It’s A New Year Geeks, Let’s Start The Year Off With Bad News

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2008 started off with a whimper last night and is chock full of bad news. Why?

1. The Fireworks:

At midnight, as the wife and I were watching the Seattle fireworks show on TV, it was disrupted by 2 outages due to a corrupted file on the computer controlling the pyrotechnic portion of the display. The pyro technicians wound up taking manual control in a trailer nearby and fired them off minutes after the music had ended, and the 8 minute show wound up taking 12 minutes.

Know what? I liked it without the music, the men must have just been frantically hitting buttons and resulted in a nice cascade of ‘bombs bursting in air’.

Watch the video of Pyro Interruptus (may need patience to load the video)

2. Poor APPL:

The iPhone is having problems with the transition to Jan 1, 2008? It’s stuck on 12/31/07, has been reported as a Clock Bug on the official Apple forums and noted by Geoff Arnold as well. It’s possible this is an AT&T network issue, will be interesting to see what APPL has to say about it when everyone returns to work tomorrow.

In other bad news we have:

- Stranded Whale will have to be euthanized (Physorg)

- XBOX Live has been plagued with outage issues for days now (Kotaku)

- Windows Home Server Bug Could Lead To Data Loss (Information Week)

- Some mystery heists will never be solved, FBI just won’t let go (Chicago Sun-Times)

- RIAA saying I can’t copy music from my CD to my PC? (Wash. Post)

- Booze-Fueled Fight Forces South Pole Evacuation (Fox)

- Government Puts Restrictions On Lithium Batteries on Flights (WSJ)

I’m sure things will be looking up soon! :)


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Horrified B-Movie Victims

B-Movie victims

Here are 9 figures about 3″ tall, all in a state of terror as they flee or succumb to a dark force. In place of this cuddly Green Behemoth, perhaps you could substitute Phil’s Green Golem.

These victims are available from Archie McPhee for US$14.95.

Just geeky

Pac-Man Christmas Tree

Wouldn’t it be great if this tree was playable?

Pac-Man Tree

[youtube 9j22cnSfE4U]

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Tweaks Made To The Site

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I’ve made two additional edits to the site as we launch ourselves into a new month/year:

1. The Comment form now allows you to subscribe to followup comment notification, it’s an opt-in per article. Simply check the box in the form and you’ll receive an e-mail for every comment made to that article moving forward.

This is thanks to the Subscribe to Comments WordPress plug-in.

2. Also, since I have a pretty good handle on the gawd awful volume comment spam and only the occasional splogger slips through, I’ve *disabled* the nofollow attribute to commenter. What does this mean?

It means that GOOG, Live, Yahoo and their ilk will register all links from your name back to your own site as well as links within the body of the comment. In WordPress, the ‘nofollow’ attribute is on by default to discourage spammers. Simply commenting on Geeknews with a link to your site will register in your favor if you track your pagerank or Technorati rank.

And this one is thanks to the NoFollow Free WordPress plug-in.


2008 U.S. Election, Who To Endorse?

Normally I wouldn’t want Geeknews to be politicized, but this upcoming election year I really must go on record by endorsing a true patriot and a geek among geeks – Macgyver.

With simple words of wisdom we can all live by like this little beauty:

“Human nature. I do something nice for you, you do something nice for me, like not kill me. Next thing you know, we’re friends.”

Visit his campaign page, with political strategy, quotes and biography.

Macgyver 2008

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