Oct 012007

Master Chief as a chick

You can bid for this one of a kind statue on ebay here. Right now the bid is up to US$1575 and 10% of the winning bid goes to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

This figure is 11.5 ” tall to the tip of the sniper rifle and is created in polymer clay. You can view some of the artist’s other works here, like the Zombie Hooker, Futurama Leela and one of the weirder ones Poko the clown.

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Oct 012007


Mahalo is a human-powered search engine that creates organized, comprehensive, and spam free search results for the most popular search terms.

The site contains meticulously detailed lists of quality links on topics or keywords you want to search for. Of course since it’s a search engine whose DB is compiled by hand it’ll never have the breadth of coverage of a Yahoo, Dogpile, Live, Google, etc…

But wow. When you do get a good result the quality is above and beyond what you’d likely find elsewhere. Take this one: ‘How to Plan a Cheap Date‘ or this one ‘Halo3 Ending‘.

Give it a try: Mahalo



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Oct 012007

Nanotubes in resin

This is a bit of really cool news coming from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – new technology enables real-time diagnostics and on-site repair.

Adding even a small amount of carbon nanotubes can go a long way toward enhancing the strength, integrity, and safety of plastic materials widely used in engineering applications, according to a new study that a research team has been working on for more 18 months.

Researchers at RPI have developed a simple new technique for real-time detection and repairing small but potentially dangerous fatigue-induced cracks in high-performance aircraft wings and many other structures made from polymer composites.  

Once a crack is located, engineers can then send a short electrical charge to the area in order to heat up the carbon nanotubes and in turn melt an embedded healing agent that will flow into and seal the crack with a 70 percent recovery in strength.

Read more the full RPI press release.

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Oct 012007

2 mobiles

Adobe Systems released a new version of its popular Flash Player on Sunday that promises to bring the quality of live video on cellular phones closer to that of video on computers.

They claim that more than 300 million mobile devices equipped with previous versions of Flash had already been shipped and it expected more than a billion Flash-enabled devices to be available by 2010.

Does this mean I can get youtube mobile to run on my smartphone now? It’s never worked due to flash issues, sigh.

The Adobe Press release.

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Sep 302007

Garry Kasparov

Breaking News!

Politically inspired former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov has overwhelmingly been elected to enter the presidential race representing the country’s opposition coalition called The Other Russia.

If you’re not the kind of geek that followed Kasparov over the years, you can catch up in this 60 Minutes interview as they look into the riskiest move of his career, given the police state that Russia is becoming, Kasparov fears for his life.

[youtube 2TKtWegS1DY]

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