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Old Bones Found Along Rail Line Yield Secrets Of The Black Death

Black death was not spread by rat fleas, say researchers. Evidence from skulls in east London shows plague had to have been airborne to spread so quickly. From [..]


Majestic Sombrero Galaxy

This snap shows the Majestic Sombrero Galaxy, it’s my favorite galaxy out of the hundreds of billions out there. A brilliant white core is encircled by thick dust [..]


Recent Science News Dec 2013

Here’s a collection of recent science news items that I found interesting… An extremely well-preserved baby dinosaur skeleton has been discovered in Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. The [..]


Scientists Develop Light Bulb That Provides Access to Wireless Internet

Shanghai’s Fudan University scientists have created an affordable and efficient one-watt light bulb that produces its own Wi-Fi signal. Scientists found that the prototype that uses a technology [..]


Well-Connected Hemispheres of Einstein’s Brain May Have Sparked Brilliance

From a Florida State University article – Research shows Albert Einstein’s brain had more extensive connections than other men. The left and right hemispheres of Albert Einstein’s brain [..]

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