Starship Interiors of Star Trek

Here’s various cutaway pics and diagrams from many of the ST starships.


Starship cutaways

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Chocolate Pencils

Chocolate Pencils

Chocolate-pencils is a collaboration with patissier Tsujiguchi Hironobu, the mastermind behind some very popular dessert shops. Tsujiguchi created a new dessert to go with some newly designed tableware from nendo, a design company. They wanted the plates to show off the beauty of meals and desserts like a painting on a canvas.

Based on this idea, the “chocolate pencils” come in a number of cocoa blends that vary in intensity, and chocophiles can use the special “pencil sharpener” that comes with our plate to grate chocolate onto their dessert. Pencil filings are usually the unwanted remains of sharpening a pencil, but in this case, they’re the star!

My wife would love this, and I can’t imagine the cost. :-)


Lost: What?

Sheesh, I can’t imagine having the time to sift through three seasons of Lost to pull this together. Though I have to admit it’s better than Lost: Sonofabitch.


[youtube GcatQSyRK6c]


The Alternate Ending for I Am Legend


Wow, after seeing this original/alternate ending to I Am Legend, I kinda wish it had been left in the movie instead of on the cutting room floor. It provides a different perspective to the humanity that obviously remains in these vampire/zombie creatures that isn’t evident in the movie as it appeared last year.


Motivational: Kirk’s Success

This is my second ‘motivational’ poster. The first one was Motivational: Embrace Diversity


He who has the biggest gun

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