Yahoo Mail Innovates, Gmail Stagnates


Lifehacker has a great comparison of Yahoo mail vs. Gmail, showing where they have parity in their features and where Yahoo is basically stomping the holy living hell out of GOOG’s mail site that is perpetually in Beta. :P

I rarely use Yahoo, but it looks like I may have to go give them a second try after their onslaught of innovative feature improvements.


Beauty and the Geek Season 4- The Girls Are Prettier and Dumber Than Ever


The new season of Beauty and the Geek started tonight with a 2 hour opener so I’m up past my bedtime. :) Oh boy, there’s a twist in season 4!

And good grief I can’t get over where they dig up some of these beauties. In the first hour they interview the women and ask easy questions, here’s some of the Q/A:

Q: Who wrote Beethoven’s fifth?
Girl1: I don’t read books.
A: Girl2: Mozart?

Q: What’s closer to the Earth, the Moon or the Sun?
A: Girl1: They are the same distance.
A: Girl2: Aren’t the Moon and the Sun the same thing?

Before I go hit the rack, here are some of the promo pics used to advertise the site on the web in the past, I’m not sure what it is that tickles my fancy, but here it is anyway’s:

Beauty and the Geek Beauty and the Geek 2

Beauty and the Geek 4              Beauty and the Geek 3

And here’s your new wallpaper at 1920×1200. Please, there’s no need to thank me, it’s a service I enjoy providing:


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Listphile – Everything In A List, A List For Everything


Q: What do Stripper Songs and Yoda Quotes have in common?
A: They’re both list subjects on

Listphile is a free website that enables anyone to create collaborative lists, atlases, databases and more.

Lists can be broad and ambitious (like a List of All Baseball Players Who Played in the Majors) or niche (Punk Bands from the Lower East Side, 1975-1980), or quirky or ridiculous. You can collaborate with other people to share, create, and make something that will benefit humanity.

You can create as many lists and databases as you want, there are no limits, and as many people can participate as you’d like. Another list type is a Voting list – they allow any member of Listphile to vote on individual items in that list. An example could be a list of the Best Taco Stands in Los Angeles.

Here’s just a few examples:

Then there’s some, ahem, interesting lists like these:

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This Baseball Player Has Leet Bat Skillz, Or ‘What An Amazing Accident!’

[youtube E3zO0ZxDS4c]

Stumble of the Day

Iran Blocks Then Unblocks GOOG


Iran on Monday unblocked access to the Google search engine and its Gmail email service after briefly filtering them owing to an “error”, the Fars news agency reported.

“Due to an error, the Google site was filtered on Sunday evening but the error was corrected and now Google and its different sites like Gmail can be used,” said an official from the state-run communications company.

Hah, ‘error’, riiiiiight, read this original article from the Times of Oman published when the clampdown began.