Nanosolar – Hope For A Low Cost Solar Solution


Imagine a solar panel without the panel. Just a coating, thin as a layer of paint, that takes light and converts it to electricity.

Nanosolar may be the answer to my beef with the cost of solar panels, it’s also one of the best tech innovations of 2007. They’re developing a new manufacturing process that prints photovoltaic material onto other materials, producing 100x thinner solar cells that operate 100x faster.

Imagine spray painting this stuff onto the side of your house, yeah that very well could be possible. This process also reduces the cost of a basic photovoltaic module.

More from the NYTimes.

Green / Eco Friendly

Mailbox Flag for His Inbox

On one fellow geek describes his latest project:

…is a physical flag that attaches to my computer and goes up when I have new mail. First, I found biff, which is an extension to Thunderbird that proves a socket interface to poll for new mail status. Then, I wrote a little Python application to continuously poll the status and update the flag as necessary.

[youtube rmu0NnxBdvw]

[via MAKE]

Just geeky

My next Linux distro

My lil’ Microfly machine is still using Fedora 6. I’m ashamed of that but it’s just been running so well since it was built. But I am horribly out of date. So I now have the daunting task of choosing a distro for updating my machine. Here are my questions:

Do I go with 64 bit?

Do I give Geubuntu (an Enlightenment-based Ubuntu) a try?

Do I stick with Fedora?

Do I go with another disto all together?

I have been trying a number of distros lately. So far here are my thoughts.

Fedora 8: I like it but I’m growing tired of some of the quirks that Fedora has with the NVidia cards. And installing Enlightenment can sometimes be a headache. And besides – I want E17!

OpenGEU (Formerly Geubuntu): Now we’re talking. Only problem is that it’s fairly unstable. That’s due to E17. Come on Raster, get E17 stable!

gOS: This is impressive. I think this is where OSs should be going. I installed this on my wife’s laptop and she loves it. This might be the winner. Only problem I have found with it is that the little  Google widget in the middle of the desktop. That would be a nice trick if it worked. Being able to just type a search onto your desktop and have a browser open instantly with your results…nice. But, as it is it always presents you with an error. And since I can’t figure out how to configure the thing! But over all this distro is nice. Really nice. On top of all the nice shiny bells and whistles of E17, it was able to pick up every piece of hardware on the laptop that no other distro could find 100% (some could handle the video but not wireless whereas some could handle wireless but not video.)

So, tell, me what distro do you prefer and why? Give me reasons why I should try your favorite.


What Is That?

In my effort to continually perplex you, I present to you this amazing picture of….well, that’s for you to figure out :)  Drop guesses in the comments, as usual!



What Is That?

The Unholy Mother of all Spammers?


About a month ago I was moderating/deleting spam from the Geeknews comments when I ran across the mother of all spam comments. This thing is over 460 lines long and had 450 URLs to prescription drug sites, all centered around Ultram. It definitely cleared the bar for the number of links the spam filter looks for to determine if it needs to be marked for moderation!

Sidebar: If you’re not familiar with this drug called Ultram, I’ve taken it before to battle some seriously heinous migraines about 7 years ago. I stopped taking it because of the side effects to my brain, it reduced me to a blithering idiot.

Anyway, a little bit of sleuthing shows the IP resolved back to the infamous RIPE network but below you can find the spammer originating from the Ukraine is ‘Andrew Sotov‘. Apparently Mr. Sotov thinks that simply trying to dump one or three urls to a site isn’t good enough, that his scripts need to bring forth an onslaught of URLs just to ensure you’ve covered all possible keywords.

Mr. Sotov, thanks for nothing.

inetnum: –
netname: UkrTeleGroup
descr: UkrTeleGroup Ltd.
admin-c: UA481-RIPE
organisation: ORG-UL25-RIPE
org-name: UkrTeleGroup Ltd.
address: UkrTeleGroup Ltd.
Mechnikova 58/5
Odessa, Ukraine
person: Andrew Sotov

address: Mechnikova 58/5 65029 Odessa
phone: +380631508855

Check out the keywords used that were linking to his sites (links removed):

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