Cute Minesweeper Game

Random Good Stuff is hosting an online but cuter version of the Minesweeper game. Sure, it may look cute, but if you asplode, god help you…the carnage.

Link to the game.

Cute Minesweeper


Four Carriers Adopt $100 Smartphone

According to Windows For Devices, 4 carriers have signed up to deliver versions of the low cost MOTO Q9c Windows Mobile based smartphone which retails for about $100.

Moto Q 9c

From left to right we have versions of the MOTO Q 9c from Alltel, Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon. Looks like they’ll be released from April to Summer of 2008.

Gadgets / Devices

Self-healing NTFS in Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista

Cool, this is this first I’ve heard of ‘self healing NTFS’.

Link to the MSDN blog article explanation.


How To ‘Store the Wind’? With ‘Wind Bags’

Green Energy Bulb

I don’t know if the BBC is pulling a fast one as an April Fool’s joke or if this is supposedly a serious application of tidal forces and wind power to produce energy on demand when it’s needed most by first storing the potential energy in ‘wind bags’ on the sea floor.

Confused already? Head on over to the BBC and let the confusion continue

Green / Eco Friendly

Kotaku’s Cosplay Highlight

Kotaku just stumbled on this Midna cosplay photo and is all agog over it, from the comments in the article apparently so are quite a few readers.

Here’s a modified version of the original with some background stuff removed to highlight the effect of the character.

Click the pic to get to the high res version.

Midna Cosplay

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