Ask 500 People


So…..  Ever had the desire to have 500 complete strangers answer the questions burning in your mind?  Well now is your chance!  The folks over at provide this service for you in a fleeting interesting way.  I say fleeting because the concept gets kind of repetitive after a while. For me, the novelty wore off after viewing a couple of questions get answered, but hey, if you have a lot of questions to ask that need a multitude of answers, this is the place for you!


Disposable File Sharing

logo_small – Anonymous file sharing service where you can upload and share files (via password-protected URL) for 30 days. Once 30 day period is over, all shared files will be automatically deleted.  Pretty sweet!  The perfect place to store those candid Brittney shots :)


Ye Be Makin’ An Icon, Matey!

Piratey Icon

Make your own Piratey Avatars like mine above, thanks to Stephanie Clarkson!

I figured the pink text should soften the scariness factor a touch, no?

Stephanie has some interesting things on her site – she has a cool tattoo, she has a blog and best of all she’s a professional designer of logos and avatars from time to time and she enjoys doing graphics for Puzzle Pirates. And she’s not just a graphics geek, she’s also developer. Devs are people I can relate to.

You probably haven’t put two and two together yet, recall the question I posed the other day: “OK, So Who Is My Mascot?“.

I’ll contact Stephanie, may she can help me answer that question.



Just geeky

Making Your Own "X-ray Photographs"

Omnimatter has posted a brilliant DIY article to use some commonly found items with radioactive properties to act as a poor man’s x-ray device.

Radioactive Clock

Items you’ll need:

  1. A Polaroid SX-70, Type 600, or Spectra camera
  2. A package of unexposed Type 600 or Spectra Polaroid film
  3. One metal cookie tin at least six inches in diameter
  4. A few sheets/roll of aluminum foil
  5. Radioactive material


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Hacks n Tweaks

KDE 4 Release Date Is Down To Single Digits


Wash  up those grubby paws and get ready to install KDE 4. JLP and his team participated in the Slovenian development of latest version of the K Desktop Environment, he talks about his efforts and why you need to get this next week or as soon as it’s ready for your disti.

I’m an unabashed Linux newb, i’ve talked before about installing Ubuntu (feisty fawn) w/GNOME in VMWare on Vista to learn a few things (ok, learn a lot).

But my question is whether there’s anything restricting a user like me from installing it just to check it out and compare the eye candy side by side with Vista, or if it really requires me to be a Linux power user to install on my existing configuration? JLP indicates KDE 4 may not be for the faint of heart, not for the passive user.

Hopefully it is possible and hopefully is encouraged. If it is difficult or discouraged then it’s simply playing into the trap that worries Steve and will further delay Linux’ adoption as a standard Client OS to compete with Windows.

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