Lost in the Underflow: Cup of Joe

Here’s the second web comic I’ve pieced together.

I stole the idea of 2 MSN buddies talking to each other from the MS Office Team, they did something similar to advertise the goodness of OneNote. Unlike my previous experiment, this one uses 4 frames and I’ll continue to make tweaks until I’m told to stop.

Comments? Positive, Negative, Indifferent, waste of bandwidth?

2 - Cup of Joe

Lost in the Underflow: Something Fishy

I’m going to try something a little different and make an attempt at comics through MSPaint. Lets call this series ‘Lost in the underflow’, it’s a geek phrase, you can look it up on the net or just push the ‘I believe button’ for now that it means something.

This will be just above stick figure art, which isn’t saying a whole lot, but there it is.

 Lost in the underflow