Talisman Prologue


The Talisman board game is coming to the PC and mobile gaming world and boy am I excited!

Talisman Prologue is the first in a series of games based on the seminal Talisman board game.

In Talisman Prologue, you take the role of 10 characters on a series of epic quests. Fight your way through hordes of monstrous creatures and cast powerful magic spells along the way. Using the rules of the board game, Talisman Prologue is a single-player strategy role-playing game.

Learn more at Nomad Games  &  talisman-game.com


Upgrading the Dogs of War

war dog

The BBC Science goes to North Carolina to get rare look inside one of the US Military projects to counter the threat of roadside bombs. North Carolina has a centuries old reputation for producing some of the best trained dogs and it’s here that the military is investing in “Jason Bourne” type pooches to help take up the cause of finding mines and roadside bombs.

The BBC report…


Gifts In China Infographic

Here’s a cool infographic on the gifts that are appropriate and inappropriate for Chinese friends and colleagues.
Gifts in China: what to give, what to avoid (infographic)


Homeland Security App….It’s a Trap!

Homeland Security
Who in their right mind would install a Homeland Security app on any device they own? I’m not very paranoid but I’m pretty sure any app from DHS is harvesting more data from your phone than they claim.

The story from Pixiq.

Here’s the Press Release about the app for you to more easily report suspicious activity.



Conspiracy, Gadgets / Devices

A Must See GI Joe Fan film

This is a very cool fan film of the GI Joe franchise, how fans probably really want the story to proceed. And the production quality is surprisingly good for a fan film! I’m subscribed to the youtube feed to keep track of new episodes because I was left with a desire for the story to keep going…that’s a good sign. Smile I’m going to donate to the effort to help encourage more.

You can find more information at their website http://www.gijoeinitiate.com/  and at their Facebook page.