Google Deploying Mobile Phone Locator, Here Comes Big Brother

Transmission Tower

Physorg has the scoop on a new GOOG offering called My Location by releasing an updated version of its Google Maps for Mobile application.

GOOG is testing technology that will find the location of people using its mobile mapping service, even if the phone making the connection isn’t equipped with a GPS receiver.

Not as accurate as GPS but at least this system works indoors.

The privacy concerns are mounting and the possibilities for GOOG to finally take their place as Big Brother are staggering.

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Did Verizon Just Kneecap GOOG’s Android?

Verizon says customers will be able to connect non-Verizon phones and devices to the network by the end of 2008. Did they just intercept GOOG’s 700Mhz spectrum considerations for their own open network and torpedo their mobile SDK for open source phones on that same network?

Link to eWeek’s story.

Here’s a take on the story from Microsoft-Watch.

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Air Quality Index in Google Earth

EPA Air Quality Index

From the site:

EPA’s scientific air quality information in real time is now available on Google Earth.  This information tool accesses the AIRNow database hourly so that the Air Quality Index (AQI) displays  the most current air quality conditions.  Public health officials, media outlets and the general public can now view timely air quality information, by city, on Google Earth.

Here you go:


Barbara Schöneberger Sings the Star Trek Theme

This video made my day. It’s simply a brilliant rendition of the original Star Trek theme.

[youtube INGZScg3YwI]