Oct 072007

Vredefort 1

I guess you could say that as far as craters are concerned, Vredefort is the “Big Man on Campus”.

Vredefort crater is the oldest and largest verified impact remnant on the planet, located in South Africa about 100km from Johannesburg. To the untrained eye it may not appear at first blush to be a crater, more of an interesting collection of hills.

It’s believed that about 2 Billion years ago a 10km wide asteroid impacted this site that left us with a crater that has a diameter of roughly 300km (186 mi). The impact struck with so much force that first the ground heaved, then melted granite, the granite flowed and solidified.

Another somewhat unique feature about this particular site is that it’s one of the few multi-ringed craters on planet, this feature is normally seen elsewhere in the solar system like the Moon for instance.

You can view this for yourself on GOOG’s map.

Vredefort 2

Vredefort 4

Vredefort 3

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Oct 062007

As if taser wielding cops weren’t bad enough already, TASER International has developed a new technology that will allow law enforcement to light you up from a 100ft distance.  This new “XREP” projectile is a wireless taser package that is delivered via any existing smooth bore 12 gauge shotgun.  Supposedly, this little brother to the “X26″ taser pistol is just as effective, and will make you look like a limp noodle in a light socket ;)

Check out this promotional video from the TASER International folks:


Oct 062007


I am so tired of having to navigate through all those stupid menus and apps on my cell to find and download ringtones. And to add insult to clumsiness, they expect me to pay 2-3 greenbacks for the privilege :P Well, I say no thanks!

I’m the type that likes to have a individual ringtone for all my contacts so I can ident each person before answering the phone. Yeah, I know I can look at the caller ID, but this way I can save myself a trip to where my cell is if I don’t want to talk to someone, lol! :)

So, in my search for free ringtone (with no strings attached) websites, I have located three that have stood out in their ability to serve free ringtones to my cell without any major hitches. So try these out -

Mobile17 – Use your music, photos, pictures, and animations to create free ringtones and graphics: online, without needing software.

PhoneZoo – PhoneZoo is a new service that allows you to upload any audio file, clip out a part of that file for a cell phone ring tone and share that with other users…

Entertonement – Entertonement is a service that lets you playback, download and share cool tunes for your mobile. These tunes can be: famous quotes, excerpts from political speeches, standup comedy shows, and tunes from popular movies, commercials, games and TV shows. *NOTE* This website is currently being renovated, but keep checking back, as their service is very good!

I’ll keep you posted if I find more!

Oct 062007

HTC S730

Here we have the S730 from HTC running Windows Mobile 6 with 3G, quad-band capability and wi-fi. Has a 2.4″ QVGA screen, camera on the front and video phone capability, stereo BT, microSD,

With the complete suite of Microsoft Office Mobile applications you can open and edit documents while on the move, and the compact phone slides to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, enabling fast typing and dialing.

The best part for me is the candy bar style with qwerty.

The Boy Genius Report has the Unboxing, with a gallery of pics, or jump to the product page.

Question: When will the US have this?

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Oct 062007


Crows are damn smart Pt1 introduced you to Betty, that freakishly smart crow.

National Geographic is taking crow behavioral watching to a new level by attaching ‘Crow Cams’ to the little monsters and making some insightful discoveries of their use of tools.

If you’re new to the concept of crows being smarter than chimps, sit back and take a read and watch some vids:

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