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Geeky Christmas Ornaments

  These are some new, cool and geeky Christmas ornaments to adorn your tree. I’m kind of partial to the Santa Popeye ornament, though i can imagine he’s [..]

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Great Find on ETSY – LoneCatStudios

I stumbled on a very good artist on ETSY with some geeky prints and paintings. Check out the LoneCatStudios shop on ETSY.

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Sexting, Back In The Day…

Stumbled on this funny quote from the twitter account @GodlessAtheist , it brought back fond memories of making words with the old calculators. Quote: When I was a [..]

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Croak it, Sharing Audio

Now this is a very handy web app that I have started using and just had to share this with you. It’s called It allows you to [..]

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We’re Trekkies And We Know It

via Giant Freakin Robot I’m proud to be a Trekkie and I’m glad these fellows feel comfortable enough in their nerdiness to do this video. But I also [..]

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