Rumors Abound About ‘Potential for Life’ on Mars

Good luck trying to sort this one out. Was the White House secretly briefed on an early report from NASA before going public, that life was found on Mars? Was it that chemicals were found that support the foundations for life on Mars? Was it nothing at all but just a rumor? Was there no White House briefing?

Read it now in case it’s true :-)


Montauk Monster, What Are Thou?

What’s brownish-purple, goes to the beach and stinks of rotting flesh? Some folks found a beast that washed up dead on a beach in New York state and it’s all the rage to try to figure out what the heck this is.

Hell Demon


Segway, Meet the Winglet


If the Segway is old and busted, will the Toyota Winglet be the new hotness?

Toyota just announced three new personal transporters that will travel 3-6 miles at a rate of 3.7 mph. The version in this photo is the medium sized version, there’s one even smaller that can collapse into a package small enough to fit in a bag while the larger Winglet has a handle bar.

Gadgets / Devices

Strippers vs. Zombies

The movie Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! could be called ‘strippers vs. zombies’ and in case you’re into that kind of thing, let me remind you about “Superhero Or Stripper, You Decide“.

Head on over to to read all about what will probably be one of the best zombie gore flicks in a while.

BTW, this trailer embedded below is the tamer of the two videos. Trailer #2 is probably the goriest, most disgusting trailer I have *ever* seen online. You’ve been warned. :-)

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! – Trailer #1 from zombies3 on Vimeo.


Star Trek Motivational

Here’s a snapshot from a Hulu episode of “Star Trek – Spectre of the Gun” converted to a motivational, though I’m not quite sure how motivating this turned out.

Enterprise Rule 6

Just geeky