Stargate Atlantis Renewed For Fifth Season

SG Atlantis

Stargate fans breathe a sigh of relief as the Sci-Fi Channel renewed SG Atlantis for their fifth season last week. It’s unknown what this means to the new spin-off show that was slated for next year called Stargate Universe or what impact this may have for the cast including Amanda Tapping.

Gateworld has information on the renewal and a 1:1 discussion with SG producer Joseph Mallozzi about the next season and beyond.


What Is That??

Here’s a nifty picture I came across a few days ago that had me scratching my head until the nature of the image was revealed to me.  Maybe you have the imagination to discover the secret of this photo…maybe you don’t.  But I bet you have fun trying to figure it out!

WIT68   NW-S705F

Bang out a reply in the comments if you think you know what it is.  Don’t wait too long to guess…I’m not one to let people twisting in the wind ;)  Good luck!

What Is That?

Everyone Is John – A Schizophrenic & Competitive Roleplaying Game


Following my local gamers chat group I learned of a short one-shot RPG that is more than a little different called “Everyone is John”, so I tracked down more information.


Everyone is John is a humorous, competitive roleplaying game (3 or more people) about playing the various personalities of John, an insane man from Minneapolis. One participant is the GM, or, in Everyone is John lingo, “Everyone Else.” All of the other players are Voices in John’s head.

Here’s a high level summary of the rules:

He is controlled by the Voices in his head — one at a time, of course.

John is not terribly competent; he has difficulty with a lot of things that you and I might take for granted. Whenever John attempts anything that an ordinary person might have any chance of failure at, he needs to roll for success.

The Voice who is currently in control of John does the rolling. If that Voice has a skill that covers the challenge, the Voice needs to roll a 3 or higher on the single d6. If it doesn’t have a skill, it needs to roll a 6. However, before the roll, the Voice can spend any number of Willpower points to get a +1 per point spent on the die roll. This can make success automatic.

Becoming the active Voice is a bit of a challenge, though. Whenever John wakes up or gets hurt, a test for control of John happens. Also, whenever the currently active Voice fails a roll or completes its obsession, a test for control of John happens.

Link to the complete rules, enjoy. It’s a free game from Sandor at the Zoo where you can find much more.

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Zombies Are Everywhere!

Just when you thought you’d seen zombies everywhere possible, someone comes out of the woodwork and proves that that zombified horse just hasn’t been beaten quite enough yet.

DYZPLASTIC.COM has jumped onto the undead train by offering their own LEGO interpretation of the classic zombie.  UUhhhhhhhnnnnnggggg….. *drool*  *slobber*


Okay, yeah.  I’ll take one ;)

Just geeky

Baby Berg Birthed

Birthing an Iceberg

A series of Envisat images captured the birth of a giant iceberg that occurred over a period of time from May-Oct 2007. The new berg was calved from the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica and measures 34km x 20km.

Check the image above and you’ll see the crack forming back in May 2007 on the left, the image on the right shows a spanking new baby berg.

Watch a cool animation of the birthing process at the European Space Agency site.


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