Jan 262008

Can you say ‘OOPS’ ?

Messages and other content were irreversibly deleted from in-boxes and archive folders of 14,000 accounts the other day during routine cleanup tasks by the Admins of Charter Communications.

It appears that part of their cleanup work is to simply delete any e-mail from accounts that haven’t been used in 3 months, all this with no warning. They immediately realized they made a mistake of not archiving it off first but it was too late, the information was irretrievably lost.

In place of the lost data, Charter is applying a $50 credit to accounts suffering from their gaffe.

Well, $50 is a lot of money but let’s hope that a job offer wasn’t in that in-box or perhaps some other vital document or family photos.

The lesson learned here is to periodically log into the account, or generate some other activity. I do this for a variety of Yahoo and Hotmail accounts that I rarely used, when I forget I’ll realize my mistake when I learn that the account needs to be reactivated.

In fact, one highly desirable Hotmail account I have today was obtained by trying to create a new account every week and when asked for the name I wanted to use I entered this same name, every time, hoping. Of course since the account was in-use, the registration wizard would prompt me to use a variant and I’d quit until the next week. That is until after about 6 months later after many dozens of tries, one day it worked!

Apparently the previous owner of the account lapsed in their requirements to periodically use the thing, so Hotmail deactivated it and put it back in the pool of available names. Hooray for obsessive compulsive disorder! :)

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Jan 252008

I work for a local salon as both a stylist and the only IT person. I do pretty much everything. So when it came down to working with the inventory I figure, no problem, we use Linux as both our server and our desktop – so it shouldn’t be an issue finding a good POS solution.

How wrong I was.

My search lead me up and down the google-scape coming across a number of possibilities. Some of these possibilities looked promising only to wind up falling miserably short or far too complex for our needs (or worse yet, simply not working at all.)

And then I found Nolapro.  Not only did this application wind up fitting the bill to a “T”, it offered features that would allow our salon to grow. The setup was simple, inventory was easy to enter, and the POS was solid and easy for the less-than-geeky to use.

In the end I was really quite surprised how bereft of good POS solutions the open source community held. I thought for sure it would be a quick search and destroy…especially in a landscape that would easily benefit from open source way. Ultimately, though, I was happy to at least find one solution that was not only available but still being developed (hello BananaPOS????).

I’m sure this is one of those areas that the open source community needs to invest in. It reminds me of the days of the old Burlington Coat Factory win. Remember that? BCF decided to migrate all of their POSs to Linux. I’m sure a LOT more businesses would do the same if the solutions were readily available.

Jan 252008

Ever had one of those times that you wanted to send a message to a friend, but didn’t know quite how to do it?  Let the Royal Navy do it for you!  All you have to do is select a method of delivery, enter in a few details, and off it goes!  Let the hilarity ensue ;)


I personally like the commando delivery.  Let me know what you think in comments!

Jan 252008

Here’s the second web comic I’ve pieced together.

I stole the idea of 2 MSN buddies talking to each other from the MS Office Team, they did something similar to advertise the goodness of OneNote. Unlike my previous experiment, this one uses 4 frames and I’ll continue to make tweaks until I’m told to stop.

Comments? Positive, Negative, Indifferent, waste of bandwidth?

2 - Cup of Joe

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