Retro: 1st iPod Promo

ipod silouette

The iPod was first released in 2001, here’s the original promo video. Has plugs from Moby, Seal, Smash Mouth and more,  all slobbering over this gadget.

[youtube e84SER_IkP4]

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Software That Learns from Users, I’m Getting Impatient Already

Technology Review

A massive artificial-intelligence project called CALO could revolutionize machine learning.

The thing that makes computers a huge pain for everybody, says Pedro Domingos, an associate professor of computer science at the University of Washington, is that you have to explain to them every little detail of what they need to do. “It’s really annoying,” Domingos jokes. “They’re stupid.”

The goal is to build the ‘personal assistant’ that understands you and learns your behavioral pattern over time so that it knows your likes and dislikes.

This is something that has supposedly been on the horizon now since the late 90’s and frankly and i’m starting to get annoyed at having to wait!


Airline Tests Mobile Phones as Boarding Passes

USA Today

Continental Airlines has started testing a system that enables passengers to board flights using just a mobile phone or PDA instead of a paper boarding pass.

When you purchase your tickets online, the airline sends a digital barcode-like symbol (aka Data Matrix) to your mobile. Simply display this on your mobile when you arrive at the gate to board the plane, the gate agents scan the symbol and wave you through.

Dare I say, Volia!


Can anyone decode this?

Just geeky

The Transistor: 60 Years Old and Still Switching

EE Times – Sixty years ago this month, scientists at Bell Labs demonstrated the most important invention of the 20th century: the first real transistor

. xistor


Windows Vista ‘Purple Screen of Death’ Is The New Hotness

Vista is all about change and the user experience. So it’s no surprise to learn that the “Blue Screen of Death” is old and busted while the “Purple Screen of Death” is the new hotness.

Here’s a direct link to the original blog article that reported it on NeoSmart along with excellent screenshot. It’s really innocuous though, more of something to point and giggle at if it happens.

[via Information Week]