Microsoft Tries New Zune Ad Push

Microsoft has launched a new ad campaign for Zune with the tagline “You make it you.” It plays off the theme of what would happen if one cracked open a Zune and all of one’s digital media spilled out.

Hmm, I think I prefer this one:

[youtube 71G7nJPYrcE]

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Google Transforms Into Microsoft Of Old

Dare puts together a nice list of reasons why GOOG is the old MSFT. From “high level defections to the next big thing” to “becoming a two trick pony”.



The World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot In The World


The Guinness World Records has certified the i-SOBOT by TOMY as ‘The world’s smallest humanoid robot in production‘. It has 17 servos, advanced gyro-sensors for great balance, hundreds of poses and movements and measures just 6.5″ (165mm) tall.

September 2007, this little fellow also won the overall Grand Prize as the best product at the 64th Tokyo International Gift Show.

Here’s the I-SOBOT Robot on Amazon, I think that $299.99 price tag may be a typo though, it couldn’t possibly be worth that, could it?

[youtube omv-A6TYJFw]

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And Here I Thought The ‘Itanic’ Was Dead All Along. Wrong!

Yes, if you didn’t know any better you’d think this was my April Fool’s post, but alas you’d be wrong buzzard breath.*

Good grief, do we really need 7 new ‘Itanic’ processors unleashed on the world? :)

Check the sales forecast history below for the Itaniums, are you noticing the optimism early on and how it’s trended down significantly as reality set in the last 9 years?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m an Intel snob when it comes time to build my new PCs and choose the processor, all PCs and laptops I own are Intel (not Intel motherboards though!). And Itanics are not being peddled on geeks like you and me, but multi-core x86 is doing so well and x64 will be the next big thing (supposedly) ‘real soon now’ and they’re both so cheap. I think its in Intel’s interests to focus on the processors of choice for a multi-purpose use, not very high-end workstation/server class machines with a unique proc that won’t run Unreal Tournament or BioShock out of the box.

What are you going to do with an Itanium box that you can’t do with a dual core or quad core, design bridges or something? Serve html to the net?


* Buzzard breath – all the sweetness of breath that you would expect of a creature that eats carrion.


Nice iPhone Mod

Geektechnique makes some nice mods to his hand-me-down iPhone with the cracked glass.

[via arghyle]

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