Horrified B-Movie Victims

B-Movie victims

Here are 9 figures about 3″ tall, all in a state of terror as they flee or succumb to a dark force. In place of this cuddly Green Behemoth, perhaps you could substitute Phil’s Green Golem.

These victims are available from Archie McPhee for US$14.95.

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Pac-Man Christmas Tree

Wouldn’t it be great if this tree was playable?

Pac-Man Tree

[youtube 9j22cnSfE4U]

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Tweaks Made To The Site

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I’ve made two additional edits to the site as we launch ourselves into a new month/year:

1. The Comment form now allows you to subscribe to followup comment notification, it’s an opt-in per article. Simply check the box in the form and you’ll receive an e-mail for every comment made to that article moving forward.

This is thanks to the Subscribe to Comments WordPress plug-in.

2. Also, since I have a pretty good handle on the gawd awful volume comment spam and only the occasional splogger slips through, I’ve *disabled* the nofollow attribute to commenter. What does this mean?

It means that GOOG, Live, Yahoo and their ilk will register all links from your name back to your own site as well as links within the body of the comment. In WordPress, the ‘nofollow’ attribute is on by default to discourage spammers. Simply commenting on Geeknews with a link to your site will register in your favor if you track your pagerank or Technorati rank.

And this one is thanks to the NoFollow Free WordPress plug-in.


2008 U.S. Election, Who To Endorse?

Normally I wouldn’t want Geeknews to be politicized, but this upcoming election year I really must go on record by endorsing a true patriot and a geek among geeks – Macgyver.

With simple words of wisdom we can all live by like this little beauty:

“Human nature. I do something nice for you, you do something nice for me, like not kill me. Next thing you know, we’re friends.”

Visit his campaign page, with political strategy, quotes and biography.

Macgyver 2008

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The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles

Colored Bubbles

Chemical burns, ruined clothes, 11 years, half a million dollars—it’s not easy to improve the world’s most popular toy. Yet the success of one inventor’s quest to dye a simple soap bubble may change the way the world uses color.

“This is the most difficult project I have ever worked on,” Sabnis (their chemist) says now. “You think it’s easy. Why could someone not make it? But when you actually do it, it’s just impossible.” For months, he ran 60 to 100 experiments a week, filling notebooks with sketches of molecules, spending weekends in the library studying surfactant chemistry, trying one class of dyes after another…

The PopSci article is from 2005, but it’s a good read.