Apple Sued Over Mighty Mouse

Let me boil it down for you.

1. CBS owns the rights to the 1940 cartoon show ‘Mighty Mouse’.

2. Apple licenses that name ‘Mighty Mouse’ from CBS and affixes said name to their mouse and markets this pimple of a peripheral in 2005, see exhibit A:

Exhibit A: Apple’s Might Mouse
Apples MandM


3. Unbeknownst to Apple, another computer HW manufacturer (Man & Machine) produced its own industrial grade mouse called ‘Might Mouse’ and has been selling it since 2004, exhibit B.

Exhibit B: Man & Machine’s Mighty Mouse

4. Lawsuit ensues. Man & Machine claims infringement of trademark by Apple.

Question: Who is in the right and the wrong here? We’ll have to wait and see, if you’re interested in more, check the Reg. In this layman’s opinion if M&M is not already infringing on CBS’ trademark for the just the name itself, then clearly the big bad bully Apple must pay.

Gadgets / Devices

Wii Fit Day!

Wii Fit

Wednesday was the day the Wii Fit was made available in stores everywhere (at least in the Pacific Northwest). I asked the wife the other day if she would throw herself into the fray, the pack of wolves that would surely descend upon Circuit City’s and Best Buys everywhere to snap up these peripherals.

She did indeed show up 30 minutes before the Circuit City opened today, lined up early in front of the door and was #4 to purchase one (in all 20 people were waiting for the door to open).

I haven’t even put batteries in it yet and I’m feeling fitter already, man Nintendo is good!

So we’re clear, that’s not me above. :)

Gadgets / Devices

ISS Sighting Opportunities

If you’ve never seen the International Space Station flying 220 miles overhead, this is the week to do so. The station will be in almost constant sunlight from Wednesday through Friday, offering an incredible view to sky gazers across the country.

In order to find out when the station will be visible over your city, visit the NASA Sightings site.


Backstage Passes At Star Trek Las Vegas Convention 2008

ST Convention

Jeez Louise, bidding has begun on official backstage passes for all 5 days at the Star Trek convention this August in Vegas. Looks like the starting price is $1200, which may not be too bad when you consider getting an opportunity to rub elbows with Spock, Data and Captain Janeway. :-)

Keeping up with fashionable sun glasses is very important. Not all sunglasses come up to the mark, only a few like fendi sunglasses, the revo sunglasses and the serengeti sunglasses are good enough.

However, I’ll pass on the pass, thank you.


Sickening Space Spider Storms Shuttle

Spider Attacks Shuttle

I stumbled across this youtube video. Looks like NASA has a bug problem or Space Spiders from Mars will thwart our attempts to reach their planet.

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