Jun 122008

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A Microsoft white paper released this week asserts that Windows Server 2008 can cut power consumption by 10% compared with Windows Server 2003 out of the box where each test machine had two dual-core procs w/ 4GB ram. 

From the comparison study WS2k8 with 20 active clients connected to it would save about $30 annually in power costs per server compared to WS2k3.

I wonder if this same power savings applies to Itaniums (mmm, me thinks IA64 is probably a power hog compared to x64)?

There’s no indication of what a similarly configured Linux boxed consumes for power.

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Jun 122008

 News for Geeks

The CIA Gets Social With Web 2.0 Collaboration Tools – Spy agency discusses ‘Intellipedia’, their newest online tool for analysts

The Next Step in Space Exploration – Private space travel is the next big thing?

Patch vaccine holds off traveller’s diarrhea: study – Needle free vaccine may stop Montezuma’s Revenge

Mars lander fills test oven with pinch of soil – Shake, shake, shake that booty.

Robotic fish ace swim test — as a team – Robofish can work as a team by wirelessly communicating underwater

Chinese suspected in US hacking cases – Chinese hackers infiltrating PCs of politicians. Gov’t sponsored hacking? Naw.

Telescope launched to scout out gamma rays – Scouting out elusive, super high-energy gamma rays lurking in the universe

Sun goes longer than normal without producing sunspots – The sun has been laying low for the past couple of years, producing no sunspots and giving a break to satellites.

Mozilla Firefox 3.0 to be released June 17 – The countdown begins

Citysense Uses Mobile Data To Pinpoint Night Life Hot Spots – The mobile map app takes data from mobiles to identify the ‘happening’ spots of the night

Red Hat Settles Some Infringement Lawsuits – Red Hat has been slammed with many lawsuits, this week it’s settled two of those with Firestar and DataTerm.

HP thumps the Macbook Air with its Envy 133 notebook – HP has announced a new line of ultra-thin notebooks that are actually thinner and more powerful than Apple’s Air

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Jun 112008

Grouchy Sammich

Oh, you like wacky foods, too? Here you go:

wacky food - fish  wacky food - Giraffe

wacky food - guitar  wacky food - lobster

These works of art are hosted on Flickr courtesy of Sakurako Kitsa. I’m sending her some karma to hopefully make up for the sad story she’s posted on her profile page.

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