Pixelated Furniture


Pixel couch

Royal College of Art graduate (UK) Cristian Zuzunaga has devised a fabric based on a ‘pixel’ concept, which is being produced by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and sold through Moroso.


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Paper Model of the International Space Station

Compare this paper model version of the ISS to the real thing below. Then head over to Grégoire’s blog and admire close ups of the individual modules and Soyuz vehicle he’s assembled.

NOTE: if you don’t read French, view the translated page here via LIVE Translator.

Real ISS

Paper Model ISS

real ISS paper ISS
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Recent AAPL News

While reviewing financial news today at the GOOG Finance page (my favorite money site for tracking investments) I plucked these AAPL (Apple) news tidbits from the last month.

Apple Inc. opposes Big Apple’s green logo
Mercury News
Apple Inc. says The Big Apple is worming into its territory with a logo the city is using for its green living campaign. Apple on Friday renewed its challenge to a trademark registration application that New York City filed last May, saying the apple logo was too similar to its own.

T-Mobile slashes iPhone price to 99 euros from 399
In an offer posted on Friday on its Website (http://tinyurl.com/29pokf), T-Mobile said it would sell the 8 gigabyte version for as little as 99 euros together with a two-year contract costing 89 euros a month from April 7 through June 30.

Apple Displaces Wal-Mart As Top U.S. Music Seller 
CNN Money News
Apple said data from NPD Group showed iTunes as the top music retailer in the U.S. for the months of January and February. The data, from NPD Group’s MusicWatch survey, identifies and counts a CD purchase as 12 songs, excluding songs bought through wireless transactions. The figures show Apple surpassing Wal-Mart less than two months after a similar report in which Apple moved past Target Corp. for second place in terms of U.S. music sales.

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Get Lost Podcast Tournament of Babes

It’s March Madness in the United States where eyes are glued to the TV and to their brackets of predicted winners in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

The Get Lost Podcast site has their own version of a bracket with the men and women babes of the Lost case.

Make your opinion heard and vote. :)

March Madness


Ubuntu Popularity Continues to Rise


The figures at DistroWatch.com indicate that Ubuntu’s popularity has soared and is dominating interest in recent months, also appears about to take overall lead for a 12 month period.

Here’s the facts and figures.