John Fairfax, a Professional Adventurer


John Fairfax died this week.

Who was he? He ran away from home and lived in the Amazon jungle at 13. Attempted suicide-by-jaguar at 20. Became a Pirate apprentice and briefly managed a mink farm. He rowed across the Atlantic *and* the Pacific.

He was a professional adventurer.


Happy Birthday Jeri Ryan

Jeri Ryan, “Seven of Nine”, was born Feb 22, 1968. Happy Birthday, Jeri.

Where is she today? According to IMDB, she is starring in a TV series called “Body of Proof”.



NASA Unplugs the Last Mainframe

NASA CIO Linda Cureton wrote in her blog that this month marks the end of an era in NASA computing. Marshall Space Flight Center powered down NASA’s last mainframe, the IBM Z9 Mainframe.



How you and your tablet are saving the planet

How you and your tablet are saving the planet
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Young Innovators: Detecting Land Mines


This afternoon, NPR spoke with Marian Bechtel, the 17-year-old inventor of a device that can detect land mines using sound waves. Earlier this year, Bechtel was awarded a fellowship from the Davidson Institute for Talent Development. Her science fair project -"A Stand-off Seismo-Acoustic Method for Humanitarian Demining" – has won her recognition for her innovation from science contests and from the US Army.

Listen to the interview as Marian describes how she discovered this innovative capability to help detect landmines.

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