Oct 182010

Hey folks!  Well guess what?  I found some new images for you guys to check out and scratch your heads over!  I got them from all over the place, some are old tech, new tech..macro shots…you name it.  One thing is for sure, you will have fun trying to identify them =]  This first image is local for me, taken right here in the evergreen state…


Please lease your interesting or creative responses in the comment section!

Dec 152008

As I sit here in my freezing home (24 degrees, and falling), I have come forth to entertain you once again.  Or, to at least massage your brain with this picture of some random mysterious object :)  Appearances may be deceiving, so don’t pop off with your initial answer without thinking about it!

WIT0243       WIT0243a

Drop your guesses in the comments, as usual….

Nov 302008

Feast your eyes on this device, my friends.  What can it be?  Even I had trouble identifying it, until I was let in on the secret.  And of course then I ran down a hallway yelling “Whyyyy….?” 


Drop in some comments, there might be a cookie in for the first correct guess :)

Jun 232008

Recently I’ve been inspired by a series of shows on the Discovery Channel to do some research on certain facets of machinery.  It’s mind boggling the amount of interesting high tech machines that use low end tech!  Whatever gets the job done, right?

So here’s the image of the day – don’t stare at it for too long :) 


As usual, guesses in comments!