Sep 302007

D20 Soap is offering scented soap with an actual d20 embedded in it, click the pic for a better view.

These are handcrafted soaps so each one is slightly different, not that factory made crap you’re using today. :-D

Come on now, don’t you agree that this needs to be on your holiday shopping list?

It looks like they’re on backorder now, and when you can get them you have various scents to choose from. What gamer wouldn’t want to show up for his RPG night smelling like Cucumber Melon or Sandalwood?

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Sep 292007

Get info is your site for small business marketing and guerrilla marketing techniques. It’s not flashy and sexy, but it’s the basics, it’s tips/tricks and a little common sense tossed in for good measure.

The article that caught my eye to take a look was ‘When to Submit to a Social News Site‘. If you’re marketing your site or have a recent startup then you should at least check it out. If you’re the average joe like me it may not be your cup of tea but I still found a few nuggets still applicable.

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Sep 292007


Here’s a site from one of the Geeknews followers that I’ve recently subscribed to myself that is worth checking out: Rizzo’s Random Thoughts.

These are a couple of my favorite posts from the site:

Ride the Seattle Slut

Top 10 reasons I love Tivo

You may be wondering what the heck the pic above has to do with this, well I, um, came across it from another of Rizzo’s articles Religion and Nudity , and well, erm, you already know about my obsession (‘Confessions Of A Screenshot Addict‘) now, right? :)

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Sep 292007

Gung Ho Lego

OK, looks like we get two geeky gun stories in the same week from The Firearm Blog, so I guess it’s a good thing I subscribed to the feed, you should too if you’re into firearms because today we learn about Lego Guns! :)

These toys come from Brick Arms; you can get firearms for your Lego figure ranging from the Uzi to the 1911 to the ‘Broomhandle’ Mauser, you can also get weapons packs, accessories and custom military figures.

Brick Arms

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Sep 282007

I’m always on the search for good games to play that are decent, and not just a side-scrolling clone from some flash scripting noob.  There are lots of free game web sites full of flash games that look like random scrawlings from a two year old.  I’m talking about games that can be had for nothing that have some substance, and a credible following of players.

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Here is a comprehensive list of games that deserve a gander and some play time, if you so desire.  My fave in this list is F.E.A.R. ;)