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Galaxiki: A Sci-Fi Galaxy You’re Invited to Help Shape & Edit

At, each star, each planet and each moon in this online fictional galaxy is represented by a wiki page that can be edited by its site members. [..]

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In Your Face(book)

The following is a guest post from Lokesh Vishwakarma, an IT graduate from KC College, Mumbai, India. The topic is the role of social networking in the recent [..]

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Yet Another Online Dictionary

I stumbled across a site that describes itself as an “incredibly fast dictionary”. It’s known as definr ( The first question I asked myself is whether we need [..]

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Shelf Life Chapter One

James Spencer from pixel eyes productions alerted me to a new machinima series they’ve posted called Shelf Life, it uses the models from Half Life 2. I honestly [..]

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Getting Poker Fever Yet?

The World Series of Poker is happening right now, this 40th annual event started May 26 and ends July 15th. If you’re like me and not a good [..]

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