RoboFish Demo’d In Water


I’ve talked about the robofish efforts before, below is a video that any true geek would watch and pretty much have to agree that it could be summed in one word: Amazing.

The behavior is of the fish is still a little simplistic such as when it runs into the wall it may continue for a few more seconds to push against it before changing direction, but overall I’m very impressed with the rest of the fish’s behavior and natural mechanics.

[youtube eO9oseiCTdk]


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The Girl For Me

 Another good comic from xkcd



Northrop Grumman’s PR Campaign Through Comic Books?

Below are a few thumbnail pages from Northrop Grumman’s latest method of advertising their End-to-End military solutions to the government’s problems.

Link to the whole comic book on The comments on their blog post are pretty funny:

  • ‘at least they got the terrorists speaking English correct’
  • ‘That’s so typical. First they drop in and *then* they realize SITUATION CRITICAL.’

I’m ok with this comic actually. Granted the quality isn’t that great, but who is the intended audience? Certainly not you and me and (I hope not) children. It’s likely just a gimmicky thing to place next to the armament brochures in your booth at the next ‘Arms Convention’. Hey, do they have Booth Babes at those conventions?

Special Ops Comic


Cassini’s Brilliant Photo Of Saturn

Cassini Photo of Saturn

Earth & Sky has some terrific photos of Saturn by Cassini as it drifted in the gas giant’s shadow for 12 hours.

Included in the post at Earth & Sky is a blow up of the left third of the photo that shows our own little planet shining through between the rings.

Space pics like this always make me feel like a kid again! :)

[via A Welsh View]

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Designing Banner Ads that Get Clicked provides some good advice today on the basics of designing banner ads that are more apt entice the reader to click through for more. It includes some examples of what works and doesn’t work like these two below.

Can you guess which was the ‘good’ example and the ‘bad’ example? :)

Designing Banner Ads