Scientists Discussing Pharaoh Akhenaten’s ‘Androgynous’ Physique


Akhenaten wasn’t the most manly pharaoh, even though he fathered at least a half-dozen children. In fact, his form was quite feminine. And he was a bit of an egghead.

So concludes a Yale University physician who analyzed images of Akhenaten for an annual conference Friday at the University of Maryland School of Medicine on the deaths of historic figures.


Happy Birthday, Here’s Booth Babes + Pirates

Today’s my birthday, I choose to start the day off with Booth Babes + Pirates. Great Combo, eh? Let’s hope the rest of the day fairs as well.

“Pirates of the Burning Sea” Promo:

Pirates of the Burning Sea promo

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Made in Mexico: Domesticated Sunflowers


New evidence confirms that the sunflower was domesticated in Mexico more than 4,600 years ago, contrary to the widely held belief that it was converted into a food crop only in the Mississippi Valley. Researchers use to believe Spanish conquistadors were responsible for bringing domesticated sunflowers to Mexico from the north. But genetic research on ancient seeds found at formerly inhabited sites indicate that indigenous people in different parts of Mexico were using sunflowers 1800 years before being conquered by the Spaniards.

LA Times has the story.

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Egypt’s Pyramids Packed With Seashells

Egyptian Monuments

Many of Egypt’s most famous monuments, such as the Sphinx and Cheops, contain hundreds of thousands of marine fossils, most of which are fully intact and preserved in the walls of the structures, according to a new study.

X-ray diffraction and radioactivity measurements revealed that the Egyptian monuments are filled with the fossils.

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