Trade In Your Crap For An Alienware


Michael at Hardware Geeks is reporting on the new Alienware program that will let you trade in your electronic devices for credit on a purchase towards an Alienware box. (While you’re on their page, maybe give them a digg to show a little love)

At their post they list the devices you can trade in, from PDAs to Servers to Car Audio Receivers. Nice way to save a few bucks on your $5000 desktop (literally, a few bucks).

On the topic of Alienware: Check out their efforts to convince geeks everywhere they’re better off buying a system as opposed to building their own: Build vs. Buy. I’ll stick with building my homebrew systems for now thank you, though I sure would like to have one of those chassis!

On the topic of Aliens: I’m wondering if the Alienware design is part of a bigger conspiracy from the gov’t to get us acclimated to the idea that it’s ok for ‘aliens to be among you’ and accept that alien-look as just part of pop culture before they spring the surprise on us that “THEY LIVE!“. How cool would that be?

The question I have for you is: Would you take up arms against them, or welcome them as your new alien overlords?

Obviously I need to go to bed now, the topic is getting weird. :)


Link Love: Chatty DM Moves To New Digs


The Chatty DM runs one of my favorite RPG blogs, he’s recently moved from Blogspot to to his new digs with a unique domain: Even if you’re not into the topic of Pen and Paper RPGs, check out his blog’s theme anyway, it’s a nice theme.

If you’ve never moved a blog to a new domain before, there’s a fark load of stuff that you have to contend with including starting over with your Technorati ranking.

This post is a little link love to help with that ranking.

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Top 10 Gift Ideas For the Windows & Linux Gadget Geeks


Top-10 gift ideas for the Windows Gadget Geek

Top-10 gift ideas for the Linux Gadget Geek

A few examples:

Gadgets / Devices

More Booth Babes w/ Guns

E3-Booth-Babes-0 E3-Booth-Babes-00

ame-ar E3-Booth-Babes-1

ame-r GamesTwoGirls

Just geeky

Yellowstone Volcano Rises at Unprecedented Rate

volcano erupting

When a volcanic blob the size of Los Angeles is rising beneath your feet as it’s doing now in Yellowstone, you should think that it’s the beginning of the end.

If you’re not familiar with super volcanoes, eventually one of the seven on the planet will blow that just dwarfs what happened from Mt. St. Hellens or Krakatoa by up to hundreds of times larger and more impactful. Damage includes something akin to a ‘nuclear winter’.