Turing Award Honors Founders of Automatic Verification Technology

The Association for Computing Machinery, has named three gentlemen co-winners of the 2007 A.M. Turing Award, widely considered the most prestigious award in computing which recently received an infusion of cash donations from Intel and GOOG.

The winners are Edmund M. Clarke, E. Allen Emerson, and Joseph Sifakis; they won it for their original and continuing research in a quality assurance process known as Model Checking. .

Their innovations transformed this approach from a theoretical technique to a highly effective verification technology that enables computer hardware and software engineers to find errors efficiently in complex system designs.

You can read the rest of the announcement here, or jump to the ACM Turing homepage.


Scientists Discover New Method To Kill Viruses: Shake & Rattle The Buggers

Scientists may one day be able to destroy viruses in the same way that opera singers presumably shatter wine glasses. New research mathematically determined the frequencies at which simple viruses could be shaken to death.

MSNBC has the story.


Tutorial Explores Mobile/Embedded Ubuntu

Mobile - Embedded Ubuntu

Ubuntu’s latest release, Gutsy Gibbon, now includes support for the embedded and mobile spaces with the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded (UME) project.

LinuxDevices.com reports that IBM is hosting a hand’s on technical tutorial to introduce you to the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded (UME) project, its architecture, and its use. How to install and test the Hildon desktop, build a dev environment for a mobile device.

Check out the IBM tutorial if you dabble in development and have an interest in embedded devices then .


Finally, E17 for Fedora

Woohoo! Finally the guys at Enlightenment have added E17 to a repo for Fedora 7 and 6. It’s very simple install . Download and install dc-fc6-yum-repo-1.0-1.fc6.noarch.rpm (for Fedora 7) or dc-fc6-yum-repo-1.0-1.fc6.noarch.rpm (for Fedora 6) and the run yum install enlightenment to install the system.

It’s not perfect yet but it’s very close. And, as far as I am concerned, Enlightenment is still the best dang window manager out there!

There are also some themes available here.

Great going guys!


Nanosolar – Hope For A Low Cost Solar Solution


Imagine a solar panel without the panel. Just a coating, thin as a layer of paint, that takes light and converts it to electricity.

Nanosolar may be the answer to my beef with the cost of solar panels, it’s also one of the best tech innovations of 2007. They’re developing a new manufacturing process that prints photovoltaic material onto other materials, producing 100x thinner solar cells that operate 100x faster.

Imagine spray painting this stuff onto the side of your house, yeah that very well could be possible. This process also reduces the cost of a basic photovoltaic module.

More from the NYTimes.

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