Apr 242008

 Windows Security Sheild

In malware news today, Computerworld is reporting that Microsoft took credit for crushing the Storm botnet, saying that the malware search-and-destroy tool it distributes to Windows users disinfected so many bots that the hackers threw in the towel. Its malware scanner cleaned more than 500k PCs infected with the bot in ’07

You can read this to mean the hackers squeezed out as much money as possible from Storm and are working on v2.

In other related malware/adware news:

- Some users may like adware

- China continues to face severe botnet problem

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Apr 232008


This August is the 41st anniversary of Star Trek and is also the yearly occurrence of the Star Trek convention in Vegas. This is the big one as far as the worldwide ST cons go. I don’t get out to many cons but 2 years ago I attended the Stargate convention in Vancouver, BC where the show is filmed, next year it’ll probably be Dragon Con that gets my convention $$$.

Anyway, I have tickets, hotel, will be driving to the con in 4 months and I’m starting to look for additional things I can do to prepare. Like map out the activities I plan on attending, photo ops I want to sign up for, Klingon Language to learn, autographs to obtain, contests to enter on-site.

OK, I made up the one on learning the Klingon alphabet, it’s too much strain on my throat, you have to make a lot of thick throat gagging sounds to get it right. See for yourself:

Klingon alphabet

Welp, maybe you can’t really tell by looking at the glyphs but you get the point, it’s not happening. I’ll just wimp out and read the English translations of any Klingon text, thank you very much.

Speaking of manly-men, how much of a man or geek do you have to be though to get one of these and read it:

It’s advertised as:

Prepared by the Klingon Language Institute, The Klingon Hamlet presents full English and Klingon versions of Shakespeare’s play side by side. Only experienced Klingon speakers will be able to fully appreciate the nuances of the Klingon-language version, but for anyone who has dabbled in the language, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire large chunks of authentic text to practice on.

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Apr 232008


South Korea reckons that ‘Chase’, a Canadian Labrador Retriever is the BEST SNIFFER DOG around. So instead of buddying him up with newbie dogs to transfer his wealth of knowledge and skills, they did the next best thing…they made 7 more ‘Chases’ by cloning the mutt.

Apparently the dogs are doing well in their training and their genetic qualities look promising. If everything works out, they report for duty in June 2008.

On a side note:

Hurray me! I’ve had that dog icon above for over 2 years and I finally have an opportunity to use it. I think this is going to be a good week after all!

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Apr 232008

For years I’ve been using the Windows+L key combination to lock my workstation. Recently I stumbled across this neat trick. Create a shortcut on your quick launch toolbar that will lock the workstation for you.


1. Right click on your deksotp and select New, Shortcut
2. Paste this text in – rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
3. Click next and type a name for the shortcut, like maybe Lock
4. Click Finish
5. You can right click on your new shortcut and change the icon (there is a lock icon as part of the collection in %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll)
6. Drag the icon to your taskbar


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