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I see from the MyBlogLog avatars to the right of this page that FlirtyPants has a new site called Flizza. It appears to be anonymous one-to-one chat, you can see their short description below or read this blog article for more details: Anonymous one-to-one chat .

If you want someone to talk to online, check out Flizza!

No more trying to break into a fast moving chatroom. This is one-to-one chat with a stranger somewhere in the world. It’s fun and interesting to learn about someone in another part of the country or the world!


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Japan Launches Mission To The Moon


Japan is carrying the country’s hopes of restoring pride in its troubled space program after the successful launch of a rocket today that is sending a satellite to Luna. Their first lunar orbiter will be the most extensive mission to investigate the moon since the US Apollo program about 4 years ago.

The US$279 million satellite, called the Selenological and Engineering Explorer (SELENE), will survey the Moon’s mineralogy, topology and gravity gradients.

Sensors onboard this gadget include: X-Ray spectrometer, Terrain Camera, Radar Sounder, Laser Altimeter, Magnetometer, Charged Particle Spectrometer and High Def TV cameras.

Follow the status of the project and learn more on the Selene english site which is part of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.


It’s Dune Cat. He Controls The Spice.

Dune Cat

That hilarious title came from digg user MonkeyBrains. And if it doesn’t make sense to you, please for all that’s holy in your little geek life, go read Frank Herbert’s Dune. It’s a story of a power struggle between family dynasties in an interstellar empire. Heck, if I still have it I’ll give you my copy!

The spice must flow!

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Just geeky

WindowsForDevices.com Searching For Experienced Journalists

This is for you savvy tech bloggers. I receive the weekly rollup newsletter from WindowsForDevices and this was top of the newsletter:

We are looking for an experienced journalist to provide timely
coverage of the latest relevant technologies in the form of news,
analysis, and product/technology resource guides. Working in a dynamic,
“first on the Web” environment, you’ll need to be able to grasp new
technologies, products, and trends quickly, and communicate what you
know and learn to our readers. For further details contact us here:


WFD is a great site along with their sister site LinuxDevices.com.


Step Aside Roomba, Meet The Mother Of All Vacuum Robots

The other week I extolled on my envy for the latest Roomba vacuum cleaner, but check out this pig from Fuji Heavy Industries.

This one is helping to replace an aging workforce in Japan, is already deployed to 10 buildings around the country including a 54 floor skyscraper in Tokyo. It operates at night when the cube farm is empty and it takes the elevators to move from one floor to another.

This my filthy little fiends is the RFS1, it operates unsupervised, has an optical communication system, proximity sensors, bumper switches, video cameras and a hard disk to store the video feed. It also has voice announcements to provide warning it’s approaching.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s a stylized version for a themed building I found on pinktentacle.com:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

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