Doctors Test Implant to Block Strokes

The AP wire is reporting on medical geeknews tonight:

“At least 120,000 Americans a year suffer strokes because of a common irregular heartbeat – one that’s on the rise, hard to treat and can shoot deadly blood clots straight to the brain. Now doctors are experimenting with a new way to prevent those brain attacks: a tiny device that seals off a little section of the jiggling heart where the clots form.”

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Outlook’s New Junk E-mail Reporting Tool

I’m using the Tech Preview version of Outlook 2007 at home. This version is pretty good at identifying junk e-mail (i get about 20-30 a day depending on how generous the spammers are feeling that day). I’ve always wished I could help the effort of refining the junk mail filters, especially for the few pieces of junk that make it through to my Inbox.

Well now I can. Microsoft has a new plug-in “Junk E-mail Reporting Tool” for Outlook 2003 and 2007; it allows you to report junk mail to Microsoft and its affiliates for analysis to help them improve the effectiveness of their junk e-mail filtering technologies.

It’s a quick and simple MSI you can get from here, note that it does *not* require a WGA check. After install, there will be a new icon on your toolbar, simply highlight the offending message, click the icon and the message will be forwarded to with the offending mail as an attachment so the good guys can read the header as well.

Note that Frontbridge merged with Microsoft earlier this year to help form some of the security features of Exchange Hosted Services.

CIA Revamps It’s Online Recruiting Site

The CIA is trying to dispel a few myths about the agency and trying to recruit more would-be agents at the same time.

They have a new personality test on their public site, as you take the quiz they dispel some of the typical misunderstandings people have about the agency. If you’ve ever worked with spooks before you know that they’re just regular ‘joes’ for the most part.

I took the quiz, the site analyzed my answers and told me my personaliy trait was more of a “Thoughtful Observer”. Some potential results included “Daring Thrill-Seeker”, “Innovative Pioneer” among others.

If you’re interested in looking at the job openings, go here and find the area of interest to you near the bottom of the page, or you can view all open positions.

 cia quiz


Sleep a thing of the past?

I’ll be the first to admit a good snooze is a most excellent activity.  But – drugs like Modafinil, CX717 and Rozerem all but remove the need to sleep, allowing for nearly a full 24 hour waking period without any sleep deprivation effects.  Studies submitted by many pretigious research facilities mark these drugs as a building wave of the future.

Sleeping Ideas

What I find strange is why anyone would want to fight off a natural function like sleep.  I know what you’re thinking too – “If I can shorten my time in bed, I can produce/work more!”, which is a classic way of trying to get that promotion or raise you want, right?  In my opinion…sleep performs a much deeper fuction than just resting the mind and body.  It provides you with a creative outlet though your thoughts and dreams.  Michealangelo and Albert Einstein are both classic examples of genius that proclaimed that some of their most brilliant ideas were born from dreams.

In essense, I suppose the promotion or pay raise might be worth popping a few pills.  Alas, I shall stick with my good old night time ritual of sleeping a good eight or so hours and let my mind wander freely.

[Found via New Scientist]

More Wristwatch Goodness From Tokyo (Home of Unique Japanese Watches) is really pushing the retro look with this one.

Straight off the wrist of a Moon Base Commander from a 1960’s Sci-Fi classic, this watch features all the things that you’d expect. Flat metal panel, cryptic flashing lights, carbon fibre style strap and display that looks like it’s gauging your oxygen level.

For an LED watch it’s not short on features either. It has time with AM & PM modes, Month, date and day-of-the-week. Plus an auto light up function every 15 mins between 6PM & Midnight (which can be activated/deactivated as required). There are a range of suitably Sci-fi light patterns using the 3 LED colors.

The best part? It’s only 9,000 Yen, with today’s currency rate that comes to US$76. How can you pass this up as a geek gift for Christmas?

  Moonbase watch

Teen Creates Fusion

Now I’m no avid scientist myself, but I find it incredible that a 17 year old High School student can build a nuclear fusion reactor in his basement.  And amazingly enough, the thing actually works.

 Teen Nuclear Fusion Reactor

After 2 years of scrounging parts and over a 1000 hours in research, Thiago Olsen finished construction of what he calls “The Fusor” (pictured above).  While this is not a scientific breakthrough, it does show the dedication and spirit of a young scientist in the making.  With this accomplishment out of the way at such a young age, who knows what he will be able to accomplish in the future?  Keep an eye on this one, folks.  I can almost guarantee we’ll be hearing more about this young man in the future.

[Found via Detroit Free Press]

Information Ring: Shake Hands and You’re Informed

Yanko Design has some interesting concept gadgets, like the “Information Ring”.

The idea is that you wear this ring on a finger, the ring operates something on the order of an RFID type device which contains some information about you, let’s say an equivalent of your business card.

When you shake hands with someone else that is wearing an Information Ring, the two rings sense each other’s proximity and exchange information about each user then store this other user’s data in its own ring. This is a great idea for people that travel a lot and make many business contacts or social aquaintences.

There is a card associated with each ring as well, this card is about the size and shape of an identification card. It downloads information from your ring allowing you to sift or browse through the contacts you’ve made.

The power source for the ring is provided by the wearer’s body temperature, so it doesn’t need any external interfaces.

Info_ring1    Info Ring2  Info Ring3

I didn’t see any way to purchase these rings so I’m assuming for now it’s a concept device. Please holler if you glean any more information than above.

London Invests in Cop Cams

The BBC is reporting that an experiment is underway in parts of London where select cops London Cop Camswill be outfitted with video cameras. The cameras are about the size of a ‘AA’ battery and mount to the side of the officer’s cap. It feeds the video to a tiny storage device worn in the cop’s utility belt.

The purpose of the experiment is to see if it helps in reducing unruly behavior on the streets as well as provide visual evidence of crimes in progress.

I’ve seen the military in Iraq wear these, as do special forces. Though they usually are transmitting the data back a headquarters for the commanders that are ‘directing traffic’ from the rear.

Stuff People Write On Money

Some people jot a quick note on money as a reminder to themselves, perhaps a “to do” list. Some do it to mark the bill as theirs in case of a dispute later as to what was really handed over to the cashier. Some doodle on a fiver. And then there are those that you just have no clue what was going through their heads at the moment they put pen to a twenty dollar bill.

Check out this gallery of slightly defaced bills. 

 Lincoln Hair




Mouse made of Rock

This has been making the rounds on other geek sites listing a Neko, a Russian design  studio as the creator of a mouse made of stone. Some are guessing it’s just polished rock as the outer shell glued onto plastic, but we can’t really tell until more information surfaces. I think it’s all plastic but would love find out it’s real rock.

I tried to find the original to link to or at least get some more information on Neko but failed. So you’ll just have to admire the nice photos below 🙂

Stone Mouse1   Stone Mouse2 

[Found on Make]

3 Scrabble Records Shattered by Two ‘Average Joes’ in One Game

I’m not a big Scrabble fan, but I’m aware of the several hundred Scrabble clubs and the professional Scrabble tournaments held around the country throughout the year.

On Oct. 12, in the basement of a church in Lexington, Mass., a carpenter named Michael Cresta scored 830 points in a game of Scrabble.

His opponent, Wayne Yorra, who works at a supermarket deli counter, totaled 490 points.

The two men set three records for sanctioned Scrabble in North America:

  1. Most points in a game by one player (830)
  2. Most total points in a game (1,320)
  3. Most points on a single turn (365, for Cresta’s play of QUIXOTRY).

‘Quixotry’ means a quixotic action or thought.

You can read the play by play on Slate with analysis of the most critical moves, here are views of the final board, one from a camera phone.

 Scrabble Camera Phone   Scrabble Final Board

Interested in starting a Scrabble club, finding a club or joining a club? Here you go.


Mythbusters Take On The Unbeatable Biometric Lock

You probably heard about ‘lock bumping’ last year and how in a matter of seconds even a child could unlock a standard 5 pin tumbler lock.

Well the Mythbusters took on biometric locks, in fact they took on the claim by one manufacturer that their fingerprint scanning, heat sensing, galvanic skin response verifying, pulse detecting door lock has never been defeated. Check out the video of their attempt, we should all be afraid and live and work in bunkers.


Optimus Keyboard to be out ‘Real Soon Now’

 If you’re not familiar with the Optimus keyboard, each key is programmable and is made up of Optimus KBLEDs. You can easily change the QWERTY layout to suit your needs, can quickly change from english characters to any other language since the keys are simply LEDs and just standalone displays.

Anyway, this thing has been piquing my interest most of the year and now we learn that that pre-orders will be taken on Dec 12. I’ll get one only if there’s a ‘natural-style’ layout ergonomic version, I spend most of my day typing already and much prefer it to the standard style KBs.

View many more pics and some additional information about the Optimus 103 KB at the developer’s site here.


[See Engadget for more details]

Retrocausality a thing of the Future….or is it the Past?

University of Washington physicist John Cramer is experimenting with splitting photons in such a way that he hopes to find evidence of a photon going backward in time.   “It probably won’t work,” he says.

Photon Splitting Lasers

“But even if it doesn’t work, we should be able to learn something new about quantum mechanics by trying it.”

Time travel?  Well, it may not be theoretically possible, but I’ve got to give this guy kudos for “Fluxing his Capacitor”!  I, for one, will look out for this scientist’s future work.

[Found via The Seattle PI]

The Bionic Man Remembered

While covering the Iraq war, BBC producer Stuart Hughes lost his leg. His new prosthetic foot is so advanced, it may even allow amputee soldiers back into battle. A few weeks ago, he became one of the first people in the UK to be fitted with the world’s first “intelligent” prosthetic foot.

Bionic Foot

Some researchers believe the current generation of bionic limbs is just the beginning. They are working towards the day when man and machine are seamlessly integrated.

Regardless of the good intentions this technology implies, I can’t help but think how “Cyborgs” would effect our society.  I would be interested in hearing your opinion!

[Found via BBC News]

Wireless Energy Transfer?

Ipod down to its last few minutes of power?  Laptop die during your latest Battlefield 2142 clan match?  These things will soon be a thing of the past, claims Marin Soljacic of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Soljacic and his colleagues propose introducing a short gap in a metal loop and attaching two small disks at each end. When electrified, such an object has a natural, or resonant, frequency that results from current flowing back and forth along the loop from one disk to the other.  More here.

Energy Transfer Discs

“The results are strongly encouraging but the real test of the thing will be experiments, which we are working on now.”

I know I could find a handful of uses for this technology right now.  If it does come to light, it will certainly revolutionize portable device usage.  Time will tell!

[Found via Scientific American]

The Air Guitar Lives

Research Scientists in Australia have developed a high tech shirt that creates sounds depending on the wearer’s movement.  Using this shirt thats hooked up to sensors and computers, it allows the user to mimic the classic air guitar stance and use one hand to set chords, while the other creates music with a plucking motion.

Air Guitar Shirt

Now how cool is that?!?  I could have used this thing when I was a teenager in highschool and trying to impress the girls!

[Found via Guardian Unlimited]

James Bond is God


Yes, you heard it from me.  Ever since writer Ian Fleming created James Bond in 1952, every man’s dream has been to step into those superspy’s shoes and take out some bad guys, or foil some evil plot.  Through the cinematic history of Bond films, the character has stayed the same, even though several actors have played the part.

Now you can relive those dreams and watch the famous intros to those movies.  These intros are legendary in that many a singer have made their fame with the association of the movies.

Go!  Watch!  And remember…..

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Iranian Drone Keeps Tabs on U.S. Carrier?

US aircraft carriers travel the seas in the middle of a Battle Group, protected by Cruisers, Iranian Drone videoFrigates, Submarines and fighter aircraft 24 hours a day when underway, there’s nothing more important than protecting the carrier. It should not be possible to penetrate this protective sphere without detection.

Defense Tech is covering an announcement from Al-Alam’s Iranian TV news that the Iranian Military successfully deployed a drone aircraft that stalked a US aircraft carrier recently and went undetected. You can watch the amazing 4 minute video on GOOG.

 Here’s a quote from Defense Tech:

The television’s anchor said the film, the property of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, showed a vessel from “the US fleet in the Persian Gulf”.

“A source in the Revolutionary Guard said the drone carried out its mission without US fighter pilots reaching it,” the television said.