Jan 172008

In Iron Man We Trust.

I first saw the trailer for this over the holiday when I watched ‘I am Legend’. I can hardly wait for this to come out on DVD so I can get it into my Netflix queue. :) The movie is out in May of this year so the DVD will be ready late 2008 you think?

[youtube mFlwtFx9Fgo]

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Jan 172008

MSNBC is reporting on the researchers at Rice university that set a world’s record with developing a material that absorbs more than 99.9% of light, is 30 times blacker than the material used by the National Institute of Standards for their official reference of ‘black’.

In the pic below the NIST substance for their black reference is at top, in the middle is the new material made from carbon tubes standing on end; it absorbs all colors of light and reflects none.

How long until Target is marketing it for their new line of slim wear?

Blacker than Black

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Jan 162008

I am currently on a quest to find a new Linux distro to use. I have been using Red Hat/Fedora for nearly 10 years now and am finding it time to make a switch. I have tried nearly every distribution I have found and recently came across Geubuntu and am Really liking what I am seeing.

Geubuntu Darkness ThemeGeubuntu is a combination of two of my favorite pieces of Linux: One old favorite – Enlightenment and one new favorite – Ubuntu. I have, so far, only experienced the live cd of Geubuntu and I have to say I am impressed. This comes around the time when KDE 4 comes out and everyone is drooling over the new eye Kandy – well, there’s plenty o’ eye candy in E17 that’s for sure.

I’m pretty certain this is the route I am going to take. But I thought I would first gather some opinions from readers to see what you have to say pro and con for going with Geubuntu. Don’t have any experience with Geubuntu? No problem…tell me why I should (or should not) go the Ubuntu-esque route.

Jan 162008

Context Menus are the menus you see in your operating system when you right click on an object. Unless you’re a manly man and use a command line shell.

Windows XP has had the ability to encrypt files, it wasn’t too cumbersome but it wasn’t intuitive either.

Vista enables you to Encrypt or Decrypt files by simply clicking on the file or folder and choosing the option via the context menu. The curious thing is that to enable this faster access to the Encrypted File System requires a registry modification, so it’s not enabled in the context menus by default. Perhaps the file system or security folks just ran out of time during the development process to fully support this method?

In this pic you can clearly see the Encrypt option highlighted in the context menu when I right clicked on a folder on my desktop.

EncryptDecrypt Context Menu

To enable it follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the Registry Editor. Note: if you don’t know how to do this then you really shouldn’t be following these instructions because you’re not a computer geek, just stop and please for god’s sake don’t do it. Else you may hose yourself :)
  2. Go to HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
  3. Create a new 32bit DWORD in that ‘Advanced’ key
  4. Call this new DWORD EncryptionContextMenu
  5. Change the value to 1
  6. It’s already enabled now, go check it out for yourself by right clicking on a file or folder.


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