Yellowstone Volcano Rises at Unprecedented Rate

volcano erupting

When a volcanic blob the size of Los Angeles is rising beneath your feet as it’s doing now in Yellowstone, you should think that it’s the beginning of the end.

If you’re not familiar with super volcanoes, eventually one of the seven on the planet will blow that just dwarfs what happened from Mt. St. Hellens or Krakatoa by up to hundreds of times larger and more impactful. Damage includes something akin to a ‘nuclear winter’.



The Saddest Cubicle In America Comes With Its Own Stench


The sadness of David Gunnells’ work cubicle has been confirmed by and voters across the country.

The information-systems specialist for the University of Alabama, Birmingham, won Wired’s Saddest Cubicle Contest for his work space in the Community Health Service building.

Gunnells, who works for the university’s Department of Occupational Health and Safety, sits at a desk behind large filing cabinets in a windowless conference/break room. An old refrigerator, microwave and smells from an adjoining bathroom complete the cubicle’s ambience.


Some Whale Conversations Deciphered


Aussie scientists analyzing the audio recordings of humpback whales claim they have begun to decode their mysterious communication system. Among other things they have identified male pickup lines and motherly warnings.

Squeaks, pops, womps and gurgles are part of the vast whale repertoire recorded by scientists from the University of Queensland working on the Humpback Whale Acoustic Research Collaboration project.

Recording whale sounds over a three-year period, scientists have deciphered at least 34 different types of whale calls.

Link to the Sydney Daily Telegraph for the story.


The gPhone Is Doomed


When I see a bunch of joiners jumping on some unknown, unreleased unfinished pipe dream, I actually laugh. The peak of this nonsense occurred during the initial announcements for the Intel Itanium processor. Why is it going to be great? Because Google said so.

Read the rant on PCMag.

Gadgets / Devices

One SimCity Per Child


The original SimCity from Electronic Arts will be included in every laptop in the “One Laptop per Child” initiative.

According to EA, the idea to incorporate 1989’s SimCity into the low-cost laptops didn’t come from the publisher itself, but rather OLPC advisor John Gilmore, a self-professed entrepreneur and civil libertarian.

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