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PayPal Is Old And Busted / Amazon Flexible Payments Service Is The New Hotness


[I like this old-school logo I found for Amazon. Yes, i’m easily amused by little things like this. And by shiny objects]

Look out PayPal, Amazon is in the payments business now and it’s looking like it’s more extensible and developer friendly.

They’re calling it Amazon FPS (Flexible Payments Service) and it’s not tied to purchases of product advertised or sold through their online stores or partner’s stores. This is a set of APIs designed from the ground up specifically for developers.

The set of web services APIs allows the movement of money between two entities, humans or computers. It’s built on top of their reliable and scalable payment infrastructure so you know it’s already robust and trust worthy.

Check the FPS – Beta page for details such as transaction fees, rules developers can apply to transactions and a good high level overview of the FPS functionality.

From that page you can also sign up for their Beta program and you can enter the FPS Sandbox. The FPS Sandbox is a test environment where you can use the Amazon Flexible Payments API without sending real money or providing real financial information.