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Marvel Delivers “New Avengers” For The Military

Just in time for the holiday season, Marvel Comics’ “The New Avengers” and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service have teamed up to bring troops stationed around the world another free, military-exclusive comic book.

Marvel Comics is a member of America Supports You, a Defense Department program highlighting ways Americans and the corporate sector support the nation’s servicemembers.

“The New Avengers: Letters Home” is scheduled to arrive in U.S. exchanges around Dec. 20 and overseas, including the 53 BX/PX facilities throughout operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, shortly thereafter. It’s the fourth installment of the military-only comic book series.

Avenger Military Comic“Due to their limited availability, collectors have historically shown great interest in these special AAFES/Marvel Comics editions,” Army Col. Max Baker, AAFES chief of staff, said. “If the past is any indicator, ‘The New Avenger: Letters Home’ issue should go quickly.”

Available exclusively at AAFES stores, the newest issue once again features Marvel’s superhero Captain America, who, because his regular supporting cast is away for the holidays, is joined by Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider and special guest, The Punisher. When Hydra takes over a military communications satellite, the superheroes spring into action to ensure troops’ e-mail messages to loved ones make their way home.

Because of the highly collectible nature and the anticipated demand for the 36-page comic, AAFES officials advise that “The New Avengers: Letters Home” is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Iranian Drone Keeps Tabs on U.S. Carrier?

US aircraft carriers travel the seas in the middle of a Battle Group, protected by Cruisers, Iranian Drone videoFrigates, Submarines and fighter aircraft 24 hours a day when underway, there’s nothing more important than protecting the carrier. It should not be possible to penetrate this protective sphere without detection.

Defense Tech is covering an announcement from Al-Alam’s Iranian TV news that the Iranian Military successfully deployed a drone aircraft that stalked a US aircraft carrier recently and went undetected. You can watch the amazing 4 minute video on GOOG.

 Here’s a quote from Defense Tech:

The television’s anchor said the film, the property of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, showed a vessel from “the US fleet in the Persian Gulf”.

“A source in the Revolutionary Guard said the drone carried out its mission without US fighter pilots reaching it,” the television said.


DARPA’s Night Vision Skunk Works Program

On the DARPA Mil site, there is a 1 minute video demo’ing functionality that their new nightvision development hopes to deliver to the military soon and ‘Once Again, Own The Night’. The technology demo’d provides the soldier a view through multiple spectrums, is networked with other soldiers to share what they’re seeing and might even relay data to orbiting autonomous vehicles to attack the viewed target.

From the DARPA site:

The goal of the Multispectral Adaptive Networked Tactical Imaging System – MANTIS program is to demonstrate a visualization system to regain the nighttime advantage for the individual soldier and provide unprecedented situational awareness. MANTIS consists of:

  1. a head-mounted, multispectral sensor suite (Vis/ NIR/SWIR/LWIR), digital display and an inertial navigation system, and
  2. a body-worn processor and power supply, to digitize, process, and display fused imagery, augmented reality and battlefi eld information in real time. MANTIS will provide small units with network-enabled, collaborative visualization for soldier-to-soldier image sharing, access to remote sensors and targeting handoff to off-board weapons, allowing the soldier to point, click and Kill.

[found via DefenseTech]

US Army patents a better rifle night scope

The US Army has filed a patent for a thermal site that mounts to a rifle. Big deal you say? Well this one doesn’t require the soldier to peek through the scope potentially exposing his head to enemy fire.

The patent proposes that a remote visual display, attached to the helmet via a cable, which in turn attaches to the night scope. As the drawing below illustrates, the user does not need to expose him/herself in order to sight the target.

Army Patent for better night scope

[Found via NewScientistTech]