The Holy Nanochip

Nanochip Quran

The smallest copy of the Quran in the world has been on display at The Bride Show this week drawing crowds of visitors to see one of the most fascinating and technologically advanced products set into spectacular pieces of jewelry.

These little books have 10,000 lines of text, are etched onto sapphire and spans 5.8mm by 9mm in size. This tiny bible of Islam is being marketed in small numbers to brides and grooms to adorn themselves on the ‘big day’.


Reporter Buys Refurb iPod, Gets More Than He Bargained For

A longish but somewhat interesting anecdote on CNET can be summed with this little exchange. The comments from the mindless idiots that don’t read more than headlines makes the story 10x better.

CNet Reporter: My iPod no worky, I want a refurb…cheap. Congratulations on your newly refurbished iPod, that’s cost you $99. Oh, and here’s a virus for your troubles.

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Homer-Era Harbor Town Found in Greece

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Correct Homer Wrong Homer

Long before Homer wrote the Iliad or the Odyssey, the real-life progenitors of the epic poem’s characters might have visited a small outpost on the Greek coast.

Archaeologists have discovered a very well preserved ancient harbor town of the Mycenaeans, the civilization that many ancient Greek legends lived. Though the settlement was built 3,500 years ago, hundreds of walls are still standing.


Zune Clock Dock

At first glance I thought this was some kind of photoshop, with a Zune jacked into an original version of XBOX. You can pick up this bad boy from iHome for $99.99.

It has Wake or Sleep to Zune mode, with AM/FM Radio, Reson8 speakers, Gradual Wake/Sleep mode, Dual alarms, 7-5-2 feature for seperate weekday/weekend alarm times.

Zune clock dock

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Who didn’t see this one coming?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving want a stricter rating on ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’.


Drunk Driving is not a game….Drunk Driving is a choice.

If you’re not familiar with the game at all, it includes the ability to drive while intoxicated.