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Apple Store Says You "Must" Have Dropped Your Laptop – No I Didn’t – Yes You Did – No I Didn’t – Please Leave The Store

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The Consumerist has a letter from a very upset MacBook user that received some shoddy customer service at the Apple Store.

The Consumerist’s response? Well, to paraphrase, it’s to ‘Kick the store in the nuts‘.

In the course of the explanation in how to go about implementing the kick to the proverbial crotch, they call out a book Unscrewed, known as ‘”The consumer’s guide to getting what you paid for: a pull-no-punches guide to getting your way, and your money back, when dealing with businesses or the government.”

I like they way they think.


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Major Biological Discovery Inside The Chernobyl Reactor, A Fungus That Feeds On Radiation

Chernobyl is an abandoned city in northern Ukraine, in the Kiev Oblast (province) near the border with Belarus.

There has been an exciting(!) new biological discovery inside the tomb of the Chernobyl reactor. Like out of a B-grade sci-fi movie, a robot sent into the reactor discovered a thick coat of black slime growing on the walls.

This slime, a collection of several fungi actually, was more than just surviving in a radioactive environment, it was actually using gamma radiation as a food source. The fungi appear to use melanin, a chemical found in human skin as well, in the same fashion as plants use chlorophyll.

Enjoy the rest of the article on the World Time News Report.


Diversity In All Its Glory

I’m not the kind of person that likes to try new things (unless it’s shiny and expensive), I’m kind of an old fart really, settled in his ways. But I’ll listen to you if you think you have a better mousetrap because you know, you may have discovered a way for me to be even lazier or more informed than before, so I’m all ears. 🙂

I also like discovering new things, which is different than *trying* new things. This never ending process of discovery includes learning more about who’s visiting Geeknews. That’s probably the one and only reason I like MyBlogLog, when I see a new face or avatar to the right of this humble little site I can not resist clicking it to learn more about this person, what might we have in common, what does their own blog look like?

Yesterday I found Fredric via Mybloglog which led me to the blog he’s co-editor on called Young Black Professionals. The site covers topics ranging from Faith and Politics, Money Saving Tips, Tech News and much more, sometimes with a ‘black’ spin on the topic to make the thought provoking subjects more relevant for the audience. I really like what they’ve got going on there, it’s good stuff and even though I’m not black, I am subscribed to their feed. Check them out.

Transmogrify Man To His Alien Descendant?

Some alien enthusiasts speculate that aliens called ‘The Grays’ may not be aliens at all. Rather the claim is that they’re descendants of man, hundreds of thousands of years from now traveling back through time as opposed to a race of beings traveling through space to visit this backwater planet.

This video doesn’t necessarily try to show how the similarities are more than the differences between the two, but it would appear to help bolster that claim the two species may actually be one in the same…not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

See for yourself.

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Wired Presents: The Greatest Gadget Of All Time. You Decide! with are presenting a wide array of gadgets going head to head and you decide between the two which is the greatest, most influential, gadget between the two.

It’s a bracket system similar to the NCAA Final Four, you work through many head to head comparisons in 4 divisional brackets until you have the best of the best in each division going against each other in the Final Four.

You start in Division 1 with the Apple iPod (2001) vs. Apple iPhone (2007). Of course the iPod wins there.

In any case, for me the winners broke down like this:

 Div 1: Sony Walkman (1979)

 Div 2: Apple // (1977)

 Div 3: Western Electric 500 Phone (1949)

 Div 4: John Bird Sextant (1757)

Final two head to head for me were (clicky):

Greatest Gadget of all time

And my choice for greatest gadget was….The Sextant!

Here’s the game, pick deadline is Aug 8th and the results will be tallied. You can submit your choices for a chance to win an iPhone.

How To Make Out, Or Levitate

Make out

Time magazine has an Internet related article that reads quickly on search engines being used for ‘How to…?’ questions.

The top 10 ‘How to’ searches in the US over a 4 week period ending 7/21/07:

1. How to tie a tie
2. How to have sex
3. How to kiss
4. How to lose weight
5. How to write a resume
6. How to levitate
7. How to draw
8. How to get pregnant
9. How to make out
10. How to make a video

Read the Time article for more interesting revelations.

Caller Bot, The Prankster’s Holy Grail?


When I stumbled upon this site I thought it was a joke, but looks like it’s real…

The Caller BOT will call any number in the USA and read the message you want. has a very simple web form to enter the ‘Number to Call’, the Number to appear on Caller ID, the Name to appear on Caller ID, the voice (male or female with different varieties of each), and lastly the text message to be converted to speech when the system calls the number.

I tried it out by sending a sentence to my mobile phone, the form accepted the entries and said it’d deliver the message within 5 minutes.

15 seconds later my mobile rang, the caller ID showed the number I requested and sure enough, the voice on the other end sounded like your typical synthesized computer text-to-speech program.

Give it a try.

Get Your MIT Education Online, Free

Classroom icon

You know what? Sometimes I’m so lazy.

How lazy? Indulge me while I explain. 

We’ve probably all seen this deal before in that you can download the MIT courseware for free from what appears to be all departments. From Aeronautics and Astronautics to Linguistics and Philosophy to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to Writing and Humanistic Studies and many more between!

This subject of the availability of the courses came up on Digg today, ah those loveable yet hate-filled bastards, what would we do with you? 🙂

But as sometimes happens when you have a bunch of latecomers jumping on the bandwagon of geekdom, they missed out on this topic that the geeks first learned of 5 years ago when it was discussed on Slashdot.

OK, back on topic now. I’m lazy, the last time I learned of the courseware I didn’t bookmark it, now I won’t have to worry about that ‘interesting training’ that I lost the link to again because I can just search the Geeknews archives. 😛

Stumble Of The Day: Zombie Infection Simulation

Here’s a slick Zombie Infection Sim with an overhead view of a sim city (of sorts) populated with humans, a single zombie and rules on the expected behavior of both beings when they come in contact with each other. Do they fight or flight, if humans shoot at the zombie do they get a kill shot, what direction to run, etc…?

In my sim below, the green dots are zombies, pink are human. Watching the infection spread is good for about 3-4 minutes of fun.


Zombie Infection Sim