hybrid System
With a wingspan of 8.5 feet and weight of 12.5 pounds, Puma is a lightweight, hand-launched Unmanned Aircraft that provides aerial observation at line-of-sight ranges up to 10 kilometers. Watch videos or view its datasheets.

AeroVironment has successfully flown its Puma small unmanned aircraft for nearly five hours while it was powered by an onboard fuel cell battery hybrid energy storage system. This successful demonstration marked the completion of the first task under AV’s contract with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for the development of advanced propulsion technologies for unmanned aircraft.


What Is That??

Props to Benji-kun for getting the last WIT right, a image of a clear bathroom air freshener!  w00t!

So now that summer is in full swing, and the temperature is slowly baking us like a potato, it’s time to partake of the popular outdoor fun stuff we all save for the hot months.  I’m running around like a headless chicken taking my son to soccer games, camp activities and trying to catch all the good movies that have been released lately.  (Can you say “Transformers”??)  But in all that activity, I am always scoping my surroundings for some good WIT material!  You can too!  Feel free to send us any images you think would make a good WIT, and if we use it, we’ll make sure to give you a proper hat tip ;)

But, let’s get this road on the show, shall we?  I’m determined to stump you guys one of these days…so check this out –


Fear the bright yellow thing!  *snicker*  Guess away!

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