Very Cool Halo Cosplay

Wow, these fellows have some time on their hands. Good work on the costumes.

Halo cosplay

Just geeky

May 25 Will Be A Nail Biter For NASA

Phoenix is another Mars lander, it’s specifically targeting the northern polar region of the red planet to probe dirty ice for signs of life during its own 3 month life span.

Oh, and this landing will be a nail biter because it won’t be using the airbags. It’ll use rockets to slow itself down, right itself to the correct attitude and cross it’s robotic fingers it doesn’t land on a rock.

Here’s a cool NASA video describing the entry and landing at the planet: Phoenix Mars Lander: Entry Descent and Landing


Eleven Plus Two

What a great set of mathematical anagrams:

eleven plus two = twelve plus one

decimal point = I’m a pencil dot

integral calculus  = calculating rules

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Speed Racer, The First 7 Minutes on Yahoo!

Courtesy of Yahoo Movies, watch the first 7 minutes of the Speed Racer movie!


Google Speaks in Tongues


It takes lots of patience and millions of examples to teach a computer a new language. It’s actually easier to program such tasks as landing on the moon than to help a computer figure out the meanings of words and how they translate into other languages.