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World of Warcraft Booth Babes, via Swanky’s flickr site.

WoW cosplay

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Squid Beaks Could Lead to Better Artificial Limbs

 Squid Beak

Science learning to improve human life through the study of animals has been occurring for hundreds of years. From a cancer cure developed from the sweat of a toad’s belly to the psoriasis remedies found in shark cartilage.

Now scientists may have found a solution to the age old problem of fusing hard medical implants to the soft tissues in your body through the study of squids and their hard beaks.

It appears the secret ingredient is chitin and other materials that change density gradually from the hard tip to a softer, more flexible base where it attaches to the muscle around the squid’s mouth.

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The Fedora Project Releases Fedora 9 Beta


Announcement: The Fedora Project releases Fedora 9 Beta


The full release notes are available here.

Here’s some screenshots.

Here’s some of the artwork for boot screens and desktop backgrounds.


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The Women Of Sci-Fi And Their Provocative Poses: Gillian Anderson

Dana Scully

In a manner of speaking one could say she was the lead actress for the sci-fi version of CSI, sort of. Her claim to fame is playing the role of FBA Special Agent Dana Scully in X-Files.

She was born Aug 9 1968 in Chicago and entered most heterosexual adolescent male fantasy’s in September 1993 when X-files was launched into our lives through Fox TV.

I give you Gillian Anderson, one of the greatest and geekiest sci-fi babes of the 20th century…in provocative poses.

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Webcomic – Sweet Time Machine

8 Sweet Time Machine

Webcomic: Lost in the underflow