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The Most Common Smartphone Passcodes



Daniel Amitay collected passcodes from thousands of iPhones and provides some analysis of the passcodes people are using on the smartphone. This is really interesting stuff.

The Top 10 iPhone passcodes were: 1234, 0000, 2580, 1111, 5555, 5683, 0852, 2222, 1212, 1998

Is yours listed?  🙂

A couple of things to note here, I think his sample size is probably large enough that the data is probably roughly applicable to Android and WP7 as well, not just limited to the behaviors of iPhone users themselves.

If you want just the analysis, head to the link above. If you want the backstory around how he collected this information, it starts with the Big Brother Camera app for the iPhone which reached #18 most popular iPhone application. Then leads to analysis of passcodes his app was sending back (not the screen unlock codes!), and eventually the back and forth with Apple as they removed his app.

Sergey Brin Blows Smoke Up Your A**

Google Book

“Big Money” analyzes Sergey Brin’s NYTimes op-ed piece proclaiming Google has your best interest at heart in the Google Book Search project:

At least it’s an exotic experience. How many times have you had a man worth billions work so hard to whip out his Google, leak on your leg, and swear to God it’s raining? Today, Sergey Brin does his best to sell you the snake-oil that his Google Book Search project is an undiluted good for the world, all those annoying monopoly worries aside.

Or, if you’re a believer, you can read the op-ed piece by Brin and just for yourself.

Trekkers Rejoice! Star Trek MMO First Look


I can’t tell you just how long I’ve been waiting for this bad boy to be released!  I’d heard rumors of it as far back as two years ago, when NCSoft was shutting down some of its earlier developed games, and announced upcoming developments.  If you remember, Andy and I were down in Vegas last summer, and had an opportunity to check out some of the literature for the game there, and there was even a presentation of the MMO by none other than Leonard Nimoy himself.  Early videos promised some beautiful, yet functional space battles, unique character customizations, and many innovative worlds to explore.  One of the online consultants from has had an opportunity to play the game, and give a semi-detailed analysis of its play HERE.


I’m chomping at the bit to play this game – and I’m hoping that it’s released soon.  With the new Star Trek movie just around the corner, it would be a smart move to ride the popularity coattails to help promote the game.  Especially since this early look suggests that there are tie-ins between the MMO and movie 🙂

Titan Backup With A Bang!

 titan-logo   20080908211122_Lacie_logo

Hey folks!  Our good friend, Flavius Saracut over at Neobyte Solutions (creators of Titan Backup)got a hold of me the other day to tell me about a fantastic weekly giveaway they’re sponsoring right now.  Every week, one lucky person will walk away with a 500gb LaCie external hard disk.  How awesome is that?  I think everyone could use an extra 500gb of storage, myself included :)  All you have to do is head on over to their website, and click on the banner across the top of the page.  Good luck!


Click HERE to go check out the review on Titan Backup!

Dear Obama: Please consider open-source a waste of your time


The Register has an opinion piece counter argument to the recent open source request to President Obama by OSS advocates.

From the article:

Last week, several big names in open source tossed a letter at American President Barack Obama, urging him to mandate that no government IT purchase be made without someone scrutinizing the software license. "Dear President Obama," it read, "please consider open source."

The letter contained all the classic elements of an open source group hug: freedom, interoperability, community, and transparency. This letter was signed by higher-ups at companies we know and love, like Red Hat, Novell, Unisys, and a handful of other smaller players who want to suckle from the teat of a federal contract.

Chrome Stealing Ground from IE?

googlechromelogoI came across an interesting article from Ars Technica today. I thought a bunch of my fellow geeks would be interested in the read.

Microsoft is apparently suffering from the effects of Chrome’s success. Not that I’m excited about all that too much; I’m not a huge fan of Chrome and I’ve found IE to be a nice solid browser.

With out further adieu…

Chrome, apparently, will not remain in an indefinite period of beta testing for the rest of its life. Speaking to The Times, Sundar Pichai, Google vice president, stated that the browser will exit beta in January. Google, meanwhile, is exploring its distribution options and examining the various ways it might improve its market share. “We will probably do distribution deals,” Pinchai told The Times. “We could work with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and have them ship computers with Chrome preinstalled.”

So there you have it… Microsoft is going to be under the gun when the OEM deals start rolling. Could it be that someone is challenging Microsoft on their level for the first time in a decade?

To read the rest of the article, visit Ars Technica.

Bill Gates’ Mysterious New Company


The graphic above is the logo for Bill Gates’ new company: bgC3. Yes, that’s right, several months after departing Microsoft, BillG is heading up a new company and it’s not too forthcoming with details, though Techflash has talked to an insider to get a sneak peek. I wonder if he’s going to invest in some kind of open source idea or possibly find himself heading up another big money machine.

As you can tell from the bgC3 homepage, there’s not too much to be gleaned about this business.

Sumo Paint Stomps Into Beta

I came across this beauty today in my meanderings on the net.  Sumo Paint is a Photoshop clone that works entirely from your web browser.  Now I’ve never been into the Photoshop scene, so I can’t pretend to know about all its complexities, but this web based version seems to have all the bells and whistles.  I uploaded an image and fooled around with a variety of the settings, turning a perfectly good image into something that resembles a plate of dog food.  BUT, I had fun doing it 😉


Get it while it’s hot, friends.  Who knows how long a good thing like this will remain free?

Titan Backup 2.3

Noone likes losing files from their computer, especially those favorite MP3’s we love to listen to, those hard to replace family photos, or perhaps special emails; all akin to virtual treasures we would solemnly mourn if lost suddenly. Thus enters the wonderful world of backup programs.

I have to tell you – I’m not a huge fan of backup programs. In fact, most times, the restore function on my Vista Ultimate X64 is usually turned off. However, after being approached by our friend Flavius Saracut from Neobyte Solutions, I was compelled to give Titan Backup a try. I managed to acquire the software with a quick download, and a clean install that only took a few minutes via a broadband connection.  The interface is user friendly and clearly shows the functions available to the user.

Titan Backup 2.3  

The features of Titan Backup include:

  • Wizard driven tasks
  • Backup to almost any storage device type
  • Sync Tasks
  • Free plugins to support your favorite applications
  • Version Control
  • Encryption 

Backup options include 256-bit AES encryption, the ability to run other programs before and after the backup, and username/password entry for backing up to protected network locations.  You can backup to a public folder, hard disk, flash stick, CD/DVD, or via FTP. Additional features include notification emails, folder sync, a scheduler, cmd line execution and some well written help files. 

I ran the backup wizard first. Like most backup programs, you have the option to select files, registry and profile related items. I chose a few files and some settings from my profile. What was interesting about my profile section was it allowing you to select program specific items that it had detected, like my photos associated with the Microsoft Office Picture Manager.  Next you select your backup options. Normal and differential increment options were there. You could also encrypt using AES as well. Alternatively you could use Zip compression and create a self extracting archive.  The destination choices are flexible, with options to backup to disk, network share, removable device, CD/DVD and remote FTP server. It covers all possible bases.  The final stage, for scheduling, is also just as flexible. The entire process was done in just a few moments. You can also have a shortcut placed on the desktop that allows you to initiate the task at any time.

Titan Backup 2.3a

After the backup was complete, I erased some of the files I archived, and ran the Restore feature.  I selected the “individual files” option, as I only needed a few files, and not the entire backup.  A few more clicks and I was as good as new, with the erased files replaced, like they had never been gone.

In all, my experience with Titan Backup has given me pause in whether I should continue my non-archive practice up to now.  Neobyte has created a easily used, friendly software that enables you to ensure you can keep your treasures safe, and within reach at a moments notice.  Thumbs up, I say!

Flavius tells me that for a limited time you can get 30% OFF with this discount purchase link.  Pretty snazzy deal!

Space Station Infected With W32.Gammima.AG Worm

virus logo

With a US$30 Billion dollars invested in the International Space Station, don’t you think NASA and the Russian Gov’t could pony up a couple of bucks to install antivirus software on the laptops and other computers?

Apparently they don’t, but are doing so now. Seems the ISS found itself infected with the W32.Gammima.AG worm.

W32.Gammima is a worm that spreads through removable media and steals information related to the MapleStory online game. This particular infection was in fact found on a compact flash card brought aboard by one of the astronauts.

The worm monitors Internet Explorer and steals the following information:

  • Accounts and passwords to the MapleStory online game
  • Role and item information in the game

The stolen information is sent to the author via email and HTTP

Systems Affected by this worm: Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000