Feb 292008


McAfee’s Avert Labs group is alerting us to one of the first viruses to attack Windows Mobile. Named WinCE/Infojack, this little bugger allows silent installation of malware, and sends information about the infected device back to the Trojan’s author.

It’s been found packaged in with Google Maps and a Mobile Game. The same advice applies to your mobile as it does with your PC, don’t download applications from locations you don’t explicitly trust.

Read more at the Avert blog.

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Feb 282008

Amanda and Thor

Like a total fan boy, I attended a Stargate Convention in Vancouver, BC a few years ago and had my picture taken with my favorite Sci-Fi actress: Amanda Tapping. Yeah! We had our arms around the back and everything! :)

Colonel Carter

To top it off, the next day she sat next to me at my table during a brunch ‘eat and greet’ with the stars.

Yes, I’m a total dork, but it was worth it. This Summer, Patrick and I are heading to the Star Trek con. I wonder if I’ll get to meet Nichelle Nichols, how cool would that be?

Anyway, this version of Sci-Fi actresses and their provocative poses focuses on Amanda Tapping, aka ‘Colonel Samantha Carter’ of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Her character wields both a PHd in Physics and a machine gun. Her hairstyle changes every season. Her pal is Thor the alien. And her love interests either die or retire from the Stargate program never to be seen or heard of again. The good news is that there’s a plethora of provocative, dare I say, evocative photos to post.

Ever since I had first seen some of these long ago, I’ve always wondered why Ms. Carter would go to such lengths. Could it be to break the mold she’s finding herself in after 10+ years of the same character? Could it be an evil twin? Honestly, I would rather not know, for the truth could probably crush me. :)

OK, enough gushing and all kidding aside, without further ado, I give you the many talented faces and revealing of skin by Amanda Tapping:

Amanda Tapping Amanda Tapping 1

Amanda Tapping 2 Amanda Tapping 4

Amanda Tapping 6 Amanda Tapping 7

Amanda Tapping 8 Amanda Tapping 9 amanda-tapping-5

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Feb 272008

I’ve torn apart many a hard drive in my day, even converted one into a very nice ashtray. But i’ve never had the privilege of tearing one down after the head crashed into the platters before.

One lucky guy got to do just that and has some great photos of the aftermath on neowin.

See that silver jagged ring near the center of the platter where the head ends? Yeah Baby! It cut through and you can see debris all over the inside of the case.


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Feb 262008

greenercars.org has a list of the 12 greenest vehicles for this year. With gas prices on their way to $4 this Spring, I was just talking to the wife last night about doing a test drive later this week on the car that is #10 on the list: Toyota Camry Hybrid.

It’s a gas electric version with the same ‘hybrid synergy drive’ system that the sardine can Prius uses. The main difference is this one actually has room in it and the default package is supposed to contain all the gadgets your geeky little heart desires so it’s naturally a little more costly than the  Prius.

Camry Hybrid

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