Well-Connected Hemispheres of Einstein’s Brain May Have Sparked Brilliance

Albert Einstein

From a Florida State University article – Research shows Albert Einstein’s brain had more extensive connections than other men.

The left and right hemispheres of Albert Einstein’s brain were unusually well connected to each other and may have contributed to his brilliance, according to a new study conducted in part by Florida State University evolutionary anthropologist Dean Falk.

“This study, more than any other to date, really gets at the ‘inside’ of Einstein’s brain,” Falk said. “It provides new information that helps make sense of what is known about the surface of Einstein’s brain.”

The study, “The Corpus Callosum of Albert Einstein’s Brain: Another Clue to His High Intelligence,” was published in the journal Brain. Unfortunately, an account is needed to access the full study, but you can read the extract here.

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It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Avast, me hearties! It’s talk like a pirate day September 19.

Talk Like A Pirate Day
Illustration by Ghergich & Co.


The Data Network: A New Star Trek Social Media Site

The Data Network is a new social media platform just for Star Trek fans and players. Users can follow each other and send messages to the network. The network was designed so that Star Trek fans had a unique place to go to share their thoughts, stories and experiences in the Star Trek universe. They appear to provide one place for Trekkies.

They also want to provide a place for gaming clans, fleets, and groups; have various fleets with their own accounts, and players will be able to inform other users of which fleet they belong too.

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Third Rock: NASA’s Very Own Radio Station


As part of their educational awareness for science and space, NASA has been running an online radio station on the web called Third Rock Radio. From the several hours of listening I’ve given it, the mix of music is really good and they’ve got good taste.

You can listen, download mobile apps, and get educated at their site: http://www.rfcmedia.com/thirdrockradio/

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Robots Roaming the Halls of Intel

5 foot tall telepresence ‘bots are roaming the halls of Intel, popping up behind folks in cubicles, joining conference room meetings.

Telepresence is not a new concept, but I suspect it takes a little getting used to and I think it’s awesome Intel is using this technology to improve it’s options for remote working.

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