Scientific Embroidery

Emily at the Floss Box has created some wonderfully geeky embroidery patterns below on Gravity and DNA.

Want more? She just finished ‘Better Living through Chemistry‘, check out the blog.

Scientific Embroidery

Just geeky

The Best LOST Theory I’ve Read Yet


Making the rounds on the interweb is a pointer to this Lost theory called “Lost: A theory on time travel“, that in my opinion, is probably mostly accurate in its explanation of the many mysteries, though some are still not explained (like Smokey).

In a nutshell, the island itself forms a kind of time machine and the island is stuck in a loop at the year 1996.

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Cute Minesweeper Game

Random Good Stuff is hosting an online but cuter version of the Minesweeper game. Sure, it may look cute, but if you asplode, god help you…the carnage.

Link to the game.

Cute Minesweeper


Four Carriers Adopt $100 Smartphone

According to Windows For Devices, 4 carriers have signed up to deliver versions of the low cost MOTO Q9c Windows Mobile based smartphone which retails for about $100.

Moto Q 9c

From left to right we have versions of the MOTO Q 9c from Alltel, Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon. Looks like they’ll be released from April to Summer of 2008.

Gadgets / Devices

Self-healing NTFS in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista

Cool, this is this first I’ve heard of ‘self healing NTFS’.

Link to the MSDN blog article explanation.