Iconfactory Walls For The iPhone


The Iconfactory jumps on the iPhone bandwagon in the nick of time (to be the first?) to convert their wallpapers to iPhone screen size. Here’s just a few samples below, check out the rest.

 icon_factory_wall2 icon_factory_wall

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Astronomers spot double star explosion


Scientists have spotted two stellar explosions going off just weeks apart in the same galaxy.

The discovery, made by NASA’s Swift satellite, marks the first time two supernova events have been observed in a single galaxy so close in time.

The blasts occurred in an obscure galaxy located 380 million light-years away in the constellation Hercules. Called MCG +05-43-16, the galaxy had never been known to host a supernova before.

Read MSNBC Tech/Science for more


‘Powered By Ubuntu’ Stickers

Here’s an idea on Dell’s Ideastorm site that’s gaining in popularity: affix a ‘Powered By Ubuntu’ sticker to the laptops shipping with Ubuntu.

Oh, and if you want your own free stickers, here you go.



What Is That??

Wooohoo!  Summer is officially here folks.  I’m jazzed about all the stuff I have planned to do with my family, and of course with you ;)  My son, bless (or curse) his 12yr old heart, is on his last day of school today, which marks the end of having any peace during the day for the next few months.  Maybe I’ll do the same thing my parents did when I was his age, feed him breakfast, and then shove him out the door and tell him not to come back until it gets dark!  Hehe.  Well, it doesn’t work for everyone….

On to the matter at hand here.  Congrats to xavier for guessing that last weeks WIT was a braille device!  (insert applause here)  Maybe I was too easy on you!  Here’s a snappy of something you don’t see everyday.  Try this one on for size…


So onward into verbal battle we go, my fellow geeks.  Show no mercy and defeat the mighty mystery at hand!  Sharpen your wit, and submit your comments…

What Is That?

UFOs Among The Top Queries Of The CIA Docs

The CIA’s web site has a Freedom Of Information section to search declassified documents from the spy agency. In the last 2 months here are the top 5 search keywords people have entered into their site:

May, 2007:
 ufo: 1782
 0001156395: 1625
 bay of pigs: 950
 cuba: 634
 vietnam: 547

April, 2007:
 bay of pigs: 1124
 ufo: 1064
 iran: 682
 vietnam: 588
 soviet: 412

As you can see (unless you’re color blind), i’ve highlighted ‘UFO’. Are people so daft as to think that they’re going to post the ‘good stuff’ online? Gimme a break :grin:

From spot checking the UFO reports myself (looks like ‘Flying Saucer’ was more popular back in the 50′s), they all pretty much run along the lines of this one from 1952:


I’ve found some really cool stuff though, completely unrelated to UFOs, will report here later. Some of it is stuff that was formerly Soviet Top Secret which was translated, shared within the US intelligence community and is now declassified under our own rules! How cool is that!