Cell phone rings when it’s baby time

Japan’s NTT DoCoMo is at it again with pioneering new uses for the mobile phone. Their latest contraption is targeting women wanting to get pregnant.

The user enters in data to the phone relating to her menstruation dates and the phone alerts the user when it thinks she’s ovulating (yeah, i know this is probably more information than you wanted to know).

To take the cliche of their target audience just a little further, the phone also comes with a recipe database. So now you can have a “bun” in two ovens!


How does Direct Push for Windows Mobile work?

Here’s a really good 10,000 ft overview of the Direct Push method used by Exchange servers and Windows Mobile devices to keep the device in sync in near real time.

If you’re comfortable with basic networking concepts then you’ll easily consume the article and see how simple this technology really is. I for one, *love* Direct Push, though the wife doesn’t like it when the smartphone lightly chimes with ‘new mail’ at 3AM from my bed side table. 🙂

[found via Smartphone Thoughts]

Crows are damn smart

You may have heard about the freak crow Betty several years ago when scientists found her making tools to fetch food out of a little trap. Welp, the scientsts are at it again with more Crow vs. Intelligence studies on an island.

Seems word is getting out in the crow world and they’re teaching their young.


Compared to other crows, those from the Pacific island of New Caledonia are master tool makers and users, second only to humans and on level with chimps when it comes to finding novel uses for everyday objects

Speaking of supposedly intelligent animals, if you haven’t read this old “Onion” news parody, check it out, titled: Dolphins Evolve Opposable Thumbs. ‘Oh, Shit,’ Says Humanity


DARPA’s Night Vision Skunk Works Program

On the DARPA Mil site, there is a 1 minute video demo’ing functionality that their new nightvision development hopes to deliver to the military soon and ‘Once Again, Own The Night’. The technology demo’d provides the soldier a view through multiple spectrums, is networked with other soldiers to share what they’re seeing and might even relay data to orbiting autonomous vehicles to attack the viewed target.

From the DARPA site:

The goal of the Multispectral Adaptive Networked Tactical Imaging System – MANTIS program is to demonstrate a visualization system to regain the nighttime advantage for the individual soldier and provide unprecedented situational awareness. MANTIS consists of:

  1. a head-mounted, multispectral sensor suite (Vis/ NIR/SWIR/LWIR), digital display and an inertial navigation system, and
  2. a body-worn processor and power supply, to digitize, process, and display fused imagery, augmented reality and battlefi eld information in real time. MANTIS will provide small units with network-enabled, collaborative visualization for soldier-to-soldier image sharing, access to remote sensors and targeting handoff to off-board weapons, allowing the soldier to point, click and Kill.

[found via DefenseTech]

Fry’s online, finally

If you know about Fry’s you probably also know that to take part in the “Costco of the electronics stores”, you had to be lucky enough to live near one because the online presense was basically nill. No more, now Fry’s appears to have their complete store online and joining the ranks of other e-tailers.

My favorite online electronics store for everything from software to building out a new PC from scratch is NewEgg, now i have Fry’s to look to just in time for the holidays.

Check out the ExtremeTech article for details.

The Phone That Locks Itself in Case It Is Stolen

Japanese mobile carrier, NTT DoCoMo, is touting a new mobile phone P903i with some great security features. This mobile comes with a security key card; the owner is expected to keep the card in their bag, wallet or pocket. The P903i recognizes when the card has moved too far away and self-locks automatically to prevent unauthorized use in case it’s stolen or misplaced.

The phone also comes with GPS navigation to look for your missing cell phone. NTT DoCoMo will make the new mobile available in the next few months.

Self Locking phone from NTT DoCoMo

[found via MSNBC]

Free “Mobile Secretary” for Windows Mobile phones

Windows MobileBrian Cross is a developer on the Windows Mobile team and he’s sharing a really cool Windows Mobile app with us. He says that he originally developed it as a coding demo for the Mobile Embedded Developers Conference last May.


As he states on his MSDN blog:

This app allows your Windows Mobile device to automatically respond to a missed call with a custom text message and optionally with your current calendar information.  You can customize the messages for various groups of people as well. What if someone calls from their home phone number?  Well, as long as you have a contact’s various phone numbers in your contact database, the text message will always be sent to their mobile phone.

You can download and install the app from his blog linked above. Brian says in a future entry he’ll share the source code for the Secretary. Enjoy.

[found via msmobiles

Voice Recognition Beats Teen Texting Champ

18 year old Ben Cook is renowned as the “world’s fastest text messenger”. He was handed his first defeat Tuesday by voice-recognition software that beat his record time on a complicated 27-word message by 66 percent.

The exhibition was sponsored by Nuance Communications Inc., a Burlington, Massachusetts-based company that aims to have its software deployed across several wireless carriers next year.

Read more on MSNBC.

Opera Mini Browser for Mobiles

Opera released a new version of its mobile browser for use on the Palm Treo and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry (hopefully the Windows Mobile version comes out soon).

Not familiar with Opera Mini? It’s free to download and use, your mobile OS needs to support Java which should supported on all recent mobiles the last few years. When surfing with Opera Mini, Web pages are optimized and compressed before being sent to your phone. Here’s a cool simulator that shows you exactly how it operates and will behave on your mobile.