Link Love: Chatty DM Moves To New Digs


The Chatty DM runs one of my favorite RPG blogs, he’s recently moved from Blogspot to to his new digs with a unique domain: Even if you’re not into the topic of Pen and Paper RPGs, check out his blog’s theme anyway, it’s a nice theme.

If you’ve never moved a blog to a new domain before, there’s a fark load of stuff that you have to contend with including starting over with your Technorati ranking.

This post is a little link love to help with that ranking.

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Top 10 Gift Ideas For the Windows & Linux Gadget Geeks


Top-10 gift ideas for the Windows Gadget Geek

Top-10 gift ideas for the Linux Gadget Geek

A few examples:

Gadgets / Devices

More Booth Babes w/ Guns

E3-Booth-Babes-0 E3-Booth-Babes-00

ame-ar E3-Booth-Babes-1

ame-r GamesTwoGirls

Just geeky

Yellowstone Volcano Rises at Unprecedented Rate

volcano erupting

When a volcanic blob the size of Los Angeles is rising beneath your feet as it’s doing now in Yellowstone, you should think that it’s the beginning of the end.

If you’re not familiar with super volcanoes, eventually one of the seven on the planet will blow that just dwarfs what happened from Mt. St. Hellens or Krakatoa by up to hundreds of times larger and more impactful. Damage includes something akin to a ‘nuclear winter’.



The Saddest Cubicle In America Comes With Its Own Stench


The sadness of David Gunnells’ work cubicle has been confirmed by and voters across the country.

The information-systems specialist for the University of Alabama, Birmingham, won Wired’s Saddest Cubicle Contest for his work space in the Community Health Service building.

Gunnells, who works for the university’s Department of Occupational Health and Safety, sits at a desk behind large filing cabinets in a windowless conference/break room. An old refrigerator, microwave and smells from an adjoining bathroom complete the cubicle’s ambience.