Apple Macbook Refresh Q3 2008

This is pretty late news but just an update.

Apple is expected to update their Macbooks as well as their Macbook Pros with the new Intel Penryn chips. There is also an increase of ram as well as hard drive space. It has been rumored that Apple is working on new aluminum MacBook Pro designs that will adopt features of the current iMac and MacBook Air



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Astronaut Claims Knowledge Of Alien Visitations, NASA Cover-up

 Dr Edgar Mitchell was the sixth man to walk on the Moon during his Apollo 14 mission. He’s 77 years old and he’s making some incredible claims about alien visitations to Earth. Is it true or dementia of age?

Listen and decide for yourself.


Welcome Contributing Writer Eric Tse

Reader Eric Tse has expressed interest in participating on Geeknews, since I value a diverse background and he’s a geek of many interests, how could I resist? Here’s a little about Eric-

He’s a student in Vancouver, BC Canada and plans to study Criminology, he’s been a geek his entire life and says he always will be. Some if his interests are:

Video Games
Watching anime/movies/dramas
Listening to music
Coding (HTML/PHP/MySQL/C/C++/Java/Javascript)
Making layouts for websites
Getting things for free :P
Making music/songs
Learning/Doing Magic Tricks

Welcome Eric, lets have fun posting geeky news.


My Tank is Empty @ TeeFury

This Tee is only available for another 8+ hours. Does it come with 3-D glasses?

Make a statement and have fun making it, i’m just not quite sure what that statement is. :-)

My Tank is Empty

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Colorblind Web Page Filter

 Colorblind Google

Colorblindness affects about 7% of the male population, .4% of females. ColourLovers has a great write up on a site called The Colorblind Web Page Filter so you too can experience this genetic anomaly.

The Colorblind web page filter lets you browse a web site and apply any one of 11 different color blind filters to see the page the same as those affected by the type of colorblindness associated with the filter.

Applying filters and then rendering a web page appears to take an extraordinarily long time, so if you give up on the web page filter, head over to ColourLovers to see some examples, like the GOOG logo above.