Jan 112008

Pirate Parrot

I’m still in a pirate mood, in fact it may take all month to purge the urge to give in to my rogue tendencies and cast off in search of booty with mates. :)

Here’s a few more of my favorite Pirate links (believe me, the well is almost dry) –

You are a pirate: Addictive, loopy flash based song and a dancing pirate. Don’t view if you’re epileptic.

To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate

Motivational: “Pirates – when was the last time you saw a ninja with wenches?

Pirate Socks and Stockings. Somehow I just can’t envision Black Beard using something like this, unless the leg was still in it and he was swinging it around like a club.

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Jan 112008


Here’s an interesting Zune car audio solution from Kicker. It allows the ability to jack it into the controls of your stock stereo so that you can cycle through the zune menus and select songs or playlists by poking at buttons on the car stereo.

The video of interview and demo are from CES, it’s kind of noisy because of the crowds and of course from being in the audio/speaker area of the convention.

[youtube ro4GYnPH3NM]

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Jan 102008

Green Energy Bulb

If you’re like me and you’re slowly making the switch to Compact Fluorescent lights throughout the house, there’s something you need to educate yourself on: Dimmable CF lights.

They do exist, it’s not as trivial as with incandescent bulbs since the CF type have to be specifically designed to have their brightness controlled. To top it off, not all dimmable CF lights will work in dimming circuits!

Read on at Environmental Defense to ensure you make the right purchase decisions and understand the limitations.

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Jan 102008

 WIT 1-9-08

Looks like some kind of armor doesn’t it?

What is it?

[Courtesy of Tambako’s generous public release of his photos on Flickr, don’t cheat by browsing his great site! :)]

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Jan 092008


Belkin has developed a cool new media sharing device called a “Rockstar” that allows you to plug your device into your iPod or iPhone, and share your audio with others via its star shaped body with stereo headphone jacks on each end.  Not a new concept, but pretty handy when you have a bunch of friends, and only one source of music!

Multiple playback devices can be connected to the hub, sharing the audio from each source simultaneously with multiple headphone ports, and letting users hear either a single song, or multiple songs mixed together. One of the ports is input-only, with a wired connector built-in; the other five can be toggled between input and output.

Pretty sweet if you ask me.  I’d buy one if I thought I’d use it frequently 8)