In-Car GOOG Search For Beamers

myTelus reports on the German luxury automotive manufacturer BMW installing Google search capability in their cars now. It’s called the ‘Google By Car’ function, is really just Google Local Search and is a service provided for free to new car owners depending on the service selected.

Question: Do the Ford or Fiat vehicles running Windows Automotive support Windows Local Live? ;)


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Confessions Of A Screenshot Addict

Bryan Eisenberg is a “screenshot addict”, in his blog post he comes clean by explaining why and what you can do with it today.

Now I don’t save full screens, but I do regularly take a full screenshot if I see something of interest on the screen, the rest of the page is noise to me. I’ll take a screen snap, ctrl+V into mspaint, wham bam thank you ma’am and I have a snippet of the thing that tickled me in the first place. Or if possible just drag a graphic into my pic folder.

Sometimes it winds up on Geeknews, usually it ends up in an archive on my PC at home or work ‘just in case’. Just in case I need it in the future, yeah I’m a pack rat like that, filling up my drive with graphics that looked like they may serve a purpose one day.

Like these fine examples chosen at random from my Pics folder, some are clickable. You can expect to see more random pics from my folder in the future, yeah I’m weird too:

ufo 4 

 TRS-80 at school


Military aircraft

AR girl

Digital money

Terrorist Takedown

Just geeky

Sea Turtles’ Mystery Hideout Revealed

From Live Science -

Once sea-turtle hatchlings hit the surf, they vanish for up to five years. Where the half-dollar-size tots spend these “lost years” while ballooning to the size of dinner plates has been a mystery, until now.

This has been a mystery for over 50 years, turns out the scientists have learned a few surprising things about these little buggers when they hit the open ocean. Well, I guess it’s surprising to the scientists, not surprising to me, just curious.

Here’s the article.


Geeknews Roundup: 9/20/07

News and Coffee in the morning
DNA barcoding: from fruit-flies to puffer fish
Terra Daily
Hundreds of experts in DNA barcoding meet in Taiwan next week for a major conference on this young, cutting-edge science which could have wide-ranging implications for health and the environment.

EU Proposes Bailout of Galileo Sat Nav Project
Beta News
Galileo, once billed as a potential rival to the US Department of Defense’s GPS system, is now facing serious issues following disagreements over the development of the system by eight companies tasked with its build-out.

Video: The fate of Moore?s Law
Watch the video. Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum, Gordon Moore, Intel co-founder and the Moore in Moore?s Law gives his law 10 to 15 years before it hits the wall.

Metal Gear Solid Online Trailer
Game Trailers
Finally, a trailer for Metal Gear Online. “I need backup!”, “I got you covered”.

GNOME 2.20 Released
The improvements in GNOME 2.20 include: Improved support for right-to-left languages; desktop search integrated into the file chooser dialog; convenient new features in the Evolution email and calendar client; enhanced browsing of image collections; simplified system preferences; efficient power management and incredibly accurate laptop battery monitoring. Developers receive more help with application development thanks to a new version of the GTK+ toolkit, improved tools, and a great new documentation web site.

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Yahoo Mail Innovates, Gmail Stagnates


Lifehacker has a great comparison of Yahoo mail vs. Gmail, showing where they have parity in their features and where Yahoo is basically stomping the holy living hell out of GOOG’s mail site that is perpetually in Beta. :P

I rarely use Yahoo, but it looks like I may have to go give them a second try after their onslaught of innovative feature improvements.