Feb 272008

I’ve torn apart many a hard drive in my day, even converted one into a very nice ashtray. But i’ve never had the privilege of tearing one down after the head crashed into the platters before.

One lucky guy got to do just that and has some great photos of the aftermath on neowin.

See that silver jagged ring near the center of the platter where the head ends? Yeah Baby! It cut through and you can see debris all over the inside of the case.


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Feb 262008

greenercars.org has a list of the 12 greenest vehicles for this year. With gas prices on their way to $4 this Spring, I was just talking to the wife last night about doing a test drive later this week on the car that is #10 on the list: Toyota Camry Hybrid.

It’s a gas electric version with the same ‘hybrid synergy drive’ system that the sardine can Prius uses. The main difference is this one actually has room in it and the default package is supposed to contain all the gadgets your geeky little heart desires so it’s naturally a little more costly than the  Prius.

Camry Hybrid

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Feb 262008


Canada knows a thing or two about robots and space. Did you non-Canadians know that the robotic arm in the Space Shuttles was designed, built and delivered by the Canadians to NASA? It’s True.

Now they’re doing their part again to help build out the rest of the International Space Station in the form of Dextre, a $200Mil robot that will perform exterior construction and maintenance. The value here is that it means the astronauts will have to make fewer trips outside the capsules, enabling the ‘bot to do more of the grunt work, riding along the Canadian-built ‘mobile servicing system’ on the exterior.

Here’s some of the specs:

– Can be remotely controlled from the ground or the ISS

– Size is about 3.7 meters

– Lifespan is about 15 years

– Dexterous enough to manipulate objects the size of a phone book to a phone booth

redOrbit has much more information.

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Feb 262008

This is a photo (links to the NOAA site) of a large thunderstorm over West Africa as seen from the International Space Station several weeks ago:


Click to see the original on the NOAA weather service site.

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