World’s Longest Voyage in a Wave-Powered Boat

 Suntory Mermaid

Economically speaking, wave power would seem to be a very cheap method of travel for a boat, no? As with everything else in life, there’s yin and there’s yang, give and take, pro and con. In this case, while the cost is cheap, the speed is slow.

Kenichi Horie is a Japanese sailor that embarked on a 4000 mile voyage March 18  2008 from Hawaii to Nippon on his 3 ton boat called the Suntory Mermaid II. This boat is powered by waves which in turn cause two paddles, or fins, at the bow to propel the boat forward at a speed up to 5 knots. After about a month of travel, he’s recently reported that he’s making progress of 100km per day and the progress report from the link below shows he’s about 1/3 of the way home.

It’s expected to take this adventurer about 75 days to reach his destination, to put it into perspective a diesel powered boat would take about 10 days.

The reason he’s doing this is to promote this technology and encourage further research into wave power with a goal of one day seeing commercial ships adopting a greener method of locomotion.

Track his progress here.

Tip of the hat to Kenichi, I wish him well and will follow his progress closely.

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Cure For Acne. Geeks Rejoice.


Scientists believe they have found a breakthrough treatment for acne. They claim that the drug, SMT D002, can reduce the flow of sebum – an oily substance produced by the skin and believed to be a significant cause – by 90%.

Now if they can just cure the whole ‘afraid to talk to girls’ thing that doesn’t require alcohol. Am I shallow to bump that to the top of the list ahead of cancer?

Telegraph has the full story.


We has ur kitteh. Send ransum.

We has ur kitteh. Send ransum.

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Women of World of Warcraft? Or Women of WoW? Or WoWoW?

Women of World of Warcraft gives your tongue quite a workout to the point that you subconsciously recoil when uttering those out loud. But Women of Warcraft or Women of WoW does slide off the tongue like the two key words were made for each other.

For some reason Geeknews gets a good number of hits from people searching for ‘women of warcraft’ or ‘women of wow’, landing on this page of babes: WoW Women.

Much cooler though would be if they were landing at this site: Women of Warcraft Podcast.

The podcast/vidcasts are quirky and funny, I really like it. However, the site is kind of stale. I guess the owner (Molly) is pretty busy with a life in the real world, go figure. But she is truly one geeky girl.

In any case, no doubt the nerds querying Google, Live and Yahoo! for ‘women of warcraft’ are looking for more of this (clicky)

WoW Women   Swanky's WoW Women   WoW Women 3   WoW Women 4

Hot girl gamers? Booth Babes? Who are we to judge? Get clicking.

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Job Interview Question?


What the heck kind of interview question is this? Do you know the answer? The reveal is given on part 2 of the post.

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