Bungie Talks About The ‘640p’ Issue w/ Halo 3

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The last couple of days there have been a bunch of complaints about the Halo3 resolution. You see, it appears that Halo isn’t running in 740p but rather 640p which isn’t even a standard. Welp, some folks figure they’re being ripped off of their ’80p’ they think they’re due.

You can read Bungies response in the snippet below or go read the entire Bungie Weekly Update: 09/28/07:

One item making the interwebs rounds this week was the scandalous revelation that Halo 3 runs at ?640p? which isn?t even technically a resolution. However, the interweb detectives did notice that Halo 3?s vertical resolution, when captured from a frame buffer, is indeed 640 pixels. So what gives? Did we short change you 80 pixels?

Naturally it?s more complicated than that. In fact, you could argue we gave you 1280 pixels of vertical resolution, since Halo 3 uses not one, but two frame buffers ? both of which render at 1152×640 pixels. The reason we chose this slightly unorthodox resolution and this very complex use of two buffers is simple enough to see ? lighting. We wanted to preserve as much dynamic range as possible ? so we use one for the high dynamic range and one for the low dynamic range values. Both are combined to create the finished on screen image.

This ability to display a full range of HDR, combined with our advanced lighting, material and postprocessing engine, gives our scenes, large and small, a compelling, convincing and ultimately ?real? feeling, and at a steady and smooth frame rate, which in the end was far more important to us than the ability to display a few extra pixels. Making this decision simpler still is the fact that the 360 scales the ?almost-720p? image effortlessly all the way up to 1080p if you so desire.

In fact, if you do a comparison shot between the native 1152×640 image and the scaled 1280×720, it?s practically impossible to discern the difference. We would ignore it entirely were it not for the internet?s propensity for drama where none exists. In fact the reason we haven?t mentioned this before in weekly updates, is the simple fact that it would have distracted conversation away from more important aspects of the game, and given tinfoil hats some new gristle to chew on as they catalogued their toenail clippings.

Here’s a lot of comments on the Kotaku post on the subject which is worth checking out.


d20 Soap – Just What The Stinky Gamer Needs

D20 Soap

Paizo.com is offering scented soap with an actual d20 embedded in it, click the pic for a better view.

These are handcrafted soaps so each one is slightly different, not that factory made crap you’re using today. :-D

Come on now, don’t you agree that this needs to be on your holiday shopping list?

It looks like they’re on backorder now, and when you can get them you have various scents to choose from. What gamer wouldn’t want to show up for his RPG night smelling like Cucumber Melon or Sandalwood?

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When to Submit to a Social News Site

Get info

Startuphustle.com is your site for small business marketing and guerrilla marketing techniques. It’s not flashy and sexy, but it’s the basics, it’s tips/tricks and a little common sense tossed in for good measure.

The article that caught my eye to take a look was ‘When to Submit to a Social News Site‘. If you’re marketing your site or have a recent startup then you should at least check it out. If you’re the average joe like me it may not be your cup of tea but I still found a few nuggets still applicable.


Rizzo’s Random Thoughts


Here’s a site from one of the Geeknews followers that I’ve recently subscribed to myself that is worth checking out: Rizzo’s Random Thoughts.

These are a couple of my favorite posts from the site:

Ride the Seattle Slut

Top 10 reasons I love Tivo

You may be wondering what the heck the pic above has to do with this, well I, um, came across it from another of Rizzo’s articles Religion and Nudity , and well, erm, you already know about my obsession (‘Confessions Of A Screenshot Addict‘) now, right? :)


Gung Ho Lego, Git Yer Guns!

Gung Ho Lego

OK, looks like we get two geeky gun stories in the same week from The Firearm Blog, so I guess it’s a good thing I subscribed to the feed, you should too if you’re into firearms because today we learn about Lego Guns! :)

These toys come from Brick Arms; you can get firearms for your Lego figure ranging from the Uzi to the 1911 to the ‘Broomhandle’ Mauser, you can also get weapons packs, accessories and custom military figures.

Brick Arms

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