Booth Babes, Some That Could Skin A Buck

I was browsing Field & Stream online and ran across their tradeshow analysis of the SHOT show in Orlando, Fl this year. SHOT is the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show, if you’re *really* interested and I think you’re not, you can read about the show in this press release or at the About page from

Anyway, the F & S page had a SHOT show gallery of Booth Babes! To see more booth babes on Geeknews, it has it’s own category, we’re big fans of the Booth Babe profession.

Below is a sampling of the babes including a couple of odd ones like the two-headed deer and the Annie Oakley sisters. To see the full gallery of 14 pics, follow my lead to Field & Stream.


Field and Stream Booth Babes 1

Field and Stream Booth Babes 2

Field and Stream Booth Babes 3

Field and Stream Booth Babes 4


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GOOG Tricked Users With Sponsored Links


I’ve seen this one brewing on the back burner for a little while but it looks like it’s finally making progress through the courts, though today’s hearing was adjourned for another month. You may have heard of this case before regarding a couple of car dealerships and a trade magazine in Australia.

Internet Behemoth Google was accused Monday of misleading web users and misidentifying sponsored links in a court case brought by Australia’s consumer watchdog.

In what it says is a world-first action, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) alleges Google failed to distinguish between paid advertisements and “organic” results generated by the search engine.

Read more at E-Commerce Times.


RoboFish Demo’d In Water


I’ve talked about the robofish efforts before, below is a video that any true geek would watch and pretty much have to agree that it could be summed in one word: Amazing.

The behavior is of the fish is still a little simplistic such as when it runs into the wall it may continue for a few more seconds to push against it before changing direction, but overall I’m very impressed with the rest of the fish’s behavior and natural mechanics.

[youtube eO9oseiCTdk]


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The Girl For Me

 Another good comic from xkcd



Northrop Grumman’s PR Campaign Through Comic Books?

Below are a few thumbnail pages from Northrop Grumman’s latest method of advertising their End-to-End military solutions to the government’s problems.

Link to the whole comic book on The comments on their blog post are pretty funny:

  • ‘at least they got the terrorists speaking English correct’
  • ‘That’s so typical. First they drop in and *then* they realize SITUATION CRITICAL.’

I’m ok with this comic actually. Granted the quality isn’t that great, but who is the intended audience? Certainly not you and me and (I hope not) children. It’s likely just a gimmicky thing to place next to the armament brochures in your booth at the next ‘Arms Convention’. Hey, do they have Booth Babes at those conventions?

Special Ops Comic