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Q: What do Stripper Songs and Yoda Quotes have in common?
A: They’re both list subjects on

Listphile is a free website that enables anyone to create collaborative lists, atlases, databases and more.

Lists can be broad and ambitious (like a List of All Baseball Players Who Played in the Majors) or niche (Punk Bands from the Lower East Side, 1975-1980), or quirky or ridiculous. You can collaborate with other people to share, create, and make something that will benefit humanity.

You can create as many lists and databases as you want, there are no limits, and as many people can participate as you’d like. Another list type is a Voting list – they allow any member of Listphile to vote on individual items in that list. An example could be a list of the Best Taco Stands in Los Angeles.

Here’s just a few examples:

Then there’s some, ahem, interesting lists like these:

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This Baseball Player Has Leet Bat Skillz, Or ‘What An Amazing Accident!’

[youtube E3zO0ZxDS4c]

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Iran Blocks Then Unblocks GOOG


Iran on Monday unblocked access to the Google search engine and its Gmail email service after briefly filtering them owing to an “error”, the Fars news agency reported.

“Due to an error, the Google site was filtered on Sunday evening but the error was corrected and now Google and its different sites like Gmail can be used,” said an official from the state-run communications company.

Hah, ‘error’, riiiiiight, read this original article from the Times of Oman published when the clampdown began.


Paul Allen’s Yacht To Include Navy Seals and 10 Man Submarine?

The super-yacht: Octopus

In 2003, Paul Allen launched his new 127m (415ft) super-yacht “Octopus”. At the time it held the top position as the world’s largest yacht.

Let me give you and idea of how large this thing is – Octopus cost over US$200 million and has a permanent crew of 60, including several former Navy Seals. It has:

  • 2-3 helicopters
  • seven boats
  • a 10 man submarine
  • and a remote controlled vehicle for crawling on the Ocean floor.

BTW, the submarine has the capacity to sleep eight for up to two weeks underwater. I’m finding conflicting information on the net as to whether the sub was actually delivered per plans or not. Let’s assume it is in order to make the extravagance just that much cooler.

On average, owners must spend a minimum of 10 percent of the purchase price every year to keep these yachts in good working condition and cover crew salaries. Therefore ‘Octopus’ which cost Allen US$200 million requires a US$20 million annual budget.

Now here’s a question for you dear geeks. What activities can we envision Mr. Allen partaking in with this yacht that requires Navy Seals and a mini-sub that can remain submerged for such a long period of time? Oh, I can name a few off the top of my head but I’d like to hear your theories.

More information on this yacht can be found at these references:


Crusaders & Villains Pt5: The Action Hero’s Handbook

Action Hero's Handbook

The Action Hero’s Handbook

Though this 192 page book is no longer in print, you can find quite a few for sale as low as $2 from the online ‘Mom and Pop shops’ this book is a bargain for prospective crusaders.

Learn how to Catch a Great White Shark, Perform the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, Track a Fugitive, and Dozens of Other TV and Movie Skills.

Everyone wants to be an action hero?as smooth as James Bond, as clever as Captain Kirk, as tough as Charlie?s Angels. And now you can: The Action Hero?s Handbook is the ultimate guide to an action-packed lifestyle, with genuine step-by-step instructions on interrogating a suspect, catching a great white shark, performing the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, stopping a wedding, navigating a ventilation shaft, and much more.

All information is reality-based and comes from a host of experts (including FBI agents, marine biologists, karate champions, wedding planners, and air duct cleaners). With more than 35 illustrations throughout, this dynamic little handbook will teach us all how to keep up with the Indiana Joneses.


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