Nov 292007


On gaygamer.netMajor Nelson from XBOX responds to a recording recently posted on their site. It’s of taunts and slurs made by a slew of homophobes towards one gamer called ‘xxx Gay Boy xxx’. The NSFW recording on youtube is here.

Major Nelson replied to the article here:

I just watched (listened) to the video you posted on your site. Needless to say, it was disappointing to see how some Xbox LIVE members behave. As you know, that is not the type of behavior we support. With over 8-million members, it’s unfortunate that some members decide to act like this. I want to point out a few things that ALL Xbox Live members can do to ensure a enjoyable experience:

1) Play online only with friends.

2) Turn off voice from non-friends. This is a system level setting that work across all games, and as you can imagine, will only allow you to hear what your friends will say. You can find details on how to set it up here

I also want to let your readers know that if they EVER encounter behavior like that in any game, they should use the in dash feedback system to file a complaint:

3) File a complaint. Using the dashboard complaint system, file a communications complaint. We DO act on complaints, so I highly encourage people file complaints where appropriate. Details on how to file a complaint here:

Also, I’d be happy to play with you and some of your readers sometime as well.

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Nov 292007


Technology Review discusses an ambitious project to create an accurate computer model of the brain has reached an impressive milestone. Scientists in Switzerland working with IBM researchers have shown that their computer simulation of the neocortical column, arguably the most complex part of a mammal’s brain, appears to behave like its biological counterpart.

By demonstrating that their simulation is realistic, the researchers say, these results suggest that an entire mammal brain could be completely modeled within three years, and a human brain within the next decade.

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Nov 292007

Transmission Tower

Physorg has the scoop on a new GOOG offering called My Location by releasing an updated version of its Google Maps for Mobile application.

GOOG is testing technology that will find the location of people using its mobile mapping service, even if the phone making the connection isn’t equipped with a GPS receiver.

Not as accurate as GPS but at least this system works indoors.

The privacy concerns are mounting and the possibilities for GOOG to finally take their place as Big Brother are staggering.

[youtube v6gqipmbcok]

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