Microsoft Sees Long Life for Xbox 360

A Microsoft executive said Tuesday that XBOX 360 may have the legs to well beyond the typical 5 year life span of gaming consoles. Making the box extensible to point of being able to upgrade pieces over time is key. This may be an indicator that you won’t see a replacement model to the 360 platform any time soon, like another 3-4 years?

PC Mag is covering the story.


Four Days In The Center Of The Board Game Universe


Gamasutra takes a break from video games to visit the premier event for European board game fans in Essen, Germany:  “Internationale Spieltage Essen Spiel”. Over 100,000 gamers attended to visit manufacturer’s booths and socialize but best of all to playtest old, new and unreleased games.

The reviews and analysis of tons of games I’ve never heard of before was great, but the best line from this 3 page article was:

Nothing is cuter than a German blond carrying two big bags of board games. Is that not the “total package?”


We May Wobble, But We Won’t Fall Down

Hey Folks!  Well, as you can see, it’s been a trying week for us.  But never fear, we are getting the site back to its normal geekiness, it may just take a bit of time.  We hope to have everything transferred to the new host in the next day, so keep an eye out for GeekNews coming back better and stronger than before!  You may have noticed that for the time being, we’re operating under an IP address….fear not, though; our normal GeekNews.Net name will be proudly displayed again ASAP.


ATT Releases Pantech Duo


This new mobile from AT&T is a dual slider. It’s not quite the candybar style slider i’m waiting for like the HTC S710. After all, if you don’t have the T9 via numeric pad to type with on one hand, how else are you expected to work via the mobile while driving?!

Get the product specs from AT&T.

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So What Happened To Geeknews for 4 Days?

Why was the site offline for the last 4 days? Simple. The host provider thought it would be a good idea to surprise its customers with an unannounced upgrade to their systems early Saturday morning, no doubt thinking we’d all wake up and never notice the blip in availability.

That was Saturday. It’s now Wednesday morning. The site just came back online. Sigh.

The thing that irked me the most is that their support line voice mails and the bulletins posted on the web kept saying basically the same thing, that they expected everything to back online in 3 hours or 6 hours, day after day.

When they got to the point where they just had to fix up the naming server, I immediately FTP’d into the IP for Geeknews and started transferring the site over to Dreamhost where hopefully i can get everything migrated for the weekend to flip the switch.

Why switch to a new provider just for this? Welp, this isn’t the first time, nor second, nor third that one of my sites has been mysteriously offline for days on end, one time it was a week. I’ve been using their services since around 2002 but when you have family using their primary mail account from one of my domains, that’s a painful thing to deal with when they are affected as well.

I feel sorry for all the folks affected whose sites are their business. No doubt there’s a few pissed of pron pushers right now. :)