Strange Maps, From French Kissing To UFO Hotspots


When it comes to maps, Strange Maps is all about the weird, wonderful and unique in the map world. From the Russo-China conflict to the Amazon forest to a breakdown of blondes in Europe by country. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite finds:

French Kissing Map
Shifting Like A Snake: Ancient Mississippi Courses
A Simplified Map of London
UFO Hotspots Map
The Blonde Map of Europe

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Roast Your Own Coffee At Home

Coffee roaster

Too bad its probably too late to add something to our wish lists for Christmas, I’d give this gadget a serious consideration.

Roast your own coffee just like the professionals do—only in the convenience of your kitchen with the Swissmar Bravi Home Coffee Roaster.

Roasting brings out the true aromas and flavors you never knew were in your favorite beans. Its roasting capacity holds enough beans to make 25 to 30 cups of coffee. 15 settings let you roast for a variety of tastes, from light to dark consistency.

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The Sun Table – Only Fashionista Treehuggers Need Inquire

Found this via TreeHugger.

Sun Table

Here we have a $3600 table available from, designed to convert solar to power your various electrical devices you’d normally take outdoors like your laptop, your coffee pot or your television.

It can store about 13 amp hours at 12V, enough to power your laptop for roughly 3 hours.

Problem with this is that a table is designed to store things on top, like your laptop. That in turn covers some of the cells, defeating part of it’s purpose here, so I guess you would use it to power your appliances only after it’s had a chance to fully charge its batteries.

Here’s some interesting warnings found in their FAQ, please keep these in mind should you purchase one:

  • "Don’t shoot it with a gun"
  • "Do not submerge in water"

Though I think this device is too costly, I give these folks that designed it a tip of the hat, they’re innovating and trying to make a difference. Yet it highlights probably the #1 drawback of solar technology, it’s the gawdawful costs! I’d love to deploy a bunch of solar panels outside for my own home, but it would take me a decade or two for the cost savings to break even on the cost of the panels!


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The Secret To Winning Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Telegraph: "Scientists work out the secret to winning at rock, paper, scissors"

At first I thought this had to be just a spoof article by the Telegraph, but after reading through it I do believe this contains good advice (strategies) to winning at the Rock, Paper, Scissors game.

They also include a real world example where competing auction houses were forced to play a game of it to win the rights to auction someone’s art. Using the same advice in this article, Sotheby’s got to auction off a Picaso.


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Heated Keyboards For Those Chilly Cubes

Chase off those chilly morning office blues with this finger-friendly heated keyboard.

Built with heating elements underneath the keys, the keyboard gently radiates heat into your hands, loosening those stiff joints and making typing more enjoyable.

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