The Matrix’ Agent Smith vs. Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan and Agent Smith

I stumbled on an interesting youtube video Christmas day. I had always thought the voice of Agent Smith (played by Hugo Weaving) in the Matrix sounded familiar, now I know why.

One enterprising geek spliced the narration of a documentary by Carl Sagan into a lengthy scene in the Matrix.

I must say, it’s a brilliant job with that video, getting the audio to sync nicely with Agent Smith’s interrogation of Morpheus! But my poor man’s photoshop of Sagan and Agent Smith leaves a lot to be desired, eh? ;)

[youtube BlpyGhABXRA]

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Britain And Japan Turning Up The Heat On Discussions Of ‘UFO Threat’

UFO Swarm

The UPI is reporting that the British gov’t will release previously classified details on hundreds of UFO sightings. It appears that these will represent the sightings that the Defense Ministry failed to find any rational explanation in their investigation. In other words, those worthy of the X-files.

In other news this past week the Japanese Defense Chief is mulling actions to take in the event of a UFO attack.

Yes, preparedness is a good thing. :)


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The Sci-Fi Sounds Quiz

Here’s a fun and quick test of your attention to detail from all those sci-fi movies you’ve seen throughout your life, from Logan’s Run to It Came From Outer Space. You get 14 sound clips and try to identify sounds from science fiction movies and TV.

Sci-fi Geek

Your Score : 85 credits
You’re an extreme sci-fi geek! You’re probably wearing your very own homemade TRON costume right now!


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Disturbing Yet Interesting Micro Sculptures

Link to see lots more, including a bleeding virgin Mary?

micro scultpures

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Strange Maps, From French Kissing To UFO Hotspots


When it comes to maps, Strange Maps is all about the weird, wonderful and unique in the map world. From the Russo-China conflict to the Amazon forest to a breakdown of blondes in Europe by country. Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite finds:

French Kissing Map
Shifting Like A Snake: Ancient Mississippi Courses
A Simplified Map of London
UFO Hotspots Map
The Blonde Map of Europe

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