Northrop Grumman’s PR Campaign Through Comic Books?

Below are a few thumbnail pages from Northrop Grumman’s latest method of advertising their End-to-End military solutions to the government’s problems.

Link to the whole comic book on The comments on their blog post are pretty funny:

  • ‘at least they got the terrorists speaking English correct’
  • ‘That’s so typical. First they drop in and *then* they realize SITUATION CRITICAL.’

I’m ok with this comic actually. Granted the quality isn’t that great, but who is the intended audience? Certainly not you and me and (I hope not) children. It’s likely just a gimmicky thing to place next to the armament brochures in your booth at the next ‘Arms Convention’. Hey, do they have Booth Babes at those conventions?

Special Ops Comic


Cassini’s Brilliant Photo Of Saturn

Cassini Photo of Saturn

Earth & Sky has some terrific photos of Saturn by Cassini as it drifted in the gas giant’s shadow for 12 hours.

Included in the post at Earth & Sky is a blow up of the left third of the photo that shows our own little planet shining through between the rings.

Space pics like this always make me feel like a kid again! :)

[via A Welsh View]

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Designing Banner Ads that Get Clicked provides some good advice today on the basics of designing banner ads that are more apt entice the reader to click through for more. It includes some examples of what works and doesn’t work like these two below.

Can you guess which was the ‘good’ example and the ‘bad’ example? :)

Designing Banner Ads


RIM Customers Suffer Another BlackBerry Outage

Blackberry Logo

Link to the AP wire story, snippet:

A software glitch shut down e-mail service for some BlackBerry users Friday, and delays were still being felt hours after the problem was fixed.

Research in Motion Ltd., the Waterloo, Ontario-based company that makes the ubiquitous mobile device, said no e-mails were lost in the shutdown that affected an unspecified number of customers in North America who subscribe to the BlackBerry Internet Service. Phone service and text messaging were unaffected.

However, even after e-mail service was restored, slowdowns persisted into Friday night as message backlogs were being cleared out. The company did not provide an estimate of when service would return to normal and did not specify the software problem.

Poor BlackBerry users, I feel sorry for you guys every time I see another RIM outage. Why do you suffer these, is it because ‘The Man’ is forcing you to use these devices and RIM service as opposed to something like a Windows Mobile device using Exchange ActiveSync for Direct Push so you have total control over your E2E solution?

Please educate me.

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Green Hornet Update

Green Hornet

SCI FI Wire interviews Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (co-writers of Superbad) about their upcoming superhero script for one of our favorite masked crime fighters.

In this 1 minute video, comedy writers Rogen and Goldberg talk about their new script for a Green Hornet feature. They promise their version ‘will not be a humorous re-imagining’. Translation: The kids from Superbad will not be starring.

Rumors from Variety magazine say that Stephen Chow will play Kato, the faithful chauffer/bodyguard/enforcer (aka sidekick).