The Secret To Winning Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Telegraph: "Scientists work out the secret to winning at rock, paper, scissors"

At first I thought this had to be just a spoof article by the Telegraph, but after reading through it I do believe this contains good advice (strategies) to winning at the Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

They also include a real world example where competing auction houses were forced to play a game of it to win the rights to auction someone’s art. Using the same advice in this article, Sotheby’s got to auction off a Picaso.


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Heated Keyboards For Those Chilly Cubes

Chase off those chilly morning office blues with this finger-friendly heated keyboard.

Built with heating elements underneath the keys, the keyboard gently radiates heat into your hands, loosening those stiff joints and making typing more enjoyable.

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Deck Out Your Windows Mobile For The Holidays


Microsoft has free wallpapers and ringtones to get your mobile into the holiday spirit.

The winter holidays wouldn’t be complete without a few sleigh bells ringing and children singing. Download these seasonal ringtones today!


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More Retro Gaming Fabrics to Keep You Warm – A Galaga Themed Quilt

Remember the Space Invaders Scarf?

I think it’s been outdone by this beauty from Emily of Carolina Patchworks, a Galaga themed quilt! It can be yours for just US$475 on Etsy.

Relive the action, the excitement. Travel in space and time without leaving your couch! This quilt is fully compatible with the XBox 360, Wii, PlayStation III, all high-definition televisions, most models of fireplace, and a wide variety of good books.

See close-ups at Emily’s site, isn’t this thing gorgeous? I wish I had one.

Galaga Quilt

[via Evil Mad Scientist Labs]

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Mini Spy Planes To Recharge By Clinging to Power Lines


The US Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) is investigating a key problem involving surveillance missions using remote controlled planes with a wingspan of about a meter. The challenge is they need a way to refuel the planes to extend their limited flight duration.

The solution? They’re developing an electric motor that can harvest energy by attaching themselves to power lines, this is form of vampire power that is bled out through some undetectable (or not easily detectable) means.

Think seeing a small plane dangling from the power lines would be a little too obvious and would be counter detected? You’re right, which is why they may also leverage some technology developed by DARPA that will allow the plan to fold in key parts of itself, effectively morphing to look like a piece of trash hanging to the lines.

Test flights are planned for 2008.

Check out NewScientistTech for all the details on this marvelous hack.

Note: the pic above is the Navy’s WASP micro air vehicle, I couldn’t find pics relevant to this program.