iPhone on the Cusp of Being a Legit Enterprise Device?

iPhone and Blackberry

HSBC, a global banking company with roughly 300,000 employees worldwide, currently has about 200,000 RIM blackberry devices issued to employees. It uses them to help the staff stay connected to their mail and calendar.

Arstechnica is reporting that HSBC is now seriously considering switching to iPhones now that it includes Microsoft Exchange support and other enterprisey features like remote-wipe and manageability.

If they do switch, would this may help legitimize iPhone in the enterprise and begin the death knell for Blackberry? Or is it a ‘drop in the bucket’?

Gadgets / Devices

Physicists Spooked By Faster Than Light Data Transfer

The statistician

Nothing can travel faster than light, right? Physicists appear to have accomplished it though by entangling two photons at a quantum level, then sending them down two separate fiber cables 18 miles away and found they were sharing state information 100,000 times faster than the speed of light.

Nature has the details.


Extra-Wide Contacts = Anime Look

Here’s an interesting product being used to promote the ‘anime look’ via contact lenses. The lenses make your iris appear larger than usual, and depending on the brand can be dual color, tri color, rimmed in black to enhance the iris color and more.

Not to be outdone, Barbie is getting in on some of the action here via http://barbie-eyes.blogspot.com/.

For that anime look, here’s product information at Softlenseye.com for the Dueba lenses:

Dueba lenses are from Korea known to create beautiful stunning color eyes and make your eyes appear bigger due to the black ring design. This new concept lens is free from heterogeneous discoloration after wearing, so it continuously give comfort and you can naturally express your new image.

Anime Contact Lenses 2

Here’s a couple of examples to demonstrate the effect at

 Anime Contact Lenses

If interested, jump to Dueba’s product pages, this one is for their tri-color lenses.

I read through a lot of details from several manufacturers and retailers, I have to say that this is interesting in more ways than one. For instance, an interesting side effect from earlier colored lenses like this was the dye on the lens would bleed off onto the eyeball. Talk about giving the wrong impression with your eyes! The new brands however are coated with a protective layer on both sides of the lens capturing the colored gel in between.

[Found via Neatorama via Inventor Spot]

Stumble of the Day

Hubble Unveils Colorful Star Nursery on 100,000th Orbit

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured this image of a nebula near star cluster NGC 2074 on Aug. 10, 2008, the day before the observatory completed its 100,00th orbit of Earth.

The pic links to larger original, read more about this event at NASA.



Trekkies Will Rule! – ST Con Las Vegas 2008 (Day 3)

Okay so we survived to breathe in the wonderful world that is Star trek for yet another day.  Yay!  We heard from a wide variety of actors today, including the most enigmatic and bold Malcom McDowell (Soran), Suzie Plakson (K’ehleyr & Q), Jolene Blalock (T’Pol), Nichelle Nichols (Uhuru) & Geroge Takei (Sulu) together, and Conneor Trinneer (Trip), Dominic Keating (Malcom), Anthony Montgomery (Travis) together as well on stage.

Although others may differ in opinion, my personal favorite was "The Boys of Enterprise", Connor, Dominic & Anthony.  They were extremely humorous together, and you could definitely tell there was a tight camaraderie remaining from their filming days on Enterprise.  I also enjoyed the ease at which Nichelle and George dealt with the huge crowd, and were very graceful about answering questions that they had no doubt been answering for dozens of years :)  Malcolm McDowell was the only minor disappointment I experienced today, as he was generally short and somewhat dismissive with guest questions and comments.  This doesn’t change my opinion that he is a great actor, but just busy and somewhat smug with his celebrity status.

Aside from all that, Andy and I have met a great deal of wonderful and very creative people that have taken painstaking time and patience to create some of the most original costumes I had seen to date.  Many of them span the various Star Trek universe areas, such as StarFleet, Klingon, Andorian, and some that defy description!  Pictured below are a few from the past few days:


Stay tuned for Day 4!!  Lots of GOOD stuff to come!  Lets see some comments :)