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Truck-safe Bamboo Bridge Opens in China

Bamboo Bridge

In China bamboo is used for furniture, artwork, building scaffolding, panels for concrete casting and now, truck bridges.

In the picture here you can see the 10 meter long modern bamboo bridge under 8 ton traffic loading testing that opened for traffic this week.

Upcoming engineering projects using bamboo include bridge spans for foot traffic in rural areas and a 2 story single-family house.

Using bamboo just makes sense, it’s a sustainable environmentally friendly construction material, plus this stuff grows like weeds so there’s a never ending supply ;)

Read Physorg for the nitty gritty.


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NASA Selects Prime Contractor for Ares I Rocket Avionics


The Ares I launch vehicle is a key component of the Constellation Program, which will send humans to the moon by 2020 to set up a lunar outpost.

NASA has selected The Boeing Company of Huntsville, Ala., as the prime contractor to produce, deliver and install avionics systems for the Ares I rocket that will launch the Orion crew exploration vehicle into orbit. The selection is the final major contract award for Ares I.

NASA Press Release has more. 

Also read more about the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle or the Ares Launch Vehicle.

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Midnight: A Twist On The Hero Worlds in d20 Fantasy Games

Below is a youtube review of ‘Midnight‘ developed Fantasy Flight Games. The twist on this game is that evil won the war and the heroes are basically fighting a guerilla war against evil.

Midnight is an original d20 setting that pits the players against overwhelming forces of evil in a desperate fight for survival and freedom. There is only one god in Midnight, and it is the dark lord Izrador, the Shadow in the North. For centuries his twisted spawn have assaulted the free people of Eredane, and 100 years ago, he won. Now the land is his, the people are enslaved, and magic, weapons, and literacy are outlawed. Only the brave and courageous few dare to resist the Shadow.

You can find this game on Paizo or Amazon.
[youtube inL9D2-3eAA]


IEEE Launches New Working Group for Body Area Network Tech

Body Area Network

Are you digging my ghetto logo for this article?

IEEE has put together a working group for Body area network (BAN), 802.15.6, is a low-frequency technology intended to endow a future generation of short-range electronics, both in a body and on or around it, with a wireless communication standard for exchanging information.

These devices, communicating through wireless technologies, transmit data from the body to a home base station, from where the data can be forwarded to a hospital, clinic or elsewhere, real-time.

Examples of devices include smart implants like cochlea, artificial heart, capsule endoscope and more.

Read the draft criteria for the standard here (Word doc). I found the responses to the RFC here.

Additional references:

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