Apr 252008

Maintaining its free computer-to-computer video, voice, and instant messaging, Skype announced today an “unlimited” €8.95 monthly calling plan for connecting to international mobile and landlines.

As usual with network providers, “unlimited” means limited to 10,000 minutes per month, which Skype says is more than 5 hours a day, but the flat fee allows users to call any of 34 countries.

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Apr 242008


If you have the Sci-Fi channel, are you watching the last season of BSG in recent weeks?

It’s all about the ‘final 5′ cylons, 4 of which were revealed at the end of the last season. Well, io9 has a private Q&A with the 4 and some secrets are revealed (spoilers).

Learn more about the eyepatch, crying during sex, hair loss and much more, some of it silly.

Check out io9 and their Sci-Fi BSG tell all.

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Apr 242008

 Windows Security Sheild

In malware news today, Computerworld is reporting that Microsoft took credit for crushing the Storm botnet, saying that the malware search-and-destroy tool it distributes to Windows users disinfected so many bots that the hackers threw in the towel. Its malware scanner cleaned more than 500k PCs infected with the bot in ’07

You can read this to mean the hackers squeezed out as much money as possible from Storm and are working on v2.

In other related malware/adware news:

- Some users may like adware

- China continues to face severe botnet problem

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