Jun 132008

This is a video of Astronaut Jack Schmitt kicking a rock, or more like a small boulder, downhill on the lunar surface during Apollo 17. The goal was the get at some fresh lunar soil underneath the rock.

I love seeing these out takes that you don’t normally get on the science channels, this is the boring behind the scenes stuff that interests me.

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Jun 132008


NY Times has an interesting peek at the people behind the scenes of the data flow that shows the near live results of the ad placements and hence the money flow.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — If Google were the United States government, the data that streams onto Nicholas Fox’s laptop every day would be classified as top secret.

Mr. Fox is among a small group of Google employees who keep a watchful eye on the vital signs of one of the most successful and profitable businesses on the Internet. The number of searches and clicks, the rate at which users click on ads, the revenue this generates — everything is tracked hour by hour, compared with the data from a week earlier and charted.

Link to NY Times

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Jun 122008

iPhone 3G

Think that new $199 iPhone is going to save you money over the older $399 model? Guess again.

AT&T is raising its minimum monthly service subscription for the new iPhone from $60 to $70 per month, according to the Associated Press. That’s an extra $240 over the lifetime of the two-year contract — more than the $200 initial savings on the handheld’s retail price.

Enjoy that smartphone! :-)

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Jun 122008

vista pearl icon

A Microsoft white paper released this week asserts that Windows Server 2008 can cut power consumption by 10% compared with Windows Server 2003 out of the box where each test machine had two dual-core procs w/ 4GB ram. 

From the comparison study WS2k8 with 20 active clients connected to it would save about $30 annually in power costs per server compared to WS2k3.

I wonder if this same power savings applies to Itaniums (mmm, me thinks IA64 is probably a power hog compared to x64)?

There’s no indication of what a similarly configured Linux boxed consumes for power.

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