Jan 042008

Zune Logo

The missus bought me a Zune for Christmas. I have a lot to report on the Zune that sci-fi and horror geeks will love, but in the meantime I found this little tid bit while checking the morning news feeds today.

It appears CNET cracked open a Zune and tore it down to parade rest. Here’s the best quote from the analysis:

I know some die-hard fans will protest, but the insides don’t lie. The Microsoft Zune is a few Apple chips from being an iPod.

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Jan 042008

The Dating Game

I stumbled across this wonderful patent for a board game that will help a geek through the many different yet expected dating experiences as they build up the courage to step away from their comics or PCs. I don’t know if the game is in production yet, anyone care to check for it on Amazon or Toys R Us?

The goal of this game is to learn how to date before you strike it out on your own and strike out; it’s billed as “both entertaining and educational” and “provide a means by which the principles of dating, ethics, wisdom and dating with purpose can be taught in a high compressed time frame”.

Why the need to compress the time frame of your education? The patent application implies it’s to help find a compatible spouse. In fact, the first five paragraphs are used to back up the need and difficulty in finding a compatible spouse!

My god, have geeks gotten to the point where we need a board game to learn how to date? Whatever happened to just figuring it out by watching how they do it on TV?

Experiences include:

  • dumping your date
  • getting dumped yourself
  • how to deal with a date whose hands are all over you
  • self control when kissing
  • and other great scenarios like this one: “Against your wishes, your date keeps seductively talking and looking at you“. I think the problem here is that you are pushing back on the advances, right?

The game includes tokens, a “random number generator” ( a die) and a board. The board has two tracks: “Dating for fun” and “Serious dating” and is shaped like a heart; that’s cute.

“The Pick Up Artist”- My version of how the game should have been designed:

With a few tweaks, I think this game could be turned into something a little more risque and fun, let’s call it ‘The Pick Up Artist’. Perhaps some challenges could be:

  • Get to “Third Base” by the second date
  • A former boyfriend confronts you two at the movies (Roll for initiative!)
  • Choose the best break up line to reduce the penalties when dumping the date (e.g., should you use “it’s not you it’s me”, or “our religions will always make us incompatible”)
  • Should you choose the sympathy route when asking her out on a date? (e.g. “I joined the Marines and I’m heading to Iraq next week”)

Ah, now that would be more like it. :)

Wouldn’t surprise me if there was already something like the ‘Pick up artist’ out there.

Here’s more from the application –

Patent number: 6896263
Issue date: May 24, 2005
Inventor: Michael Matthews
Disclosed is a game for teaching dating skills that includes a first deck containing a plurality of cards, the cards in the first deck having a face containing information representing a character trait which may be valuable when dating, and a second deck containing a plurality of card, the cards in the second deck having a face containing information representing a dating challenge and information representing at least one resolution to the dating challenge. The decks of cards are used in combination with a playing surface displaying at least one track, containing spaces corresponding to both decks of cards.

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Jan 042008


The abductions have gotten to the point where the farmers are calling it "Cattle Terrorism"?

And they’re camouflaging the cattle so the little green men can’t find them?

My gawd, what have we gotten ourselves into?

Youtube link

This one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while, I love the site. Mouseover the cow on their main page, turn up the audio.


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Jan 032008

Stumbled on this post today from earlier in the year by Roys (aka the DownloadMonkey), regarding blog mascots being the in-thing. Oh, look at this, Roys also has a pictorial blog: The Demon King. And from reading his last post, it appears he went off and got himself married 2 weeks ago? Congrats!! Contrary to popular belief, us geeks aren’t doing half bad in the department of finding girls, are we? :)

Anyway, back to the mascot idea. Danny Choo has Mirai as his mascot below, Danny is ‘da man’. If you’ve never been to his site, go there sometime when you’re really bored and hang out for an hour surfing the pics (and clicking on some adverts):


And the Elderly Gamer has Olga as his mascot, though Olga really isn’t my style, something is creeping me out there but it’s the right idea.

So now you know the next thing I’m wondering, right? Who or *what* is the Geeknews mascot? I have some ideas twirling around the noodle right now, like maybe this, but with a sword…like this Pirate Wench. Though this isn’t looking too bad either.

How does one go about getting a mascot? I’m not sure, probably involves hiring someone that has artistic skills (no thank you Demon King :P). I asked Phil for details when he was bragging about his really cool avatar: ‘Hot Damn! Who’s that Sexy DM?‘. So far he’s not talking, other than to point out Veronica Pare’s services.

Hmm, a blog mascot. I’m liking this the more I think about it…so far it looks like i have it down to a Human Ladybug, a Pirate Wench or a Hooker. ooh, maybe something along the lines of a superhero (Wonder Woman’ish perhaps)?

What say you?

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Jan 022008

W00t!  That’s what I’m talking about.  This show kicked some serious butt..and now it’s coming back from the depths of oblivion ;)  CBS tried to cancel this show, but the viewers wouldn’t have it!  Now the show returns with a renewed strength, and will bring even more surprises than before.  Check out this season 2 preview:

Linky – Tick, tick, tick, boom!

Hey – if you missed the first season, you can view all of the full episodes on CBS.com.

Just stab HERE for the goods!