Nov 032014


Mobile slots are becoming pretty popular lately, you can play demos or with real money, on PCs, tablets and mobile devices. And let’s face it, the multimedia associated with these games are getting better and better, and in some cases becoming more social. Since there are so many games and so many slot sites to keep abreast, you can get the latest reviews and best promotions for mobile slots checking out before spending any of your hard-earned cash.

The writers of their site provide in-depth reviews you can trust because they have years of experience in the industry. There you will find out which mobile slot sites have exclusive promotions and bonuses, who the provider is for the game and which HW platforms the mobile site supports. The reviews will cover all the software developers from NetEnt to BetSoft and everyone in between.

And if you want get into some of the action online, play mobile slot games here. Their long-standing history in the market has mFortune being regarded as one of the most trustworthy mobile casinos in the market. Ever since they went online in 2008, the site focuses mainly on the English and European markets and has helplines based in the UK which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even better is that they are Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, which is something we don’t see very often today.

They have high-stake games, but are you also interested in low stake games? Well you’re in luck because the game “Gold Rush” offers minimum stakes as low as 10p, and poker is some of the most sociable in the world, with the unique ability to start a private poker room for you and your buddies.

In other gaming news, have you seen the story of John Kane [Wired] who discovered what the casino industry considered unthinkable? He and another man found a software bug in the most popular video poker game that netted him serious money and scrutiny.

Together they walked away with almost $500,000 dollars. And while the casinos brought charges against them for wire-fraud and other phony reasons, the charges were dropped because it was shown the machines had a software bug the men took advantage of. What do you think about that? Should people be allowed to legally take advantage of a software bug that gives them an advantage over other people, or the government, or the “system”?


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Oct 152014

Candy Crush + Slot Machines?

With the advent of mobile phone games as popular as Angry Birds, WordsWithFriends and Candy Crush, there’s no denying that this medium and category of gaming is here to stay. And this has the attention of casino operators and gaming regulators.

They have a strong desire to attract a younger crowd more engaged with skills-based games with a social aspect to them. We recently learned from that Casinos are leaning more towards these Candy Crush style games to win more business.

Online casino gaming have been moving more in this direction for a while so it makes sense for this to land on our physical slot machines. I’m not a big spender in the casinos, but I do like playing slots and roulette from time to time just to have that fun experience, with no expectation I’m walking out with more money than I arrived with. :)

In the meantime if you want to have fun with electronic gaming I recommend you play roulette online. If you want to get your geek on next time your on the casino floor, look for my favorite slot machine: Star Trek Battlestations (Youtube) with an *awesome* bonus mode that this video shows off!

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Oct 052014


NASA is looking for ways to reduce the cost of sending humans to Mars. Their study explores dramatically cutting the cost of a human expedition to Mars by putting the astronauts into a deep sleep called “torpor” that would use existing medical procedures to reduce astronauts’ metabolic functions. Torpor can also occur naturally in cases of hypothermia.

Blended with intravenous feeding, a crew could be in a state of hibernation for the transit to Mars, which at best would be 180 days each-way.

Check out Discovery News for more details.

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