Jan 082008

Surgical instrument

You know what I hate? I hate it when I go in for an operation and weeks or months later I’m in pain and agony or die, only come to find out it’s because the Doc left a foreign object in me.

Not foreign like Pakistan or Chile, I mean foreign like ‘I wasn’t born with this thing in my gut so why the hell is it in me now?’.

You’ve probably seen the numerous news and court judgements against the doctors and nurses that left a surgical  sponge in a patient, sewed them up and sent them home.

But then there’s the biggies like the surgical instruments left in patients like clamps or even a 13″ retractor!

Apparently it isn’t so rare with 1500 people in the USA alone finding gear in their guts every year.

To help resolve this dilemma, we now have hospitals using sponges with RFID tags in them. Nurses can swipe a wand over the sponges before and after to obtain a count and ensure one or more didn’t end up missing.

You can see the gadget at RF Surgical Systems product page here.

Fine, now that they have resolved the deal with the sponges, can someone do something about this clamp and retractor business?

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Jan 072008

Knitted cap

Recall the Space Invaders scarf from November that someone was selling? My mother has been knitting for about 40 years and I showed her that pic of the scarf last month, mentioning how cool it is for geeks to have something like that.

Yesterday in the mail, that knit cap you see above (clicky) showed up in my mail, she quickly knitted it together for me to enjoy this Winter. Isn’t my mom cool?

Shameless plug for my mother: here’s her eBay store of the massive inventory of used books she sells. I love hearing stories about some of the books she and my sister find and then resell. Like the time they found a book on “How To Make A Coffin” at a garage sale for about $1, and a fellow bid it up on eBay to something like $50 or $75. Quite the profit.

Thanks for the geeky gift Mom!

And yes, I’ll wear it to work to show off how geeky I am and that I’m proud of that fact 8)

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