Jeff Rients Is Annoyed By This Hot, Kick-Ass Girl

Jeff is annoyed by this banner ad. It’s an advert for Rappelz by gPotato. gPotato?!


I understand where he’s coming from, using gratuitous sex like this crotch shot to sell the game is really old and lame and indicates the company is marketing to teens (boys I presume?). Though lame, it’s probably effective, after all here we are talking about it.

Like Jeff, I’m also concerned. Just from this cropped pic, I don’t think this woman is properly attired for the kind of adventure this advert is soliciting.

This is an additional level of detail I would have to overlook in order to become immersed in a game like this, which may indicate why I prefer to leave it to my imagination like a pen and paper game or a book. Heck, all the T&A would be distracting in an online RPG, right? ;)

All kidding aside, Jeff makes a point, as do the commenters to his post. Check them out, like this comment by ‘S. John’:

To be clear as can be: I love fantasy art featuring hot kick-ass girls. When it’s done right it can be clever, artful, energetic, positive, affirming and energetically enjoyed by men and women alike…

But an artless crotch-shot … that’s just weak.


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After Centuries of Keeping Water Out, The Dutch Now Letting It In

 Global Warming

For centuries the low-lying Netherlands has fought to reclaim land from water by creating polders, tracts of low land reclaimed from the sea. Now, with flood risk increasing thanks to climate change, it is giving the land back.

Essentially they’re sacrificing low populated areas of farmed land that will buy more time for the highly populated regions elsewhere when the rivers flood. Spock said it best as he was dying in the engine room, having sacrificed his life during ‘Wrath of Khan’:

The good of the many outweighs the good of the few, or the one

Lets hope the gov’t knows what their doing as they implement what they’re calling operation “Room for the river”.

Terra Daily has the scoop.



Graham posted a comment on GN the other day and I followed him back to his site using the trail of breadcrumbs which led me here:

It’s there that I found a video that truly made my day. It’s irreverent and it’s RPG geeks playing the part of the 3 wisemen in a nativity scene, here’s a snippet:

Geek/Wiseman1: This is turning out to be a very historically inaccurate nativity scene you guys.

Geek/Wiseman2: I think we threw historical accuracy out the window when you brought that iron broadsword to a bronze age campaign setting.

Thanks for finding that Graham.

[youtube AVZczLuoJoU]

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Omega Man…er I Am Legend

I Am Legend

Since I’m taking the last 2.5 weeks of the year off from work I figured I’d take the wife out to see some movies this holiday. The things is though that I generally don’t go to the theaters, this month is the first time in 2+ years I ventured into the Cinema.

The movie of choice today? I Am Legend.

It stars Will Smith as the last man on the planet that has suffered an apocalypse killing most of the human population and converted the rest into blood thirsty mutants that only come out at night.

Sound familiar? It did to me the first time I saw the trailer on TV weeks ago. 25 years ago there was Omega Man (1971) starring Charlton Heston, I remember seeing it in the ’80′s.

When I looked up ‘Omega Man’ this evening I learned that it was based on a novel called ‘I am legend’ by Richard Matheson in 1954. It’s essentially a vampire thriller and one man’s efforts to overcome huge obstacles and loneliness.

And that’s not all, it appears that Will Smith’s take on the book is actually the third movie based on it. Seven years before Omega Man, forty three years before Will Smith’s version, there was The Last Man on Earth (1964) starring Vincent Price.

So there you have it, 3 movies based on the book in the last 43 years. Must be a great book, eh? The amazon reviews are pretty good, but I’m still not going to take a chance on a 50+ year old vampire thriller when there’s perfectly good sci-fi and fantasy out there waiting for me to pick up :)

So, what did I think about the movie today?

On a 5 Pocket Protector scale, I’d give it:

3.5 pocket protectors

3.5 is based on the action, the surreal scenes of an abandoned New York City and decent acting by Will Smith. The theater experience wasn’t bad either.


Whew! 1000 Posts, That Was Easy!

Geeknews 1000

I’m looking for help to get GN to 2000 posts in 2008. Interested in taking a shot at posting your own content here? I’ll give you the keys and you can take her around the block, kick the tires and see if you’d like to ride shotgun with me next year.

Also, to celebrate 1000 posts, I have a couple of really old school geeky gifts I’ll send to the first two folks that comment below.

- Andy