One SimCity Per Child


The original SimCity from Electronic Arts will be included in every laptop in the “One Laptop per Child” initiative.

According to EA, the idea to incorporate 1989’s SimCity into the low-cost laptops didn’t come from the publisher itself, but rather OLPC advisor John Gilmore, a self-professed entrepreneur and civil libertarian.

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MIT Sues Architect Of $300 Million Computer Science Building

Stata Center

Architect Frank Gehry’s celebrated design for the Stata Center (view pics of the horror) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is making headlines again — this time because of a lawsuit claiming deficient design work is the cause of leaks, cracks and mold in the 730,000-square-foot building.

I gotta ask though, with a monstrosity like the Stata, what the hell did you expect? This Old House toured the facility a couple years ago when they worked on the ‘Cambridge House’ and I was just aghast that a technical institute would think this structure fit with their rep.

Link to the article on Network World.

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Time To Lay Rubber

If you like racing games, you’re going to love Burnout Paradise. Check out their trailer:  

It’s going to hit stores in Jan 22 of 2008, so be prepared.  Console of choice is the XBox 360, but I anticipate a larger following with the PS3 version.  The demo will include a look at the game’s new stunt mode, as well as the chance to race through the game’s streets in search of the fastest route to a set destination. Gamers will also get to check out the new multiplayer emphasis by competing in three challenges online, or make use of the system’s camera peripherals to see the look on the face of a rival racer being rubbed into a guardrail.

Heh, I’m all for some forceful car destruction like the next guy.  Lets see if the new Burnout offering fits the bill, and can satiate my hunger for a decent racing game ;)


Microsoft Sees Long Life for Xbox 360

A Microsoft executive said Tuesday that XBOX 360 may have the legs to well beyond the typical 5 year life span of gaming consoles. Making the box extensible to point of being able to upgrade pieces over time is key. This may be an indicator that you won’t see a replacement model to the 360 platform any time soon, like another 3-4 years?

PC Mag is covering the story.


Four Days In The Center Of The Board Game Universe


Gamasutra takes a break from video games to visit the premier event for European board game fans in Essen, Germany:  “Internationale Spieltage Essen Spiel”. Over 100,000 gamers attended to visit manufacturer’s booths and socialize but best of all to playtest old, new and unreleased games.

The reviews and analysis of tons of games I’ve never heard of before was great, but the best line from this 3 page article was:

Nothing is cuter than a German blond carrying two big bags of board games. Is that not the “total package?”