Oct 182010

Hey folks!  Well guess what?  I found some new images for you guys to check out and scratch your heads over!  I got them from all over the place, some are old tech, new tech..macro shots…you name it.  One thing is for sure, you will have fun trying to identify them =]  This first image is local for me, taken right here in the evergreen state…


Please lease your interesting or creative responses in the comment section!

Dec 152008

As I sit here in my freezing home (24 degrees, and falling), I have come forth to entertain you once again.  Or, to at least massage your brain with this picture of some random mysterious object :)  Appearances may be deceiving, so don’t pop off with your initial answer without thinking about it!

WIT0243       WIT0243a

Drop your guesses in the comments, as usual….

Nov 302008

Feast your eyes on this device, my friends.  What can it be?  Even I had trouble identifying it, until I was let in on the secret.  And of course then I ran down a hallway yelling “Whyyyy….?” 


Drop in some comments, there might be a cookie in for the first correct guess :)

Jun 232008

Recently I’ve been inspired by a series of shows on the Discovery Channel to do some research on certain facets of machinery.  It’s mind boggling the amount of interesting high tech machines that use low end tech!  Whatever gets the job done, right?

So here’s the image of the day – don’t stare at it for too long :) 


As usual, guesses in comments!

Jun 172008

So I’ve been on hiatus for a while.  But regardless I’m here again to twist your minds with freaky pictures of things from right around us!  GRATS goes to Anonymous for correctly identify the business end of a Kendo practice sword back in March :)  Those things hurt!  I’ve been tapped by a few in my day…

So the images roll on.  Here is the newest in the picture bag for your guessing enjoyment!


Slam in your guesses in the comments folks!

Mar 172008

This mosaic of photos from Flickr was found by doing a search for a common tag that the photogs assigned to their pics. What word did I use to produce this collection?

Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate


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Mar 032008

Hey folks!   Sorry I’m a few days late, the flu going around here was kicking my butt for a few days, but I think I’m better now :)  Big pat on the back to Shawn Keslar for correctly guessing the last WIT!

Here’s this weeks image…it’s nothing to clown around about!


If a guess strikes you, toss it in the comments…

Mar 032008

This mosaic of photos from Flickr was found by doing a search for a common tag that the photogs assigned to their pics. What word did I use to produce this collection?

Level of difficulty: Easy


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Feb 202008

Gratz to Henry Z for figuring out last weeks image!  Good job.  So continuing on, this weeks image is ready for your viewing (and guessing!) pleasure!  Let this one buzz around in your skull for a bit before you hazard a guess 😉



Feb 132008

So after a brief discussion, we’ve decided to put up WIT posts once a week on Wednesdays.  I have a TON of images I can use for your guessing pleasure, but I don’t want to deluge the blog with them!  Best to spread them out 😉

I always have a difficult time deciding which image to put up next, so I just assign random numbers to each, and use the next on in the queue.  And that, folks, is the pic you see before you now!  Ooooooh….shiny!


Show some comment love, and give us some guesses 8)

Feb 082008

I can’t believe how fast you guys guessed that last one!  Well, I keep trying to stump you!  Hopefully this one will give you some pause….


Toss your hat in the ring and make a guess in comments!

BTW, if you want to submit any photos for future WIT posts, email them to 2007@geeknews.net (update that Andy!).  PLEASE make sure that you submit either original images (taken yourself) or have the express permission of the original owner to use a image found elsewhere.  Thanks!

Feb 052008

In my effort to continually perplex you, I present to you this amazing picture of….well, that’s for you to figure out :)  Drop guesses in the comments, as usual!



Feb 012008

Yeah, what the heck is this thing?  I ended up spinning my wheels until I was told the origin of this photo.  Let’s see if you guys can figure it out 😉



Drop your guesses in the comments below!

Jan 102008

 WIT 1-9-08

Looks like some kind of armor doesn’t it?

What is it?

[Courtesy of Tambako’s generous public release of his photos on Flickr, don’t cheat by browsing his great site! :)]

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Oct 282007

Here’s a nifty picture I came across a few days ago that had me scratching my head until the nature of the image was revealed to me.  Maybe you have the imagination to discover the secret of this photo…maybe you don’t.  But I bet you have fun trying to figure it out!

WIT68   NW-S705F

Bang out a reply in the comments if you think you know what it is.  Don’t wait too long to guess…I’m not one to let people twisting in the wind 😉  Good luck!

Oct 232007

WIT 10-23-07

I bet when you were a kid you used a more advanced version of these all the time, when you entered the workforce you probably used it less and less. In my advanced age I can’t even remember the last time I used one, though I’m pretty sure my wife has one in her office.

Let’s hear your guesses in the comments.

Holler if you want more pics of different versions of this device to help you out.

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Sep 282007

Here we have two versions of the same object, don’t herniate yourself if you struggle with it, though if you have a wild guess then let’s hear it in the comments. Don’t be bashful.

What is it?


WIT 9-28-07

WIT 9-28-07 second version

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Sep 012007

Welcome to September, first post is a ‘What is that?’

This little fellow is about 120 years old and was popular enough to spawn 6 different models. Though this model stopped manufacturing in 1906, the device is ubiquitous today and has a very different appearance.

WIT_9-1-07a WIT_9-1-07b

Update: Congrats to Bryan Pierce (not to be confused with the Seattle Mariners coach) for getting the answer! The previous guesses were interesting. If you have a ‘What is it?’ you’d like to post here, please let me know and you’re welcome to guest blog on GN.

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