News Links: 4/10/08


MIT Researcher Turns Cyber Threats into Art
Associated Press
A Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher who is also an artist has found subtle beauty deep within the dangerous computer code that can attack computer networks.

ISP Dilemma: Is Faster Web Access Needed?
Wall Street Journal
In deciding whether to spend billions to upgrade networks to offer super high-speed connections, U.S. Internet service providers (ISPs) are asking: how fast does the Web need to be?

Maryland Repeals Tax on Computer Services
Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has signed into law a bill that repeals a controversial 6 percent tax on computer services.

U.S. Pushes Energy Star Efficiency for Data Centers
The U.S. government wants IT managers to pay attention to the new Energy Star efficiency ratings when they are shopping for data center equipment.

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CSS Naked Day – April 9 2008

To know more about why styles are disabled on this website visit the Annual CSS Naked Day website for more information.

In the spirit of promoting Web Standards along with good semantic markup and proper hierarchy structures, April 9th is a day of nakedness for all webmasters to remove their style sheets from their website for one day.


Making Money Hand Over Fist

Ever watch commodities traders on the floor of the exchange throwing gang signs around? OK, those signs are actually buy and sell signals.

It’s always looked like gibberish to me. Now I know what they mean; an oil trader demonstrates the hand signals used on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange in this New York Times article.


Ten Thousand Cents Project

Ten Thousand Cents

The Ten Thousand Cents Project:

Two fellows take ten thousand macro views of a $100 bill, each piece reconstructed makes up the full pic of the bill. They post each individual piece to Amazon’s mechanical turk and pay 10,000 people 1 cent to draw their version of the macro piece they are shown, but they don’t know what they’re drawing.

Below on the left are examples of real pieces of the bill, on the right is the representation, using a paint like program, where the person tries to replicate what they see.

As you can tell, not everyone made a good attempt, like the bottom two.

Ten Thousand Cents macro view


Pixelated Furniture


Pixel couch

Royal College of Art graduate (UK) Cristian Zuzunaga has devised a fabric based on a ‘pixel’ concept, which is being produced by Danish manufacturer Kvadrat and sold through Moroso.


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