Possible New Element Could Rewrite Textbooks


Recently, an international team of researchers bombarded each nucleus from a large pile of thorium through a mass spectrometer in search of a previously undiscovered superheavy element.

Lo and behold, while the most abundant isotopes found were in fact thorium, they also had a few hits of something with atomic weight of 292 which they believe equates to an atomic number of 122.

Up ’til now, 122 was a theoretical element that scientists suspected should be there but hadn’t been discovered nor created artificially. The temporary name assigned to 122 is “ununbibium,” or “one-two-two-bium.”

The big brains on campus believe ununbibium has a half-life of about 100 million years!

Time to update the periodic table, folks.


Flowers to be Planted on the Moon


It’s Pravda, take it with a grain of salt:

Scientists of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Natalya Kozirovska and Irina Zayec proved it possible to plant herbs on the Moon. During the experiment they managed to plant marigold on the soil, identical to the Moon regolite.

Scientists imitated the Moon soil scientists took grind mineral anorthosite. This magmetic rock is nothing like fertile soil. In this rock flowers couldn’t survive for a long time. But as soon as certain bacteria were added, the plants revived and started blooming. Bacteria process magmetic rock, providing flowers with necessary minerals like kalium.


World’s Oldest Oil Paintings Found in Afghanistan

Ancient Oil Paintings of Afghanistan

Oil paintings have been found in caves behind the two ancient colossal Buddha statues destroyed in 2001 by the Taliban, suggesting that Asians — not Europeans — were the first to invent oil painting.


Skype 3.8 for Windows Gold Release

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Production version of Skype 3.8 for Windows is now available.

Start downloading it now

The newly released build brings you the following changes:

  • change: Updated Extras manager to version
  • change: Firefox plugin updated to version
  • change: Internet Explorer plugin updated to version
  • bugfix: Account creation without a valid email address was not communicated correctly
  • bugfix: Skype occasionally crashed on startup when some specific sound cards were set as windows default
  • bugfix: Skype did not always go to “Away” and “Not Available” status automatically
  • bugfix: After locking the screen, video froze or went blank
  • bugfix: When user was not able to connect he was forwarded to wrong webpage
  • bugfix: Windows Vista screensaver was not disabled during video call
  • bugfix: Any link containing “+” was not clickable in a chat
  • bugfix: Skype crashed when set web cookies got damaged
  • bugfix: Video resolution did not scale up correctly in some instances
  • bugfix API: App2App transfers were disabled when File Transfer was disabled
  • All localizations updated

Heavy People’s Brains May Age Faster


Middle-aged people who are overweight or obese have lower levels of certain brain chemicals that signal good brain health and function, according to a new study using high-tech brain scans.

The findings suggest that excess body fat may speed the brain aging process, which could put people at greater risk of developing age-related diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s disease.