Jan 212008


The spacecraft ‘Messenger’ is scheduled to orbit the planet Mercury in 2011 after 4.9 billion miles traveled that includes 15 trips around the sun. But enroute to that orbit it will pass by it’s target 3 times (Jan 2008, Oct 2008, Sept 2009) before matching the planets orbit and speed around the Sun.

With Messenger passing by Mercury the other day at an altitude of 125 miles, NASA is getting some great photos already and I’m excited about the possibilities once she’s inserted into orbit in a few years. Including having access to regions of the planet that were previously not available to the Mariner craft on its 3 passes.

If you’re wondering why in the heck we’re sending a craft to the ‘First Rock from the Sun’, you can read about the 6 questions its science payload are expected to answer.

Interesting tidbit about this craft is that it should have no problem powering it’s batteries via solar power since it’ll be extremely close to the Sun. But in the case of Messenger it will need to periodically turn it’s solar panels away from the Sun to avoid overheating.

Mercury Trivia:
Mercury was named for the swift Roman “messenger” god, since it travels around the Sun faster than any other planet.


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Jan 202008

Pizza Pie

Geek.com has the scoop and the details. But you can see from the Pizza Hut Mobile Access page that the fastest way to order Pizza Pies is now via SMS.

First you create an account via their mobile page, add your mobile #, create a ‘pizza playlist’ of your favorite toppings and save it.

When you’re ready, there are just 2 quick steps to text your order:

1. Enter the “O” followed by a space and the name of your Playlist choice (e.g., O FAV)

2. Send to 749488 (749HUT)

View the demo!

If you have a web-enabled mobile phone, you can also order pizzas from their mobilized ordering web site by navigating to www.pizzahut.com.

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Jan 202008

io9 has an interesting gallery of home brew car mods in honor of the owner’s favorite sci-fi shows like BSG or Star Wars.

Take for instance this Viper from BSG, can you imagine showing up at work in that thing? This is fan art at a whole new level I tell ya.

Pimp my car

Though this A-Wing with a pair of hood ornaments isn’t too bad either, the R2 unit in the rear is a very nice touch, wonder if sound effects are included in that bad boy?

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Jan 192008

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- Fluxbuntu
- Android game turns Linux phones into paintball guns

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Jan 182008

Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer died at the age of 64 early this morning due to kidney failure. He was the first Chess World Champion from the United States.

He was brilliant and he was also a sunuvabitch that probably caused more pain in the world than enjoyment over his Chess skills.

“Chess is war on a board,” he once said. “The object is to crush the other man’s mind.”

Garry Kasparov, the former world chess champion from Russia, said Fischer’s ascent in the chess world in the 1960s and his promotion of chess worldwide was “a revolutionary breakthrough” for the game.

His play spawned a chess movement in the United States that is still relatively strong today. And of course one can’t talk about Fischer without mentioning his rivalry with the USSR’s Boris Spassky. You might even say that the Fischer-Spassky matches in the 1970’s helped in the long run with the West eventually winning the Cold War.

However, his brilliance at Chess was overshadowed by his ability to created controversy when away from the game with his very passionate anti-Semitic views after his fall from the heights of the game and of course there was his reaction to the Sept 11 2001 acts of terrorism:

“This is all wonderful news,” he declared. “I applaud the act. The US and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians, just slaughtering them, for years. Robbing them and slaughtering them. No one gave a shit. Now it’s coming back to the US. F*** the US. I want to see the US wiped out. Death to the US.”

It’s with mixed emotions we bid you ‘Goodnight’ and hope that if there’s an afterlife you do better the next go around Mr. Fischer.


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