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5 Noticeable Changes Digital Technology Has Brought to Betting

Digital technology has always made its mark as a positive phenomenon in all aspects of human life and interaction. This form of technology has brought faster, easier, and more secure ways of transactional interactions among humans. And it doesn’t come as a bit of a surprise that the sports betting industry has its own share of the goodness digital technology offers. 

Asimo robot doing handsign

All thanks to introducing digital technology, the sports betting industry now boasts of some impactful and noticeable changes. There have been significant changes in some operations of the $203-billion sports betting industry. The most noticeable of these changes include:

  • The increasing popularity of blockchain in sports betting
  • An increase in the accuracy rate of sports betting data
  • Live betting is gaining more ground
  • Bookmarkers are leveraging the power of digital
  • Bet shops are giving in to bet apps

The above innovations are having great impacts on sports betting. Digital technology has brought a revolution to the way punters and bookmarkers relate and operate. In this article, you will discover how digital technology  

The Increasing Popularity of Blockchain in Sports Betting

Blockchain technology is like an octopus; it has spread its tentacles into various aspects of human life. One of these aspects is sports betting. Some online bookmakers and sports betting websites have incorporated blockchain technology into their transactions. In fact, there is an increasing demand for the provision of cryptocurrency payment options on sports betting websites and apps.

The increasing demand for cryptocurrency payment options for online sports betting is understandable. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the future of the world’s financial transactions. Apart from the fact that blockchain is a secure payment option, it also allows for privacy. We would be deceiving ourselves if we said sports betting have become generally accepted. Although the art of sports betting is a popular indulgence, there is no denying that it is not widely accepted.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency is a yes to flexibility in payment options in the sports betting industry. This digital technology removes some barriers that might be hindering some online bookmakers and betting websites from going fully global. Cryptocurrency does not have country restrictions like some online payment options. Anyone can transact in the cryptocurrency market.

In the next few years, cryptocurrency would most likely have replaced cash, as we know it, as the most used legal tender on sports betting platforms. The rise of cryptocurrency use in sports betting is proportional to the increasing migration of bookmarkers to the online world. It is a positive trend that can hardly be mitigated.

 An Increase in the Accuracy Rate of Sports Betting Data

As tempting as it sounds, sports betting, or says successful sports betting is not a product of luck. It is rather a product of data-informed and calculation-based decisions. Data insights cannot be separated from sports betting if one wishes to be a successful punter. This is because several factors influence performance in sports. You must carefully weigh these data, drawing on data insights, before making your bets.

The relationship between sportsbooks and bettors depends largely on trust. The trust bettors have in sportsbooks to provide accurate information that can help bettors make informed betting decisions. You might wonder how sportsbooks come across such information. There are a variety of ways. Sportsbooks analyze data, from odds to weather conditions, to team form, to sports betting data.

Imagine how precise and accurate data could be when analysts use artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digital technology in betting allows sportsbooks to analyze much more data than they could analyze before, in less time, at a more accurate rate. These further increases the trust bettors have in sportsbooks, which invariably brings in more bettors, and a larger sports betting industry.

Live Betting Is Gaining More Ground

One of the merits of digital technology is instant access to data. Digital technology has provided us with the opportunity to bet in real-time. This offers an exciting side to betting, as real-time betting could incorporate virtually anything. Algorithms calculate odds for different outcomes and demands that the world of sports betting could never have thought of having some decades ago. Betting has left the bland stage of placing your bets and sending them in days or weeks before the games.

Nowadays, bettors can follow live games and place bets on whatever they fancy. Variety brings spice to life, and live betting is another aspect of betting that is gaining more ground among bettors, especially young and adventurous bettors.

Bookmakers Are Leveraging the Power Of Digital

Gone are the days when bookmakers were restricted to newspaper ages and bet shops. Digital technology has so much to offer, and the lesson is not lost on bookmarkers. Many are finding their way online and creating digital shops of their own. There are thousands of betting websites. This makes it possible for an online betting site to get lost in the sea of bookmarking sites.

Sportsbooks that wish to beat heavy competition have learned to leverage the power of digital marketing. More so, these betting websites have learned the ropes of SEO for visibility and ranking. Bettors use various search terms while seeking online bookmarkers. It is therefore sportsbooks that have learned to incorporate such terms into their website content that get the bulk of bet-related traffic.

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Bet Shops Are Giving In To Bet Apps

Digital technology in betting has also led to an improvement in customer experience. Bookmakers have discovered that mobile apps offer a better user experience than websites. There are over 6 billion active smartphone users in the world. Furthermore, statistics prove that as of 2020, over 90% of the world’s internet usage is via mobile.

What these data have taught the betting industry is that digital technology should be further explored to include the introduction of mobile betting apps. Mobile betting apps offer a personalized and better user experience. They also offer some amazing features that online sports betting websites do not offer. Bet apps are fast replacing bet shops, even as digital technology in betting is fast replacing traditional betting.

Some amazing bookmakers that offer full betting services (website, app, shops) include 22bet alkalmazás, a Hungarian betting company, SkyBet, a UK betting company, and HPIbet.


The sports betting industry has witnessed some spectacular changes, since the introduction of digital technology in betting. Bettors make more informed decisions, all thanks to the accuracy of artificial intelligence in analyzing data. Bookmakers also offer odds that are favorable to both the bettors and the online sportsbooks. Digital technology has also brought secure and faster means of transacting between bettors and betting websites.

There are several positive changes that digital technology has contributed to betting, some of which this article does not capture. Although digital technology is not totally new in betting, there are indications that its influence will rise exponentially in the coming years.


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How to get around archaic Online Casino Laws in South Africa

The year is 2021. 13 trips around the sun, and it is still illegal to engage with certain online gambling practices in South Africa. All the way back in 2008, the South African government signed a new framework into law, pledging that the state would look to regulate new forms of previously unregulated forms of gambling. This included online casino gambling. However still to this day, online casinos in South Africa remain for the most part illegal, along with the operators offering them. 

The frustration comes from the fact that the government seems to be turning a blind eye to a bountiful industry teeming with tax income possibilities, which is also crying out for a regulatory board that is committed to protecting players. What’s worse, is that they acknowledged this industry more than a decade ago, and put in the groundwork, but still never saw anything come to fruition. 

This means that online gambling in the forms of casino games, poker and bingo are forbidden in the country. The only form of legal gambling over the internet is through online betting while using registered bookmakers. While this is the case, you can still access, play and win on outlawed online casino portals, however if you are in fact eventually caught, the punishment really doesn’t fit the crime. 

The punishment for engaging with the outlawed forms of online gambling is 10 years imprisonment, or a R10 million fine. These punishments are focussed towards all those involved, the operators that offer these services, the users that engage with them, the banks that oversee the payments, and even external third party advertisers of these certain portals.

There is, however, a way to engage with, and enjoy live casino type games within the reaches of the law. In South Africa, these types of games have been appropriately named betting games. 

Betting games are bookmaker’s answer to online casinos. These games are elaborately themed, and have the same look and feel as online casinos, however they do not fall into the category of Real Money Gambling (RMG). What this means is that you are able to engage in these games and not break the law. 

When it comes to RMG, users have control over when events start/begin. For example, you play online slots, you click a button that represents a lever, and the slot starts to spin. With betting games however, you as the user have no influence over when the game, or slot for example, will begin spinning. Therefore, it is an event that is not influenced by you, with fixed odds. It’s as good as a horse race or a rugby match in that you have no influence over the happening of the event/s. 

What’s more is that all of the top bookmakers in South Africa offer these games in abundance, and have designated full gaming suites to all kinds of different casino related games. All you need to do is sign up with a bookmaker, head on over the Live Games/Bet Games tabs, and watch the fun unfold! 

Casino Games you should always Play online

Playing in a casino online is one of the best ways to entertain yourself. The games are designed to excite, the sophisticated visuals are guaranteed to entice you, and the user-friendly interface results in a smooth experience of casino playing. Thanks to these perks, millions of people are regular online casino players in the UK.

If you are thinking of joining the ranks of casino players, this article will help you choose the right spin to win games to play. Casino playing can be confusing at first – with so many choices, how do you pick the right one? In this article, you will find information about the different options available as well as advice on which one is suitable for you. 


Slot games have many advantages: they are fun, easy to play, do not require strategy or skill, are easily accessible and come in all shapes and sizes. What is more, the winning potential spans from a few pounds to a few million pounds! Perhaps that is why slots are the most popular games in the history of casino.

If the following apply to you, you should consider trying out slots: 

  • You like games of chance.
  • You like easy, laidback playing that doesn’t require conscious effort.
  • You like games with good graphics and sound design as well as interesting characters and storylines. 

Here are some slot games that are considered to be profitable and fun: 

  • Extra Chilli Megaways (Big Time Gaming);
  • Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt);
  • Blood Suckers (Microgaming);
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick);
  • Starburst (NetEnt). 


Chance and skill are married in Blackjack. The objective is to get a hand with a count of 21 or as close to it as possible. To win, the player’s hand count must be higher than the dealer’s without going over 21 (busting).

At the start of a Blackjack game, the players and the dealer receive two cards each. The players’ cards are dealt face-up, while the dealer has one card face-down (the hole card) and one facing up. The best possible Blackjack hand is an opening deal of an ace with any ten-point card. This hand is called the “natural”.

In the following rounds, players choose to either keep their hand as it is or have another card dealt to them to get closer to the count of 21. By having an additional card dealt the player might bust and lose or achieve a better hand and win.

Consider playing Blackjack if the following apply to you: 

·         You know your way around a card deck, can count cards and calculate your odds.

·         You like an intriguing game that is suspenseful until the final showdown.

·         You enjoy an authentic casino experience, i.e. a game with a dealer. 


This is the next most popular casino game. Roulette is often recommended to be played and for good reasons: it has one of the lowest house edges out of all the casino games (2.7% in European Roulette). Players have good chances of winning in Roulette and the wide range of bets means many different players can take part in the game comfortably.

The game is very easy to get the hang of – just bet on single numbers or entire sections of the game wheel and see where the ball lands. If you guessed the position of the ball correctly, you win.

Consider playing roulette if the following statements appeal to you: 

·         You like games of chance with instant payouts.

·         You trust your intuition.

·         You have good money management skills and good judgement (the game is risky when betting high amounts).

How Many Slot Games are available to play in 2021?

When the first virtual video slot appeared at online casinos in 1996, nobody in or out of the industry could envisage just how successful these games would become. Slot games have not only taken over from table games at online casinos such as, but they have also consistently been the most popular form of gambling for the past few years, and revenue figures back this up nicely. 

Slot Game Development 

Slots have developed into highly sophisticated games with extremely intricate bonus rounds where multipliers and special symbols such as sticky wilds, expanding wilds are walking wilds add even more thrills to every reel spin. Last year was like no other, with a bumper crop of highly inventive slot games hitting the market, and 2021 promises to continue this trend. 

2021 Slot Game Numbers 

What is guaranteed is that everyone’s favourite slot providers will be active in 2021 and each will no doubt have games waiting to be released with the hope of producing the next big thing in slots. Expect NetEnt, Red Tiger, Play n Go, Quickspin, Playtech and many more to be represented this year. It is hard to put a number on just how many new games will be released each month but with 10 plus hitting the market month on month, you get some idea of the choice out there building for punters. If you factor in the amounts of slots already available at online casinos, then these new releases bolster the number of slots available to play in 2021, to a number that most casinos cannot accommodate all at once. 

What’s New in The Busy 2021 Slot Market? 

As always, classic slot games stand their ground and continue to be part of the online casino lounge furniture. So, if you still want to spin slots like Book of Dead, Cleopatra, and Starburst, then you can. If you fancy something new, then you are spoilt for choice. January alone sees the release of Forest Queen Jackpots by Yggdrasil, Lord Merlin and the Lady of The Lake, by Play N Go, Defenders of the Realm by High 5 Games, Loco the Monkey by Quickspin, and Fruit Shop Megaways by NetEnt. 

February highlights include Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play and another addition to the Megaways craze in the shape of IGT’s Wheel of Fortune Megaways and Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways. 

The rest of the year is expected to see bigger Megaways releases and more historical slots such as those based on Ancient Greek and Egyptian mythology also headlining. Look out for Red Tiger’s Riddle of The Sphinx, Pearls of Poseidon by Leander, and Quickspin’s Guardian of Athens. 

Final Thoughts 

By the time we reach the end of 2021, another one hundred plus slot games will have been added to the library of thousands of slots that are available for the public to play. Amongst all these releases, there are bound to be a couple of classics and maybe even some new trendsetters.

Can you win money on all online casinos?

Peculiar to players is the concern about whether they’ll win money when they stake, or whether they won’t. There is also the concern of whether a site contributes to how much or how little they’ll win, or not – visit Kingcasino.

This is very valid; it is true that if you stake your money in a game you should be expecting some sort of payback and you should plan your game in a way that will favour you. So, if a player wants to be sure if they can win money on all online casinos, were here to answer that question.

What are Online Casinos?

Online casinos simply put are virtual casinos. That is accessible over the internet, through a website. What makes online casinos stand out is its accessibility, you can play over a mobile phone, Laptop. Online casinos opened up the world of gaming to what’s called “play on the go”.

Can you win money on all online casinos?

Yes, you can win money on online casinos as long as the sites are legit and true. If you know your onions too. You also need to note your deposit and withdrawals and make sure they’re secure. Truth is if you’re new to online casinos you might lose some money in the beginning, but the more you know how to play the games the closer your chances of winning money.

Important Things to Take Note of For Winning on Online Casinos

Many things are to be considered for winning on online casinos. Things like whether a player will make money or lose all. We will analyse and explain some of these factors for your better understanding.

GamePlay Skill

As with every other thing, playing games also require some skills that are gotten over time from practice. Every game has different rules and as such you need skills to be able to discern which is which and play rightly.  You need to understand what the game rules are to stand a chance at winning. So, you must have played some games, mastered them, and know the ones you’re good at.

Satisfaction Level

When you’re doing something, you enjoy you tend to excel better at it. So, you need to focus on the games you enjoy playing. There’s no sense in only playing a game for money, it puts unnecessary pressure on you and may distract you from getting it right. Sometimes it is through playing for fun that your big wins will come.

Your Winning Odds Stay the Same

At an online casino, the odds of winning rarely change. So, if there has been winning, you should be sure that there would be more wins. Have there been only loses? then be sure that you’ll lose more and more. Study these things.

In Summary

You see, many people are just out there to defraud innocent players. One of the hindrances that can happen to win on online casinos is the fact that the site is a scam site. Beware of them.

The Safest Casino Payment Methods to Use Online

One of the key issues that players have about gambling online is the need to provide credit card or bank information to casinos and other gambling sites including best new usa online casinos. Hacking, malware, and data stealing appear to be in the news every day, so it’s normal to be suspicious.

One thing gamblers should note is that each payment system has advantages and disadvantages, which I will summarize for you here. Choose your favourite and you will never have to think about gambling on the internet again. Of course, before I venture into payment methods, the first thing you can do is choose a secure online casino to play at.

Safe Online Gambling Payment Options

Let’s share with you the best and safe online casino payment methods that you can use for ease gambling experience.

Virtual Visa Cards

Virtual Visa cards work similarly to credit and debit cards, except they are prepaid and have a certain expiration date. If you have depleted the balance on your virtual Visa passport, it is no longer usable, and you will have to purchase a new one before you can deposit again.

Voucher Systems

Everyone loves a voucher, but we are not talking about shopping coupons here; we are talking about vouchers that can be used at the best online casino sites instead of cash. This is the nearest you will come to depositing money directly into an online casino account.

Mobile Credit

The payments industry is one of the most cutting-edge technological fields. People are continually inventing new strategies for spending and collecting money electronically. –

One method of circumventing the conventional banking system is to pay at online casinos using your cell phone.

UK and other European players will use payment systems such as Boku Mobile Pay, PayByMobile, and others. All you need to do is to choose the one that you think is reliable for you and what you are looking for.

The Best Features You Can Find on An iPhone in 2021

The iPhone has been named the best phone in the industry right now.  The phone brand comes with some features that have helped it stand out from the rest of the brands. For example, you are guaranteed of getting the best real money gaming from your favorite Australian online casinos from your iPhone. Some of the feature are going to be highlighted in this article.

Calls Are like Push up Notifications

There are times that you might get extremely busy and not want any disturbances on your phone. There is a new feature that will make the calls appear as push notifications. That way, they do not have to take over the whole screen. If you do not want to pick up the phone, then you can easily just swipe the notification away and continue with your tasks.

Floating Videos

This feature is for those who would want to play their videos while they do something else. Therefore, there is a floating screen option of playing you videos. The new iOS 14 comes with some of the best multi tasking features that you can make use of online. Once you are done, you can easily swipe this off the screen as well.

iMessage App

At times, there is segregation and reluctance in developing the different messaging apps that are in-built in your phones. But the new iOS 14 has managed to make an upgrade on the messaging system of their phone.  You can now get to pa around with your messages, make other texts within texts the best feature is that you can get to also reference people to messages and you can get too tag your friends and family a well.

Voice Translation

The new android devices comes with a translations app that will allow you t translate voice and the text in 11 different languages. Just like translating slot machines language to any language. This amazing feature is one way that you can get to grasp different languages and play around with your dictionary.

Understanding Online Slots RTP

When it comes to online casino games, slots are the most popular due to their simplicity and various features. According to, before choosing a slot game to play, a lot of players look at the return to player (RTP) in order to determine if it’s worth playing or not.

For those that have no idea what the return to player is, we are going to explain below.

What is Return to Player (RTP)?

Return to player is the percentage that determines how much the game pays out over a certain period of. What this means is that if the RTP is high, the slot game pays better.

For instance, if a slot game comes with a return-to-play of 98%, it simply means that for every $100 that you bet on the machine, you will get back $98. This makes the house age of the slot game only 2%. Therefore, over a certain period of betting on a certain machine, you have an advantage.

However, players will need to understand that the return to player doesn’t show you how often you’re likely to win. In fact, you will find that two slot games with the same RTP may have difference variances. That means when you play a certain game, you may have more chances of winning within a short space of time while on the other one, you don’t win as often.

It should also be noted that slot games come with random number generators, which determine the results of the game. As a result, the results of spins are completely random, which makes the RTP just an average estimation.

Is the Return to Player Important?

The RTP is important in that it’s the one that attracts players. In fact, if games have high return to player percentages, people are drawn to sign up at the respective casino. After all, it’s not surprising that’ players only want to win when they play casino games like online blackjack, and therefore, only play games with higher payouts.

Top 6 Twitch Streamers Every Gambler Should Follow

With the legalization in 2013 of online gambling in Hungary, the industry has boomed locally. The online gambling industry is anticipated to almost double globally in size from 2019 to 2023.

Online casinos consistently offer attractive bonuses for players in the fight for market share and engagement on their platforms.

While being mindful of responsible gambling, this progressive casino experience earnestly beckons.

Most casinos in Hungary have partnered with international software providers making the online casino gaming environment as universal as ever. You can choose between all types of play, live casinos, slots and, even table games.

With so many options out there, it helps to turn to online streamers for some direction.

Twitch Online Streaming Platform

Twitch is currently the most popular gaming streaming platform, and it also incorporates gambling content.

Twitch is the perfect platform to search and follow your favourite casino streamer. Viewers can see who is making waves or check popularity on the Twitch stats board. Tune in to upskill your gameplan or watch high stake twitch gambling and slots without sacrificing your bankroll.

Viewers can even wager on the outcome of the gambling streams by using the twitch gamble command.


The online gambling scene is continually evolving. Szilvia Sultés, a PR Specialist (view her profile), has noted the recent increase in female online gamblers. Female players are at a 41% high globally, and casinos are designing with them in mind.

Streamers You Should be Following

Out of the whole gambling fraternity, who should you be following for fun, entertainment, and growth?

1. Casino Daddy

2. Classy Beef

3. Lets Give It A Spin

4. Jarttu84

5. Nick Slots

6. Casinogirlz

Casino Daddy

Casino Daddy is a channel that is the brainchild of 3 brothers from Sweden with a passion for gambling. Their chosen games are slots mainly but with a dash of poker. They stream every day of the week for roughly 5hrs.

If you enjoy the thrill of watching high stake casino games and poker, then these are the players to follow.

Followers: 162,1K

Classy Beef

Classy Beef is one of the fastest-growing gambling channels and the 2nd most visited in its sector. The group consists of gambling streamers who are renowned individually and are big on integrity. They only play at casinos that they consider trustworthy, and their focus is on remaining relevant.

Streaming days are Tuesdays to Sundays, and slots are the game of choice.

Follow if you are looking for risk-takers that are innovative and exciting to watch.

Followers: 127,9K

Lets Give it a Spin

Lets Give it a Spin falls under the team. Kim from Sweden was once a professional poker player now turned online casino gamer. His charisma and likeability make him the darling of the gambling community. He keeps it real during play and is renowned for his online slots streaming.

He tends to stream five times a week with a 7.30 pm to 12.30 am timeslot.

There are often fun bonus hunts and big laughs with the rest of the CasinoGrounds community.

If you’re looking for a genuine, ‘down to earthiness,’ then this is your man.

Followers: 57,1K

Jarttu 84

This streamer hails from Finland. He has been streaming since 2015 and is a Twitch Partner (meaning he broadcasts a variety of content). 

With a reputation for his high stake gameplay, competitions, and giveaways, his chosen games are poker and twitch slots.

He has built a loyal following and draws viewers with his jam-packed content. You can usually find him actively streaming about 5 to 9 times per week.

Followers: 54.2K


Nick Preston is known as somewhat of a legend in the gambling sphere. From Yorkshire in the UK, he is co-owner of the Casino Grounds Platform, and he only streams slots.

He’s crafted his personality over the years, exuding charismatic charm. Nick consistently works hard in all his streams and has built up a massive YouTube following.

You can find him streaming four days a week for roughly 5 hours.

Followers: 29,8K


A welcome all-girl team that features slots gaming and has been around since 2013.

The girls have built up a reputation for sharing giveaways and can usually be found streaming Monday to Friday weekly.

You will enjoy their gameplay, which is fun for the viewers to watch, and they’re steadily growing their fanbase.

Followers: 24.7K


So go ahead and start your streaming marathon. You will soon come to realize that watching is as exhilarating as playing. Clear your diary as it’s time to join the masses on Twitch and follow the entertainers of today.

Why Video Poker is Better Than Baccarat

Video Poker and Baccarat are among the best casino games that have high return to player percentages, you can read for more information at Some players who play Baccarat do not like playing Video Poker, this is why we are going to list the reasons why video Poker is better.

Better RTP and Odds

Most players experience challenges when it comes to video Poker, this is due to the fact that there are so many different games and there are many pay tables. The return to player percentage of a video Poker game becomes worse than that of Baccarat when you play the wrong Video Poker game that has a wrong payback. There are some video Poker games that have better odds of you winning.

You Have More Choices as Well as Variety

If you play Baccarat, you only have two choices to make and these are big table baccarat and small table Baccarat. You will find that big table baccarat and small table Baccarat are basically the same. However, if you choose video Poker, you will have many variations to choose from. Besides that, there are a lot of choices when it comes to the choices of pay tables. You can choose to play video Poker with wild cards or not.

Huge Prizes

In baccarat, the highest paying wager is the tie bet which pays 8 to 1 on a number of online baccarat tables. There are places where it may pay 9 to 1. The return to player percentage is so bad when it comes to the tie bet in Baccarat which is why you should avoid it. The second best is the banker bet which pays 1 to 1 and 95 to 1 and it includes the commission. All this means you will have higher prizes when you play video Poker.

The Strategy is Easy

The strategy of video Poker is very easy compared to the strategy of Baccarat. You can easily get a video Poker strategy chat.

The Evolution of the Xbox

Xbox and online casino gaming are some of the best inventions ever created for the world. And, they have been constantly evolving since their invention back in the 2000s. According to best online casino ca, the gaming industry has changed so drastically that very soon the games might just come to life. But, this article is going to be giving you a rough idea of how it all began.

History of the Xbox

The first Xbox hit the market back in 2001. Initially the whole idea had been on the board and in the labs since 1998. The gaming console would work hand in hand with Microsoft and be supported by the Windows 2000 software. With the biggest software developer of that time, Bill Gates, supporting it, the Xbox quickly got attention from the masses.

Gates introduced the whole idea to the world in 2000. And, after the world seemed to be interested, the Xbox developers immediately connected with the Bungie studios to get their first game. The game Halo: Combat Evolved was developed for the Xbox.

Introducing Xbox to the World

The first introduction of the world to the Xbox was in November at a Toys ‘R’ Us store in Times Square. At that time, the major competition that the gaming console had was the PlayStation. And, at first it was hard to beat the competition. But, once all the negative comments had been eliminated, everything went into order.

The Xbox Versus PS4

Just like casino games, Xbox gaming is constantly evolving therefore, it has managed to fight off competition from the PS4 in some parts. For example, the Xbox has some of the best Ports and storage when it comes to gaming.  The Xbox has quite a number of ports that you can connect to. Additionally, there is ample storage that you can get to.

The Xbox has also been commanded for being highly user friendly.  The user interface is meant to help you get easy access to your gaming. Therefore, you do not have to worry about missing out on anything.

Slingo Games

Slingo games are simply bingo and slot players’ dream come true! Yes…! A mixture of Slots and Bingo in one game! The game was created in New Jersey by Sal Falciglia and Dave Lyons in 1994. Slingo has become very famous in the UK online gambling industry over the years. The top Slingo provider in the UK is known as Slingo Originals. Slingo has developed fast and the games come with high-quality graphics and features. Be it the themes, the game, or the soundtrack… All this offers a different and exciting experience… Since Slingo is available on most online casino sites such as Lucky VIP, try out this combination of slots and bingo when you get the chance.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

These little green men are a must for Slingo! On Slingo Rainbow Riches the game comes with a pot of gold, leprechauns, free spins, and bonus rounds. With a 5X5 bingo card and 25 pay lines, you can play this game on the device of your choice!

Slingo XXXtreme

The heat is on with Slingo XXXtreme! Played on a 5X5 grid, you can land on the fire features such as Free Spins, Super Joker, Joker, and the Devil.  In the game, beware of the Devil as this will block you from landing any wins… 

Deal or No Deal Slingo

You might recognise this game as it is based on the famous TV Show – Deal or No Deal. You will land on 10 Spins per game and when the number pops up on the reels, it will show on the grid as well and the number shown will be marked off! The game comes with a slight twist, since it’s Deal or No Deal, a banker will offer you a deal where you need to choose between Deal or No Deal.

Monopoly Slingo

Who remembers playing Monopoly? Well, relive this classic game but in a Bingo and Slot form! Played on a 5X5 grid, this game comes with 25 of the 26 property cards, yet the 26 is dealt with along with the Bonus Property. The game comes with top features such as a cash prize, the Get Out of Jail feature, and much more…

Slingo Advance

Let’s blast off with Slingo Advance! The game takes place in space. This game comes with 3 jackpot levels. When you land on a full house, you will get a ‘T’ shape and another full house when you mark off numbers in an ‘X’ Shape. Are you ready for this intergalactic journey?

Slingo Berserk

Based on a Viking-theme, this game comes with four jackpots… Yes, you heard that right. With four jackpots, you can land interesting prizes. The jackpots are the Mini Jackpot, Minor, Mega, and Major. The Mega jackpot awards 10,000x your stake amount!

Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

We all have seen this show, how about playing it in a Slingo form? With Slingo Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, you need to cross off 5 numbers in a row to get the symbols. This game comes packed with features! Players will also find the same atmosphere as the television show waiting.

Don’t Get Bored On Holiday, Try These Games

Check out these fun mobile games while you’re on holiday

Deck ‘em

Here we have a boxing card game. Look, kid. You’re not even a contender. You’re a nobody. A total long shot. The champ is a stone cold killer. As big as an ox. Stronger than oak. But you got a lot of heart, kid. 

And Mickey loves you.

Deck ‘Em! is a boxing card game. Try and survive twelve rounds with the undisputed champion of the world, and you’ll be a winner in my books, kid.

Much like solitaire, the object of the game, much like many card games, is simply to play and strategize. Each fight is different. Sometimes you’ll win. Sometimes you’ll lose.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Fight tactical battles, summon epic champions all in a huge campaign with daily quests and hoards of treasure. Battle your way through hundreds of stages with unique tactical challenges, using your favourite Champions from Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar.

Fight through the chaotic Silver Tower. Lair of the hideous Gaunt Summoner.

Stormcast, Darkoath, Aelves, and other Champions from all over the Mortal Realms will enter the tower, driven by vengeance, honour, or even to gain the boon of the Gods themselves. They will fight Acolytes, Tzaangors, Daemons and all manner of monsters that make up the legions of the Chaos God Tzeentch.

Only by beating the Summoner’s trials can the Champions have a chance at escape! And for even more fun, try beating the house at Olybet website, and in between bets you can try the next game on the list…

Rowdy City Wrestling

Every wrestling career has to start somewhere. For you it’s the mean streets of Rowdy City. Rowdy City’s Wrestling gym is a place where dreams can be made or crushed. You will meet a variety of characters throughout your career, some who want to help you and others who maybe have other plans for you.

In career mode you will start as a nobody and fight your way towards the RCW World Championships. It’s not going to be an easy journey, you will fight in 1 vs 1 matches, six person brawls and royal rumble events. The aim of the game is to earn cash to improve your stats so you can take on the guys at the top. If you need a bit of extra cash you can pick up a part time job lugging boxes around, or take the more dangerous route and do some street fights.

There are a variety of characters to unlock and an endless mode that lets you jump straight into a royal rumble mode.

The Pros And Cons Of Playing Online Slots

In gambling, there is no denying the fact that the slot machine is the most popular casino game. After all, this is the game that is flocked upon by people of all levels of expertise when it comes to gambling, of all ages, of all genders, and all types of gamblers.

However, as popular as slots online is, some people would prefer to just always be five steps away from it whenever they gamble. Why is that you might ask? With so many things to love about slots, what’s not to love about it? Take a look at the pros and cons of playing slots and see if you would still stick to just pulling a few games here and there the next time you go to a casino.

Pro – Easy to learn

Unlike many other casino games that there are still complex and complicated rules that you need to learn before you can play a game, all you need to do to play slots is, well, play. In a land-based casino, all it takes is a lever pull. In an online casino, you just have to press the “spin” button. After that, you just wait and see if you will land a winning combination. If you do, good for you but you did not, then better luck next time.

That is about it for slots. You rinse and repeat from that. Easy, right? Unlike other popular casino games, you do not need car-counting skills, mathematical skills, special; skills, or any time of credentials to be able to “master” the art of pulling it. However…

Con – There is no real strategy to win

One of the drawbacks of loss being too easy is that it is too easy to the point that there is no real winning strategy to it. Even with slots with progressive jackpots, the best you can do is to try and find the right timing but that is still just about it. There is no real strategy that you can use in this game.

Pro – Easy to win

As already explained above, the rules for slots is simple: just pull or push. Thus, it means that winning should be easy, too, in the sense that all it takes for you to take home loads of money is by sitting and pulling the handle or pushing the button–easy money indeed.

Imagine using only one credit and then hitting the jackpot. Or, just to be more realistic, imagine using a few credits, and then eventually you hit a combination that will grant you $1000. So smooth and easy, isn’t it?

Con – Easy to lose, too

However, as much as it is easy to win, you can easily lose your money, too.

Aside from the fact that you have the odds stacked against you no matter what, but everyone tends to think that they are to win after “just one more bet.” However, that usually does not happen in real life.

If you are not careful enough, slots can be so good that either not being able to play it can drive someone crazy, or playing too much of it does the same to their brains, too.

Final thoughts

Slots are fun, and you can still also win real money with them. However, learn to expand your perspective wider than the slots–there are so many other casino games out there that you will also surely enjoy playing.

Ways To Avoid Gambling Addiction

There are a lot of people who want easy money, hence gambling online or in a casino facility. But just so you know, gambling will not always make you win. There are times when luck is not by your side, hence losing a huge amount of money is possible.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of gamblers around who are losing control and starting to ruin not just their lives but their families too because of gambling addiction. Gambling, especially online gambling, brings fun and entertainment but if not managed properly, it will bring huge and serious problems.

How To Avoid Addiction To Gambling

Gambling can be addictive, fortunately, there are ways for you to somehow lessen the chance of getting too addicted with it. To help you get started, below are some ways you can start of:

  • Decide beforehand, time and money you will spend

Just before you hit an online gambling site, make sure that you set a time to play and money to spend. Once you set that, keep an eye on it and be responsible to follow what is planned. Sure, there are a lot of great gambling games to play, it is very exciting and you can even lose track of time because of the fun it brings.

There are many slot games that have different themes and make casinos that are similar that can be found on, making the gaming experience more fun and exciting, plus the benefit of playing on a similar casino is that you are aware of the features and mechanisms and how the website works, so it makes the whole user experience much more enjoyable.

Actually, these wealthy options of online gambling make it more addictive to gamers. Planning beforehand is a good way to keep addiction at bay and only take advantage of the fun and entertainment this activity can provide.

  • Never chase your losses

As previously discussed, there is no assurance that you will win in online gambling, so if you lose, do not chase it as it could make you lose a lot more. Chasing your losses will just make things worse, so it is best if you set a mindset that whatever money you decide to play is already lost. Good if you win from it, but if not, let it go.

The moment you start running for the money you lose, things will get messy and uncontrollable.

  • If you win a good amount of money, STOP!

Learning to stop playing is also necessary. If you win a good amount of money, learn to stop and withdraw the money you have won. This way, you can also enjoy your winnings and will not feel regretful for not bringing it home.

Do not desire for a much larger win, as you are already lucky that you have won a good amount of money.

  • Never borrow money just to gamble

There is no assurance that you will win if you play, hence borrowing money just to satisfy your urge to play is never a good idea. If this you do, you are just blowing things out of proportion. You might see yourself in serious debt if you started borrowing money from your family, friends or even financial institutions just to play.  

Why Choose A Casino Site With Mobile App Availability

You might have played casino on your computer but never you have tried playing using your mobile phone. Not all casino sites have the mobile app availability, so if you want to maximize what a casino site can provide, choose a site that will allow you to access it on your mobile phone or best if it has an available app you can download.

There are many good reasons why would you choose a casino site that has a mobile app, and to name them, read below:

It will allow you to join different bonus games and promos wherever you are

There are promos that are happening in between the time when you may have no access to your computer. You can be at work or on the road during the time when the casino site has an exciting promo to give away their players, if there is an app, you do not have to worry about accessing the casinos and sister sites as you can access it using your mobile phone.

This being the case, as a player you can enjoy all the promos and giveaways the site has to offer. You can also play during happy hours where bonuses are larger and discounts are also being given.

You can play during your free time

If you choose a site that has an available app, you can play your favorite slot game every time you are free. You can do a few spins during your break or when you feel stressed at work. All you have to do is click on the app and voila, you are ready to roll.

Online casino games are a fun and exciting pastime so it is best if you can access it anytime you want to make a bet.

Can make you play privately

And since your screen is just small, people won’t see you playing online casinos. It is actually more private considering that you are using your personal phone to access the games. You can also do it inside your bedroom or even while you are taking a dip at your bathtub.

You do not have to worry about someone else checking on the history of the sites you accessed as one you are accessing it using the app and two, you won’t let anyone use your phone too easily.

Playing privately will also minimize the chance of other people knowing that you are playing and possibly judging your decision of doing so.

You can get all the perks the site offers

There are some casino sites that offer other bonuses and privileges when you download their app. Accessing their site and at the same time playing using their app will give you the privilege of getting all bonuses. The convenience of playing using the app should not make you think twice about considering downloading it. Although you have to be ready as once you download it, you would definitely find it easier to access it mak

The Reasons Why We Love Playing Slots Online

Slot machines have been available way back before the initiative of online casinos such as crazy vegas casino en ligne. Their invention dates way back to 1891. Since then they have been evolving offering players the best chance in gambling.

The good news is that slots have found their way into our mobile device and other online platforms. This has made slot gaming to increase with players being able to play the games anywhere with their mobile devices.

We are now able to enjoy thrills of games no matter where we are. But one will ponder what exactly about slots that will make gamblers keep coming for more. Well, without further ado, let us share with you some of the reasons why we love playing slots online.

A Wide Range of Slot Games

If you have had too many classic fruit slot machines, you are free to choose amongst many slot games. These games come in different types and styles that are designed to suit every type of player. The evolving technology has brought about various slot games. Slot games such as Cleopatra slot carries amazing winning symbols and user-friendly buttons.

Great Slots Bonuses and Promotions Offers

There is a hefty competition in real money online casino gaming. Casinos are in it to make sure that they lure many players to play at their casino site. This has given birth to the introduction of bonuses and promotions on various slot games. However, new players are given a lucrative Welcome bonus offer to add on to their current bankroll. These bonuses and promotions will also improve the players’ chances of winning big.

Above all, playing slots online you will not need to deal with other people. Rather you have the opportunity of setting your own pace. You have the permission of choosing the simple five reel or even the three row slot game. And for complicated games you can choose even 30 paylines, at the end of it all the choice is yours.

Most Featured Car Models In Video Games

Over the course of time, cars have featured a lot in video games. In most fantasy games, action games, as well as racing games, we have seen quite a number of popular cars featuring. In this article, we share some of the most featured car models in video games. Some of these car models have even appeared in online casino games at Enjoy!

Volkswagen Beetle

Popularly known as “the Bug”, this car is the most featured model in video games. In fact, it has appeared about 337 times so far. It has also been featured in movies. Some of the video games that this car model is featured in include Need for Speed, Grand Theft Auto, The Simpsons: Hit & Run, Call of Duty, Plants and Zombies, and many more.

Ford Crown Victoria

The “Crown Vic” is a popular feature in video games, as well as movies. Some of the famous TV series that the car has featured in include The Walking Dead and The Last of Us. The car, first released in 1992, was also used a lot by law enforcement in real life, and as a taxi as well. You can expect to see this car in video games such as Call of Duty, Dead Rising 3, Need for Speed, The Walking Dead, Catwoman, SimCity, Silent Hill, and others including machines à sous en ligne de paripop in French.

Chevrolet Step Van

This car model is also a heavy feature is a lot of movies. It has been used as S.W.A.T vans, delivery vans, by the fire service, as well as an ambulance in real life. Therefore, it’s not even surprising that this car is preferred by a lot of game developers. You will be able to find the car in a lot of action-adventure games. some of the games this car was featured is are Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, The Simpsons, The Sims, and others.

The Technology In The iGaming Industry

Can you imagine a time where you had to sit on your computer to be able to enjoy your online casino games? Technology and the internet have changed our lives in so many ways today.

Even in the iGaming industry we see a lot of changes that have been made possible by technology. From having to drive to enjoy your casino games, to only have two games to play at mobile casinos let’s find out how technology has changed the gaming industry.

Mobile Casinos

There was a time where you had to drive to a casino to enjoy your favourite online casino games. And due to the internet and technology software providers managed to find a way to bring casinos to mobile devices.

Now gamblers have an option to enjoy their online casino games or real money online pokies on the go. You can play in the comfort of your home and anywhere else and still get the same thrill you would get playing on your desktop.

Game Designs

Due to technology different software providers are doing all they can to make sure players get the best games with high quality.

Now players can enjoy any games they want, they are quick to load and are all full of HD graphic designs and great quality. Slot machines are coming in with different themes, features and a lot more.

Virtual Reality

This type of gaming gives gamblers a unique gambling experience. This kind of gaming enables players to experience the live casino or casino online yet they will be in the comfort of their homes.

You don’t need to drive or catch a plane to another country or city to experience a casino. All the tables, games you can have it all by just putting your VR headsets on and you are all set.

Variety of games

Technology has made it possible to have a number of games in mobile play. There was a time where games were difficult to access via mobile devices. Now software providers found a technology that makes the games compatible with mobile play.

You can play your games across any device you choose. It can be a smartphone or a tablet you can still have the same fun and also get the same bonus just like playing on the desktop.

Grown-Up Halloween Fun with the Spookiest Slot Games

When you were a kid, you probably thought trick-or-treating was the best thing about Halloween. I mean, nothing blows a twelve-year-old’s mind like getting to stay up past your bedtime to collect bucket-loads of sweets and play pranks on the neighbours.

Needless to say, now you’re an adult, trick-or-treating is probably not a way you can (or want) to spend the holiday. However, with hundreds of spooky online slot games available around October 31st, you don’t have to miss out on Halloween fun just because you’re a grown up.

Why not treat yourself to a spot of vampire slaying with NetEnt’s Blood Suckers II? Released in 2017, it’s the sequel to one of the most popular Halloween slot games of all time and lets you hunt down vampires to win cash.

Or how about taking a bite out of Pumpkin Bonanza? This slot game’s RTP is as sweet as its cute pumpkin symbols and cartoon animations. Plus, it features 10 win-both-ways lines, meaning you get rewarded for matching symbol going from right to left and let to right!

You can find out more about all the spookiest (and most fun) Halloween slot games by checking out the below guide, brought to you by the bgo Slots Casino.