Amazing Growth In Online Gaming

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In the last few years there’s been astounding growth in the online gaming market. And when you take a look at why, and what aspects of entertainment and social sciences are involved, it’s eye-opening to say the least.

It wasn’t too long ago though that online gaming was considered an underground activity, that it wasn’t a trusted destination site for the Average Joe to spend his leisure time or money. It all started in 2003 when Chris Moneymaker stunned the World Series of Poker tournament by winning after having qualified through an online poker event. Then in the last 5 years or so the regulations in Europe and USA have started to allow more gaming operators to allow an ever increasing number of games that accept cash. In 2012, Europe had an astounding 40%+ increase in total gaming sessions as the regulations loosened.

So the tradition of gaming as a legitimate form of entertainment and income has definitely moved to the online gaming world as well, thanks to their drive towards legalization and regulation in many regions of the globe. No operator has taken more advantage of the opportunity than SuperCasino. They have a great UI, breadth of games, professional talent and voice actors to participate in the Live Gaming to make you feel like you’re on the casino floor. With their focus on experienced players and newbies alike makes it a great destination location to have fun while making some money.

Of course, the operators themselves have been out-innovating each other with fantastic sign-up bonuses, a wide array of games, live TV to view real blackjack and roulette games. Just like the walk-in casinos always advertise – “The more you play, the more you can win”, and the online gaming operators are providing more options and more variety to attract players and give them opportunities to win real money.

As if this wasn’t enough to cause the massive popularity and growth, we also have social gaming coming into play now. Starting with Facebook, and even Candy Crush’s popularity is being looked at by the gaming regulators as a way of dipping their feet into social online gaming. The top five casino games on Facebook – Texas HoldEm Poker, Slotomania, DoubleDown Casino, Bingo Blitz and Best Casino together draw a whopping 11,240,000 daily users.

Gaming regulators and developers are taking note of the popularity of skills-based games and dissecting their popularity to find ways to adapt it to the gaming industry.  Take for instance the Atlantic Gaming Commission point to Candy Crush, Madden, Farmville as examples for gaming developers to model themselves after.

Another indicator that online gaming is staying ahead of the curve compared to the walk-in casinos is that some operators now accept Bitcoin. I don’t see that happening at the physical casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Macau.

Geeky Christmas Ornaments


Geeky Christmas Ornaments

These are some new, cool and geeky Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree. I’m kind of partial to the Santa Popeye ornament, though i can imagine he’s dropping off cans of spinach in the stocking and that would *not* be cool 🙂

The artist is Mike Gaiss. He’s a sculptor of geeky stuff and a stop motion animator. He worked for Jim Henson and Will Vinton (the PJ’s), Opie and Anthony show and more. This year he’s been showing at Bottleneck NYC and Hero Complex Gallery LA.

Check out the Zeitgaiss etsy shop for more.

Online Casino via PS4

Image by MattsMacintosh

For someone who sees themselves as a gamer first, gambler second, the ideal scenario would be a gaming console that offered its players casino gambling games to the same level that it allows them to play regular games.

There have been many gripes about the lack of quality casino games designed for consoles. Although there are a few different ones around, such as Hard Rock Casino, Vegas Games 2000 and Poker Master they all share one common feature – you can’t play them with real money. Anyone who gets a buzz from playing casino games will know that the majority of the excitement attached to playing games like roulette, blackjack and poker is the fact that you’re using real cash to play them, and that a win means more than a metaphorical pat on the back – it means more cash in your hand.

For anyone who enjoys gambling online at home, there are plenty of options out there. You can join a poker site and download the software, or you can play a huge variety of classic casino games by playing on an instant play casino site. There are hundreds of different sites to choose from, and as competition amongst such sites to win new customers is high, there are plenty of incentives available to get new players to sign up.

Most casino sites will offer a no-deposit bonus to players who register an account. This is usually a small amount of credit that is available to use for a limited time and it gives the player a chance to try out the site’s games for real. If they like what they find, the next incentive is a welcome bonus – usually where the site matches or doubles the first deposit that a player fuels their account with. Check out the offers available with major sites such as 32Red, 888casino, and SkyVegas to see how much free playing credit you can get.

For casino novices, the online casinos can provide great practice ground for games such as blackjack. You may never have played a game of blackjack before, and if you need some practice before placing bets with real money, the online blackjack games for example allow you to do just that. You simply play in practice play mode, where the cash you bet with is virtual. It allows you to try out different moves like doubling down, splitting hands, taking insurance without risking real cash. And if you get it all wrong, you don’t lose a penny, but you’ll have gained in experience.

Console gamers who find the fact that you can’t gamble on the consoles might appreciate the online browsing that they get with the integrated web browser on the PS4 though. Although there are no dedicated gambling apps or games available on Playstation, at least you can use the console to access your favorite online gambling site.
And once logged in, you’ve got the Dualshock 4 gamepad analog controls and buttons to navigate your way around the online casinos with.

Of course, you can do this on a normal pc or mobile, but the advantage of playing online casino on a PS4 is that you can show off your skills to people you know using the social share buttons on the game pad. It’s possible to share both images and videos of your casino gaming this way, as well as broadcasting your gameplay live through different video streaming services that you can sign up  to.

When you first start gambling, though, you may not have that many successes to wow people with, so you can keep a mediocre casino gaming performance to yourself with the anonymity that online gambling offers until you’re playing skillfully enough to want to share!

There are always rumours that real money casino gaming is just around the corner for console gamers. For example, it’s been suggested that EA will add poker rooms to its online game centre soon. But until that day arrives, at least it is now possible to play online casino via your PS4, if not exactly on it.

Retro Gaming With A Twist


I’ve been a gamer all my life, and have played all the popular retro games when they were popular.  DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein and many more were a daily staple of fun for me.  Well, someone thought it would be a good idea to bring a couple of these retro games back into play, but in a different way.

How about some Tomb Raider – Play here.  Lara Croft at her finest, guns blazing and taking out the bad guys while deep in the forgotten depths of some ominous cave; those were some of my fondest memories.  You can relive those memories playing Tomb Raider slots…get that treasure!  After you’re done being rough and tumble in the jungle, why not play a board game? The game is a classic 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a dynamic story that will keep you glued to your chair.

If you’re not familiar with Lara Croft then maybe you’ve been living under a rock 🙂 Seriously though, she is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Square Enix video game series Tomb Raider. She is presented as a beautiful, intelligent, and athletic British archaeologist-adventurer who ventures into ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the world.

Monopoly – Play here, is one of the most fun games there is.  Who needs Park Place, when you can ride the gravy train to success in this intuitive slot game? This version of Monopoloy is a 5 reel slot developed by IGT with a pretty good storyline.

It has all the old icons you’re familiar with from the boardgame that you move around the board with. Plus it has bonus rounds and a Level Up Plus feature that lets you save your progress.

While you’re having your fill of gaming, hang out over at Slacker Radio and listen to some of your favorite tunes to keep the excitement alive!

In UFO News…


Was Roswell UFO Crash A Secret Nazi Aircraft? [Huff Post]
A film, supposedly called “UFOs and the Third Reich,” is promoting another theory about the Roswell UFO crash: A 10-foot-wide, 12-foot-high, anti-gravity, bell-shaped craft, combining rocket and helicopter technology, created by Nazi Germany, fell into the hands of the U.S. in 1943, who further developed the project. An alleged test of the Bell resulted in its crash, which became the event that started the Roswell UFO saga.

Author investigates 200-year-old UFO sighting [Zanesville Times Recorder] Almost 200 years ago, Morgan County farmer Thomas Inman was walking home from Philo when he had what one researcher believes could be one of the earliest accounts of a close encounter of the third kind.

Why the French state has a team of UFO hunters [BBC]
Thousands of UFO sightings are reported every year but not many countries are willing to spend money investigating them – there is just one dedicated state-run team left in Europe. Is France onto something?

Bringing it Home


Casinos are bursting at the seams with a variety of slot machines, and virtual gambling machines that are a blast to play.  When it’s time to go home, the fun ends…or does it?  Who says you can’t take that fun home with you?   Besides, it’s a hassle to make the trip out to a casino sometimes, when you can just have the same excitement in the comfort of your own home on your computer.

An excellent example is Pixies of the Forest – Visit this site, an online version of a very popular land-based slot machine, Secrets of the Forest.  Tons of options, offering varied payouts, and fun play strategies in many different mystical themes.

This mystical themed slot features 5 reels and a whopping 99 pay lines with a 2,000 coin Jackpot just waiting to be won.

Pixies of the Forest is the online version of “Secrets of the Forest” which you’ve probably seen on the casino floors. The game performed so well in traditional casinos and gambling venues that has decided to meet the demand and offer players the same exciting gaming experience online. This magical slot game transports players into a mystical dream land with big winning possibilities.

It also features “Tumbling Reels”, providing players with multiple chances to win on a single spin and more potential wins. Hit 3 bonus symbols to trigger the free spins round in which you are awarded up to 11 free spins.

And if you like jewels, Play Starburst Touched Slot here.  It’s like playing Bejeweled with a payout!  A great ambient soundtrack with lots of shiny jewels and good clean fun.  All this fun can be had sitting in your own comfortable chair, at your home computer.

I can’t get enough of this game, the simple but effective multimedia in the game reminds me of Candy Crush and Bejeweled. Visually, this game is a real treat. It’s probably going to be at or near the top of the list of popular slots for a long time to come.

Head on over to Kotaku – The Gamer’s Guide if you get the chance, to find some other gaming ideas too!

New Clock Keeps Perfect Time for 5Billion Years

At the heart of this new clock is the element strontium. Inside a small chamber, the strontium atoms are suspended in a lattice of crisscrossing laser beams. Researchers then give them a little ping, like ringing a bell. The strontium vibrates at an incredibly fast frequency. It’s a natural atomic metronome ticking out teeny, teeny fractions of a second.

Listen to the NPR story…

Spare Time Fun


I’m on the go, just like everyone else.  So when I’m out and about, on the job or just have a few minutes to hang out and have a little bit of relaxation or fun, I try to do a bit of gaming.  With the plethora of games out there to play, I try to keep it simple, or some quick fun.

One of my favorite games to play since I was a youth has always been Monopoly, so why not play some Monopoly? Visit Monopoly dream life for free play here! Good fun and the chance to come out a winner with some spare change! This game has 3 different bonus features, “Stacked  Wild” which is a wild symbols feature. The second bonus is “FreeFall Symbols bonus” but the cool feature is the 3rd one called “Dream Life Bonus”. This pops when you line up 3 symbols anywhere on the 5 reel slot and the slot shifts you to a mini-game mode. In this mode, the prizes are extra spins.

If you’re a big fan of Monopoly, then you really have to check this one out.

Playing slot games has always been a favorite pastime for me, ever since I discovered Slingo on AOL, oh so many years ago. If slots and bingo got married (in Vegas, of course!) and had a child, this would be it. Slingo is a popular, addictive game that combines the excitement of slot machines, the fast-paced fun of bingo, and the brain-tickling challenge of wild-card strategy. Pack away your daubers, spin the wheels, and hope for a cherub, ‘cause you’re on your way to a full card!

Another favorite slot game that I recently discovered is Twin Spin, it offers 243 different ways to win. To play Twin Spin, click here. I also like their unique “Twin Function” that can possibly give  HUGE payout!  At startup the game may appear like a standard 5 reel slot, but after the first spin you’ll see it’s actually a little different. Both games require Adobe Flash, so make sure that your software is up to date, but most of all, have fun!

Twin Spin is also available for mobile devices, with it’s great game play it’s just a matter of time before it’s one of the top slot games.

Gaming News – Nov 2014

imageComing to XBOX One this month is a new workout game called Shape Up from Ubisoft. I’ve been looking forward to this because it turns the workout into a fun and strange game using Kinect 2.0. Games include goofy things like trying to bench press an elephant, or a cardio game to punch out asteroids. This is the game that proves when you have fun, you will get better results.

image Caesars Casino is online with real money online slots. Clearly Caesars is a top brand in the gaming industry and their fantastic suite of online games bears this out. The same slots on the their casino floor are now available to enjoy on our PCs. I have a couple of favorites but King Kong is preferred because of the nostalgia; the graphics are based on the original movie time period from the early 1900’s, not the more modern King Kong versions. Setting up your account is simple, taking just a few clicks and with sign-up bonuses.

imageI discovered this at Gamespot – Play over 900 arcade games in your browser for free! Dig Dug, Galaga, and Golden Axe are just a fraction of the great, though admittedly ancient games you’ll find at the Internet Arcade.  The game collection ranges from early “bronze-age” videogames, with black and white screens and simple sounds, through to large-scale games containing digitized voices, images and music.

image I recently stumbled on the fact that the Infocom text adventure games I loved as a boy in the 80’s have been translated to iOS for iPhone and iPad! The title is called “Lost Treasures of Infocom”, published by Activision; here’s a review by Touch Arcade. This is a wonderfully nostalgic, superbly presented package. It’s also a beautiful reminder that a picture isn’t always preferable to a thousand words. I’m installing this now and will review Zork I soon.

Slots And More Slots


If you’re looking for a unique and fun slot to play online, visit here. This is the official SouthPark Slots, with bonus spins by the stars of the show: Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Stan. You can play on the PC or the mobile and can win a jackpot of up to €625 000! If you’ve ever seen this show on MTV, then you’ll recognize the characters and skits right away in the game, it’s no wonder this slot is so popular. SouthPark slots are also available on mobile devices including iPhone and Android and iPads.

If you’re looking for mobile casino action in the United Kingdom, you can’t go wrong with this offer: £5 Free Bonus at Ladylucks Mobile Casino. Ladylucks mobile is not only one of the largest and most complete mobile casinos in the UK, but they also hold the record for the largest ever jackpot won on a mobile casino platform – a cool £211,000! Ladylucks mobile has several promotion offers, too.

The first bonus Ladylucks Mobile offer is a free sign up amount of £2.50 to get you started on any of the games. You can then double any money you deposit instantly with a 100% deposit bonus of up to 100 pounds. If free bonuses don’t float your boat then they also offer monthly prize draws, mystery spins and regular cash back offers for its frequent users.

And finally, in offbeat Slots news comes this story from ABC News in Seattle (KOMO4):

BERLIN (AP) – A gambler in Germany has been saved from prison by a one-armed bandit.

Police said Thursday that two officers carrying out routine checks at an arcade in the western city of Bochum late last week discovered that a man playing a slot machine faced an arrest warrant.

He had been ordered to pay a 710-euro ($910) fine or go to prison for 71 days after resisting police during a previous incident.

Police say that as officers informed the man that he faced arrest, the slot machine started to flash and the beaming 37-year-old won a 1,000-euro ($1,270) jackpot.

The man paid his fine on the spot – in cash.

The Industries Being Overhauled by IOT


IOT (Internet of Things) is not just a buzzword, it’s a paradigm shift in how we think about computing and devices…and it’s here today. The folks at Motley Fool have identified the industries being overhauled because of IOT and how this may be an opportunity to invest in the right places now.

They identified these big 3 that require overhauling to handle IOT pushing their boundaries:

– Healthcare industry – Basically most medical devices are connected now and generating lots of machine generated data as well as handling private patient data.

– Public Sector Management – From municipal systems from power, water, waste treatment and more.

– Transportation – One example is the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin is proposing new national rules requiring cars to communicate with other.

Mobile Slots and Other Gaming News


Mobile slots are becoming pretty popular lately, you can play demos or with real money, on PCs, tablets and mobile devices. And let’s face it, the multimedia associated with these games are getting better and better, and in some cases becoming more social. Since there are so many games and so many slot sites to keep abreast, you can get the latest reviews and best promotions for mobile slots checking out before spending any of your hard-earned cash.

The writers of their site provide in-depth reviews you can trust because they have years of experience in the industry. There you will find out which mobile slot sites have exclusive promotions and bonuses, who the provider is for the game and which HW platforms the mobile site supports. The reviews will cover all the software developers from NetEnt to BetSoft and everyone in between.

And if you want get into some of the action online, play mobile slot games here. Their long-standing history in the market has mFortune being regarded as one of the most trustworthy mobile casinos in the market. Ever since they went online in 2008, the site focuses mainly on the English and European markets and has helplines based in the UK which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even better is that they are Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which is something we don’t see very often today.

They have high-stake games, but are you also interested in low stake games? Well you’re in luck because the game “Gold Rush” offers minimum stakes as low as 10p, and poker is some of the most sociable in the world, with the unique ability to start a private poker room for you and your buddies.

In other gaming news, have you seen the story of John Kane [Wired] who discovered what the casino industry considered unthinkable? He and another man found a software bug in the most popular video poker game that netted him serious money and scrutiny.

Together they walked away with almost $500,000 dollars. And while the casinos brought charges against them for wire-fraud and other phony reasons, the charges were dropped because it was shown the machines had a software bug the men took advantage of. What do you think about that? Should people be allowed to legally take advantage of a software bug that gives them an advantage over other people, or the government, or the “system”?


Casino Electronic Gaming About to Change?

Candy Crush + Slot Machines?

With the advent of mobile phone games as popular as Angry Birds, WordsWithFriends and Candy Crush, there’s no denying that this medium and category of gaming is here to stay. And this has the attention of casino operators and gaming regulators.

They have a strong desire to attract a younger crowd more engaged with skills-based games with a social aspect to them. We recently learned from that Casinos are leaning more towards these Candy Crush style games to win more business.

Online casino gaming have been moving more in this direction for a while so it makes sense for this to land on our physical slot machines. I’m not a big spender in the casinos, but I do like playing slots and roulette from time to time just to have that fun experience, with no expectation I’m walking out with more money than I arrived with. 🙂

In the meantime if you want to have fun with electronic gaming I recommend you play roulette online. If you want to get your geek on next time your on the casino floor, look for my favorite slot machine: Star Trek Battlestations (Youtube) with an *awesome* bonus mode that this video shows off!

NASA: Astronauts May Hibernate For Mars Trip


NASA is looking for ways to reduce the cost of sending humans to Mars. Their study explores dramatically cutting the cost of a human expedition to Mars by putting the astronauts into a deep sleep called “torpor” that would use existing medical procedures to reduce astronauts’ metabolic functions. Torpor can also occur naturally in cases of hypothermia.

Blended with intravenous feeding, a crew could be in a state of hibernation for the transit to Mars, which at best would be 180 days each-way.

Check out Discovery News for more details.

Slots are the Perfect Combination of Fun and Entertainment

Slot Machines

As a slot fan, when you go into an online casino, chances are you’ll be looking for three things: extensive game selection, safe/secure play, and the chance to make big money. These days, online slot games are packed with colourful lines and reels, interesting bonus rounds and scatters, amusing themes, and, of course, the potential for huge jackpots. Slots have come a long way since the days of the mechanical one-armed bandits and they now utilise top-of-the-line software and advanced graphics, which allow you to enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. One site, well-known for its gaming offering is William Hill – click here for a closer look.

The themes of today’s slots run the gamut from silly and fun to super heroes and TV game shows. In the latter category, you can opt for Deal or No Deal Roulette and Deal or No Deal Blackjack (among others), which offer the excitement of the casino table game combined with the suspense of the well-known TV game show.  If super heroes are your thing, there are games galore that fit the bill, including Wonder Woman, Black Knight, Superman and Batman, and many more titles at most sites. Popular movies also come into play in today’s slots and if you’re interested in cinema-related games, you should give Tomb Raider, The Wizard of Oz and The Magnificent Seven a whirl. There are literally hundreds of online slots to choose from and each one offers something unique and special for your gaming pleasure.

On William Hill, the online games are divided into easy-to-access categories, such as New, Popular, Featured, and Jackpots. Other gaming sites have similar categories. As for said jackpots, progressive slots are another popular slot genre that offers potentially huge winnings. There’s no knowing when that will happen, but many a progressive slot player has walked away with a bundle just for having a certain amount of patience and determination. Online games of all kinds can be the perfect leisure activity, particularly when you take advantage of bonuses and promotions that offer the opportunity for free play. Taking advantage of these bonuses is a good way to try out new games outside your typical genre.