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I’m not the kind of person that likes to try new things (unless it’s shiny and expensive), I’m kind of an old fart really, settled in his ways. But I’ll listen to you if you think you have a better mousetrap because you know, you may have discovered a way for me to be even lazier or more informed than before, so I’m all ears. :)

I also like discovering new things, which is different than *trying* new things. This never ending process of discovery includes learning more about who’s visiting Geeknews. That’s probably the one and only reason I like MyBlogLog, when I see a new face or avatar to the right of this humble little site I can not resist clicking it to learn more about this person, what might we have in common, what does their own blog look like?

Yesterday I found Fredric via Mybloglog which led me to the blog he’s co-editor on called Young Black Professionals. The site covers topics ranging from Faith and Politics, Money Saving Tips, Tech News and much more, sometimes with a ‘black’ spin on the topic to make the thought provoking subjects more relevant for the audience. I really like what they’ve got going on there, it’s good stuff and even though I’m not black, I am subscribed to their feed. Check them out.

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Geek News Roundup: 9-05-07


Programming Grads Meet a Skills Gap in the Real World
What programmers learn in college and what they need in the work force are out of sync.
Despite the best laid plans of colleges and universities, there remains a skills gap between what computer science graduates learn in their undergraduate years and what they need to become proficient in a typical at-work environment.

Report: Virginia Tech Massacre Unrelated to Shooter Games
Game Daily
According to a review panel put together by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, the shooter during the events of April 16 wasn’t really a “gamer” at all. During Cho’s childhood, he played games like Sonic the Hedgehog, and during his college experience, he didn’t play games at all.

China wants to take out the space trash
Chinese government seeks to monitor and reduce debris from spacecrafts. Basically they’re trying to make up for all the crap they’re leaving behind.

Chicago cop chases down gunman on Segway
Believe it or not, Chicago policeman Thaddeus Martyka isn’t the first cop to chase down a crook with the help of a Segway.

NASA clean rooms breed hardy bacteria
The ultra-clean facilities used to assemble NASA’s spacecraft are inhabited by some hardy bacteria, which could be hitchhiking their way to space. Samples from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Kennedy Space Center and Johnson Space Center, show the variety of bacteria that make it into the spaceship assembly areas despite the clean rooms used to build the craft in.

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Justice League Begins Casting

Justice League

obsessedwithfilm alerts us to the fact that the upcoming film for ‘Justice League’ now has casting directors in place to go forth and fill the roles. Likely heroes would include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and possibly more heroes getting lesser screen time, this B list of heroes could include Atom, Aquaman, Plastic Man, Captain Marvel and more.

OWF is speculating that producer George Miller is looking to find several unknowns or up and coming actors for the film. So if you washed out of Sci Fi channel’s Who wants to be a superhero? then now is your best opportunity to hit it big as a real (er, fake real) superhero.

Here’s the link to OWF’s info on Justice League. Don’t get too excited just yet, this film likely wouldn’t see a release date until 2010.


[via Superhero Hype]


How To: Measure The Drag Coefficient Of Your Car

Rob from Vancouver, BC wanted to try an experiment with his vehicle:

The purpose of this experiment is to determine your vehicle’s drag coefficient Cd and coefficient of rolling resistance Crr. This is done by measuring your vehicle’s speed as a function of time while coasting in neutral.

Why would you want to know Cd and Crr for your vehicle?

Read this instructable and find out.


Your New Mobile Office From Samsung

Samsung i760

Samsung is close to releasing their new mobile phone with slideout QWERTY keyboard through Verizon Wireless. I would tell you that “it looks like a doozy” but the feature page for this little fellow is lacking in technical detail.

What I can tell you though is that it will ship with WM6 Professional, *stereo* Bluetooth headset capability…let me repeat that last for you, I said stereo headset via Bluetooth. Can I get a witness from the congregation? Amen!

The Samsung page for this beauty says :

  • It will have enhanced email support through Direct Push out of the box (I’d think this is a given)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g – seamlessly move between your corporate WLAN, home WLAN and local Hot Spot.
  • Built in Camera and Camcorder – Use the built-in camera to take digital still pictures with 1.3 megapixel resolution or use the camcorder to capture life?s more active moments.
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