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5 Life Skills That Games Help You Develop



Online Gaming is Fun, and There Are Many Unique Benefits Too


Many online gamers have experienced some sort of ridicule at some point in their lives. Typically, it’s parents, guardians, siblings or friends who simply don’t get it. As an online player, you have likely heard all manner of insults being leveled at you including, “…is playing games all day long all you are capable of?”, or perhaps, “…quit wasting your time playing games and get a job…”. The list of quips from armchair referees goes on and on. The fact of the matter is that playing games will not rot your brain; if anything you will develop an incredible skill set that will likely serve you well in your career and your life.

Believe it or not, games are designed to stimulate the senses. In this vein, they activate parts of our brains that we typically don’t exercise. For example, strategic games such as military missions require coordination, mapping, tactical preparation and hand/eye coordination. It is not uncommon for the best video gamers to be employed in the Pentagon, or with top-tier hacking companies. There is a unique demand for skilled gamers and it transcends the critique that these folks receive from those out of the loop. We are about to list several incredible skills that you can take with you when you make the jump from online gaming to real-life – enjoy the show!

#1 Playing Musical Instruments


Learning to appreciate music, read music and collaborate with other musicians is no mean feat. But there are video game simulations of such activity that can prepare you for a career in rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, soul, R&B and the like. There are scores of games like Rock Band, Guitar Hero and others that you can access with pro controllers. With the right amount of dedication, you can fine tune your skills, learn how to play instruments and make the switch from player to player.

#2 Learn the Art of Electrical Engineering


Back in the day, our parents learned about engineering from hooking up electrodes to potatoes, or lemons. Nowadays, we can simulate what electrical engineers do with top-notch software programs such as Minecraft. Electrical engineering can be learned from the inside with a mineral from the game known as Redstone. With various logic gates and a little creativity, it is possible to wire a real-life city with energy. This is one of the many ways that virtual can power real-life applications.

#3 Become a Skilled Programmer


Online media is all the rage today, and for good reason – the Internet of Things has arrived. It’s imperative in today’s times to learn programming languages, and various video games are available to make that easy for you. One such attraction is SpaceChem. This video game gets you into the thick of it with computer code. When it comes to code, look no further than CodeCombat or even Light Bot. The skills that are learned by playing these types of games are incredibly useful in real-world applications.

#4 Sharpen Your Dancing Skills and Impress the Girls or Guys


This is one of those things that most every one of us has thought about and can do, or tries not to think about and wishes to do. Whether you can sing and dance or not, there are programs out there that can help you to send it like you mean it. For example, Dance Central is one video game that will get you burning calories and busting moves and grooves like never before. And yes, you can take the skills you have learned from this game to a nightclub with your beau.

#5 Play Poker and Earn Some Cash for Real – No Jokes


So you have a flair for cards, and poker is the name of your game. You may think of it as a mere hobby, or you may be entertaining thoughts that you could take your poker skills up a level and actually start earning money off your abilities. There are many ways to improve your poker playing abilities by reading strategy guides, learning about pot odds, managing your bankroll, learning the rules and following basic advice. It’s a great idea for you to explore your options in this department if you’re serious about the game.


Real money Apps getting more popular

With the mobile device revolution taking center-stage in casino gaming, it’s only fair to expect more real money casino apps to get into the market. There are literally hundreds of apps in the casino market right now. It is even difficult to make up your mind when choosing a suitable casino app for your enjoyment.

Why real money casino apps are dominating the industry

Compatibility is out of the question since it is common knowledge that all apps should be compatible with major platforms like Android, and iOS. Most casino apps are now powered by Microgaming, which gives users a guarantee that outstanding fun will be a priority, thanks to the superb visuals and audio technology.

These apps are very convenient because once downloaded, they come with a host of casino games in different genres. Many apps are even starting to incorporate free casino games for their members. Membership is also free, plus there is a sign up bonus that is given to every new member. Now, this translates to a whole new world of opportunities for making money using these apps.

Gaming apps are developed and managed by an experience team of veterans

Some years ago, real money casino apps would enter the market promising big things such as enhanced gaming experience and potential for earning lots of cash in a short time. Most of the apps that were heavily advertised at the time failed to prove themselves in terms of customer satisfaction.

Then it became apparent that these apps were created and managed by amateurs who had no experience in the online gambling industry. They didn’t have the ability to discern what players really wanted.

But this new approach has changed things, and now these apps are booming business

A modern casino like Euro Palace online casino is managed by experienced veterans in the field, and so you should expect them to stock modern apps that resonate well with players. The success of this team is attributed to the fact that they took their time to study the market, the needs of players, the current product offering, and other factors that will make their casino the best in class.

Also, mobile gaming is wide-spread these days because literally everyone owns a smart phone or tablet. These gadgets are becoming more efficient by the day. Manufacturers are thinking of innovative ways to add cutting-edge processor technology that is powerful yet cheap to produce at the same time. In other words, even a low end Smartphone can download and run these games without lag time and this is a significant milestone for both Smartphone manufacturers and app developers.

The stage has been set for app developers to experiment the market from all angles. Not only are wagers able to place their bets conveniently, but they are also able to make deposits and withdrawals through in-built payment systems on the app. The idea is to come up with casino apps that offer everything under one roof without sacrificing other elements. Therefore, when you download these apps from Euro Palace online casino, you will be guaranteed of outstanding graphics, variety of games and offers, security through special encryption, fast payouts and compatibility.

Tales of the Left Hand

totlh_kindle_book-coversA pretty good audiobook i’m listening to is Tales of the Left Hand. The tagline is “swashbuckling, intrigue, and a dash of magic”.

This is a continuing fantasy series written and narrated by John Meagher. As the slogan says, TotLH is “swashbuckling, intrigue, and a dash of magic,” set in the tropical island region known as the Frees. Cliffhangers, mystery, heroes and villains abound (as well a few pirates, of course).
All the books are available in print, eBook and audio formats.

I recommend the podcast, it’s free, and you can make a donation to the author if you like it.

Scanning Bikes for Motors


Don’t you just hate cheaters? They seem to be nearly everywhere these days. I love a great game, but can’t stand it when someone is caught trying to win at all costs. My favorite game these days is Rummy . No cheating happens there, just good clean fun! The last few years the Tour de France has been racked with claims of cheating, this year the race officials are cracking down on a new area of cheating.

Tour de France organizers will begin scanning all bicycles for technological fraud. The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) will be conducting about 3,000 tests during the two-week event looking for any devices utilized to enhance bicycle performance. The process will use a tablet, case, adapter and customized software to scan each bike in under a minute.

The bike check enables the operator to scan the frame, wheels, groupset, and other components in under a minute. If the scan detects any anomalies, the bike or component in question is then disassembled for inspection.

The UCI felt this was necessary after finding a motorized device in the bicycle of a Belgian rider back in January. The scans will continue throughout the 21-stage competition spanning 3,500km. Anyone found to have motorized devices face a ban from competition for several years. Cooperation among teams, riders and organizers has been universal. They want cheating rooted out and eliminated when possible. This is yet another form of cheating, like drug use and blood doping that has marred the Tour de France in recent history. We should applaud the UCI for attempting to stop this particular form of cheating. They have stated that there will be other unscheduled tests during the event that will also seek out any cheaters.




Why Mobile represents the real Future of Gambling

While the precise future of the online gambling market is hard to predict in detail, there are some assertions that are hard to ignore. Firstly, there is no doubt that the market will continually grow, as generational shifts and the increasing diversity of online gambling continues to appeal to a broader audience. There is also a compelling argument for the mobile platform being the future of online gambling, with numerous trends and statistics supporting this.

3 Reasons why Mobile is the future of Online Gambling

 So what are the primary arguments to support the mobile platform as the future of online gambling? Here are the most prominent: –


The emergence of reliable Mobile Broadband and 4G Connectivity

If you are an avid user of your smartphone and tablet, you will know that Internet broadband and mobile connectivity has improved greatly over the course of the last few years. As mobile broadband has become more reliable during this time, we have seen a wider number of users embrace online games on the move. Mad About Bingo mobile bingo games are just one of many online platforms that have seen a huge rise in mobile traffic. This makes sense, as players can capitalise on this to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay regardless of their precise location.

The rise of Tablet Gameplay

 Mobile gaming is often associated with smartphones, but the fact remains that tablets are increasingly influential in this marketplace. In fact, it is estimated the gaming revenues earned through the tablet platform will more than double between 2013 and 2018, peaking at 8.18 billion Euros. This is reflected by the rise of dedicated gaming tablets, while empower players and virtual gamblers with larger displays and a more immersive gameplay experience.

This type of diversity also adds to the appeal of mobile gambling, while making it accessible across a growing number of platforms.

 Mobile Gambling will experience double-digit growth in the next two years

 On a similar note, the mobile gambling market is likely to experience double-digit growth over the course of the next two years (once again peaking in 2018). By this time, the value of the market is likely to be in excess of $100 billion, while the number of people who gamblers who frequent online platforms will increase by one hundred million during this time. These figures are striking in the extreme, while they underline the irresistible momentum that the sector is building in the global marketplace.

In time, it is perfectly acceptable to presume that the mobile platform will be the primary driver of live and real-money wagering in the UK and beyond.


Help With Virtual Reality Sickness

I’m always on the lookout for stimulating games that take my mind of the chaos around me, sort of like meditation in a way.

To alleviate stress lately, I stimulate my brain by play bingo games on my tablet. Check out their site for fun and entertaining games. It will provide hours of entertainment! But the newest wave of gaming innovation appears to be VR – Virtual Reality. But it seems that along with VR fun and entertainment can come nausea?!

Virtual reality sickness, similar to motion sickness, prevents some people from using VR devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Sony PlayStation VR. Those who feel VR sickness feel nauseated and uncomfortable. This is caused by a conflict in the visual motion cues and the inner ear’s vestibular system that cues our sense of motion, orientation and equilibrium. Columbia Engineering Professor Steven K. Feiner and Ajoy Fernandes  have developed a method of combating virtual reality sickness.

They have developed a program that subtly changes the field of view the VR user sees to reduce the misinformation the inner ear sends out, thus reducing the discomfort some feel while using their VR device. The FOV reduction is slowly introduced when the viewing area is large, partially obscuring each eye’s view with a soft cutout, and then they are removed slowly as the viewing experience changes. The researchers studied 30 participants divided into two groups over multiple days. Those in the study felt the program worked well and did not reduce their VR experience.


Virtual reality headsets are the hottest item right now. Projected sales are estimated to be over 200 million in the next five years. Optimizing the experience is vital to long-term success for VR applications. Soon, we will all see VR integrated into formalized learning, art, and the business world. At this point, early in the game, VR technology is working out the bugs, so to speak. I can’t wait to see what is coming in the future of virtual reality. One can only imagine the ways VR will stimulate the brain.



Petcube Review

Petcube is a truly interactive pet camera that pairs with your cell phone. At a small 4x4x4 size, with a non-slip bottom, this little pet camera packs in great features. You can check in on your cat or dog from anywhere you go. Not only can you talk to your pet, you can hear them respond to you too! Interactive communication relieves stress in your furry friend who is home alone, and strengthens your bond while you are apart. You can even play by manipulating a laser light from the cube for your cat to chase. This feature is not recommended for dogs as it can lead to anxiety. I know this from experience with my lab.

The black front has three different functions. The top section is a 138 degree wide angle camera lens. The video quality is great! The middle section is the laser for play time. The bottom section of the front has the LED indicator. The back of the cube has the power button, the microphone and the micro USB port. The small size, black color, and unobtrusive square appearance makes this Petcube a decorative shelf item that will blend in to your home décor easily.

The app for your phone is easy to install and operate. The sound and video quality are on par with other remote pet viewing products. A unique ability the Petcube has is its ability to be paired with the Apple Watch. Set-up for the Petcube is easy and seamless. The fun of seeing your pet safe and happy is priceless. It can be a real stress-reducer when you work long hours or have a long commute to work.

Another way you can have fun and reduce stress, especially while commuting is by playing games on your mobile device. Check out this mobile bingo for some great games.

The Future of Online Gambling: AI, Smart Technology and More

The Future of Online Gambling: AI, Smart Technology and More.

It seems to talk about the future of online gambling, particularly when you consider how dramatically the discipline has evolved over the course of the last five years. During this time, some of the most fanciful trends and concepts have come to fruition, creating an immersive and increasingly realistic marketplace that is popular among gamers.

Despite this, the future is set to be even more dramatic in the field of online gambling, as a number of existing trends enter the mainstream and new developments also begin to take hold. This is something for all demographics to look forward too, whether you are a sports betting fan or a frequenter of the best new bingo sites.

The future of Online Gambling in 3, simple steps

So what does the future have in line for online gambling? Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent trends: – 

The Establishment of Virtual and Augmented reality

Virtual reality (and to a lesser extent augmented reality) has been talked about for years, but it was not until recently that it has entered the mainstream. The coming months will see this technology establish itself in the consumer marketplace, however, with a host of products competing at both lower and higher ends of the spectrum.

From an online gambling perspective, it is augmented reality that will have the greatest impact in the market. Innovative headsets such as Microsoft’s HoloLens will undoubtedly lead the way here, replicating corporeal and three-dimensional casino backdrops within the comfort of your own home.

The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and social Media as Gambling Tools

While the random number generators which underpin online bingo and casino gaming are impossible to pre-empt, there is a growing trend for predicting movements in the sports betting market. As a result of this there are numerous developers to develop algorithms that trawl social media news feeds and updates, in a bid to seek out intangibles and defy even the most detailed statistics.

This meld of AI and social media could increase the efficiency of specific bets by up to 5%, and while this technology is not fully developed yet it is definitely in the pipeline for the future.

Smart Technology will revolutionise mobile gambling

Mobile technology is a major driver of online gambling in 2016, with smartphones beginning to dominate the marketplace. Tablets are quickly becoming influential too, with the revenue generated by these devices set to double between 2013 and 2018.

In the future, however, we will also see smart technology and wearable gadgets change the way in which in which players gamble online. More specifically, these devices will offer users instant access to online casino and bingo platforms, enabling them to play their favourites games on the move without having to remove their smartphone from their pocket.

While this is little more than a subtle evolution of existing technology, it will change the nature of online gambling forever.




How To look Like A High Roller At A Casino

If you happen to be visiting a casino for the first time and wondering what to wear then you are in luck. One thing that is not true that is often said is that men don’t care about the way they look. On a night out just like most, men will be cautious about what they are wearing and attending a casino, for fun, for a celebration or even a work party is no different. When at casino the majority of men assume they should be dressed in a black tuxedo like James Bond, but in order to gain the high roller look at a casino that is not the case. By all means if you want to dress to impress to perform your card tricks and even make a few winnings you are more than entitled to dress up to the nines, but if you want a more relaxed high roller look without the tux that is just as acceptable.

Dress To Impress

When it comes to an online casino you can literally where whatever you like as there are no restrictions, but when going to an actual casino the majority of both men and women think about popular TV and films like Casino Royale. In the James Bond film Casino Royale all characters wear black tie tuxedos and expensive dresses and suits, this gives a false impression that most casinos require this kind of outfit. Majority of casinos have a far less restrictive dress code, but if you are planning a big night out then there is no reason why you can’t dust off your tuxedo. If you do aim to dress to impress, most high roller players at casinos will go for a well fitted slim cut suit in mostly neutral colours like black, grey, navy and even a brighter blue. It is best to stick to neutral colours as clothes should never overshadow the wearer and their personality.

Jackets Required

The dress code will vary from casino to casino, as well as depending on which country you will be going to gamble. The general rule for most casinos isn’t a formal black tie look but more of a casual look and the casinos will require you to have jacket. Not just any old denim jacket but more of a smart fitted blazer. If you’re more of a classical gentleman opt for a plain neutral coloured blazer that has a darker hue. If you’re the type of man who likes to keep up with modern trends then choose an on trend in season blazer. In winter the most popular blazers are dark checked prints or wool blazers in hues of grey. If you’re attending a casino in the summer then choose lighter shades such as sand, camel, and even khaki, if you’re really brave opt for a linen based blazer which will keep you feeling and looking like a high roller.

Smart Casual

Casinos don’t require you to pull out all the stops with a suit, but keep in mind that you should be opting for a smart casual look. There are many different trends that you can draw on that enable you to look smart without wearing a suit, this may include smart fitted chinos or even dark coloured jeans which to complete a high roller look team with a simple plain or patterned shirt and a blazer. Another look is a neutral coloured roll neck paired with slim fitted trousers which will create a much sleeker and sophisticated silhouette. No matter what smart casual look you opt for, remember to finish with either tan, brown or black brogues or loafers as all casinos have one rule, definitely no trainers allowed.



Why Freddie Mercury’s Voice Was So Great, As Explained By Science


Via NPR-

Freddie Mercury, the late frontman for the legendary band Queen, died almost 25 years ago. But he’s still regarded as one of the best rock singers ever.

What, exactly, made him so great? A research team in Europe wanted to answer that question, so it looked into the science behind his voice. Professor Christian Herbst was part of that team, which just released its study on Mercury; as a singing teacher and a biophysicist, Herbst says he was intrigued by Mercury’s technique. According to his research, the key lies in Mercury’s vibrato, which differs slightly from those of other classically trained singers.

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Gamble

Since the dawn of the internet, societies across the world have been impacted in many ways – both positive and negative. The ability to communicate, purchase and learn from virtually anywhere in the world has completely revolutionised how we go about daily life. From desktops and laptops to mobile phones and tablets, it seems that everyone these days has at least one device that technology only recently made possible. Every industry has been impacted by this, and the gambling industry is no different. How has technology changed the way we gamble? We’ll discuss the shifts below and explain the implications.

An Explosion of New Gambling Companies

Without a doubt, technology’s biggest influence on the gambling industry has to be the explosion of availability that now exists online and via mobile apps. Prior to the development of the internet, personal computers and mobile devices, people who wished to gamble were forced to trek long distances to the nearest casino. With technological developments, even small casino establishments are now able to build low-cost, high-profit business models that serve people from all around the world. What once would have cost millions or even hundreds of millions of pounds can now be built for a fraction of the price, allowing casino companies to save money on overhead and physical infrastructure that wouldn’t have been possible in the past.

Remote Gambling Opportunities

While the development of the internet certainly made it possible to enjoy gambling online, the development of mobile apps made it possible to do so from literally anywhere. Companies like mFortune, who developed the first mobile casino app in the world, saw opportunity early on when it came to serving their clients. Anyone who wishes to enjoy mobile casino games only needs to open their mobile phone’s app store in order to find a slew of possible contenders. This has made remote gambling a reality; you no longer need to visit a physical establishment or even be tied to a standard computer in order to play slots, blackjack or countless other casino games.

Increased Scrutiny and Awareness

From the perspective of the casino industry, technology hasn’t been exclusively a blessing. While it is much easier to reach people who are ready to head to the casino thanks to technology, many patrons are more conscious of their choices and the fine-print involved. In past decades, gamblers weren’t necessarily aware of others’ experiences at casinos, what the odds of winning were and how standard payouts were handled prior to visiting the casino in person. Today, however, gamblers can find all of this information and more online in the form of reviews and critiques of each establishment. Because of this, casino companies must strive to be more competitive in offering better payouts, odds and amenities to their patrons.

The influence of technology on virtually every facet of our lives continues unabated. For the casino industry and in terms of how we gamble, there are now many advantages for both the businesses and the gamblers. From increased awareness of options to the ability to play from anywhere in the world, many gamblers have fundamentally altered their behaviour in recent years due to the effects of technology on the industry.

Games and Apps to Entertain Us

Here’s a list of a few apps and games I’ve discovered recently to keep me entertained.


Feed the Rats! (iPhone) – Don’t worry it’s not as creepy as it sounds 🙂 It’s a physics based Victorian Steampunk puzzle game.

Feed the rat

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Solve 40 amazing levels, with the help of various inventions, in a genuine victorian steampunk setting. Challenging. Diverse. Fun. A unique puzzle experience guaranteed!

“I said use my inventions for GOOD, not use my inventions for food.” – Father Rat


Bit.Trip Beat HD (iPad) – PCMag has a good description of it:

Think of it as Pong for a new generation. Bit Trip Beat HD combines charming Atari-like 8-bit graphics and a nostalgia-laced bleeps-and-bloops soundtrack in a game that sees you deflecting musical enemy attacks with the on-screen rectangular paddle. Gamers use the accelerometer or touch controls to move the paddle up and down, bouncing beats back from where they came. Successfully chain beats and obtain the megasphere to go for big scores.

Online Entertainment

best online slots
Online slots are all the rage right now, here’s listing the best mobile slots for you. They’ll highlight the best mobile slots and where to play. Right now they’re profiling the top games: Aliens, Millionaire Genie and Gonzo’s Quest.



Cricket is a a popular sport for a lot of my friends, so it’s no surprise this is one of their favorite apps: Live Cricket Matches (Android). Their service has a lot of fast streaming servers optimized for the top cricket playing countries around the world. They also provide highlights of all the matches within a few hours of the game ending.

What is spread betting?

Spread betting is a form of betting which provides you with the chance to play a wide range of markets and offers the possibility of making sizeable profits. But it’s not something that you should just blithely wander into without doing your research and ensuring you have a decent bankroll to start with.

The spread betting markets that you can play will primarily fall into categories – financial and sport. Both of these markets will generally operate in the same way, it is usually just what you are betting on which will be different.


CC by AndreasPoike 

Starting with the basics of spread betting, before looking at the different markets, you are essentially taking a view on whether something is going to rise or fall, or be higher or lower than a specified amount. The spread itself falls between two amounts set by the company you are spread betting with.

You must then decide whether the outcome is going to be lower than the smaller amount or higher than the larger amount on the spread. If you think it’s going to be lower, then you will be selling. If you think it’s going to be higher, then you will be buying.

What you must then do is work out how much you want your stake to be. Your stake will correspond to a one point rise or fall. So, if you place $1 as your stake, and you have taken a buy position on the number of corners in the Champions League final between Barcelona and Juventus, for example, and the figure rises by 10, then you will receive $10 profit. If it goes 10 points the other way against you, then you will lose $10.



CC by Leandro.C 

This is perhaps one of the most important things to remember about spread betting – making sure you can cover your losses. Obviously, when you first place your spread bet, you don’t know with any certainty which way a market is going to go, so you don’t know how much you will win or lose.

You must be comfortable with the amount you’re prepared to lose as a volatile change in the market could see you quickly incur huge losses. One way to prevent this is by using stop or limit triggers. This allows you to specify an amount you are prepared to lose and, once this figure has been reached, a trigger will stop your bet there and then. Similarly, you can set an amount you want to make as a profit and the trigger will ensure the bet is closed once that figure is reached.

To further your spread betting education, there are lots of websites which can provide details on how to place spread bets with advice on how you should approach it.

By the time you’ve settled on your stake and how much money you either want to make or are prepared to lose, you’ve probably also decided what market to play.

If you go for the financial markets, then you must remember that you’re not actually buying or selling shares in the companies you are trading. You are simply trading on their price and as to whether it is going to go up or down.

You can trade on the price movements of certain equities, on indices such as the US30 and the UK100, commodities like coffee, metals like gold and also the currency markets.

If you are looking at the sports markets, then you can usually bet on most of the major sports, such as soccer, horse racing, golf and tennis.


CC by nakashi 
Within these sports there are a range of different markets, such as how many goals will be scored in a soccer match, what the combined winning distances will be from a race meet or how many games will be played in a tennis match. So you can find a market on American Pharoah in the Belmont Stakes, for example.

Over time you will work out which market suits you best, especially as you build up experience, knowledge and your own trading strategy. Spread betting is a form of betting which requires time to be spent on research and creating a plan, but once you’ve put in the groundwork, there are rewards to be discovered.

Hawk-Eye Technology to Quell Italian Football Angst

Italian Football
Common Criteria by olaszmelo

E-sports are on the rise, but the impact of digital technology is also being felt in the traditional sporting arena. Hot on the English Premier League’s adoption of goal-line technology to establish whether or not all of the ball has crossed all of the line in those instances where the award of a goal is in doubt, the Italian top division has announced that it is to follow suit.

There has been a long-standing objection to the introduction of optical technologies by traditionalists in both the UK and Italy who have insisted that the matter of human error is an integral part of the game. More practical objections on the basis of cost have also been aired.

However, as in England, the demands of television and club managers – neither of which are ever content with officials’ mistakes – combined with the overflowing riches of the top clubs have seen those objections overcome. From the start of next season the Italian Serie A will adopt the same Hawk-Eye technology as was introduced in the English Premier League at the start of the 2014/2015 campaign.

Recent seasons in Italy have seen a number of controversies erupt as to whether the ball has – or has not – crossed the goal line in matches. AC Milan have twice been at the centre of such rows, on one occasion in 2012 with serious implications: an incorrectly disallowed goal was adjudged to have cost them a victory. The resulting points ‘loss’ inevitably impacted their final tally for the season.

With so much money at stake in terms of direct winnings, and indirectly from the revenues that derive from Champions’ League qualification, it was entirely logical that the means to eliminate human error from the equation should be adopted. Likewise, the considerable interest in Serie A betting put a high premium on teams competing for major honours being able to have complete faith in the accuracy of referees’ decisions.

Common Criteria by MULADAR NEWS 
Hawk-Eye represents a network of high-speed video cameras to track and triangulate a ball’s position to within a 3.6mm margin of error. Because the system is able to accurately identify the ball’s position in relation to the goal-line, Hawk-Eye can tell when it has actually crossed the line. When it does so, an automated alarm alerts the match officials via a radio transmission to the referee’s watch.

Hawkeye has already been widely used in tennis and cricket, and therefore represents a well tried and tested solution to one of football’s perennial bugbears. AC Milan’s recent sense of grievance and the 1966 World Cup final are by no means the only instances where a dubious decision has had far reaching consequences.

It is unlikely that the technology will be extended to less wealthy leagues, but the news that Germany’s Bundesliga is also to adopt the technology  shows that it is more than just a short-term experiment for the bigger clubs.

The next step, now that the principle of human error has been punctured, will be the development of a software package capable of determining the equally vexed question of precisely when a player steps offside. Given the universal confusion on that point, that could take some time to deliver. Needless to say, it is an issue that does not arise in E-sports.

Avalon II Slot Game Review

Whats changed in Avalon II Slot

Be ready to be taken on a memorable and unique quest with the famous King Arthur together with other characters. Avalon II consists of 8 bonus games, cinema-quality 3D animation and a fantastic soundtrack. If you thought Avalon I was outstanding then you will be blown away by Avalon II which offers you 243 ways to win!

This is a 150 coin slot game that has five reels, wild, scattered and expanding wild symbols as well as three additional features, called merlin, grail and pay-table achievements. The aim is to get the winning string on one of 243 pay ways. How much will a player win? This is directly linked to the combo type he gets.

Avalon II consists of the standard features that one would expect to find with a micro gaming slot. There is a wild symbol that will take the place of all regular game icons to help create combinations and there is also a scatter icon that can offer instant pay-outs when three or more appear anywhere on the reels. While these features can get one excited, the main highlight of the game is the Grail Bonus, which is triggered with three scatters. You can also read a more detailed review of the slot game at Casino UK.

During the free spin game, players who are betting five coins will have the chance to win as much as 2,430,000 coins and during the bonus rounds, a 25,495 coin pay-out is highly possible.

How to Play Avalon II?

• -and+ keys next to the coin size field adjust the coin size.
• -and+ keys next to the coins field adjust the betting amount.
• Spins starts the game.
• Win box shows the pay-outs per winning combo.
• The winning combos are highlighted.
• The highest winning combos are set as achievements and are not cleared after exiting the game.

Be prepared to get sucked in by Avalon II slot game!

This game is now available at Golden Riviera Casino. Goto the site here :

ESPN Invests in the Future of E-Sports

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The e-sports industry is a multi-million dollar industry that has thousands of fans and players across the world. Although Asia has traditionally been the epicenter for the industry’s virtual battlegrounds, a recent investment by ESPN has given the e-sports world a new platform to perform upon.

Although the American TV network has shown e-sports for a number of years, it recently committed to broadcasting more events in the future as the industry continues its migration into the mainstream. This shift, according to an article by Fortune, has led industry analysts to project a major upswing in the market between 2015 and 2017.

A Growing Market

The increase in media coverage is expected to push up the number of fans from 89 million to 145 million. Moreover, the global awareness of e-sports is expected to increase dramatically by 2017 as researchers predict that more than 1.2 billion people will have watched at least one e-sports event.

Although many people often associated e-sports with strategy games, such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, the collective term is actually used to describe any multiplayer game involving teams or individuals.

As well as fighting games, e-sports teams can compete across a number of disciplines, including many real-life sports. Soccer, motor racing and American Football are all arenas of conflict in the e-sports world. In fact, fans of FIFA can routinely compete against players from across the world in a range of tournaments which offer up to $150,000 in prize money.

New Avenues for E-Sports

Of course, not all games are currently covered by the e-sports banner. However, as the industry grows, that could certainly change. Strategy games are often some of the most popular and some sports lend themselves perfectly to this pursuit.

For example, horse racing and golf are two pursuits that most people won’t ever be able to play on a professional level. However, thanks to the structure of each sport, stats and analysis are extremely important for a number of reasons. Although it’s possible to watch each sport and be ignorant of the numbers dictating the action, it certainly improves your viewing pleasure if you do know them.

Watching the physical prowess of horse and jockey working in unison is compelling. But if you really wanted to get the most from the race, you’d take a moment to look up the latest Cheltenham betting odds. Doing this would not only give you an insight into the competitors, it would also give you a greater understanding of the race’s context and, therefore, increase your engagement with the race.

An Evolving E-Sports Empire

From an e-sports perspective, this kind of analysis, which most people do subconsciously, is great. Pitting two individuals (or teams) against each other in a bid to see who can best analyze their sport and make the best decisions is the nature of the industry. Although it will be a long time before e-sports becomes mainstream enough to allow events such as horse racing and golf to become popular, there’s no reason why that couldn’t be the case in the near future.

Indeed, back in the early Nineties, no one would have predicted that in 2015 ESPN would be preparing to broadcast virtual versions of sports such as motor racing and NFL. However, the e-sports industry has come a long way since then and as more people become aware of the genre it’s highly likely we’ll see a lot more changes over the next two decades.

Football numbers are geek Nirvana

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Football offers Nirvana for geek punters who like to take a numbers-only approach – because the odds are affected so much by the emotion of the market.

Those of us who can stay detached from that emotion and who look more deeply into the stats than the last games can therefore only win out over the long term. It’s all about bringing the statistician’s “cold” and detached resolve to bear in making your value-based decisions.

In this way, you can often make bets where the odds of an outcome are far less than fully reflected in the actual odds. In other words – by looking at stats from football history only and your own judgement, you may be able to beat the market.

If you look on sites like Blue Square and others, you’ll find some excellent analysis and insights that may help sway your judgement in the right kind of direction. This kind of information can be immensely helpful – just don’t lose sight of the numbers because it’s all about the numbers.

One of the best tactics around is to weigh up all you can about a game then come up with your own fair estimate of the likely odds. But you must do this exercise in complete ignorance of the actual odds. Then, when you look at the real odds, you’ll quickly be able to see if you’re a long way out in any direction and to place your bets accordingly. Big games like the English Premier League are easier as there’s such an enormous market in them.

The acceptance of loss is also vital. You’re simply spinning coins and steadily gambling on them at better than even money, in theory at least. Even if you can only manage slightly better numbers than the weight of probability suggests – you’ll come out steadily on top. But you’ll also lose a lot of wagers along the way. Things do not always go to plan, such as Manchester United losing to Southampton. Think of it as moving three steps forward and two steps back all the time – then the losses are tolerable because you accept they’re inevitable. It’s just a numbers game using your own detachment from the emotion of the market that helps you win out in the end.

Best Online Multiplayer Games

There is a seemingly endless amount of multi-player games to be played online. With the advances in mobile technology, gamers now have greater access to the gaming world. No longer is their gameplay restricted to their bedroom, now they can even find enough ‘G’ to play whilst on the bus!

But, with so many multiplayer games online, you can become swamped. So we have made it easy for you. Below are some of the best multiplayer games that can be found.

World of Warcraft

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The Grand Daddy of multiplayer games. Since 2004, World of Warcraft (WOW) has gone on to become one of the most popular games to have ever been released. With over $10 billion in sales, it is unsurprising that WOW is the highest grossing video game of all time. In January of 2014, it was announced that over the game’s 10-year lifespan more than 100 million accounts had been created.

The latest offering, Warlords of Draenor, has been extremely well received and sold more than 3.3 million copies in 24 hours of release. If you like your roleplaying games and all things mythical, World of Warcraft is definitely the multiplayer game for you. Here you can embark on quests with your allies or plan raids on your foes. The immersive and absorbing gaming spectacle that is WOW is incomparable to any other multiplayer game out there.

Online Poker

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Perhaps slightly leftfield, but it is impossible to ignore the sheer might of online poker. US accounting firm Joseph Eve, Certified Public Accountants, state that one in four dollars is gambled online. In 2012, the global revenues from online poker stood at $6.7 billion. Online poker’s popularity is surging and, with laws in some American states relaxing around online gambling, expect the number of players and the revenues to continue seeing unprecedented growth. Online poker not only offers players the chance to win cash prizes – with most sites you can also play with fictional money – but it offers customers the chance to converse with players.

As human beings, we have always had an impulsive nature inside of us. This is something that stretches all the way back to the start of man. In every era of mankind, gambling has been prevalent. You cannot deny that. Nowadays, instead of scorning gambling we are starting to embrace it. With the stakes smaller and the technology readily available, there is no longer a taboo or stigma attached to gambling. Hence more people are playing. If you were planning on playing in an online card room, betfair poker is a very good option among the providers. With thousands of players and hundreds of active online tournaments, playing poker has never been easier.

FIFA Ultimate Team

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EA Sports played a masterstroke when they included FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) on their FIFA 2013 game. Fast forward to 2015 and you couldn’t imagine playing FIFA without FUT. In this online game mode, you simply create your own team. This can be done by buying either packs or searching for individual players. As well as creating a team, you take on other FUT players online. Victory is imperative as you are in a division.

If you get enough points, you will end up getting promoted. If you don’t, you will find yourself relegated. It is this risk that makes FUT so rewarding and so gut wrenching at the same time. Victory really can make your day. Defeat usually ends with a controller being chucked, which more often than not finds the television. For any football fan, FUT is the only logical place for you to play. It is testament to just how popular FUT is when you look at just how many people check out YouTube to watch someone else open packs of players. One millions viewers is not an anomaly.

Call of Duty

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Call of Duty (COD) is the other video game juggernaut. A high proportion of gamers alternate between COD and FUT, presumably to get rid of their FIFA rage – something that is a big problem in the youth of today. In the latest COD instalment, Advanced Warfare, Kevin Spacey, yes, Kevin Spacey, is the main antagonist. For a video game, that is incredible.

However, COD would never have been able to attract a name like Spacey if they didn’t have a premium product. The thing that makes them a premium product is their online multiplayer capabilities. You have the COD staples like Team Death Match, Capture the Flag and Search and Rescue as well as lesser known modes like Momentum and Hardpoint. One of the great things about COD is that it gives you the platform to play within teams or you can go nomad and slug it out to the end. By the time you have played it for a couple of months you will be a dab hand with the throwing knives.

Retro Gaming With A Twist


I’ve been a gamer all my life, and have played all the popular retro games when they were popular.  DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein and many more were a daily staple of fun for me.  Well, someone thought it would be a good idea to bring a couple of these retro games back into play, but in a different way.

How about some Tomb Raider – Play here.  Lara Croft at her finest, guns blazing and taking out the bad guys while deep in the forgotten depths of some ominous cave; those were some of my fondest memories.  You can relive those memories playing Tomb Raider slots…get that treasure!  After you’re done being rough and tumble in the jungle, why not play a board game? The game is a classic 5 reel, 25 payline slot game with a dynamic story that will keep you glued to your chair.

If you’re not familiar with Lara Croft then maybe you’ve been living under a rock 🙂 Seriously though, she is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Square Enix video game series Tomb Raider. She is presented as a beautiful, intelligent, and athletic British archaeologist-adventurer who ventures into ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the world.

Monopoly – Play here, is one of the most fun games there is.  Who needs Park Place, when you can ride the gravy train to success in this intuitive slot game? This version of Monopoloy is a 5 reel slot developed by IGT with a pretty good storyline.

It has all the old icons you’re familiar with from the boardgame that you move around the board with. Plus it has bonus rounds and a Level Up Plus feature that lets you save your progress.

While you’re having your fill of gaming, hang out over at Slacker Radio and listen to some of your favorite tunes to keep the excitement alive!