Vista Icons

Ran across a tutorial on creating Vista icons. Vista has a new GUI and the really cool shell theme ‘Aero’. Check out some of the examples on that page, but even better you can browse and click on samples at this page from

From there you can view the default Vista system icons in varying sizes/resolutions like the example below. Though if you look close enough, it appears that the smallest rendition of this icon appears to never wrap around the *front* of the device like all the others. File a bug!

Vista Icon 


A playable piece of art from Capcom

Capcom’s latest game for the PS2 is Okami. The big deal around town is that they’ve taken a decidedly different approach to making games more visually appealing. Instead of trying to make it more lifelike, they’ve delivered a fantasy game rendered as a traditional Japanese watercolor painting.

Gamespot has tons of screens to revel in the old and new art forms blended together, here’s their Okami site with gameplay videos and very favorable reviews. Enjoy.

Okami thumbnail   

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I recently bought this domain name with the intent of posting here as a hobby, a labor of love I suppose. I hear time and again from co-workers that I need a hobby, this is the best I could do.

I’m sure there won’t be folks actually *wanting* to come here for geek news on a regular basis for probably the better part of 6-12 months. Which means I have lots of time to post random crap on everything from military geek stuff to literary and art geek news (assuming there is such a thing).

We’ll see.