2008 U.S. Election, Who To Endorse?

Normally I wouldn’t want Geeknews to be politicized, but this upcoming election year I really must go on record by endorsing a true patriot and a geek among geeks – Macgyver.

With simple words of wisdom we can all live by like this little beauty:

“Human nature. I do something nice for you, you do something nice for me, like not kill me. Next thing you know, we’re friends.”

Visit his campaign page, with political strategy, quotes and biography.

Macgyver 2008

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The 11-Year Quest to Create Disappearing Colored Bubbles

Colored Bubbles

Chemical burns, ruined clothes, 11 years, half a million dollars—it’s not easy to improve the world’s most popular toy. Yet the success of one inventor’s quest to dye a simple soap bubble may change the way the world uses color.

“This is the most difficult project I have ever worked on,” Sabnis (their chemist) says now. “You think it’s easy. Why could someone not make it? But when you actually do it, it’s just impossible.” For months, he ran 60 to 100 experiments a week, filling notebooks with sketches of molecules, spending weekends in the library studying surfactant chemistry, trying one class of dyes after another…

The PopSci article is from 2005, but it’s a good read.


Air Force Going Green

Green Earth

This is our inaugural post in a new category topic: Green Power

As the cost of a barrel of oil hovers around $100 and US reliance on foreign oil sources grows, the Air Force, the single biggest user of energy in the US government, wants to find a cheaper and cleaner fuel alternative to fire its jet engines.

The Christian Science Monitor has a good article on the investigation by the US Air Force.


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Green / Eco Friendly

Further Improving ‘Keyhole Surgery’ Techniques

Roman Doctor

Medical technology has come a long way from the times of that Roman doctor in the pic, eh?

The BBC is reporting that experts are developing a flexible surgical robot known as the i-Snake, which they say could revolutionize keyhole surgery. It could enable surgeons to do complex procedures previously possible only through more invasive techniques.

The i-Snake, a long tube housing special motors, sensors and imaging tools can be used for heart bypass surgery. The cost benefits will bring us earlier, cheaper and less invasive treatment, faster recovery and procedure times which should result in a better quality of life.


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New Will Smith Superhero Movie: Hancock

Hancock is a Will Smith dramedy superhero movie due out in July 2008.

Hancock is, well, sort of a degenerate superhero that doesn’t know the meaning of ‘treading lightly’ when using his powers. The teaser poster was recently released, as well as the trailers. You might prefer the quicktime version because I found the youtube version was missing scenes, in case you don’t have QT installed, here’s the youtube version anyway.

The flying whale, bellowing in horror, slays me :)

Watch the Trailer (apple.com):
Low res
Med res
High res


[via ComingSoon.net]

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