She’s Geeky, Women’s Tech (un)Conference


She’s Geeky started as an idea between women working in technology. If you’re a woman working in tech or just a very geeky girl, they want you to attend and socialize, build a network and learn side by side with others just like you.

Their goal is to provide a forum for women to exchange skills and learn from women in diverse fields of tech, discuss topics about women and tech, connect the diverse range of women in tech/ computing/ entrepreneurship/ funding/ HW.

Topics at this 2 day event range from ‘Dealing with Analysts to ‘Nonprofit Technology Sector Overview’ to ‘Speakers training and the importance of speaking in leadership’ to ‘Hardware Hacks by Women’. They have a Proposed Topics page for more subjects.

Many topics still need to be nailed down and are tentative, but I gotta say that if I was a girl geek in technology I’d think seriously about attending. And for such a small fee you gain so much!


  Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA.


  October 22-23

  Start Time: Noon on Monday

  Ending Time: Close 6pm on Tuesday.

  They will have evening ‘entertainment’ on Monday night.


  $125 until Sept 30, $175 after

Go to the home page for all the ‘about’ details.


Where Is That??

Gamers unite!  Here is a spiffy new subject I’d like to add to GN for a tryout with you guys, and see if ya’ll like it.

“Where is what”, you say?  Your home away from home!  Video games are the virtual homes of many a geek, and I’m here to pick your brain, and see if you can identify those locales where you build your armies, slay your sworn enemy or frag your friends.  Each post, I will display a screenshot of someplace within a popular video game (Mostly PC) and you folks will try and guess where it is ;)

Simple enough you say?  Heh, I’m not gonna make it that easy for you!  So lets get this business going….

 Where Is That??

Stab the comments for your guesses, and show us your stuff!

Where Is That??

The History Of Microsoft Windows Start Up Sounds

This video takes us from Win 3.1 to Vista to relive all the startup sounds, that’s 1992-2007. I learned 2 things:

1. My preference was the NT 4 Workstation, until I heard it again here I had forgotten how much I liked it. So now I’m thinking of making it a ringtone on my Smartphone! :)

2. I don’t recall WinME and Win2K being the same though they came out about the same time. Hmm.

[youtube -8F4YF_pH-4]


A Killer Spreadsheet For The iPhone

iPhone charts

EditGrid does online spreadsheets and they now support an online version of a spreadsheet for the iPhone. They specialize in real time update and extensive collaboration features, concurrent users can view and edit your data in real time without conflict. If you’re interested in a comparison of their online service vs. Google vs. Zoho vs. Excel then check out a comparison matrix of features across all 4.

The benefit of this iPhone support by EditGrid is being able to receive a spreadsheet in mail on your Smartphone from your business partner and can open it via their online service. Cool! As opposed to what you’re doing today which is to e-mail the partner back and request they send you the raw data formatted for the mail client on your Smartphone. Uncool!

It’s about data access anytime from anywhere.

Watch a quick Scobleshow Podtech video on this or go straight to EditGrid’s iPhone page for more information and view useful sample templates.

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In-Car GOOG Search For Beamers

myTelus reports on the German luxury automotive manufacturer BMW installing Google search capability in their cars now. It’s called the ‘Google By Car’ function, is really just Google Local Search and is a service provided for free to new car owners depending on the service selected.

Question: Do the Ford or Fiat vehicles running Windows Automotive support Windows Local Live? ;)


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